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Best Cheap Vlogging Camera

For the past several years, we cannot deny the fact that vlogging is one of the most popular sources of income using a vlogging camera and an internet connection. But still, there are some people out there who don’t have enough idea about the concept of vlogging. When we say “vlogging,” it is somehow the shorter concept of making a video blog. It is usually referred to like the video version of a specific blog post.

When someone tells you that they are starting doing vlogging, they mean that they are starting to film their day-to-day life in a short video. As we can notice for the previous years, the admiration of many people in vlogging has grown tremendously, and at this present time, the said trend online does not show any sign of slowing.

One of the main reasons that we considered why vlogging is considered to be one of the most popular trends online is that the price range of the materials and equipment that are required to start vlogging have decreased significantly. During the past few years, both the materials and equipment for vlogging are too fancy that only a few can afford to buy it.

The intent is one of the main differences that we can see when we compared vlogging to television. Dissimilar to the other old-fashioned media platforms, people who vlog do not always have the intention to create money.

Vlogging is the term that is being utilized to generally describe creating a video blog post. It also becomes more popular in every corner of the world with the help of YouTube and internet connection. YouTube is one of the social media outlets that is usually being used by many video creators out there.

Because of the wide range of uses of mobile phones and internet bandwidth, vlogging is an online trend that can be done by anyone – all individuals are welcome to start making their own vlogs. Since there is a cheap vlogging camera that you can purchase on the market, there will be no barrier for you to not to start your vlogging experiences.

On the other hand, how do vloggers create and earn money? We cannot deny that most individuals think that you need to become a famous star to earn money through vlogging. But the truth behind that is that all of us can make money by making a short video vlog. If you are just a starter, expect that you cannot create a bunch of money that easy. But as time passes by, you will now start gathering a wide range of audiences that will help you to earn a significant amount of money.

There are infinite techniques that many video creators out there can do to create money, and some of these ways are quite common compared to others. Advertising is considered to be one of the easiest techniques that can be used by a vlogger to earn money. I think everyone would love to create money just by taking some videos – one of the easiest works I have ever known.

Google AdSense is one of the well-known platforms that can be used by many vloggers if they are using the YouTube platform. Remember that every video that you will shoot is one of the pieces that you can use to attract more audiences or advertisers.

Why Google AdSense is an excellent platform? It is because it can match the advertiser with a specific video creator. It has an easy-to-understand concept. When a particular promoter makes use of your video to promote or even display their items, you will get paid by the advertiser. Google AdSense will make it easier for you to monetize your videos quickly and will give you more chances to earn money from the efforts you have made.

One of the ways that you might consider, if you plan to start vlogging is selling various branded items. As your brand continues growing, the individuals who are watching your videos also grow with it. Aside from that, you can also begin selling these items through vlogging. In these days and generations, it would be easier for you to find a company that will help you to make money compared for the past several years.

There are lots of companies that will construct a customized merchandise that has the logo of your brand pasted on it, and your audience tends to purchase it, making it as your source of extra income. Various vloggers who earn more money usually prefer selling branded hats, socks, and shirts, but remember that you can choose some other products than these. Sponsorship can also be your source of income.

Advertising is being viewed by many vloggers to be the source of the smallest revenue amount and considered it as the top icing of the cupcakes of profit. When you have a wide range of viewers or audience, your videos will reach various individuals, meaning there is a higher chance of finding sponsorship deals.

Varying upon your viewers, you might not exert more effort in finding some sponsorships, which means that the company will be the one to find you. When a particular company started to sponsor your vlogs, you might receive their items or money, and as an exchange, you are required to post their given products in one of your created vlogs.

Since there is a wide range of vlogging cameras that you can see on the market, it would be hard for you to pick which is the best one. Luckily, you will not have any problem since we have selected our top 10 best cheap vlogging cameras that will help you to have a wise decision in selecting the best vlogging camera for you. Since then, you will get a camera for vlogging that is perfect for your needs, standards, taste, and, most importantly, your budget.

Before we jump into our top 10 best cheap vlogging cameras, let us first proceed to our best overall and best budget pick if you don’t have enough time to browse the entire article.

Best Cheap Vlogging Camera: 30 Second Summary

  • Best Overall: The Sony DSCW830 is our top pick for a budget-friendly vlogging camera that has 20.1 MP and comes up with an 8x zoom feature. Aside from that, it can also provide you with 720p of High Definition shots in the MP4 format that can be used to edit your videos easily.

    This is perfect for those vloggers who are starting in the world of vlogging. It can also offer you the optical steady shot image stabilization that is perfect to use in adventurous and more movements-required videos.

  • Best Budget Friendly: Our best overall pick of the best cheap vlogging camera is this Sony W800. This is the camera for vlogging that is perfect for an individual that has a tight budget but still wants to check the waters and discover the majestic world of vlogging.

    This vlogging camera has a lighter weight and compact size, which is ideal for those vloggers who usually take videos through hands and for a longer period of time.

Reviews of the Top 10 Best Cheap Vlogging Camera

We cannot deny the fact that looking for a camera for vlogging is quite a daunting task. Since there are various vlogging cameras that you can purchase on the market, you might experience difficulties in finding the camera for vlogging that is perfect for your requirements, needs, and budget. Worry no more because we have picked the best camera items to help you create a wise decision.

The following is our reliable, honest, and unbiased review of the best vlogging cameras .

1. Sony DSCW830 – Best Overall Vlogging Camera

The Sony DSCW830 is one of the vlogging cameras that are very easy to use and can give you the amazing quality of the video. It features an 8x optical zoom that can provide you with a well-detailed video. Aside from that, it can also give you 20.1 MP photos.

With the use of this Sony DSCW830, you can ensure that your vids and still photos will stay clear. Aside from that, you can expect that you will not experience shaky videos anymore with the help of its Optical steady image stabilization. You can also improve the quality of your images because of its built-in effects that can adjust the texture of the skin tone, and also, it can whiten up the teeth.

This vlogging camera can also be used in other vlogging cameras, such as the iMovie and Final Cut Pro X. It has a display size of 2.7 inches, meaning it has a smaller size; thus, you can use it anytime and anywhere you want. Once you purchased this camera for vlogging, expect that the external memory card is not included. Aside from that, it has the weight of 4.32 ounces, which is lighter compared to other vlogging cameras. One of the drawbacks that you can notice about this vlogging camera is that it does not have the viewfinder.

Key Features:

  • 1 MP Plus 8x Zoom
  • Optical steady shot image stabilization
  • Creative Shooting with Beauty and Picture effects
  • Advanced flash
  • Intelligent auto mode
  • Sweep panorama mode
  • Face detection technology
  • Smile shutter technology
  • Clear Photo LCD Display


  • With an amazing 20.1 MP, you can now create stunning and gorgeous images and videos.
  • You can zoom out the picture to have a closer view with its 8x zoom feature
  • You can now make a video without the worry of being shaky
  • The advanced flash feature will enable you to take beautifully lit and brighter videos.
  • Intelligent auto mode can recognize scenes, faces, as well as lighting conditions.
  • Face detection can detect over 8 persons and adjust the white balance, exposure, and focus.


  • Does not have a viewfinder
  • Can only shoot in 720p

2. Sony DSCW800 – Best Budget-Friendly Vlogging Camera

The Sony DSCW800 is also a 20.1MP camera that comes up with an 8x zoom feature. It can also provide you with 720p shots of High Definition footage. Aside from that, it also features an MP4 format that will help you to edit your videos much easier and more convenient.

The feature of optical steady shot stabilization that comes up with a 2-way active mode will offer you the chance to create a video even when running or walking. Similar to the Sony DSCW830, it comes up with an intelligent auto mode that will help you to adjust the right lighting environment automatically.

It comes up with 360 sweep panorama. Once you have purchased this cheap camera for vlogging, you can expect that its box is packed with a user-friendly instruction manual, Multi USB cable, wrist strap, AC AdaptorAC-UB10C, and a battery.

Aside from that, it also has a face detection technology that will help you when it comes to white balance, exposure, and focus. As a result, you can now begin making videos for your vlog while this camera will be the one that will make all the works needed to have a high-quality video.

Key Features:

  • Optical steady shot image stabilization
  • 360 sweep panorama
  • Face detection technology
  • Megapixel
  • 8xzoom feature
  • Simplify Camera Menu
  • Smile shutter technology
  • Picture Effects


  • With its easy mode, it will allow you to minimize the layers present on the menu. Thus, it will make your vlogging experiences more enjoyable and easier.
  • With its built-in guide, it will enable you to look for the various functions of the camera in accordance with your requirements and needs.
  • Connect your vlogging camera to a power socket or in a PCs USB port through its included USB to charge your camera.
  • With sweep panorama mode, you can take breathtaking and amazing pictures and videos.
  • With smile shutter technology, it can capture your smile whenever you do it.
  • With the use of its picture effect, you can add some emotions on your vids and still images, which make your regular portraits and landscapes turn into a brighter and more emphasized vids and stills.

3. Canon PowerShot SX620 Digital Camera w/25x Optical Zoom

Whether you are celebrating one of the special events in your life with your friends and family members, taking some trips, or just simply having fun with your puppies, this Canon PowerShot SX620 Digital Camera with 25x Optical Zoom is always there for you to help to take some shots. This camera for vlogging will provide you versatility and allow you to capture things clearly, whether it is far or near.

It also comes up with an intelligent IS that works for optimized image stabilization that will help you to take photos and videos from close-ups to further sights that are dramatically free from shake. It also features an enabled NFC and Wi-Fi that you can use in transferring your desired photos and videos to compatible mobile devices easier and more convenient. As a result, you can now upload your vlogs to YouTube for your friends, relatives, and viewers around the world to see.

It has an excellent image quality that can give you amazing vids and shots whether you are making a video through night and day. Since it also features 1080p full high definition videos, you can ensure that you will get the video quality that you want.

With the help of this Canon PowerShot SX620 Digital Camera w/25x Optical Zoom, you can now sit back and relax because you know that you can take some shots with the subjects that re far or near fro your location.

Key Features:

  • 25x Optical Zoom
  • Intelligent IS (Micro (Hybrid) IS, Panning IS, and Normal IS)
  • Video Recording IS (Active Tripod IS, Macro (Hybrid) IS, Powered IS, and Dynamic IS)
  • Enabled Wi-Fi and NFC
  • Image Sync Function
  • Remote Shooting


  • Clearer videos and photos
  • With Intelligent IS, it will help you to analyze the movement of the camera and enable a perfect shake correction technique for various shooting conditions.
  • With its built-in NFC and Wi-Fi, it will help you more in terms of convenience. It will enable you to transfer your videos and photos to compatible mobile gadgets. Thus, you can upload it to YouTube easily.


  • The only drawback of this camera for vlogging that you can notice is that it cannot record 60 frames per second.

4. PANASONIC LUMIX FZ300 Long Zoom Digital Camera

Multi-media imaging and personal-quality are not that easy to get, not unless you are using this PANASONIC LUMIX FZ300 Long Zoom Digital Camera. Since it can provide you with the 4k photo technology, it will enable you to capture pictures with its 30 frames per second in a very clear and excellent image quality. It is also a perfect camera for vlogging if you prefer to make some vlogs that usually require more movements, such as sports and adventures.

Aside from that, it also features a 24x powerful optical zoom that has a stable aperture of the lens, which is f2.8 will enable you to take photos with high confidence even in a low-lit area without worrying about having blurry results because of the slow speed of the shutter.

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Since Panasonic is known as one of the brands that have a higher level of focusing speed, it will make sure that you will have a sharper subject, whether you are taking videos or images. Aside from that, it also has the smart 5-axis correction technology that is being used to decrease the blurriness of the image or video by reimbursing for the 5 various movement types.

Are you a type of person who wants to have a camera for vlogging that can be used for some adventures done in outdoors, this is a vlogging camera that will offer you useful and helpful features, such as dust-resistant and splash-proof feature. It also has a strong, constructed body that can withstand different extreme shooting conditions.

Key Features:

  • Dust resistant
  • Splash resistant
  • High-speed autofocusing with DFD technology
  • Tilt Correction of 5-axis correction
  • A higher level of image quality
  • 1,44ok-dot, 0.7x Large OLED LVF
  • In-camera RAW data development
  • Close-up macro shooting
  • 12 fps burst shooting
  • Creative panorama
  • High speed full high definition video
  • Flexible expandability option


  • The aforementioned camera for vlogging can be used with DMW-LC55 Close-up Lens, DMW-LT55 Tele Conversion Lens, DMW-MS2 Shotgun, or Stereo microphone and DMW-FL580L External Flash.
  • You can make panoramic images by panning your vlogging camera
  • You can make use of this vlogging camera in shooting images with the help of its RAW-format and develop these images in the camera.
  • It has swivel and tilt capabilities, which make this vlogging camera more comfortable and easier to use for vertical compositions.
  • This camera for vlogging has dial and button, and its joints were sealed properly, meaning you can use it even in extreme weather environments.
  • It can measure the gap between the background and foreground that easy.


  • Low level of screen resolution

5. PANASONIC LUMIX G85 4K Digital Camera

The fifth camera that is best for vlogging that we can recommend to you is this PANASONIC LUMIX G85 4K Digital Camera. It is the vlogging camera that can give you impressive and exciting features and capabilities in an elegant and compact-sized camera.

This vlogging camera features a light grabbing and larger-sized sensor. Aside from that, it also features 20.2 megapixels high-sensitivity CMOS sensor that is also powered by the newest launched DIGIC 6 Image Processor of Canon that will provide you with amazing low-lit photography that can range for about ISO 12800.

Aside from that, it features f/1.8 (W)-f/2.8 (T) IS lens that will give your frame more light even if you are using its maximum 4.2x Optical Zoom, which is about 24 mm to 100 mm. When it comes to an amazing blurry effect, you can achieve it with the use of its 9-blade circular aperture diaphragm. It also has an average range of focus, which is about 5 cm that will give you an excellent macro-shooting.

On the other hand, it also comes up with NFC and Wi-Fi enabled. It is also the camera that is always ready for selfie use that will give you high-quality resolution that has the multi-angle capacitive of a 3.0-inch touch panel LCD. You can now enjoy your vlogging experiences with this High-Speed AF that is about .15 second, and a continuous shooting of full high definition resolution of the video that is about 6.5 fps and 60p or 1080p.

This camera for vlogging is constructed to offer stellar photos. This has a compact size that is also powered to give you the inspiration to continue your desire to create impressive photography.

Key Features:

  • DIGIC 6 Image Processor
  • HS System
  • Advanced Optics
  • High-resolution Multi-angle touch panel LCD
  • High-speed AF
  • Built-in NFC
  • Improved capabilities of built-in Wi-Fi
  • Mobile device connect button
  • Apple iFrame
  • Intelligent IS
  • Star Shooting Mode


  • Full resolution
  • With built-in Wi-Fi, it would be easier and more convenient for you to transfer and share your vids and images to your various social media networking sites, such as Google Drive, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • A single-touch of connecting this camera for vlogging to your computer or mobile gadgets can be done possibly with the use of the mobile device connect button
  • Full High definition vids with manual control that will help you to create artistic videos or can be used in filming various scenarios in a special event.
  • You can now capture the starry skies at night with the use of this camera for vlogging
  • It has a flip screen


  • Does not have the features for slow motion

6. PANASONIC LUMIX G7 4K Digital Camera

This PANASONIC LUMIX G7 4K Digital Camera is a professional grade camera that you might consider buying and use for vlogging can fit with more than 20 compact lenses. Since Panasonic is the number one brand that produces high-quality cameras, it comes up with an ILC or interchangeable lens camera standard that features Micro Four Thirds. It has a mirrorless construction that will provide you a more compact and lighter body of the camera and at the same time, giving you excellent audio, video, amazing exposure and focusing technologies, wireless and creative controls that DSLR cameras cannot give you.

Because of its LUMIX 4k PHOTO that is about 30 to 60 fps and 8 MP, it will give you simple pauses to the ideal events in the video to create a printable and high-quality resolution of images. Aside from that, it also comes up with a 0.7x OLED eye viewfinder that comes up with a 2,360k dot that can give you the resolution of image that you expect even if it is captured under the strong exposure to sunlight.

When it comes to the convenience of connectivity, this PANASONIC LUMIX G7 4K Digital Camera also comes up with 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm of remote ports and microphones. Aside from that, it also features small Type D HDMI terminal. You can make use of this camera for vlogging with the combination of DMW MS2 Shotgun or Stereo microphone, DMW FL580L External Flash, and other equipment. You can also use it with the latest BUS Class UHS I/UHS-II SDXC/SDHC SD cards that can store 4k high-resolution vids and supply the demands of RAW and 4k photo mode burst of shooting.

Key Features:

  • Panasonic Image App
  • Starlight AF
  • High-Speed AF with DFD technology
  • Focus peaking
  • Silent shooting feature
  • Intuitive controls
  • 3 4k photo modes


  • You can connect the Panasonic image app with the camera’s built-in Wi-Fi and enable you to manage the different camera functions through a tablet device or mobile phone.
  • It will enable you to take some clear shots by using the moonlight as the source of your light.
  • Precise and faster AF tracking
  • With the use of the focus peaking feature, it will emphasize the color indicating the particular area of focus throughout the further distance.
  • When silent shooting is activated, you can capture photos and shoot videos without worrying about the noise made by a shutter
  • High visibility of viewfinder
  • This camera used for vlogging is lighter and smaller compared to the DSLR cameras, but it can offer you easy and intuitive access to the basic functions of the camera.
  • 4k pre-burst, 4kburst S/S, and 4k burst


  • Does not have a flip screen

7. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC

One of the cameras that are considered as the holy grails when it comes to the field of vlogging is this Sony Cyber-Shot DSC. This is one of the vlogging cameras that are being used to produce a clearer 4k image resolution and can be used to 960 fps of shots for each situation that you think is cool to create slow motion vids.

This is the camera for vlogging that is ideal to use by those individuals who prefer creating vlogs that are professionally made and will help you to include some cinematography effects to add some cooling effect to the entire video. This is the camera used for vlogging that can give you amazing performance even in a low-lit situation, most notably when used for a camera that has smaller size. It only means that even if you want to shoot events in during nighttime, you can ensure that you will capture the subjects that look sharper and is free from noise.

The said brand of the camera also comes up with a high-quality resolution of flip screen. Thus, you can monitor if you are inside a frame while you are doing some recordings. It has a very quick autofocus speed that will give you no lag. It only means that you will not waste your time waiting for your camera for vlogging to focus on your desired subject.

Since Sony already launched its two various replacements to the Mark V. The VA, that has a small advancement to the said model. Another successor of the model is this Mark VI that creates higher updates.

In our opinion, we would like to recommend you buying the Mark VI compared to Mark VA. The VA, since in terms of updates, the first conducted bigger updates compared to the second. On the other hand, in terms of its price, you should expect that these two have wide gap in price range.

The update of Mark VI has a wider gap in terms of price range compared to Mark VA. On the other hand, in terms of autofocus speed, it has been dramatically improved. It has also an enabled touch screen and better zoom range. When it comes to its battery life, it has been reduced or about 10 percent. All in all, we recommend you to purchase Mark VI if you love to have the best and the budget-friendly camera for vlogging.

Key Features:

  • Electronic viewfinder
  • Faster autofocus speed
  • AF detection
  • Fastest shooting speed
  • 1 MP lens sensor
  • 4k video
  • Super slow motion video
  • Optical zoom


  • 6x zoom that will help you to have the best quality in your compact-sized camera
  • You can have more than 960fps of super slow motion vids
  • Faster autofocus
  • Great work even in a low-lit situation
  • 4k Ultra high definition vids


  • Shorter battery life, thus, we recommend you to purchase a spare battery

8. Canon PowerShot G7 X

The 8th camera that we have included in this post is this Canon PowerShot G7 X that is being used by many famous vloggers out there. This camera is known to be a great camera or vlogging, according to many YouTubers who have tried it. this Canon PowerShot G7 X has a lighter weight and compact size that can offer you high-quality vids and flip screenshots in Full High Definition 1080p that is about 60 frames per second.

In combination with the excellent Intelligent IS made by Canon, this camera used for vlogging can correct some undesirable shaky footages in your video. As a result, this vlogging camera can give you a clear, stable, and great video in any kind of situation.

This camera for vlogging also comes up with a flip screen that is 3 inches and a touchable LCD screen. This will enable you, as its user, to adjust the settings of the camera or focus it on the subject with a single touch easily. Aside from that, it comes up with a clear and crisp screen display that features 1.04 million of MP. The flip screen it has will give you the great and glare-free work, even if you will use it under a direct exposure to sunlight.

For added information, this camera for vlogging is also being used by numerous famous vloggers, such as iJustine, Joey Graceffa, RomanAtwood, FunForLouis, CutiePieMarzia, and Shaycarl.

The newly launched successor of this camera for vlogging is the G7 X Mark II that was already introduced to the public. On the other hand, the successor does not have lots of improvement from G7 X. Thus, you might not consider buying this G7X Mark II since it does not worth that amount of money. But, if you like to have the camera for vlogging that has longer battery life, you might consider buying this one. it is also great to use during low-lit situations. But if you love an added memory card and battery, you might choose Canon PowerShot G7 X.

Unluckily, we are going, to be honest, that the said camera for vlogging by Canon cannot give you a recording of 4K Ultra High Definition footage. But, if you are more on filming, you might consider Panasonic ZS100, but this camera does not feature a flip screen compared to Canon PowerShot G7 X. Remember that buying a camera for vlogging that will fit your needs, requirements, and budget will always depend upon your own preference.

Key Features:

  • Star Shooting Mode
  • HDR handheld
  • RAW
  • ND Filter or Natural Density Filter
  • Creative Shot


  • High Level of flip screen resolution
  • Give you the capabilities of shooting the starry skies without worrying of the blurriness
  • You can now have stable, vibration-free, and clearer video without any use of a tripod
  • Can give you results of videos and photos with natural gradations, smooth tonal transitions, and true colors
  • With the use of the natural filter, it will decrease the light exposure from the sensor, which will enable you to have a wider aperture and longer time of exposure to make an amazing photographic effect
  • With the use of the Creative Shot Mode, you can now create videos and capture photos and add some artistic touches.
  • Excellent optical image stabilization
  • Full high definition video of 1080p at 60 fps or 60 frames per second
  • Touch-enabled flip screen


  • It cannot be used to record 4K Ultra High Definition Video

9. PANASONIC LUMIX GH5 4K Digital Camera

The expert type camera used for vlogging is this PANASONIC LUMIX GH5 4K Digital Camera that will provide you with more than 25 LEIC and LUMIX compact options of lenses that were constructed on the next ILC or Interchangeable Lens Camera. This camera for vlogging is made up of magnesium alloy materials. Thus, you can ensure that it is durable and features freeze-resistant dust resistant and splash resistant. Since it comes up with a mirrorless design, you can expect that this is much lighter compared to the other cameras used for vlogging. Aside from being lightweight, it has a small-sized body that is perfect for carrying anytime and anywhere you want.

The combination of the upgraded Digital Live MOS sensor that comes up with a great latest Venus Engine 10 will help you to create excellent natural texture and color detail expression. Aside from that, it also comes up with 30p or 4:2:2 10 bit and $K 60 p or 4:2:0 8 bits in the cinematic video of the camera. Plus, it also features 5Ghz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that will help you to have faster transferring of images and speedy internet connection. Along with that, you will also have fast lightning DFD focusing, exposure technologies, as well as the 5 axis dual I.S 2.0 stabilization. These features cannot be found in any of the regular DSLR cameras that you might purchase on the market.

This camera for vlogging also comes up with LUMIX 4k PHOTO that is up to 8 MP and 30 or 60fps. Thus, you can pause the desired event on your recorded video easily and create printable photos with highest resolution. It has a high-resolution viewfinder that is about 21 mm, 0.76x OLED, and 3680K dot are perfect for you to see an image clearly even if it was captured under the direct exposure of sunlight.

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For easier and more convenient connectivity, this camera for vlogging will give you a Type A full-sized HDM I terminal and a headphone terminal, 3.5 mm mic, dual SD card slots that can be used with UHS-II U3, and the optional DMW XLR1 mic adaptor.

Key Features

  • 3 MegaPixels
  • Freeze and Splash resistant design
  • Dual image stabilization
  • Connectivity and Ports


  • You can use this camera in capturing high-dynamic range sharer photos
  • This camera for vlogging can withstand any extreme situations
  • With its dual image stabilization, you can now avoid capturing images with a blurry background
  • It has a built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • 3 inches fully articulated LCD screen
  • 5-axis image stabilization
  • 4K Ultra High definition video of 24fps or 30fps (frames per second)


  • It is not recommended to use in a low-lit situation

10. Sony a7R II

The last but not least camera that you might consider purchasing for your vlogging needs is this Sony a7R II. This vlogging camera comes up with the 5-axis in-body image stabilization and the full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R 42.4 megapixel CMOS sensor.

This is the camera used for vlogging that can be used to record 4k Ultra High Definition video XAVC S format, which is 100 or 60Mpbs in 20 or 24p that comes up with no pixel binning and full pixel readout. Aside from that, you can use this vlogging camera in recording Full HD 1080p resolution at 60, 30 or 24 frames per second in XAVC S format (50Mbps).

The resolution that you will get from the combination of 5-axis image stabilization and faster hybrid autofocus with 399 phase-detection AF points will result an excellent and great video.

On the other hand, the body is constructed with the feature of weather-resistant since it is made up of sturdy magnesium alloy materials that can withstand any extreme situation. It also comes up with an LCD screen, which is 3 inches that can be tilted down and up for both low and high angle framing. However, it cannot be flipped for about 180 degrees. With its enabled Wi-Fi, you can now share and transfer your videos quickly and less hassle.

Key Features:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Weather sealed


  • The accurate and quick speed of autofocus
  • 5-axis sensor-shift image stabilization
  • 4K Ultra High Definition resolution of the video


  • Shorter battery life
  • The screen cannot be flipped for about 180 degrees
Best Cheap Vlogging Camera

Buying Guide for the Best Cheap Vlogging Camera

When it comes to finding the best vlogging camera cheap, there are some things and features that you should take note, and also you should also be knowledgeable enough to determine camera features that you will not need for your vlogs. Since almost all of the created video vlogs are personal and close, the zoom feature is not the number one feature that you might consider when purchasing the best cheap camera for vlogging.

A flash feature is not also necessary to use in vlogging since most of your videos will not make use of the said feature. You might not also consider the megapixel feature of a camera since this feature is only necessary for taking some pictures. Most of the best vlogging camera cheap that you can see and purchase on the market can be used in a wide range of various works, which is ideal for those who have a tight budget.

If you want to record the best video for your vlogs, then the elimination of these features might be not good news for you. When it comes to the average type of video vloggers, the feature of flash and zoom are usually useless. On the other hand, if you love to take videos of your travel vlogs, then it would not be a problem for you if you will purchase a cheap vlogging camera with flip screen that comes up with a decent zoom feature.

In terms of professional photography, most photographers considered the built-in camera flash as a not-so-helpful feature. Thus, they never make use of it. It only means that you don’t always need to purchase a camera that has a built-in camera flash. If you prefer to not t consider the aforementioned camera features, you can prefer to purchase a camera that is perfect to use for making a video vlog.

When purchasing a camera that you will use for vlogging, it is a must for you to keep an eye to its performance during the low-lit situations. Almost all the video makers out there will agree that low-light performance will always hold great importance. As you create and film a vlog, there is a higher possibility that you can’t control the proper lighting during your shoot. You also should consider to check out our Best Sony Camera for Vlogging buying guide.

For you to give the level of quality video to your viewers that they love, you are required to purchase a video vlogging camera that can be used excellently even in a low-lit situation. If you think that this feature can only be used when creating a video outdoors, then you are wrong.

The capability of a camera to work well even in low-lit situations is also a vital factor that should be used even for indoor shoots. When you choose a camera that can’t be used properly in low-lit conditions will decrease the frames per second and make some image noises. There are various capabilities that will make sure a video vlogging camera will give you a high-quality level of performance when there is not enough light in your environment.

The following are some of the factors and things that you should look at when buying a camera for vlogging . Read on to know more.

Microphone Input

We cannot deny the fact that there are numerous people that can tolerate poor-quality of video. Did you know what thing they cannot put up? It is a low-quality sound. If you are planning to be one of the most popular vloggers, you are required to ensure that you are shooting your own video that has the best quality of sound. If you are going to ask me, the quality of audio is the most vital factor used in vlogging, to be followed by the video quality level.

For you to get the excellent sound quality, we recommend you to look for a camera for vlogging that has the feature of microphone input. There are lots of compact-sized cameras out there that do not have this important factor since it is usually referred to be the premium feature.

If your chosen vlogging camera can tolerate using an external microphone input, it would help you to improve the sounds in your vlogs dramatically.

On the other hand, if you don’t prefer buying a vlogging camera that can tolerate an external microphone input, it is a must for you to be aware of the placement of the built-in microphone of your chosen camera. The best placement of a built-in microphone must be at the front of your chosen camera.

If you turn your vlogging camera around to take a shot, your face can still be captured and absorb the voices that you produce as much as possible. It would be hard for the camera to absorb your voices clearly if it is located at its side area since there are some instances that you might forget it.

There are some instances that you might cover it with your hands or fingers and avid the mic to absorb the sounds clearly.


Wi-Fi is one of the useful factors that you should find in a vlogging camera. As a video creator or a vlogger, you are required to shoot various videos and upload them on YouTube. A vlogging camera that has a built-in Wi-Fi feature will help you to upload your filmed vids automatically, which makes your vlogging experiences much easier. The feature of a built-in Wi-Fi will be helpful and useful if you are planning to upload all your desired videos on YouTube, and this is the feature that can be synced automatically with the new-launched vlogging cameras.

Battery Life

As a Youtuber, or also known as the vlogger, you are required to shoot a video for a quite long period of time. Let us be honest that not all shoots can be done perfectly in just a single take. That is the reason why you need to consider the battery life of the camera that you will use for your vlogging needs. YouTubers or vloggers would love to buy a camera for vlogging that has an interchangeable battery. Prefer a camera for vlogging that has 2 or even 3 spare batteries that you can use as an alternative to the dead one. You might also consider buying a camera for vlogging that can be used in filming your videos while being plugged in a power socket to charge.


Before you search for a camera for vlogging that you might consider buying, you must consider if it comes up with optical image stabilization. Even though this is the feature that is not needed for your vlogging needs, it is still very important to consider since it will enable you to film better quality of video while you are moving your hands. It is important for you to always remember that most viewers of your videos don’t like watch if it is shaky.


When you plan to shop a cheap camera that you can use for vlogging, it is a must for you to check the size of its sensor. For your information, if you are going to prefer a larger-sized sensor, expect that it can film more light, which is a vital part of creating a video.

The kind of a vlogging camera that you will buy has an extreme effect on the size of its sensor. Camcorders usually have smaller sizes of the sensor, which means that they cannot be used properly during a low-lit situation.

One of the largest sizes of sensors can also be found in compact-sized cameras, but to be honest, this type of camera does not give you a high-quality video. On the other hand, DSLR cameras also have larger-sized sensors, and you will look for the biggest-sized sensors on full-frame and high-end DSLR cameras.


Since almost all of the vloggers out there usually work alone when they create a video vlog, they cannot sit at the back of their vlogging camera to check the focus of their lens. This is the reason why we recommend you to find a camera for vlogging that has an efficient system of autofocus. Autofocus will allow your camera to keep in touch with your face or the product you are endorsing. This will also ensure that you will be always focused on your camera automatically.


The aperture of a lens is a very vital factor you must consider when finding a camera for vlogging. A high-quality lens will offer you with a wider aperture that will enable the lenses to record more light. A wider aperture of lens is also best to use to enhance the beauty of the video you are making and will help you to have the blurry effect on your background while vlogging.

Other lenses that are 50 mm usually have f/1.8 aperture. The sounds that are being recorded by your vlogging camera at a higher level of ISO setting usually have an impact on its capability in performing a good work in a low-lit situation. Unluckily, this is the factor that you can only check once you have used the vlogging camera you purchase.

Video Quality

One of the important things that you should always remember when it comes to purchasing a camera that you will use for vlogging is the quality of the video it can produce. Ensure that you will pick the vlogging camera that has higher level of resolution. You must have a vlogging camera that is not less than 1080p if you have the goal of producing a lively and high-quality video for your vlog. In addition to this, 1080p cameras for vlogging are much more inexpensive than the 4k ones.

With the help of a 1080p vlogging camera, you can now take your videos with confidence. It is also considered as the best decision that you can make because you can have the entire advantages of a 4k camera if you have low storage capacity or weaker internet connection. On the other hand, 4k cameras for vlogging can provide you with the greatest video quality. However, it can give you some difficulties during or upon use.

User-Friendliness and Size

Another thing that you should keep in mind is the user-friendliness and the size of the camera for vlogging. It is important for you to ensure that the size of the vlogging camera is perfect for your vlogging needs. Aside from that, it must come up with an effective, user-friendly manual that will give you ease and comfortableness in using it. It must be handled by your hands but can still give you the high-quality video that will help you to create expert-like vids.

I know all of us want to have a vlogging camera that can create high quality vids while having a compact size to use it wherever and whenever we want. It is also a wise decision if you are going to choose a vlogging camera that has a lighter weight and smaller size. As a result, you can use it as frequently as possible.


Cameras that are usually being used for vlogging must have a lighter weight and must be portable. Thus, you can carry it in any area that you want. Bulky or even bulky vlogging cameras will give you difficulties in carrying it all day long. Aside from that, it would also be hard for you to shoot a video when it is bulky.

Most of the cameras usually used for vlogging that are included in our list have a lighter weight so you can make use of it anywhere. Also, you will not experience sore hands if you will shoot a video for a longer period of time.

Your Needs

Yes, the best camera used for vlogging is the one that can meet your vlogging needs and satisfy your expectations. If you are going to take a shot in a low-lit environment, you must have a vlogging camera that will work with it correctly.

If you want to make a vlog that involves more adventures and movements, an action camera is the one that will work best for you. Most of your audience or viewers love to watch a video with high-quality sounds. Thus, you will need a vlogging camera that can tolerate an external mic input. It is important for you to pick the genre of vlogs that you want to create to choose the vlogging camera that is perfect for your needs.

A vlogging camera with a flip screen is considered as the must-have camera by many vloggers out there. Luckily, most of the cameras that we provided to you have flip screens.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked queries regarding cheap vlogging cameras , in case you have a question that isn’t addressed below, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll do our best to answer your questions and concerns as soon as possible.


All in all, finding the best cheap camera for vlogging is quite a daunting task. But with the help of this article, your search is over. I hope that you will consider the vlogging cameras enlisted in this post. Enjoy your vlogging experience!

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