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Instax Mini 8 vs 9

It’s no surprise, that one of the best things that the Fujifilm Instax series offer is you can capture a precious moment and then print out the image instantly for easy sharing. Being among the leaders in instant film photography, Fujifilm delivers amazing choices of Instax instant film cameras, including Instax mini 8 vs. 9. However, among the two mini instant film cameras a better option for you?

Fujifilm Instax cameras are designed and built to be fun and easy to use so that you can fully enjoy your instant photo prints. An Instax camera pushes out the print through self-develop in just a matter of few minutes. You can use these cameras to leverage your bonding moments with your loved ones or bring them to parties or weddings.

From hobbyists and professional photographers to teens and adults, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 vs 9 are two of the top choices. That is not surprising since these cameras deliver high-quality images and are easy to operate without overstretching your pockets.

Instax Mini 8 vs. 9

The Fujifilm Mini 8 was launched in 2012 and allowed you to instantly take awesome shots even with a few skills or knowledge of photography. It is designed to be sturdy and lightweight. It comes in a vast variety of colors to help you end up with one that suits your style.

Launched in early 2017, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 provides decent shooting options and lets you pick from four different brightness settings. This Instax mini camera is best described by many people who have already tried using it in three words, ready-to-shoot, bold, and bright. In the Instax mini 9 vs 8 comparison, the mini 9 is slightly improved due to the small selfie mirror. It also comes in a macro lens to ensure that you will achieve more creative instant shots.

Fujifilm continues to provide a wide variety of premium-grade cameras catering to individual needs. In this unbiased, head-to-head comparison of the Fujifilm Instax mini 9 vs 8. Although they are both great Instax mini instant film cameras, their features attract different users.

Both Instax mini 8 vs mini 9 have a shutter speed of 1/60 seconds and a manual switching system along with an LED indicator, but we have discovered that they are not equally designed and built. To help you make a smarter choice between the two cameras, we give you this detailed comparison of Instax mini 8 and mini 9.

Keep reading this Fujifilm Instax mini 9 vs mini 8 product comparison to learn why you should consider mini 8 over 9 or mini 9 over 8. not only that, we have also prepared the cameras’ shared features and weaknesses, body comparison, as well as significant differences. You will also find a summary of the online feedback for each Instax camera model.

We make sure that this Instax mini 8 vs 9 guide is quite informative and straightforward so that your entire buying journey is successful with satisfying results. But, before diving into the actual product comparison, you might like to consider the comparison table of mini 8 and 9 for better ideas. 

Head-to-Head Comparison of Instax Mini 8 vs. 9

Instax Mini 8Instax Mini 9
Size116 x 118.3 x 68.2 mm116 x 118.3 x 68.2 mm
Weight307 g (without film, strap, and batteries)307 g (without film, strap, and batteries)
Batteries2 LR6/AA 1.5V alkaline batteries2 LR6/AA 1.5V alkaline batteries
Brightness AdjustmentYesYes
Focus0.6m onwards0.6 onwards
Close-up LensYes (purchased separately)Yes
Close-up Range35 to 50 mm35 to 50 mm
LCD DisplayYesYes
Picture Size62 x 42 mm62 x 42 mm
Film TypeInstax mini filmInstax mini film
Film Size96 x 54 mm96 x 54 mm
Manual FocusYesYes
Shutter Speed1/60 seconds1/60 seconds
Film Feeding OutN/AAutomatic
Auto Power Off TimeN/A5 minutes
FlashAutomatic light adjustment (constant firing flash)Automatic light adjustment (constant firing flash)
ViewfinderN/AReal image finder (0.37x with a target spot)

Instax Mini 8 vs. 9 Shared Features

To start this Fujifilm Instax mini 8 vs 9 comparison, let’s get familiar with what these cameras have in common. As you can see from the above side-by-side comparison table, both have a number of shared features or similarities. Similar to the Mini 8, the Mini 9 is also very comfortable to hold when shooting in portrait orientation. You can also use the same type and size of the film.

In the case of the Fujifilm Instax mini 9 vs. mini 8, they are so identical in a way that you can be easily deceived, assuming both are the same cameras. Besides, they share a toy-like design, the lens and film size of 96 x 54 mm are also the same. The close-up range of these cameras is 35 to 50 mm, while the focus is 0.6m onwards.

The two cameras produce the same picture size of 62 x 46 mm and share a shutter speed of 1/60 seconds. As for the exposure control, these two cameras use a manual switching system along with the LED indicator in the exposure meter. They also share the same constant firing flash through the auto light adjustment, film pack confirmation window, and exposure encounter.

Apart from shooting, printing, and then developing film in an instant, the two cameras have identical settings. Each of them has a total of 5 aperture settings, which allows you to take images in different lighting conditions.

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Furthermore, the Instax Mini 8 and 9 aperture lets you take underexposed or even overexposed instant photos. Ideally, the two camera’s aperture settings were designed to allow both less and more light into the lens. That way, the cameras can create a perfect balance of brightness for every image.

Take note that aperture refers to a spiral mechanism of a camera that opens and shuts so that the internal sensor and lens can be exposed to a more direct or more ambient light. The camera modes or settings of Mini 8 and 9 include Sunny which is intended for outdoor images in daylight, Party Sunny designed for outdoor images in dimmer light, indoors which is perfect for dimmer indoor shooting, or dusky outdoors, and Cloudy for outdoor photos in dimmer conditions. Both cameras come in a high hi-key mode, a feature that can help you capture a subject that is being exposed intentionally to create a brighter look.

Both Mini 8 and 9 are equipped with a solid flash device, which is helpful in adding light to your photos, even in low-light conditions or darker settings. This flash will automatically engage once the sensor of the camera detected you are attempting to take a photo in an environment with too little light.

Camera Body Comparison

The build of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is identical to the Instax Mini 9. The edges of the two cameras are rounded, having no sharp angles. As a result, these Instax mini instant cameras offer a quite friendly look.

At the very first look, you can quickly notice that the size is very similar and you might think that there is no difference between the two. So, for better camera comparison, check out the weight and dimensions of the two cameras below:

Instax Mini 8Height: 116 mmWidth: 118.3 mmDepth: 2.7 mmWeight: 307 g
Instax Mini 9Height:116 mmWidth: 118.3 mmDepth: 2.7 mmWeight: 307 g

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 and Mini 9 measure 116 x 118.3 x 2.7 mm and weigh 307 g without the batteries, film, and wrist strap. The body of the two cameras is almost square in shape. However, the cameras’ edges are being tapered so that the rounded edge, along with the good grips can be achieved. Because of their rounded shape, it’s a lot easier for you to hold each camera and then point them in a way or angle you desire.

Meanwhile, at the front of Mini 8 and 9, there is the protruding lens. To find the flash, simply head your way beside the lens, which is close to the top. As for the major difference in the body of Instax mini 8 vs 9, the Mini 9 has a selfie mirror and is a little distance below this selfie mirror. You will find the shoot button.

At the back of the two cameras, everything tends to be plain. But you will find a large door that is intended to insert the film. You will also find a rangefinder to look through. Then, you can find the large slot allowing the film to print out images at the top of these cameras. Despite having a toy-like design, many photographers and photography enthusiasts still find them interesting and worth the investment.

Why Consider the Instax Mini 8 Over the Instax Mini 9

Why Consider the Instax Mini 8 Over the Instax Mini 9?

Every time a camera company like Fujifilm makes some updates to any of their cameras, you may expect the latest version is designed and built with similar features as the old model but with minor changes. Well, that is true with Fujifilm Instax mini 8 vs 9. The mini 8 is then the improved version of the mini 9.

If you think there are no reasons for you to choose the Instax mini 8 over the mini 9 dues to its upgrades, then you need to think twice now. The mini 8 comes in interesting reasons why choose it over the mini 9.

Originally, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 came in 5 eye-popping colors Black, Pink, Blue, White, and Yellow. Then, another punchier color was added to the mini 8 line-ups, Grape, and Raspberry. Other than these colors, Avocado, Purple, Margarita Green, Plum, Minion (Yellow), Hello Kitty (Pink), and Minnie Mouse are also part of the line-up to make it a total of 13.

In Japan, this camera was released with a special edition known as the Instax Mini 8+, which includes 5 pastel colors Strawberry, Honey, Mint, Cocoa, and Vanilla. You can check out Best Mirrorless Camera for Travel.

With Mini 8, you have a wide variety of color options, and you can pick the particular color you like most. The color options are the major advantage of Mini 8, unlike the Mini 8 which only comes with 7 colors Yellow, Blue, Pink, Ice Blue, Lime Green, Purple, and Smokey White. You can customize your camera or even the case to suit your personal preference or style, be it pink, yellow, black, or white. Not only that, but you can also enjoy the bizarre shape or character options.

Although the Mini 8 series lack a close-up lens, you can purchase it separately. That way, you can enjoy a greater focal length for your selfies as well as take macros of awesome patterns and objects while getting the color you want.

Why Consider The Instax Mini 9 Over the Instax Mini 8

Why Consider The Instax Mini 9 Over the Instax Mini 8

After discovering the reasons why you should pick Mini 8 over the Mini 9, let’s look at the main reasons why Mini 9 is a better choice for you.

One of the biggest additions to the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is the close-up macro lens, which is known to deliver focal length. This lens is perfect for those who love taking selfies or taking close-up or portrait photography.

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Another missing feature from Mini 8 is the selfie mirror that is attached to the lens barrel’s front. When using the macro lens, it remains exposed and allows you to achieve an easy selfie lineup.

This camera also comes in a clip-on macro adapter, which can be directly attached to the lens. It can help you keep your subjects from 13” up to 19.7” in focus. Remember that anything that is farther or closer away will appear blurry, so this is an amazing addition to this camera model.

Overall, you can opt for Instax Mini 9 if you wish to get a camera that offers more features, and it is not being discontinued. The Mini 8 was discontinued by the manufacturer, so it would be challenging for you to get particular parts in the future.

Instax Mini 8 vs. 9 Shared Weaknesses

In photography, photos that are too light or too dark can be one of the most frustrating problems you can experience. Like any other cameras available on the market, the Instax mini 8 and 9 also share some weaknesses. That is because there is no such perfect camera, so you need to be smart whenever you plan to buy a new camera.

For the new owner of any of the two cameras, the underexposed and overexposed photos are the two major complaints.

The underexposure occurred when the photos came out to be too dark since not enough light was allowed into the lens while you are shooting. So, it is necessary for you to opt for the next higher aperture setting so that balanced lighting can be achieved, and you need to ensure that the flask is free of blockage in the line of view. You may also like Best Fuji XT2 Lenses.

As for overexposure, it happens once too much light entered the lens while you are shooting. In case the photos came out while this means that you are overexposing the film in the mini 8 or 9 to light. To avoid this kind of scenario, you need to shield the film from any light sources before installing it into the camera as well as pick the correct aperture setting based on your photography environment.

Other than overexposure and underexposure, there are some instances when the film is not developing. But this may happen due to bad batteries, or the shutter is not working. So, before shooting, make sure that the batteries are properly installed and check whether the shutter is smoothly opening and closing.

Reviewers’ Take on the Instax Mini 8

What the Reviewers Say

Both the Fujifilm Instax mini 8 vs 9 have already proven their popularity among photography lovers, hobbyists, novices, or even seasoned photographers. Through their friendly design, ease of use, competitive image quality, and instant photo prints, more and more people are getting fond of using these Instax mini instant cameras.

When deciding between two products, one of the best ways to ensure that you will end up with the right one for your needs is by taking advantage of online reviews.

Reviewers’ Take on the Instax Mini 8

According to many online reviews of Instax Mini 8, this camera is a great choice if you are very particular with the color. Besides, it produces a stunning and crisp image quality while giving you a very modern, sleek design.

When users took a couple of photos outdoors during daylight, the camera successfully captured as many as clear details as possible. Overall, many people who have already tried the mini 8 were very satisfied with the image results. Despite knowing that smartphones can capture awesome photos too, they liked the idea of self-developing in an instant.

Many previous users of the Fujifilm Instax series users have noticed that the Mini 8 has a light and slim body, making it a perfect companion during outdoor activities. To capture impressive photos any time you want, the camera’s ability to adjust the aperture setting according to the lighting condition is an advantage. So, you have nothing to worry about whether you want to shoot in a dark or low-light environment.

Interestingly, the mini 8 has preserved its attractive design and ease of use. Then, framing a shot it’s a lot easier where you can achieve improved visibility and better clarity, thanks to its improved viewfinder for better subject viewing.

Reviewers’ Take on the Instax Mini 9

With Instax Mini 8, you will get a close-up lens, which can help you do close-up photography or portraits more effectively. If you love taking selfies and posting them on your social media channels, this camera is a fantastic companion.

Most of the online reviewers agreed that included wrist straps and a cool sticker are among the reasons why Mini 9 stands out. In fact, it was their first time to get a sticker with Instax instant camera. So, they feel excited about it.

The selfie mirror of Mini 9 is what makes it unique from the Mini 8. With simple pointing of the camera and holding it at your arm’s length, you can frame up selfies. Besides the selfie mirror, the field of view is an amazing feature if you love snapping your own photos.

The Verdict

Considering that Instax mini 8 vs 9 has very minimal differences when it comes to key specifications and price, it’s no surprise why you are confused between the two.

However, if you are into color options that can help you find an ideal color that will perfectly fit your style and personality, it’s a nice idea to pick the mini 8. In case you are interested in new upgrades like the selfie mirror and close-up lens, the mini 9 will work best for you.

Capturing precious moments is one of the best things you can do to easily go back to your favorite moments any time you want. So, it is necessary for you to own a camera to collect beautiful photos even if you are on a tight budget.

We hope that after reading this Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 vs 9 comparisons, you have already made up your mind about which one is best for your needs. Remember that as long as you know what you really want, you can find the best Instax mini instant camera for you. Continue capturing beautiful moments!

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