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Types of Photography Styles: A Complete List Of Photography you should know

Normally when we talk about photography we have a mental “image” about the type of “thing” we are talking about.

In other words, everyone knows what a photograph is, among other reasons, because we are fed up with taking them, and even more so considering the fabulous cameras that our mobile devices incorporate.

We could say that the main impact that the cameras that have our mobile phones installed has resulted in the proliferation of millions and millions of “selfies”.

Admittedly, this type of photography is tremendously popular across the planet. Perhaps this is the photographic modality par excellence, without a doubt. But still, photography encompasses much more.

Although the concept itself is universally known, surely one of you will have stopped to think at some point about how many types of photography styles exist in the world, right?

There really are many types of photography. Below we will explain a little about each of them.

Well, we will talk about the main categories of photography because although you may not believe it, there really is a lot to talk about.

In the following post, we will introduce you to the following types of photography according to the order of appearance, that way you will find: Portrait photography, Advertising, Fashion, Artistic, Landscape and Nature, Documentary, Night, Sports and photography underwater

If you want to know the genres of photography, I invite you to continue here and, in this way, you will discover them or you will remember them as you read.

Types of Photography Styles

Top 12 Types of Photography you should know before Start Photography

1. Portrait Photography

This is one of the oldest types of photography styles. Currently, it is used to capture people, families, and even pets.

Here the photographer’s challenge is to make the individual open up and show his personality, differentiating himself from amateur photography, which is more recurrent in these cases.

2. Advertising Photography

This type of photography tries to influence consumer tastes. It is a very useful tool to sell products and even ideas.

Advertising photography has often been used for political and social purposes to try to seduce the consumer/citizen.

Through advertising photography, the image is only one of its components, the values and ideas that underlie the image are often its protagonists.

The first objective of these types of the photographer is to attract the attention of the public, once it has managed to influence the desire to buy. There are many tricks that this field of photography uses to achieve its goal.

Advertising photography can often be confused with art photography. There is a whole language of a persuasive nature to penetrate people’s minds.

Sex and food are usually a very “appetizing” claim to capture the public’s attention. These two universal themes belong to the classics of the photographic industry.

Advertising photography is everywhere. In any newspaper, magazine, graphic ad.

The idea pursued is that the image is attractive or provocative enough so that it remains embedded in the retina of the potential consumer.

Fashion  Photography

3. Fashion Photography

Like advertising photography, these types of photography styles also seek to attract the attention of the public.

Its objective is commercial and it intends to sell its products. Aesthetics plays a substantial part in the making of this type of image.

On many occasions, these types of photography styles not only capture clothing, but aspects such as hairstyle, makeup, accessories, the environment where the image is captured are also very important.

Sometimes even depends on the audacity of the photographer, nor is clothing necessary to photograph fashion.

Fashion photography is closely linked to glamour, elegance, or eccentricity. Much of this type of photography is also artistic, not just commercial.

4. Artistic Photography

Through artistic photography feelings and sensations are transmitted. It is the freest branch of photography; it is where the artist expresses his concerns, his desires, and his feelings.

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It is not just a reflection of reality.  In artistic photography, the author’s intentions mainly count; however, sometimes chance or chance prevails, where unexpectedly the daily situations of life produce artistic images.

Artistic photography also plays, in general, with concepts and ideas, which is why many images can be considered conceptual or abstract.

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5. Landscape And Nature Photography

Landscape And Nature PhotographyThe landscape photography as you can guess at first glance, puts the focus on the photographs taken of nature, whether by mountains, forests, beaches, deserts, any of these environments belong to the scope of this category.

Normally, landscape photographs are usually taken with wide-angle lenses with which to cover a large field of view.

Regarding the technical conditions, the light treatment, the contrast, the color range prevail above all.

Similarly, the time of day is essential; there is a multitude of images captured at sunrise or sunset. The climate and the weather are two aspects added to these types of photography styles.

Nature photography is similar to landscape photography, although perhaps with a slight difference, in this case, it also includes fauna; Flora and fauna are the constants of this photographic category.

Usually, cameras with telephoto lenses or macro lenses are used to zoom in on the desired detail.

6. Documentary Photography

Documentary PhotographyDocumentary photography aims to record through a graphic document the events of a certain time or of a way of life or of the multiple aspects that reality presents.

This type of photography must be based on capturing the image as it is, its function is to capture the moment and spread it faithfully.

Within documentary photography, we could include journalistic photography or photojournalism, since this type of image is what we are used to seeing when we open a newspaper, magazine or similar.

What has been said is about capturing the news, the event, the right moment. Photojournalism perhaps covers more war events, conflicts, or all kinds of wars and terrorist actions that happen around the world.

Documentary photography covers a fairly wide range of reality, since it is not only limited to human avatars but also collects images from the natural and animal environment.

For this reason, this type of photography style is shown in specialized magazines, history books, or specific topics, web pages, in short, it is a very versatile type of photography.

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7. Night Photography

Night PhotographyThese types of photography styles are very recurrent to photograph sunsets or sunrises. The night photography is usually composed of spectacular pictures whose main character is the star king on his departure or sunset on planet earth. The ideal scenario in these cases is the sea as the horizon.

Night photography has a strong role associated with the city, large cities, and different light sources.

The lights of the street lamps, that of the cars, that of the buildings, the shop windows, and everything that is illuminated by the moon and the stars can be photographed and magnified by the mystery of the night.

However, to take good night photography it would be better to have a minimum technical knowledge to obtain an image in conditions.

The first element to consider is the use of a tripod, without this contraption the images will most likely be out of focus or blurred.

To capture a night image with a good dose of light, it will be necessary to change the aperture value and the image speed.

By opening the diaphragm wider and giving the photo more time, the still objects will be sharp while those that are in motion will be moved or out of focus.

A typical feature of night photography is the bursts of light caused by moving objects.

Typically this effect comes from vehicle headlights taken with long exposures where a film or digital media captures the vehicle’s travel throughout the photographed scene.

They are like light leaks, something that transfers an artistic touch to the image, and even something spooky (depending on how you look at it).

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8. Sports Photography

Sports PhotographyTo make good sports photography it is necessary to have certain skills, personal and professional.

First of all, it would be convenient to know the dynamics, the rules, in short, the fundamental characteristics of the type of sport or athlete we want to photograph.

We must bear in mind that in this type of images the most important thing is to capture the right moment where the action takes place.

In other words, talking about sport is synonymous with action (in most cases). So the photographer who is inclined to this discipline must be, first of all, patient and in the same way farsighted, since he will have to anticipate his “shot” just before the action happens.


For this reason, the technical part is essential for taking this type of photographs. Apart from having the necessary instruments, that is, cameras with powerful telephoto lenses, you will have to be very skillful in mastering speed and focus if you want to capture the essence of the right moment.

Bursts of consecutive shots are the trend that most photographers practice when taking these photos.

On the other hand, as we have commented before, the focus is essential. In fact, there are automatic options in all professional cameras and in many amateur ones, to clearly photograph the movement.

Then there is, of course, the skill and the gaze of the photographer. These features will make the difference between good and bad photography.

9. Underwater Photography

These types of photography styles are usually practiced more among professional photographers or diving enthusiasts.

Underwater photography due to its idiosyncrasy is quite particular, among other things because specialized photographic equipment is required for this discipline.

There are underwater cameras for taking this type of photography. As generally happens, there is simpler or more complex, cheaper, or more expensive.

But, if what you want is to take advantage of your own camera, you can get a totally hermetic case to protect your camera from water.

In the same way, and taking into account the surface of the water, flashes or light sources are required so that the images come out sharp.

A characteristic of underwater photography is related to light and colors. At greater depth, the colors are diluted and the light descends, so the color gamut can be quite affected.

Perhaps underwater photography, in relation to the rest of photographic specialties, is the one that has more limits in terms of its versatility.

However, the photographs obtained are usually of spectacular beauty. Both the marine fauna and flora shine on their own, but if you also enhance them with a good photographic technique, you can already imagine what kind of images will come out.

10. Children’s Photography

This type of photography has become quite popular in recent years, with the growing need for parents to register this phase of their children with quality.

From newborn to children’s parties, the professional who wants to devote to this style needs to be patient and like children very much, because when the novelty, they get tired, get restless, angry, make tantrum, crying and all this is normal. It takes a game of waist to deal with these situations.

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11. Travel Photography

Travel PhotographyThis segment may involve others, such as being a requisition from the advertising market, recording a documentary, among others.

It is done by both amateur and professional photographers. If you are interested in these types of photography styles and want to better enjoy the environment on your travels then there are schools that provide you the different types of photography services.

12. Hi-Speed Photography

Hi-Speed photography is of paramount importance for the photographic market, there are several professionals who are dedicated to this branch.

Whoever decides on this path has to understand that the level of demand is very high and mastering the techniques to surprise their customers is essential.

Inside there are still photographers dedicated exclusively to products and food.

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