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Nikon D500 vs D750

Choosing a DSLR camera is a personal decision that is why you need to spend enough time to compare the brands, models, key features, pros, and cons, and the list goes on. By looking closely at the different comparison categories, you will find a camera that can meet your unique requirements, no matter your photography needs or budget is.

As you tell people that you are planning to purchase a Nikon DSLR, they might ask why you have not just moved to the mirrorless system. Well, apart from having a full F-mount lens set, there are more genuine reasons why you should love Nikon DSLRs.

The Nikon d500 and d750 are two of the top Nikon DSLR options on the market today. Both cameras are high-end and equipped with decent features. It’s no surprise why you are undecided between the two cameras. But, don’t stress yourself, this nikon d500 vs d750 comparison guide will help remove all your confusions.

In this nikon d500 vs. nikon d750 comparison guide, we will be comparing the two cameras, which are Semi-DSLR cameras produced by Nikon. In January 2016, Nikon d500 was launched, while Nikon 750 was introduced to the market in September 2014. You may notice that the d750 is two years older than the nikon d500. However, we will see if age difference will make a big difference.

Well, you can expect that this is going to be a close match because the two camera models were ranked among the best semi-pro DSLR cameras available in the market, from nikon 750 vs d500 image quality to nikon d500 vs d750 low light. What’s more, you will discover the shared features and weaknesses of these cameras. You will also know why you should consider d500 over d750 or choose d750 over d500. Keep reading to get more deciding ideas.

The format of this nikon d500 vs d750 was kept informative and simply so that both experienced and newbie photographers can get a better understanding of the given comparisons. Take note that this comparison was created to help you pick the right Nikon DSLR camera for you and not to display which camera is better in terms of photography as a whole.

Nikon D500 vs D750

Head-to-Head Comparison of Nikon d500 vs Nikon d750

Nikon d500Nikon d750
PriceSee Price On AmazonSee Price On Amazon
Best forAspiring professionalsBudding amateurs
Megapixels20.9 MP24MP
Sensor SizeAPS-C (15.7 x (35.9 x 24mm)
Maximum ISO163840051200
LCD Size3.2 inches3.2 inches
LCD Dots2,359,0001,229,000
Viewfinder TypeOpticalOptical
Video Resolution720p, 1080p, 4K720p, 1080p
Number of Focus Points15351
Number of Cross Type Focus Points9915
Maximum Mechanical Shutter1/8000s1/4000s
Continuous Shooting10.0fps6.5fps
NFC ConnectionYesNo
Battery Life1240 shots1230 shots
Autofocus at f/8 aperture15 point11 point
Built-In FlashNoYes
Color Depth24.124.8
Low Light ISO13242956
Dynamic Range14.014.5
Sensor Pixel Area17.85µm235.66µm2

Nikon d500 vs d750 Shared Features

The Nikon d500 is compact and light backup who is interested in using DSLR camera for wildlife and action photography. As for the Nikon 750, this is what you might like to consider if you are interested in full-frame DSLR.

In this section, we will be discussing the significant similarities that nikon d500 and d750 share. Discovering the features that the two cameras have in common can be a huge part of your decision-making stage.

So, let’s start!

The number of available lenses is one of the factors you need to consider before buying a camera with an interchangeable lens. The two Nikon DSLR cameras have 304 available lenses. However, we recommend that you need to be careful in choosing particular lens. That is because the d750 is equipped with full frame sensor where only 223 can cover the d750 full frame sensor.

When it comes to the imaging sensor, the size is an essential deciding factor of image quality. If a camera has a large sensor, it means that larger individual pixels are present. These characteristics will lead to richer color-depth, wider dynamic range and improved low-light sensitivity that cameras with smaller pixels. However, cameras with larger sensors are known to be more expensive as well as heavier and bigger.

Of the two Nikon DSLR cameras under considering, the Nikon d750 has a full frame sensor, and Nikon d500 is equipped with an APS-C sensor. This translates that the d750 is 134% bigger, so the format factor will be 1.0 and 1.5 respectively. But, on similar aspects, the two cameras share the same aspect ratio of 3:2.

Meanwhile, the Nikon d500 and d750 are also similar in terms of having an optical viewfinder. The viewfinder of the two cameras delivers the same 100% field of view. But, the viewfinder of d750 is designed to get a clear image when framing under brightly lit conditions.

Both cameras have a built-in intervalometer. This feature allows you to capture different time lapse sequences like the sunset, moonrise, or flower blooming. So, there is no need for you to purchase any related software or even an external camera trigger. The two cameras also have dual card slots, which are essential in case the camera’s memory card fails.

In terms of imaging applications, the level to which the DSLR camera can communicate with different environments is another essential aspect during the buying decision process. Both the Nikon d500 and d750 are equipped with a PC Sync terminal, which is intended for controlling the professional strobe lights. This connectivity feature is an advantage for you if you are a studio photographer.

Apart from the above-shared features of the two cameras, there are more similar things about them. Both cameras have tiltable screen, which gives you a flexible shooting since you can adjust it according to your desired angle or position. The cameras also have built-in Wi-Fi to help you share photos more quickly and wirelessly. You may also like Nikon Z7 vs. Nikon D850.

The Nikon d750 and d500 are built with top deck display. This similarity translates that you can easily check the settings through a screen on top of each model. To achieve better sound fidelity while you are shooting videos, the two cameras come with an external mic jack. For monitoring your audio recording when shooting videos, the cameras also come with a headphone jack.

Nikon made it possible to allow the two cameras to produce better viewfinder picture fidelity, thanks to their pentaprism viewfinders. Both cameras also have HDMI output to help you review or monitor your videos.

Types of Photography that Both Nikon d500 and Nikon d750 Can Do

There are different types of photography to choose from, and for sure, you have your own field of interest. So, before having a final decision of purchasing any of the two cameras models, consider discovering where the similarities of Nikon d500 and d750 can take you further.

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Below is a list of photography types that both Nikon d500 and Nikon d750 are good for:

Portrait Photography

The Nikon d750 and d500 perform great in terms of portrait photography, and there is no big difference between the images they produce. The two cameras have all the necessary features for this type of photography. In taking portrait photos, the sensor size is among the essential factors.

The d750 has a large full frame of 35.9 x 24 mm sensor, while the d500 has an APS-C of 23.5 x 15.7 mm. Then, d500 has a performance of 58%, while the d750 got a performance level of 68%.

Street Photography

Another category that tied between d500 and d750 is street photography. Both of them have all the features necessary for street photography. The Nikon d500 62% function for this photography, while the d750 scored 69%, which is a very close score.

Sports Photography

This is the type of photography where the two cameras do great because it requires a very rapid continuous shooting. That is to catch the real action. Both cameras have some outstanding specs you can expect from a camera used for sports photography. The d500 has an excellent performance of 93%, and the d750 has a performance score of 92%, which means that these cameras are ideal for this kind of photography.

Daily Photography

The two DSLR cameras offer a pretty average performance in taking daily photographs. However, you may find these cameras a bit heavy with the large body carrying around all day. But, overall, the cameras deliver good daily photography performance. The d500 got a 65% function, while the d750 offered a performance level of 79%.

Landscape Photography

When it comes to landscape photography, both cameras have all the necessary features, from live view to environmental sealing. The Nikon d500 has a 45% function, and the Nikon d750 has a performance level of 52%.

Nikon d500 vs Nikon d750 Camera Body Comparison

With Nikon d500, you can use smaller lenses like DX and known to be lighter to carry around cheaper. This is where you can also use FX lenses. Then, d750 is also preferred by many photographers due to its larger sensor is which will result in higher ISO sensitivities. As for the depth of field, it is shallower giving the photos more attractive background blur and more spatial depth.

To help you get more familiar with the two cameras, below is the comparison table of Nikon d500’s and d750’s dimensions and weight.

Nikon d500Width: 147 mmHeight: 115 mmDepth: 81 mmWeight: 860 g
Nikon d750Width: 141 mmHeight: 113 mmDepth: 78 mmWeight: 840 6

Based on the comparison table above, you can notice that both cameras are pretty large. However, the Nikon d750 with a dimension of 141 x 113 x 78 mm is a little bit smaller than d500 with a dimension of 147 x 115 x 81 mm.

In the front area of the DSLR cameras (width x height), the d750 is obviously smaller than the d500, which is 6%. Additionally, the d750 is 13% lighter than the d500. It is also worth noting that the two cameras have resistance to dust and water; you can use them even under harsh environments. As for the LCD screen size, both camera screens have a similar diagonal size of 3.2 inches.

Although weight and size are some of the deciding factors when buying a camera, especially is you will use it during your travel adventures or you need to carry it all day, you do not need to settle on these differences. Even d750 is a little smaller and 20g lighter than d500. You still need to consider other factors.

Take note that when comparing the interchangeable camera bodies, you also need to consider the type of lenses you will be using with the camera bodies. Because d750 is a camera with a full frame sensor and d500 has an APS-C sensor that is smaller, the lenses of the d500 for the same aperture and focal length ten to be smaller and lighter when compared to the d750’s lenses.

Both cameras are also designed with a microphone port. This camera body feature is an advantage when you are shooting a video in a way that it can reduce any autofocus motor noise.

Why Consider the Nikon d500 Over the Nikon d750

Yes, both Nikon d500 and d750 might have significant similarities, but it does not necessarily mean that they were designed and built equally. In this section, you will learn essential reasons why you should choose the Nikon d500 over the d750.

The Nikon d500 comes with a 21MP APS-C sensor, which can take a maximum of 10 shots per second. It is also designed with an AF system and is notable for its high performance in high-speed shooting and sports photography.

If you are planning to shoot photos in very dark or very light environments, then you need to take the ISO range of the camera as among the deciding factor. ISO refers to the measurement of light sensitivity. The higher the ISO a camera has, the higher the light sensitivity it would be, and vice versa. Also read Nikon D5600 vs D7200.

With a maximum ISO of 51200, the d500 outperformed the d750. Although the d750 has an ISO of 12800, which is already all right, the advantage goes to d500. Another win for d500 over d750 is the white balance presets. The d500 has a total of 21 white presets, while the d750 has 20 white balance presets.

For you to easily track subjects even, they keep moving from point to point, most cameras were built with autofocus systems. To this system work effectively, a range of autofocus points is necessary, which will also help you select a certain subject. In fact, higher AF points a camera has, the easier you can use the autofocus system of the camera.

In such a case, the AF points are where the d500 has a great edge over the d750. That is because it has a total of 153 AF points, while the d750 has only 51 AF points.

As mentioned, both cameras have an identical screen size of 3.2 inches. On the other hand, there is a little difference between the two. The Nikon 750 has a 1229k dots lower resolution compared to the d500’s 2359k. Nikon d500 gets the advantage once again.

Having a continuous shooting feature is very essential, especially if you are into sports or landscape photography. Both the Nikon d500 and 750 have a great continuous shooting performance, but the former is a bit faster. Nikon d750 may have a fairy fast continuous shooting of 6.5 shots per second, but the d500’s 10 shots per second are much better in this area.

In the battery life category, the advantage goes to d500 since it has a total of 1240 shots, while d750 can only make 1230 shots. As for the shutter speed, the d500 has a shutter speed of 1/8000, and the d750 has 1/4000 shutter speed.

The Nikon d500 is known to use an improved image processing image engine of EXPEED 5, while d750 uses EXPEED 4 image-processing engine. This chip-set technology is necessary for color accuracy, noise reduction, and processing speed.

Most cameras today are not designed and built to take still images, but also capable of capturing quality videos. The two cameras are both equipped with sensors having a high read-out speed necessary for shooting moving images. On the other side, the Nikon d500 delivers a higher video resolution when compared to d750. The d500 is capable of shooting video footage at 4K/30p, but the Nikon d750 is only capable of shooting at 1080p/60p.

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Another differentiating feature between nikon d500 vs d750 is the rear screen’s touch sensitivity. The d750 is designed with a conventional panel, while the d500 has a touchscreen. When you are setting the camera’s focus point, the touch control feature is very helpful.

Overall, the advantages of Nikon d500 over the d750 include better video performance, more detailed LCD, faster burst and shutter, easier data transfer and device pairing, and better JPGs. You mayy also like to checkout photo stick mobile.

Why Consider the Nikon d750 Over the Nikon d500

According to people who are using Nikon d750, it is a mix of d810 and d610. This camera is the first DSLR camera by Nikon that features the latest 51-point multi-CAM 3500 FX II AF. Besides, it is also the first camera to have a tilting screen that has resistance to harsh environments. This feature is necessary when you are capturing difficult angles.

In this section, it’s now time to unveil why it is now better for you to choose the Nikon d750 over the d500.

The bigger the sensor a camera has, the better, especially if you are after high quality footage. Other than that, you also need to pay attention to the megapixel rating of the camera. These pixels will significantly impact the image’s detail build-up and the number of pixels available, the better.

Since the Nikon d750 has a slightly larger sensor, this translates that it outperformed the d500 in this area. This also means that d750 can provide better low-light sensitivity, richer color-depth, and wider dynamic range.

As for the image resolution, the d750 has a higher resolution of 24.2MP than the d500 with only 20.7MP. Besides, the 750 has larger individual pixels of 5.97µm versus d500’s 4.22µm due to its larger sensor. Then, the image resolution advantage of d750 simply means that you can experience better flexibility when cropping the images, or you plan to print them in larger sizes.

The d750’s maximum print size for good quality is 30.1 x 20.1 inches, for very good quality is 24.1 x 16.1 inches, and for excellent quality is 20.1 x 13.4 inches. As for the corresponding value for the d500, the good quality is 27.8 x 18.6 inches, the very good quality is 22.3 x 14.8 inches, and the excellent quality is 18.6 x 12.4 inches. You may also like Nikon D3300 vs D3400 Detailed Comparison.

By using the DXO Mark rating, the overall sensor rating can be determined along with the sub-scores for color depth (DXO portrait), dynamic range (DXO landscape), and low-light sensitivity (DXO sports). Comparing the two cameras, the d750 has 10 points higher DXO score than the d500 resulting in better image quality. This DXO Mark rating advantage is according to 1.2 stops (additional low-light sensitivity), 0.5 EV (additional dynamic range), and 0.8 bits (higher color depth).

Even though both cameras are designed with optical viewfinder and 100% field of view, the d750 is considered to have a higher magnification of 0.70x than the d500 with 0.67x. With this magnification advantage, you can expect that the size of the images being transmitted will appear closer to the size seen by your naked eye.

Having a built-in flash is also an advantage, and the Nikon d750 gives you this advantage. This feature is very useful in a pinch for filling flash. What’s more, the d750 also has an anti-aliasing filter, which is a feature that helps in reducing any unsightly moiré in images.

Overall, the reasons why it is better for you to favor the d750 over the d500 include having more pixels that can boost linear resolution by 8% and easier fill-in since it has an integrated flash in brightening the shadows of background subjects. This camera has better low-light sensitivity since it can shoot even under dim conditions, larger viewfinder image with 0.70x magnification, and better image quality due to 10 points higher DXO overall score, and is capable of avoiding artificial patterns in the photos, thanks to its anti-alias filter. Lastly, the camera is easier to carry due to the lower weight.

Nikon d500 and Nikon d750 Shared Weaknesses

The Nikon d500 takes pride in its autofocus system along with its compact body, making it interested for photography enthusiasts and professionals alike. Then, the d750 offers a pro-level performance and is high-end full frame DSLR.

However, you need to keep in mind that not all cameras are designed and built perfectly. Cameras have also flaws, and there are some features that are effective to other users, while you may find unnecessary. For such reason, it is also necessary for you to learn the shared weaknesses of nikon d500 vs nikon d750.

Although there are only few of them, determining the common weaknesses of the two cameras will help you have a better buying decision.

One of the weaknesses that Nikon d500 and d750 share are that they lack in in-camera image stabilization. This feature helps in reducing the camera shake effects at slower shutter speeds. Not only that, the cameras also lack in focus peaking. With this feature, it’s a lot easier for the camera to highlight what is in focus.

Additionally, the d500 and d750 have no in-camera panoramas. If your camera has a panorama feature, it can stitch different shots into panoramic images. Built-in GPS is another missing feature on the two cameras, which helps in geotagging your photos.

There are times that you might like to have slow-motion videos for more creative results. When you choose any of the two cameras, one of the downsides would have a lack of slow-motion video capabilities. What’s more, they both have no On-sensor phase detect which is effective in improving the video AF performance or live view.

What the Reviewers Say

If you think all the necessary information has already presented, then the following online reviews by people who have already tried using the two cameras will help you further.

Reviewer’s Take on the Nikon d500

According to online reviewers, the d500 is really aimed at wildlife and sports photography. It comes with an AF Fine-tune feature that is quick and easy to use. The latest tilt screen is tough and rigid, while the 1080 video recording combined with Electronic VR worked pretty decently, and the 4K video is very detailed.

With an AF system, Huge Buffer, and 10fps, the d500 is built to deliver excellent photo shooting performance. Then, the articulating display, along with easy ISO capability is another plus.

When it comes to playback of images, everything seems so easy and fast. You can take up to a burst of a 100 and playback them as if you are watching a movie.

Reviewer’s Take on the Nikon d750

The Nikon D750 has superior ability in tracking any moving object even under low-light or well-lit conditions. You can shoot a lot of wildlife like flying birds, which not an easy subject to capture.

In terms of image quality, the d750 really offers great results. So, it’s no surprise that the auto white balance will work well, too. The highlight-weight metering is another interesting feature of this camera since it helps in preserving the whites.

Regardless of the available light, the d750 focuses very fast. As for the high ISO, the images look great, most notably when you process it through the lightroom. The d750 is among the enjoyable and awesome cameras on the market. Both image quality and AF performance are professional-grade, and any hobbyist, enthusiast, or even professionals will find it a must-have DSLR.

The Verdict

Choosing between Nikon d500 and d750 can be really a difficult decision since they are both high-end cameras. Based on the nikon d500 vs d750 comparison guide, there are some advantages that made d750 outperform the d500, and vice versa. In the end, your decision will be based on what features or characteristics you are really looking for a camera. We hope that with the above information, you can have a better decision now. So, choose your camera now and do what you really love.

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