Goldie for iPhone
Goldie for iPhone $13.00 USD $11.00 USD
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Nibbles for iPad
Nibbles for iPad $13.00 USD
from $9.99 USD
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Snap CableKeep for earbuds & EarPods
Snap CableKeep for earbuds & EarPods $5.99 USD
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Cloud 9 Charging Dock
Cloud 9 Charging Dock $19.99 USD $9.99 USD
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Welcome to Nice!  The home of delightful utility for your Apple accessories.


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Are you still Open?
November 02, 2020
Of course we're still Open, and ready for the Holidays!  Get your orders in early to beat the rush.
Thumbs up from Matthias! (YouTube gadget reviewer)
November 27, 2017

Jump to 16:17 for a quick review of Goldie CableKeep!  Thanks Matthias for the "Tasteful" stamp of approval.

HomeEdit features Goldie . . .
September 14, 2017

"All the gadgets and electronics we use these days can definitely simplify our lives but all the cords and cables that come with them don’t really do much to help with that. This raises a problem for which, as always,...

Our next Kickstarter is coming . . . .
September 23, 2016

Last time I did a Kickstarter video I think it took me two weeks. This latest one is going fast, just two days.  Thanks Tim Parker for the awesome photography you did! I love this shot. Cloud 9 is launching...