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Best Disposable Cameras

It is natural that you always want to capture beautiful moments in your daily experiences. Thus,…

Feb 19, 202323 min read

Best Low Light Cameras

When it comes to the talk about versatility, having a low light camera will always make…

Jan 12, 202331 min read

Instax Mini 8 vs 9

It’s no surprise, that one of the best things that the Fujifilm Instax series offer is…

Feb 10, 202315 min read

All Abbreviations of Nikon Lens Explained

The naming convention for Nikon lenses can sometimes be quite confusing. Nikon uses letters and abbreviations to distinguish…

Jan 20, 20237 min read

Best Prosumer Video Camera

In the event that you are vigilant for an astonishing camcorder that allows record long and…

Feb 8, 202337 min read

Canon VIXIA HF R800 Portable Video Camera Review

The Canon Vixia HF R800 is an excellent starter camera if you are new to live to stream…

Jan 25, 202316 min read
Photomatix Pro Alternative

What Are the Best Photomatix Pro Alternatives?

Feb 22, 202311 min read

Before this sudden rise in the people’s love for HDR photography, one of the only dedicated HDR photo editors that existed was Photomatix Pro. Photomatix, for this reason, still has a very loyal following of professionals who love…

Create Stunning HDR with Photoshop Elements

Create Stunning HDR with Photoshop Elements

Feb 20, 20235 min read

In recent years, the spread of digital photography made the creation of HDR-images popular (maybe even too popular). Let us talk about how to obtain such images in the amateur version of Photoshop called Photoshop Elements. But first,…

What Are the Best Hdr Plugins for Adobe Photoshop

What Are the Best Hdr Plugins for Adobe Photoshop?

Feb 20, 20234 min read

Finding the correct HDR plugin can change your photo editing experience for the better in unimaginable ways. It can add useful features in your current software and help you broaden your photography skills. HDR photography is a great…

Which Photo Editing Software is Best for Beginners

Which Photo Editing Software is Best for Beginners?

Feb 18, 202313 min read

The first thing you learn at the beginning of your photography career is that Photoshop is not the only photo editor out there. Every photographer has a tool or a combination of different tools that they use on…

HDR Projects 7 Review

HDR Projects 7 Review

Feb 18, 20238 min read

HDR Projects 7 is a great program with much more creative freedom than other HDR software like Oloneo HDRengine and Photomatix Pro. It offers both automatic HDR processing and advanced RAW editing. Moreover, it has an excellent array…