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Nikon D3300 vs D3400

Nikon continues to offer the most affordable DSLRs like d3300 and d3400 , and each of them has their strength and weaknesses. However, among these two cameras, which is the best for you?

In April 2014, Nikon launched the d3300 and followed by the Nikon 3400 in August 2016. As you noticed, the Nikon d3300 is 2-year older than the d3400. But, let’s see whether the age difference can make a great difference between the two.

Both Nikon d3300 vs. d3400 have 24.0MP APS-C sensors, but they are not equal based on our reviews conducted. Although they have the same entry-level cameras, still different distinctions attract various users.

In this comparison of Nikon d3300 vs. Nikon d3400 we have prepared for you, you will learn which camera has better video capabilities or whether they have some shared features. Besides, you will also discover the significant features of each along with the shared weaknesses.

Keep reading, and we help you decide between Nikon d3400 vs. d3300. We break down the camera comparisons to help you have a clearer view and determine which of the two will work best according to your requirements.

Head-to-Head Comparison of Nikon D3300 vs. Nikon D3400

Nikon D3300Nikon D3400
Best ForAdvanced DSLR beginnersExperienced hobbyist and DSLR beginners
Max Sensor Resolution24-megpixels24-megapixels
Sensor Pixel Area366.6mm2366.6mm2
Camera Weight15.2 oz15.7 oz (0.5 heavier)
Articulating ScreenNoneNone
Battery Life700 shots1200 shots (500 more frames)
Continuous Shooting5.0fps5.0fps
Timelapse RecordingNoNo
ISO Setting100 – 12800 ISO100 – 25600 ISO
ISO Boost100 – 25600 ISONo Enhancement
Color Depth24.324.8
Fill FlashBuilt-in FlashBuilt-in Flash
Storage MediumSDXC cardsSDXC cards
Nikon D3300 vs D3400

Nikon D3300 vs D3400 Shared Features

Let’s start this Nikon d3300 vs.d3400 comparison by diving into their shared features. As you can see from the comparison table, the two DSLR cameras have a built-in flash, making it more convenient for you when shooting. Thus, the internal flash is effective in just a pinch for filling the flash.

Both Nikon d3300 and d3400 share exactly the same height (3.9”) and width (4.9”), which means they have identically-sized bodies. The two cameras feature an APS-C sensor along with the format factor of 1.5. So, you can expect that there is a strong balance between portability and image quality. They also have a similar native ratio of 3:2.

Furthermore, both d3300 and d3400 have an optical viewfinder. The viewfinders of the two cameras deliver a similar field of view, which is (95%). Then, they also share the same magnification of (0.57x). Since they have both eye-level viewfinder, you have a chance to frame photos even though the sun is out or shines bright.

When it comes to the image data storage, both store their files to the SDXC cards and use UHS-I cards. This means that they provide UHS data transfer that is up to 104 MB/s.

In the Nikon d3400 vs. Nikon 3300 shooting specs, both have autofocus system of Phase-detect AF and continuous shooting of 5 shutter flaps/s. In terms of shutter life expectancy, both cameras have 100,000 actuation. The two DSLR cameras have a similar external flash of hotshoe that you can use to open new possibilities, as well as USB connector of USB 2.

An HDMI Out is provided to both cameras, where you can use it to review or monitor the video. Through Nikon 3300 and 3400’s bulb shutter, you can keep to manually open the shutter so that you can achieve long exposures.

Another shared feature between Nikon d3400 vs. Nikon d3300 is that they lack anti-alias filters. By removing this feature, the level of detail and sharpness increases. Due to similar sensor sizes, the two cameras provide the same control level over the field depth in case you want to use the same aperture and focal length.

When choosing an interchangeable lens camera, the number of available lenses is an important factor to consider. Nikon d330 and Nikond3400 have the same number of Nikon F lens, and there is a total of 302 native lenses for these cameras.

Types of Photography that Both Nikon D3300 and D3400 Can Do

Before ending up purchasing any of the two Nikon cameras, it is a good idea to know where the shared features can take you. Below is the list of photography that both cameras are good for:

Sports Photography

DSLR cameras must have an outstanding shutter speed when capturing fast-moving subjects. The d3300 has an 81% performance level while the d3400 has80% of capturing amazing images.

Portrait Photography

Both cameras can perform about a 69% shot, which you can rely on them when it comes to wedding, senior, or family photography.

Landscape Photography

The two cameras have 64% performance when used for taking various landscape photographies. You can use them if you want to capture mountains, farm fields, and other breathtaking landscapes.

Street Photography

If you are into documenting daily life activities, you can find both cameras with 61% function when it comes to capturing the street photos.

Daily Photography

The Nikon cameras are both ideals for taking high-quality daily images and HD videos. They have 64 percent function for everyday photography.

Camera Body Comparison

Keep in mind that both size and weight are important considerations when seeking for the particular camera the will match your needs. To help you decide, we give you the body comparison of Nikon 3300 vs. Nikon 3400 from the top, front, and back dimensions.

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As mentioned, the two cameras have the same height and width, making them have identical body size. Besides width and height, both cameras also have the same thickness. On the other hand, the Nikon 3400 is slightly heavier of 3% than the Nikon 3300.

For a better comparison, you can check the dimensions and weight of each camera below:

Nikon 3300Width: 4.9”Height: 3.9”Depth” 3.0”Weight: 15.2 oz
Nikon 3400Width: 4.9”Height: 3.9”Depth: 3.0”Weight: 15.7 oz

Meanwhile, another important factor that you need to consider when you are deciding on the camera that you desire to bring anywhere you want all the time. Although Nikon 3400 is heavier than the Nikon 3300 by 3% (0.5 oz), we do not think that this weight difference can make a significant difference since it is just few difference away.

Take note that the weight of the camera is not the sole deciding factor whenever you are comparing the bodies of two interchangeable cameras. This is where you also need to take consideration of the lenses, which you need to use with these bodies. Having similar APS-C sized sensor, the two cameras’ lenses aperture and focal length also have the same size and weight.

As for the weather sealing feature, either of Nikon 3400 and 3300 does not offer any of the weather sealing in the body. In other words, you need to exert extra care every time you are shooting outdoors. Then, if weather sealing is among your must-have features, you need to check for other DSLR cameras with this kind of feature.

When it comes to LSD screen size and features, both Nikon cameras share similar diagonal size of 3”. On the other hand, each of the two cameras has fixed screens, which means that they will not flip or tilt in directions.

It is also good to know that the two Nikon DSLR cameras come in varying colors. The d3300 camera has three colors like red, gray, and black, while the d3400 is available in two colors such as red and black. We advice you to Nikon D3400 Vs. D5300 , Nikon D7200 vs. Canon 80d

Why Consider the Nikon D3300 Over the Nikon D3400

Despite many shared features, the d3400 and d3300 still differ mainly on the compatibility of particular accessories. Over time, these differences will influence your decision, which of the two you will choose, depending on your photography needs.

In this section, we give you valuable reasons why you need to consider the Nikon d3300 over the d3400. We give you another finer detail comparisons to help acquire a reliable and excellent purchase in the future.

When it comes to the image quality, the d3300 has the ISO range of 100 to 12,800, and you can expand it up to 25,600 while the d3400 has an ISO range of 100 to 25,000, but you cannot expand it. If you mind the noise, the d3300 is a better choice for you since you should not go above the 12,800 ISO.

Then, the d3300 has a bit better flash range when compared to the d3400. Although the d3400 does not support newer lenses, still it is not a big advantage.

Even though the Nikon d3300 is an older model, it has a better advantage with regards to video recording task. Both DSLR cameras have the capability of recording Full HD video that is 1080/60p along with the monaural sound. On the other hand, the d3300 leads due to its microphone port, allowing you to record using an external microphone with a better sound quality.

Although recording a video through a built-in microphone can make the job done effectively, it becomes less desirable to most vloggers. That is because the microphone can be more inclined to in picking up the camera’s operational sounds itself. So, if audio quality matters to you, the d3400 will work better for you.

Another advantage of d3300 over the d3400 is that it has in-camera panoramas, where you can apply multiple shots into the panoramic photo. Since it has more effective ISO, making it possible for you to take photos even low light.

Why Consider the Nikon D3400 Over the Nikon D3300

The Nikon d3300 may have some advantages over the d3400, but it does not necessarily mean that the d3400 does not have. Here, you will learn why you can consider the d3400 over the d3300.

Both Nikon cameras have fixed three-inch monitors along with menu system and 921k-dot resolutions. However, the d3400 has added playback options.

When it comes to connectivity, the d3300 requires WU-1a wireless adapter since it does not have wireless connectivity, unlike the d3400 where you can have an instant SnapBridge compatibility. The SnapBridge is a feature that allows the camera connectivity via Bluetooth to any compatible smart device in transferring files or images.

Another advantage of d3400 over the d3300 is that it has a longer battery life with 1200 shots, where you can enjoy more photos. Since the camera is a newer model compared to the d330, it means that it can support more advanced features.

Furthermore, the d3440 has a bigger raw buffer. This feature allows you to obtain RAW shots in burst mode. If it is your first time to purchase a proper camera and you are a beginner in photography, the d3400 is a better choice that is due to the SnapBridge which can keep you stay more connected to the world.

The Nikon d3400 has more dynamic range, which means that you can capture broader ranges of dark and light details. It has more advanced technical progress than the d3300.

Shared Weaknesses

Keep in mind that all products come in advantages and drawbacks. After discussing the similar features of Nikon d3300 vs. d3400, it is now time to tackle the shared weaknesses of the two cameras.

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To start, let’s talk about the tilt-swivel screen. This feature helps you to achieve maximum shooting flexibility. Unfortunately, neither of the two does provide this feature. The two Nikon cameras also do not have a focus peaking, which means you will find it hard to highlight what the camera is focusing.

A camera with in-camera image stabilization will help you to reduce the effects of shaking at the slower shutter speeds. But, neither d3300 and d3400 does not have this kind of feature. The same way to touchscreen, the two cameras lack this feature. Meaning, it would be difficult for you to til the screen of the camera when you want to get shooting flexibility.

Meanwhile, it is also nice to know that these cameras have no built-in Wi-Fi so that you will not expect that you can share any photo wirelessly. An NFC feature allows you to simplify the pairing task to your camera with the supported phones, but this is another shared weakness of the two cameras.

If built-in GPS matters to you, any of the two DSLR cameras will not work for you. These cameras also lack in On-sensor phase detect that can help you improve the view AF performance and live view.

Through the top deck display, you will be able to check the settings more quickly. But, this is another drawback of the two cameras. You will not also find pentaprism viewfinder which can help you for much better picture fidelity as well as a feature for slow-motion videos.

The Nikon cameras do not allow you to use headphone jack that can help you to monitor the audio recording more effectively while you are shooting videos. These cameras are also limited when it comes to dual card slots.

Furthermore, the Nikon 3300 and 3400 also share weaknesses like they do not have an articulating screen, AE bracketing, AF micro-adjustment, and environmental sealing.

What the Reviewers Say

Each camera in the Nikon D3000 line like D3300 and D3400 has proven popularity, ease of use, advanced features, and competitive image quality.

The Nikon d3300 is considered to be one of the best Nikon DSLR cameras for beginners. It comes with a sleek, advanced design but can be easily understood by most first-time owners of DSLR cameras.

Both beginner and professional photographers might find the d3300 with few limitations. However, if you have a various collection of lenses, this camera will help you create outstanding photos in most styles.

If you are a nature lover, you need to have a telephoto zoom lens so that you can maximize the image quality. When you use the right lens with the d3300, you will acquire an amazing generalist camera. Since it has a stereo microphone port, you can use it to create great videography.

Through the intuitive menu of d3300 along with the advanced features, you can easily learn the basics in photography. Some of the drawbacks of the camera are that it does not have GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity.

But on the bright side, you can find this camera lightweight, reliable, and compact. You can pair the d3300 with AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6G VR II lens, and this combination offers comfortable fit in your hands.

The d3300 ranks well as well as acquires favorable support coming from the user feedback. Many photographers praise the dials and buttons that offer efficient and convenient operations. Using the guide mode, you will get the step-by-step help each time you need it as well as become creative with the built-in filters, image effects, and more.

Not only it takes great photos, but d3300 also offer 1080p full HD video along with the quality audio. This means that you can record ultra-sharp HD, smooth videos which you can playback using your HD TV or even upload to any video site. You can also apply a special effect to add more creativity and impact.

The Nikon d3400 is designed to those looking for DSLR camera that is lightweight and compact, which users can bring it everywhere they go. You will find the control of the camera very intuitive and comfortable. So, even you are a beginner in photography. You will quickly get comfortable shooting.

The bright optical viewfinder of the d3400 delivers a glare-free and sharp view of different subjects. Then, through the comfortable grips, you will get a precise handling, and you can focus on your shooting job. You can use the AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens so that you can achieve the quiet, smooth autofocusing. That way, only the sounds of particular video are recorded through the internal mic.

The beauty of Nikon cameras like the d3400 is that it offers one of the finest autofocus systems. Through its AF system, the subject can be easily acquired while providing a more precise focus. That is possible even when you are shooting on a high-speed mode or even during low-light situations. The SnapBride feature makes the camera and smart device work together where you can take a photo and then, transfer it automatically to any compatible smartphone or tablet.

The Verdict

In this Nikon d3300 vs. 3400 comparisons, you have discovered that both cameras have similar advantages like a built-in flash, optical viewfinder, maximum resolution of 24Mp, RAW support, external flash shoe, and an LCD screen resolution of 921k-dots. However, these cameras also have common disadvantages, such as the articulating screen, AE bracketing, environmental sealing, AF micro-adjustment, and image stabilization.

Both cameras are almost identical, including their width, height, and thickness, except for the weight since the d3400 is heavier by 3%. These cameras carries the same 24-megapixel cropped sensor and execute continuous shooting at 5.0fps, provide an 11-point autofocus system, as well as use a unique engine known as Expeed 4 Processing.

If you prefer a camera that offers better video and audio quality, the d3300 is the right camera for you. But, if you are into better connectivity via Bluetooth and can be controlled using your smartphone, the d3400 works best for you. Besides, it delivers a better color depth, which will help you leverage the quality of your images. Keep in mind that your choice will depend on your personal preference and needs, so you need to determine what these are before settling to a particular camera.

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