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PNY vs SanDisk

It cannot be denied that SanDisk and PNY are 2 of the most trusted brands in the market in today’s modern and digital generation. Both brands have features specific to each, pros as well as cons. Well, do you want to know which one is perfect for you? Then, this PNY vs. SanDisk review is the best for you.

When it comes to storage capacity, you may find it hard to choose, which is the best one that will satisfy your needs and expectations. For example, if you are looking for a memory card that you will use for your camera, it is necessary to select a quality one to ensure that you can have a great shooting experience without interruptions that are truly frustrating.

If you are curious about which one can offer you quality storage, continue reading this SanDisk vs. PNY review. It will guide you to purchase your perfect backup for your camera. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer or videographer, it is essential to have a memory card that will support your shooting. It is important in capturing beautiful and memorable moments on a special occasion and other events. You must have the best storage support to store more photos and videos that you can treasure for life.

With the following comparison, for sure you can decide wisely whether the PNY or SanDisk is the right one for you.

Head-to-Head Comparison of PNY vs. SanDisk

Best ForProfessional and new photographersExperienced hobbyist and expert photographers
PriceSee Price on AmazonSee Price on Amazon
Warranty10 years warranty10 years warranty
DurabilityGreat durabilityGreat durability
Speed90 MB/s160 MB/ s
Storage capacity128 GB128 GB
CompatibilityCompatible with USB 2.0Compatible with USB 2.0
Storage Temperature-25° to 85°25° to 85°
DesignLightweight and portableLightweight and portable
TransferUp to 10x fasterUp to 10x faster
InterfaceUSB 3.0USB 3.0
Hard Drive128 GB128 GB
Storage Support16GB16GB
PNY vs. SanDisk

PNY vs. SanDisk Shared Features

Let us now begin the comparison between the PNY vs. SanDisk SSD. The PNY has a storage capacity of 128 GB. On the other hand, SanDisk also comes with a 128 GB storage capacity. If you need the best flash drives to support your storage needs, then you can choose between the SanDisk vs PNY flash drives. The PNY comes with a writing speed of 90 MB/s while the SanDisk has a 160 MB/ s writing speed.

It is natural that before buying a memory card, you always want the one who can store a big amount of data. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry since the SanDisk is considered among the most trusted memory cards in the market today. Even more important, it can also offer you excellent flash drives that you can use for your specific needs.

The PNY comes sometimes comes with a shorter warranty at 10 years compared to the SanDisk’s lifetime warranty. There are also some reports that the PNY comes with some failures on its products. However, it can also depend on how you use the product. Therefore, you must be careful in using it to expand its efficiency.

When it comes to value, there are many quality SanDisk SSD. Although some PNY SSD comes with a practical price, the SanDisk can still stand out when it comes to value. So, if you are finding for a more reliable memory card, it is better to choose the SanDisk over the PNY. You can always expect the best performance and reliability of the former.

The performance of the SanDisk flash drives can go around 100 MB/s than the 85 MB/s of the PNY. If you need a reliable backup for your storage needs, you will not be disappointed by SanDisk’s performance. Meanwhile, the PNY flash drives can also provide you with good support for your storage data needs.

If you have a slow memory card, you can’t shoot in the best possible way which is quite stressful as you badly need it. However, you must remember that some devices like your DSLR camera don’t need a super-fast card. If it can provide you with great storage capacity, it is worth having. For example, you don’t need a fast card if you are using a point-and-shoot camera. Thus, it doesn’t require a fast card. So, this time, it is advisable to prefer PNY SSD.

It is also helpful if you will check the manual of your device to know the speed and performance of its needed memory card. If you use it for videography and photography, you can prefer PNY. It is best to capture videos and photos for a longer time. With this, you can avoid interruptions especially when you are recording your outdoor activities or on a vacation.

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Types of Photography that Both PNY and SanDisk Can Do

If you want to ensure what PNY and SanDisk can offer to you, the following are some of the types of photography where you can apply these products. When it comes to SanDisk vs. PNY SSD, you always want the best one that can reach or even exceed your expectations, standards, and requirements. With that, we will provide you its amazing benefits.

Sports Photography

With the use of PNY and SanDisk cards, you can have a collection of crisp and still sports photos and videos that can capture the best action. With its great performance level, you can capture amazing image and videos while watching a live actions sports of your favorite team or favorite player.

Landscape Photography

Both the SanDisk and PNY can also provide you with the best storage capacity you need for capturing the beauty and creativity of nature. If you are a nature lover, you can use it to store photos and videos of farm fields, mountains as well as other breathtaking and striking landscapes. If you are on a vacation or travel adventure, the use of the PNY and SanDisk is the best solution. It will offer you the best back up and support to capture more pictures with excellent and satisfying quality.

Portrait Photography

The SanDisk and PNY can are both ideal to use with your camera to support your portrait photography needs. You can always rely on it as you are about to take pictures and videos for a family photography, wedding, senior, and other portrait shots.

Street Photography

If you are a professional or an amateur photographer who love to capture street moments or subjects, you can also use the PNY and SanDisk cards with your DSLRs. You can enjoy your street photography habits if you choose the PNY or SanDisk memory card. It can help your camera to function well when it comes to capturing the best moments in the streets. For example, you can record a beautiful video or beautiful photo of the street dance during an event celebration or fiesta.

Daily Photography

PNY and SanDisk can also help you with your daily photography needs. It can offer storage support for your specific digital camera. You will not fail because it can offer you maximum performance when it comes to collecting photos and videos of your daily experiences. It cannot be denied that everyone loves to share their daily experiences in the world. So, the PNY and SanDisk can be your powerful tool to shoot and record your outdoor and indoor activities and share it to the world through different social media platforms like YouTube and more.

Performance and Speed Comparison

You must always consider the quality of PNY and SanDisk products. So, do you want to know the comparison of PNY vs SanDisk flash drives? Then, continue reading. One of the essential factors on finding the best memory card for your DSLR camera to support your photography or videography needs is to determine its performance and speed class. It is their capacity to store data in your camera.

PNY is a reliable memory card compared to SanDisk. Moreover, PNY has more failures. SanDisk is rare to have failures when it comes to its card properties. You should also check out more about best cheap vlogging cameras top-rated list.

Why Consider the PNY Over the SanDisk

Although the PNY and SanDisk come with the same features and capacities, there are also circumstances when that one will stand out over the other. So, let us discuss why you can consider the PNY over the SanDisk. PNY can be your ideal partner even in harsh environments.

You can have the assurance that the data stored in the memory card will not be lost as you drop this memory card. The PNY also offers excellent flash drives that you can count on for storing your data for your specific projects. Both the PNY and SanDisk come with a line of SD cards that pass through strenuous tests. You may also like the comparison between Softbox Vs. Umbrella.

So, if you want a reliable performance in storing data, you can choose the PNY over the SanDisk. It is a very durable option that will never fail you in supporting your photography or videography needs. With the use of this memory card, your camera can record and shoot for long hours. Thus, it has a huge capacity that will give you a wide collection of photos and videos that can make you smile. It is built with great quality to ensure that it can offer you excellent performance upon its use.

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Why Consider the SanDisk Over the PNY?

The PNY can also have advantages, but sometimes SanDisk can also stand out between the two. Let us discuss the value. If you wish to have an affordable but high-quality and value memory card, you can prefer SanDisk over the PNY. It has a capacity of about 128 GB which is amazing enough to support your storage needs. With this SD card, you can have a fast and reliable memory card that can help you shoot crisp and high-quality photos and videos. So, if you are an aspiring vlogger, photographer, and videographer, the SanDisk memory card can be your great travel companion.

It has a huge storage capacity to give you a crisp and high-speed performance shooting experience. You can enjoy capturing beautiful and thrilling outdoor activities as well as your everyday lifestyle. It can have a great write speed of around 30 MB/s. So, you will not suffer from interruptions as you shoot or record your daily experiences. Although the PNY can also offer you amazing benefits, the SanDisk can be your best partner when it comes to writing speed. You have nothing to worry about since the memory card will not lose its data even if it was dropped. It comes with good reliability that you can always depend on with your recording habits.

SanDisk and PNY Shared Weaknesses

It is a fact that all products have their specific advantages and disadvantages. Well, the SanDisk and PNY are no exceptions. These two brands have their weaknesses. Both PNY and SanDisk need a third device to copy its content from a PC. Sometimes, the PNY and SanDisk can have some failures in storing data which is quite frustrating. There are some reports that both brands come with failure when it comes to the writing speed.

The SanDisk and PNY both have specific storage capacity, so as you reach the limit, you need to delete the old photos and videos on the memory card. So, it is advisable for you to have a backup copy in your other devices such as desktop, laptop, and mobile phones. With this, you still have a collection of your last outdoor experiences. Even more important, you must be extra careful when it comes to your PNY and SanDisk memory card. Thus, it can be distorted if you misplace it in your car or another place which can damage it.

You can’t also expect them to survive if it was dropped in a cold or hot water. Although these brands are both temperature proof, it has great chance to be damaged as it dunks to the water. They are popular as SDXC cards, so they both have a capacity for a standard SD. We advice you to review about Sandisk Extreme vs Extreme Pro

What the Reviewers Say

Most photographers and videographers prefer both the SanDisk and PNY brands for their needs. It comes with great quality storage support for different types of photography. PNY has great writing speed that can give you the highest satisfaction with your shooting habit. On the other hand, the SanDisk can also give you maximum storage capacity to have a wide collection of data about your different activities.

Most users experience the highest satisfaction when it comes to the benefits and features that they get from PNY and SanDisk memory cards. It has reliability and durability that can give you the storage support you want in having a smooth and uninterrupted video shooting experience. It will not give you disappointments since it is made with huge capacity support.

Fianl Verdict

In this PNY vs. SanDisk review, both brands come with efficient features and specifications. They also have their benefits and downsides. So, if you want to have high quality and reliability, you can prefer for SanDisk over PNY. It can give you great value and performance, and it has fewer failure reports compared to PNY.

Meanwhile, PNY can also have great durability when it comes to harsh and difficult environments. It can still function during extreme weather, so you can continue shooting your outdoor and indoor activities as much as you want. Using it as your memory card can support your camera to capture striking and still photos.

Additionally, if you are both conscious of price and quality, purchasing the PNY or the SanDisk is the best solution. They will not fail you when it comes to offering a storage capacity that you can use for vlogging, videography, and other types of photography. You can make it as your efficient partner to make a collection of your everyday memories. With the awesome features of the SanDisk and PNY, you can go no wrong with your shooting habit. Thus, purchasing these brands can make sure that the time, effort, as well as money you invest for it, are all worth it.

Do you want to level up your photography and videography needs? Then, it is a wise decision to choose from PNY and SanDisk. With this SanDisk vs. PNY review, we hope that you can make the best decision on which one is the right for your needs. It will depend on you if you want a great speed or performance or a more reliable memory card for your camera.

To sum it up, PNY and SanDisk can give you the best storage capacity that can help you to make the best of your photography needs. Choose yours now!

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