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Sony A6000 vs A6300

The Sony a6000 and a6300 both have the winning features for those people who want to have their own digital cameras. Both of them are great, but which of these is your perfect match? Continue reading our detailed comparison to choosing the best. But before that, let’s take the memory lane with Sony.

For many years, Sony has emerged from a struggling company after the world war to become one of the leading companies at present. From their fantastic Compact Discs or CD, they have ventured to manufacture products focused in photography and videography industry. Thus, Sony offered an array of digital cameras.

For their point and shoot cameras, they have adopted the name Cyber-shot name. They use Alpha to pertain to their impressive range of digital single-lens reflex models. This made the company be one of the top companies that create cameras. The cameras included in these Alpha models were the Sony a6000 and a6300.

It was in February 2014 when Sony introduced a6000 this particular model is identified as a MILC model or mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. After two years, in 2016, the Sony a6300 was then introduced. They have two years age gap only but let’s see whether this age gap will make the other more superior than the other model.

Both the Sony a6000 vs. a6300 has the same image sensor size 23.5 × 15.6 mm (APS-C type) and maximum resolution. They may have similar features, but they are not equal. Other features set their differences – and that is what we have found out through this product review.

In this detailed comparison of Sony a6000 vs. a6300 that we have created, we will make sure that you get to choose which among these models that are compact, versatile, has more power and most importantly, will provide you with quality images. Also, you get to discover the products’ downside and other great features that you will only find in a Sony camera. Also read about youtube camera review.

With this detailed comparison, we will help you choose from Sony a6000 vs. a6300 on which is the best fit for you. We have prepared a comparison to give you a clearer view of the strengths of these products. This comparison will help you determine which of these have perfectly matched your camera requirements.

Head-to-Head Comparison of Sony a6000 vs. a6300

Sony a6000Sony a6300
Best ForBeginners who wanted to have photography as a hobby or professionAspiring videographers and photographers
PriceSee Price On AmazonSee Price On Amazon
Max Sensor Resolution24.3 megapixels24.3 megapixels
Sensor Pixel Area23.5 × 15.6 mm (APS-C type)23.5 × 15.6 mm (APS-C type)
Camera Weight0.76 lbs.1.75 lbs.
Articulating ScreenYesYes
Battery LifeHas 360 shots capacityHas 400 shots capacity
Continuous Shooting11 fps11fps
ISO SettingISO 100 – 25600ISO 1600-25600
ISO BoostISO 25,600ISO 51,200
Color Depth24.124.4
Fill FlashBuilt-in FlashBuilt-in, Hotshot Flash
Storage MediumSD/ SDHC/SDXC, Memory Stick Pro Duo/ Pro-HG DuoSD/ SDHC/SDXC, Memory Stick Pro Duo/ Pro-HG Duo
Sony a6000 vs. a6300

Sony a6000 vs. a6300 Shared Features

Let’s start the Sony a6000 vs. a6300 detailed comparison with their shared features. Actually, both of these models share similar features. Well, it may not be a surprise because of the two-year gap of these products. But there are still some features that set them apart.

Both the Sony a6000 vs. a6300 have shared the same features in terms of their sensor pixel area, continuous shooting, and color depth. Sony had just made a few tweaks on a6300, but they are practically similar to what they have for a6000. They also have similarities when it comes with the max sensor resolution of 24.3 megapixels. But they differ in terms of their image sensor type.

The Sony a6000 has Exmor APS HD’ CMOS sensor while a6300 has Exmor HD CMOS sensor. The same as with the previous model, a6000 has the on-chip phase-detection technology but does not cover the entirety of the frame while a6300 has the newer version of Sony’s image sensor type that gives an impressive imaging performance.

Thanks to Sony’s Bionz X processor, both cameras are capable of fastest autofocus. Taking an impressive photo of a moving subject will never be an issue. The Sony a6000 has an impressive 179 focus points while the a6300 has an improved 426 focus points.

When it comes to viewfinder or Sony prefers to call it “Tru-Finder,” both of these models have this. This feature enables the user to check on the effects of camera settings before finally taking a photo. The Sony a6000 has built-in 1.44 million dots OLED Electronic Tru-Finder while a6300 has ONLY built-in 2.36 million dots. The improved viewfinder has better tracking capabilities, giving that smooth results.

Another shared feature of these two cameras is their built. Both of them are made of high-quality magnesium alloy material, but only the front section of a6000 is made of it while a6300 is covered entirely of this sturdy material.

Did we forget to mention that both of these models have the same NP-FW50 battery pack? Yes, and this battery life is a huge plus to mirrorless camera users. If used on full charge mood, the a6000 is capable of giving 360 quality images while a6300 can give you 400 images. That is why it is advisable to bring extra batteries to have a smooth, uninterrupted shooting day. The a6300 has USB connectivity making it easier for you to charge it through your computer or to your laptop.

Aside from capturing high quality images, both of the Sony a6000 vs. a6300 can also be used for great videos. The Sony a6000 has a nice movie mode that alerts users to adjust the brightness level for better exposure. If you’re asking about what will be its result for HDMI output, well, a6000 gives a clean video. On the other hand, a6300 can also give that kind of HDMI output, and it gives an incredible resolution to your videos. It is also the best device to be used by aspiring videographers.

Sony a6000 vs. a6300 have shared features, but the company didn’t fail to add a bit of upgrade to the latter device. While it is cool to know that Sony didn’t bother to remove the previous feature, but there should be at least a new addition to the features. How would you be able to choose the best when they are practically the same? But these are just a few of the many great features of these Sony products. Read more of the next paragraph.

Types of Photography That Both Sony A6000 vs. A6300 Can Do

Whether it is for your new hobby or you wanted to pursue further in this profession, having the best camera will lead you to a more fruitful photography profession. Well, in this type of industry, quality results are a must. Your skills in photography will be useless if it will not be reflected in your output. That is how important having a quality camera is – and Sony values that importance. This is the reason why the company has launched a line of impressive digital cameras. We are lucky to have these quality cameras – the Sony a6000 vs. a6300.

We already have the best tool to use, and now, we need to make sure if it works well with our chosen field. Will this Sony a6000 vs. a6300 camera be a perfect fit for various types of photography? Well, they are the perfect fit for any chosen type. Here are the following types of photography that they can do:

Street Photography

The autofocus and speed are the top things that these cameras can offer for this type of photography. Both of them can help you impressively capture the speed and street vibe. They have faster, more responsive, and reliable autofocus performance. So, you won’t be having any blurred images to be stored; high quality ones only. Its manual focus is on-point and to use its AF system; you might want to partner it with Direct Manual Focus or DMF to achieve better results.

Landscape Photography

If you wanted to appreciate more of our nature and capture beautiful sceneries, the Sony a6000 vs. a6300 would make it possible for you. No need to bring heavy equipment or tool just to capture particular scenery. It is because Sony’s digital cameras are lightweight than DSLR. It also has the intuitive design, so working on the controls and setting will never become a problem. Its awesome 24 megapixels image resolution and color depth, you can expect for a well-done result. Even if you’re just a beginner in this art, well, no worries, these cameras will help you capture a stunning photo.

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Daily Photography

The act for doing this type of photography proves the greatest love for art. It is friendships, relationships, and others can be your focus for this field. Just make sure that if you have someone as your subject, make sure he or knows about it. Since it is a daily thing, then you will need to use this camera every single day. The essence of this type is doing it on a daily basis to see where your journey as a photographer will take you. It more like practicing your craft daily. Don’t worry, wear and tear for cameras only happens to other brands but to be made with magnesium alloy, these cameras are durable.

Portrait Photography

Portraiture may just be among type common types, but this is the best choice if you wanted to go further in the profession. This is the best type for aspiring photographers. More portrait shots, the better because it will help build up a handsome looking portfolio. No wonder many photographers wanted to start a career in this incredible type of photography. Since both of these are a mirrorless camera, the more that proves that it is perfectly fitted to be a camera used for this type of photography. Its eye autofocus is important in every portrait taken. It is because it keeps the model’s eye sharp – and these cameras have this important feature.

Travel Photography

Would it be wonderful to capture every epic place that you went to? Since you will be traveling from one place to another, it would be a hassle to bring heavy equipment. The great thing of having these mirrorless cameras is that it is a lighter and more compact device to use. You will never get wrong with its image resolution. Be ready to capture the best of your travels.

Sports Photography

With Sony a6000 vs. a6300, capturing the action in this field is made possible. Aside from the autofocus feature, these cameras have great sensor pixel area and 11fps in its continuous shooting capabilities. As a photographer in this field, taking timely and action-packed images is a must. With this camera, there will be no epic moves that will be missed out.

Camera Body Comparison

No one can ever hinder you from choosing your “perfect match” camera to begin with. That is why the decision for choosing the best will still be all up to you. Don’t forget that you will also be considering the type of photography that you are with. Make the right decision; choose wisely from Sony a6000 vs. a6300.

Let’s continue reading the succeeding paragraphs to guide us more in our journey towards finding the best camera.

Sony a6000 vs. a6300: which has the best built? From the very beginning, we have already discussed the built of these cameras. As we have mentioned, both of them are made with quality magnesium alloy. If you love nikon cameras, then you may like this Nikon D5600 vs Nikon D7200. This material is known for durability so we will be able to use it for a longer period. They also have the same 3” diagonal LCD screen size.

Both of these products have undeniable similarities with each other, but if we were to ask which has a better built, we would give it to Sony a6300. It is highly protected by the quality material that covers its entire built. This makes our camera “weather sealed” or weatherproof. On the other hand, a6000’s front section is the only part made with magnesium alloy. The Sony a6300 may look a bit rugged, but it is still the best camera.

Speaking of the camera built, let’s take a look at the following Sony a6000 vs. a6300 dimensions:

Sony a6000Width: 4.7”Height: 2.6”Depth: 1.8”Weight: 0.76 lbs.
Sony a6300Width: 6.2”Height: 5.7”Depth: 5.2”Weight: 1.75 lbs.

As you can, these two are indeed identical. However, the Sony a6000 is lighter compared to the other one. Although it is already a bit old model, many people are still eyeing to choose this product over the other. Well, a6300 is not that much heavy. It still worthy of being chosen and used in photography.

When it comes to the image sensor, the sensor resolution for previous a6000 was said to be jam-packed with advanced features and was “newly developed.” If there are any new improvements, well, few tweaks were made in some of its key features. The Sony a6300 has a new sensor that applied copper wiring into the camera’s structure. This sensor is said to upgrade the readout speed, and it increases the light collection efficiency. When it comes to their BIONZ X processor, a6000 can boosts up to ISO 25,600 while it a6300 can reach up to 51, 200 ISO sensitivity.

Both the Sony a6000 vs. a6300 has still the same E-mount lens system. This is beneficial for the autofocus and tracking system will still work. Sony maintains this feature so that even the lenses that work well with the older model like NEX w can still be used and will work flawlessly with the newer versions. The company also offers better A-mount lenses that can be used with its appropriate adaptor. If you were to use it with a6300, get ready to witness its upgraded functionality.

Why Consider the Sony a6000 Over the Sony a6300?

With the quick and continuous advancement of technology today, most of it got upgraded to improved more its service. Like the camera, tested by the years from manual to now digital there have been many have been undergone. It started with making to upgrading it and after making another one which could be better than the first. But not all upgrades are good; there are also old ones that are more usable than the new ones.

It is the same as Sony a6000; maybe you will ask it is an old model but why should you buy it? Well, let take a little history of this camera. Sony a6000 has first announced in the year 2014 a mirrorless type of camera which it as a small body than the DSLR but had its sensor size and other features of an advance photosystem camera. Experts, experienced users, and fanatics like the excellent service of the Sony a6000.

The world fastest in autofocus was the introduction of the Sony a6000. Which it proves its title as per it lag of 0.06 second with 11 fps, it continuous to shoot by a tracking AF. The same as what I have said earlier, Sony a6000 has been updated in the year 2016, two years after it was introduced. There have been newly added features and new created name for Sony a6000 like the Sony a6300.

But before going to the details of its new version, Sony a6000 was still manufactured and still out of the market. The popularity of Sony a6000 since 2016 is a big bang which it was stated that it is the bestselling mirrorless camera for its price and is the mirrorless camera, which is best-selling of all time.

Sony a6000 is considered as the almost limitless camera which it can adapt the lens easily from the other mounts. Which its lens mount today is the Sony E lens that has over 102 native lenses existing. The Sony company still continue to add a new lens like the FE and E to make it more excellent. For its sensor and photograph features, it can a shoot with a maximum resolution by 6000 x400o pixels, the aspect ratio of 3:2 and 16:9, respectively. It has an ISO native range of 100 to 25600, and that can be boosted up to 51200 to be saved into a RAW format. The Sony a6000 has Bionz X processor and 24 mega pixel-sized CMOS sensor.

Sony a6000 also has an additional feature that makes it more very excellent to use such as viewfinder that provides a 100% real of what you see in the area to be shoot matches exactly how it is. It has an LCD screen that has 922K dots resolution to give a high-class standard. It has Max Shutter speed for a faster and continuous shot of 11fps and a flash that is built-in to make it clear and visible even in the dim light.

Overall, even though there have been many upgrades and a new invent the mirrorless camera available today, Sony a6000 will still be the best for its excellent feature that you will surely not regret to purchase. Also, there have been new camera models, that is why Sony a6000 becomes cheaper, but its quality is still there. So why not buy it? T is fairly worth the money to purchase.

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Why Consider the Sony a6300 Over the Sony a6000?

As promised, we will also tackle about the Sony a6300which is the upgrade version of the Sony a6000. It is a mirrorless digital camera that was introduced in the year 2016, two years after the existence of Sony a6000. It also has a 24-megapixel Exmor RS sensor that has 425 phase detection and autofocus points. Powered by Bionz X or image processor by the Sony, its ISO range to 51200 and it can shoot up to 11fps with an exposure tracking and continuous autofocus. It is also mounted with E lens, a full frame of FE and E that are a6300 compatible.

The on the advantage of Sony a6300 is its battery life which it can have 400 captures than its previous with a battery life up to 360 takes only. It has a 4k UHD video which gives a good quality video. In terms of the camera’s built, the Sony a6300 has the better and sterner built. It is composed of a material which is more rugged, rigid, and lightweight one for a camera. Other features of Sony a6300 are the same as its predecessor; however, it more a little much better as claimed.

As for overall, Sony a6300 is the new and improved version of its predecessor.

Shared Weaknesses

In the battle between Sony a6000 vs. a6300, before we reach the verdict for the “ultimate” camera, let us know more if it has weaknesses to share. On the earlier part of this article, we have provided you with the shared features that they have. With those features, they are indeed undeniably similar products produced by one company. But, out of all those similarities, the Sony a6300 has added and newly improved functionality compared to its predecessor, the Sony a6000.

Sadly, these two products have since shared weaknesses. Let’s start with the battery life. The Sony a6000 is powered by NP-FW50 battery back. This means that you would need extra batteries prepared just in case you needed one for your long day shoot. Sony a6300 is also powered by the same battery pack, but it also has an only USB connection and does not include a USB power adapter as well as a battery charger. So, if you can just plug it in your computer to charge or if you far from your computer, you can just use its external battery.

With its battery power, Sony a6000 can give you 360 images when on a full charge and it will 400 images for Sony a6300. But given with that capacity of images, its battery life is still poor compared to the newer version. Although you can purchase several battery packs, it can still be annoying and hassle to be conscious of the battery life. It would be best if it has longer battery life, a battery charger or a USB type power adapter.

Next on the list of shared weaknesses of both Sony a6000 vs. a6300 is that it lacks the touchscreen technology. While most of today’s devices have touchscreen-enabled, there are still some, including these two digital cameras that still have the physical controls. This technology added a better user experience for these products. You can just simply tap on the screen to adjust the focus or the exposure – something that both of these products lack.

When it comes to Memory card placement, well, sad to say both of these cameras has a single slot for their SD card. For some, they don’t mind having a single slot, but for photographers who are always on the go, this is quite annoying. It would be such a hassle to discover that you already run out of storage memory at the start of your long shoot. To add, the card placement slot can be found in quite an inconvenient location – right at the bottom of the camera just next to the battery.

Another no-fun feature of both Sony a6000 vs. a6300 is its articulated screen they do have this smart screen, but its screen is a bit small and can only be tilted upward at 90 degrees – only upwards and not downward. It would be fun if they have a fully articulated screen, don’t you agree?

In terms of their viewfinder resolution, Sony a6000 has low-resolution viewfinder, enabling only a 1080 video shoot and not the famous 4k (no wonder this model is not good for stills photographers.) This where the a6300 has more power as this particular model can shoot 4K video with log modes. Although one of these cameras do have the 4K capability, both of them still lacks image stabilization.

When taking pictures, sadly, this camera didn’t have that silent shutter sound. So, you better expect to hear that shutter sound every time you take pictures. About the issue about overheating may depend on how long you actually use it. When we mean “overheating” it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get burnt. The camera will be a bit a warm which is normal since you are using it for an extended period.

What the Reviewers Say

Each of these cameras from Sony, the Sony a6000 vs. a6300, has provided both the professional and the beginner photographers to enhance their skills in photography. Both of these models had proven their popularity right when it was first released and up until now, along with the other models with advanced features. It didn’t fail any photographer to capture the quality image and video.

Venturing to a new journey in life can be a little bit scary. Just like if you are dreaming of becoming a professional photographer or just having photography as a new hobby, it can a little bit scary but if you have a tool that will help you get through it, you can simply make it. That is where you can count on Sony a6000. This digital mirrorless camera will make things easier for you. As a newcomer, there is always a stage where you feel nervous ad unsure of what you are doing. But to have a camera that is easy to use and understand, it truly makes everything easier.

Aside from having a user-friendly interface, this particular model has fast autofocus and impressive image quality. Although it has a few disadvantages, it shouldn’t be the basis to ruin the entire “first time” experience that you will be building with this camera.

The Sony a6300 is like the all-in-one product that no one will ever hesitate to purchase. It is rare to find a great camera with lots of great features at a very reasonable price. Some of its advantages are having and improved autofocus system and impressive video quality. This is the perfect camera for all those who are aspiring to become professional photographers as well as videographer.

This in-depth comparison of Sony a6000 vs. a6300 had shown us the upgrade as well as the same issues from each other. Similar to its predecessor, the Sony a6000, then Sony a6300 also has several drawbacks, but it still depends on the user. If you feel like you need a more advanced camera, then don’t stop searching the online world to find that one. But for those who wanted a quality product that offers an impressive feature for taking photos or video at a reasonable price, these products are the best choice.

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Which of them is the best choice?

Well, it would depend on the factors that you are looking for a camera. If you have limited funds right now, you go for the worthy, budget-friendly Sony a6000. But if you have the cash and willing to go further in your budget, we highly recommend the Sony a6300 camera. As we have said earlier, both of this camera has similar features and connection, but if it is about power, Sony a6300 is worthy of your choice. Whatever you may have in Sony a6000 vs. a6300, you will definitely get the best one at a great price!

The Verdict

In this Sony a6000 vs. a6300 comparison, we have discovered that both cameras have what it takes to impress the hobbyist and even the aspiring photographers. Since they have just two years gap, we can’t help but notice the similar features that both of them still carries. They are similar when it comes to sensor pixel area, continuous shooting, battery pack, and color depth. Both of them have autofocus that gives us quality images, but a6300 had a much-improved version.

Both Sony a6000 vs. a6300 has an IEM or Image Edge Mobile application which allows the user to control the camera. You can also transfer images and videos through this app to your smartphones. This makes it easier for those who wanted to upload their quality images to their social media accounts and for other uses.

The Sony a6000 is clearly the predecessor of a6300. Its features, built, and functions can still be traced back to its roots, the NEX-6 line. It may be of the older models of mirrorless cameras, but when it comes to price, Sony a6000 can be your best pick.

The Sony a6300, on the other hand, still carries similar features of its predecessor. However, it has improved features plus new features. Whether you are shooting stills or video as well, you can count on this camera. With an improved autofocus system and 4Kquality video, you will definitely have quality photos and videos, too!

Both of these cameras gain their respective popularity , made with high quality material and provides an impressive photo as well as videos. No wonder these are always on the best options when you are looking for a professional camera.

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