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Nikon d5500 vs Canon t6i

It is a fact that photography is already a big part of people’s lifestyles. If you are one of these aspiring photographers, this Nikon d5500 vs Canon t6i review is for you. A good camera is essential to make the best of your photography habit. Well, are you still confused, which is the right one for you between these 2 DSLR cameras? Don’t worry because we will help you decide.

The Nikon d5500 was released way back in February 2015, whereas the Canon t6i was revealed in January 2015. Both these cameras come with 24.0 MP APS-C sensors. The 2 cameras have their shared features and shared weaknesses. With that, you can quickly determine which one is the best for your individual needs. If you desire to have a camera that can offer you with great image quality, both the Nikon d5500 and Canon t6i can be the best option.

The Nikon d5500 comes with Nikon F mount while the Canon t6i has an EF/EF-S mount. Both cameras are perfect for your photography as well as videography needs. Meanwhile, these cameras have specific features that make them stand out. So, it depends on you which one you think can meet your standards and requirements. Are you excited to know the specifications and amazing features of the Canon t6i and Nikon d5500? Then, read further to learn about what these cameras can offer to you.

Head-to-Head Comparison of Nikon d5500 vs. Canon t6i

Nikon d5500Canon t6i
Best ForAdvanced DSLR beginnersExperienced hobbyist and DSLR beginners
Max Sensor Resolution24-megapixels24-megapixels
Sensor Pixel Area15.28µm213.84µm2
Camera Weight420 g555 g
Articulating ScreenYesYes
Battery Life820 shots440 shots
Wi-Fi SupportYesYes
Time-lapse RecordingYesNo
ISO Setting100 – 25600 ISO100 – 12800 ISO
ISO Boost100 – 25600 ISO12800 ISO
Color Depth24.122.7
Fill FlashBuilt-in FlashBuilt-in Flash
Storage MediumUHS-I cardsUHS-I cards
Smartphone Remote ControlYesYes
Face Detection FocusYesYes
LCD Screen Size3.2”3”
Selfie Friendly LCDYesYes
Microphone PortYesYes
Image StabilizationNoNo
Dynamic Range14.012.0
Number of Focus Points3919
Low Light ISO1438919
Continuous Shooting5.0 fps5.0 fps
Video Resolution1920 x 10801920 x 1080
External Flash ShoeYesYes
RAW SupportYesYes
AE BracketingYesYes
Lens MountNikon FCanon EF-S
Aspect Ratio3:23:2
Image File FormatRAW, JPEGRAW, JPEG
Bit Depth14-Bit14-Bit
Metering Range0 to 20 EV1 to 20 EV
Focus TypeAuto and Manual FocusAuto and Manual Focus
Nikon d5500 vs. Canon t6i

Nikon d5500 vs. Canon t6i Shared Features

Let us now start the comparison of Canon t6i vs Nikon d5500 by discussing their shared features. As you can see in the table, the Canon t6i and Nikon d5500 both have a wireless and Wi-Fi connection, so you can easily and quickly share your photos wirelessly. These camera models also have an articulating screen for more flexibility in different shooting positions. They have a built-in flash, so you can take great quality photos even on low light conditions. These DSLR cameras both feature a touchscreen for easy navigation. With the help of more innovative technology, you can now have an easy handheld shooting while using the Nikon d5500 and Canon t6i.

In addition, they have an optical viewfinder to improving control and framing and external flash shoe for more comfortable flash photography. They also come with Face Detection Focus and RAW Support. The cameras both come with a max resolution of 24 MP. Another shared feature of the Nikon d5500 and Canon t6i is their microphone port, which can bring you with great audio quality if you are recording a video. They also feature AE Bracketing and HDMI output for reviewing or monitoring a video. They have UHS-I support for UHS memory cards and smartphone remote control. They come with a selfie-friendly LCD, which is perfect for photography lovers.  Both cameras also have 14-Bit depth and CMOS sensor type.

If you love videography, the 2 cameras have 1920 x 1080 video resolution that allows you to shoot your subject in a smooth and efficient manner. Another similarity of the Nikon d5500 and Canon t6i is that they have a tilt-swivel screen that can provide you with excellent shooting flexibility. With this, you can produce crisp and still photos and videos that you always desire. They both have an eye-level viewfinder, so you can frame the photos even in complicated situations such as shooting under the hot sun. These cameras also have JPEG and RAW image file format. You may also like Canon 80d vs. Nikon d7500.

The Nikon d5500 and Canon t6i both have a bulb shutter, so you can hold the shutter manually for long exposures. With their shared features, it may difficult for you to choose between the two. So, you must choose according to your individual needs. Both the Nikon d5500 and Canon t6i are loaded with amazing features that can offer you with great photography and videography. Purchasing these cameras can ensure that the money you invest for it can give you a satisfying return for your needs. To know more about these 2 camera models, continue reading.

Types of Photography that Both Nikon d5500 and Canon t6i Can Do

Before buying any of the 2 DSLR cameras, it is an advantage to learn what they can offer you. For sure, you always want to get a camera where you can enjoy different types of photography. Fortunately, the Canon t6i and Nikon d5500 can help you with this. The following is a reliable list of the types of photography that these cameras are good for:

Portrait Photography

The Canon t6i and Nikon d5500 have an excellent high-resolution sensor of 24.0 MP, so you can make these cameras as your great partners for portrait photography. It comes with good handling and ergonomics, so you can easily take photos for your portrait photography. You can use it for wedding photography and family photography. If you are fond of portrait photography, these cameras are the best options. Do you want to capture the best moments of the wedding celebration of your loved ones? Then, using one of the 2 camera models is a wise decision.

Street Photography

Do you want to document the daily lifestyle of the people? Are you fond of capturing the culture and tradition of some people in the street? Well, the Nikon d5500 and Canon t5i can help you with street photography. With their optical built-in viewfinder, you can capture still and stunning street photos. You can catch the street dancing and other fascinating activities in the street. You can be impressed with the Nikon d5500 vs Canon t6i image quality. The cameras come with face-detection focusing and fully articulated LCD screen, so you can capture your subject in the best angle. You don’t have to doubt in purchasing one of these cameras because it comes with excellent image resolution that allows you to capture street photos and recording videos.

Landscape Photography

The Nikon d5500 and Canon t6i both have an average capacity for landscape photography. With its high resolution 24.0 MP sensor, you can still produce still landscape photos. If you are a nature lover, you can use these cameras to take a shot of the farm, mountains, and other beautiful landscapes. With their great sensor, you can take beautiful sceneries during your travel or adventure. If you want more fun and excitement, these cameras can be your efficient travel companion. You may also like Nikon D500 vs D750.

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Daily Photography

It cannot be denied that most people want to share their daily experiences with their loved ones or to the world. The Nikon d5500 is good for daily photography because of its large APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm) sensor. On the other hand, Canon t6i has an average performance for daily photography. Both cameras are ideal for daily photography. With this, you are free to record or capture your memorable and exciting moments in your daily lifestyle.

Sports Photography

Both the Canon t6i and Nikon d5500 can offer you excellent performance when it comes to sports photography. If you are a sports lover who wants to capture the live action of your favorite sports or athlete, the Nikon d5500 and Canon t6i can help you. They have a fast-max shutter speed of 1/ 4000s and optical built-in viewfinder. The Nikon d5500 comes with 9 cross-type focus sensors while the Canon t6i has 19 cross-type focus sensors. The cameras also have wireless connections. If you love sports, these cameras will back you up.

Camera Body Comparison

You must remember that the weight and size of the camera are important factors when purchasing a camera, you can use for your photography needs. You must have a durable and lightweight camera that enables you to capture in a more convenient manner. To help you with this, we will provide you with the body comparison of Nikon d5500 and Canon t6i from its different dimensions.

These cameras differ in many aspects, including their body specifications. The Canon t6i weighs 555 g, which is heavier compared to 420 g weight of the Nikon d5500. For clearer comparison, you can see the weight and dimensions of each camera below:

Nikon d5500Width: 124 mmHeight: 97 mmDepth: 70 mmWeight: 420 g
Canon t6iWidth: 132 mmHeight: 101 mmDepth: 78 mmWeight: 555 g

The Nikon d5500 is smaller than the Canon t6i. So, if you want a more durable camera, you can prefer this model. It is lighter than the Canon t6i. However, the size is not always the basis for choosing a camera for your photography passion. The Nikon d5500 is shorter than the Canon t6i about 4 mm. It is 8 mm narrower and 8 mm thinner than the Canon t6i.

You must also remember that the Canon rebel t6i or the EOS 750D/ Kiss X8i and Nikon d5500 come with weather sealing on its body, so you must be careful when shooting outdoors. Moreover, the Canon t6i has a smaller LCD screen size of 3” than the 3.2” LCD screen of the Nikon 3.2”.

Now that you have learned about the body dimensions of the 2 cameras, let us proceed to its sensor. The Canon t6i and Nikon d5500 both come with 24.0 MP sized resolution sensors, which allow you to shoot still and stunning photos and videos. The only difference about their sensors is that the Nikon d5500 lacks an anti-alias or low pass filter. Lack of this feature can produce more in some scenes. The Nikon d5500 has a 1.1 x bigger sensor compared to Canon t6i. The bigger the sensor, the more you can have a blurry background and more control depth of field.

Why Consider the Nikon d5500 Over the Canon t6i?

Although Nikon d5500 and Canon t6i come with shared features, they also have differences that make the other one stands out. In this section, we will discuss the reasons why you need to choose the Nikon d5500 over the Canon t6i. One advantage of the Nikon d55500 over the Canon t6i is that it has a higher Max ISO of 25.600 than the 12.800 of Canon t6i. The higher the MAX ISO, the better your shooting performance is. With this, you can have better details and prints.

Nikon d5500 has 39 number of focus points than the 19 number of focus points of t6i. It also has a bigger LCD screen size of 3.2” than the t6i’s 3” LCD screen. With its bigger screen, you can have easy navigation and capture your subject in a fast and efficient manner.

It has a longer battery life than the Canon t6i. It can provide you with 820 shots vs the 440 shots of t6i. So, if you need to capture more photos on a special occasion or event, the Nikon d5500 can be your reliable camera. The weight of the camera is also a major factor when buying for your photography needs. Exactly, the Nikon d5500 weighs 420 g, which is lighter than the 555 g of the Canon t6i. It is more durable and lightweight, so you can easily bring it anywhere you go.

The Nikon d5500 has a time-lapse recording, whereas the Canon t6i doesn’t have this feature. It also comes with a higher color depth of 24.1 than the 22.7 of the t6i. It has a higher dynamic range of 14.0 compared to the 12.0 of the other one. With this, you can expect to maintain highlight and shadow details. This camera has a low light ISO of 1438 than the 919 of t6i. So, the d5500 can have a better low light performance. Furthermore, it has a higher sensor pixel area of 15.28µmthan the 13.84µmof Canon t6i.

If you are a budget-conscious photographer, the Nikon d5500 is the perfect choice for you. Thus, it is available at a more affordable cost than the Canon t6i. Aside from its bigger sensor, it also has a fast startup of 0.40 seconds than the 0.9 seconds of the Canon t6i. Due to its more effective ISO, you can capture beautiful and creative photos in low light with less noise. So, if you love low light photography, it is a good idea to choose the Nikon d5500. With these advantages, you can consider the Nikon d5500 over the Canon t6i.

Why Consider the Canon t6i Over the Nikon d5500?

Now that you have learned about the shared features of the Canon t6i and Nikon d5500, let us tackle the reasons why you need to consider the Canon t6i over the Nikon d5500. One advantage of Canon t6i is that it has 19 number of cross-type focus points, which is higher than the 9 number of cross-type focus points of the Nikon d5500. Even more important, it has an NFC Connection, which the Nikon d5500 doesn’t have. With its NFC feature, you can easily pair your cameras with the supported phones.

One unique feature of the Canon t6i that you can’t find in Nikon d5500 is its On-sensor phase-detect. This feature can enhance the video AF performance and live view. It also has less shutter lag than the Nikon d5500, so you can focus and capture an image faster in a wide-angle. Even more important, it also comes with an anti-aliasing filter that is not present in t6i.

You can also be impressed by the Canon t6i’s bigger JPEG buffer, which comes in unlimited shots than the 100 shots that are provided by the Nikon d5500. With its JPEG buffer, you can have more JPEG photos before waiting or burst mode. Lastly, the Canon t6i has a faster raw shooting of 4.8 fps compared to the 4.0 fps of the t6i. You can have quicker RAW shooting even on the burst mode.

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Although there are many reasons why you need to consider the Nikon d5500, the Canon t6i has many similar features to the Nikon d5500, which makes it worth buying.

Nikon D5500 & Canon T6i Shared Weaknesses

You must keep in mind that every product has its drawbacks, and the Nikon d5500 and Canon t6i are no exception. In this section, we will discuss the common weaknesses of the 2 cameras. One common disadvantage that these cameras shared is that they don’t have image stabilization, so you need to adjust to having a smooth and stable shooting experience. Don’t worry because you can use some equipment to have a more stabilized shooting. For example, you can use a tripod to shoot your subject in the best possible manner, even in complicated situations.

In addition to that, they also don’t have environmental sealing, which will make it difficult for you to shoot during complicated shooting environments. They are not waterproof, so you must be careful during a shooting on extreme weather conditions. Also checkout Canon 80d vs. 70d.

The cameras both have a Pentamirror optical viewfinder type, which is an average one. They don’t have an AF Micro Adjustment or Fine Tune. Another shared weakness of the Canon t6i and Nikon d5500 is that they don’t have built-in Bluetooth. So, you can’t share it through Bluetooth. They can’t offer you with in-camera panoramas. These cameras don’t have focus peaking. Unfortunately, they don’t also have a pentaprism viewfinder, top deck display as well as built-in GPS. They don’t have a headphone jack and slow-motion video features. Despite their common weaknesses, they still have more advantages, which can offer you the best satisfaction for taking photos and recording videos. 

What are the Reviewers Saying About These Models?

Both the Nikon d5500 and Canon t6i are proven to have more innovative features, better performance as well as great image quality. They are also available in different pricing, so you must have a careful decision on choosing the best between the 2 camera models. It is important that you choose based on your individual needs.

The Nikon d5500 is among the top DSLR cameras in the market. It has a modern and elegant design that can match the standards of every photographer. It also has an affordable cost, which makes it perfect for budget-conscious photographers. If you wish to have a better-quality camera that you can use for your photography and videography habit, this camera model can be a good option. It is loaded with amazing features that can provide you with the best satisfaction that you need.

On the other hand, the Canon t6i is also among the most popular in the line of Canon cameras. If you want to have the best photo collection for different types of photography, this product can be a good choice. With its specific features, you can produce stunning and still images and videos that you always want to have. If you love nature, this camera can be your partner for your landscape photography. It also comes with great resolution that allows you to shoot a beautiful and quality-content video.

The Canon t6i and the Nikon d5500 are perfect cameras for both newbie and professional photographers and videographers. Although it comes with few drawbacks, these cameras have unique features that can provide you with amazing shooting experience. With this, your money and time invested in the product are all worth it.

Most users of the Nikon d5500 is satisfied with its photo quality. Apart from its quality shooting performance, it is also available at a practical cost. With that, you can have a versatile camera you can use in shooting and recording your daily activities without breaking your budget. It is an efficient way of enjoying your photography habit in a cost-effective manner.

The Nikon d5500 has a bigger sensor that can help you to capture beautiful and excellent image quality. Moreover, it also has an effective ISO of 1438, which can enable you to shoot stunning photos even in low light situations with less noise.

Meanwhile, the Canon t6i is a good investment for your photography needs. The money you invest will not be wasted because of its awesome features that can give you with satisfying shooting process. With its on-sensor phase detect, you can get the best images of your subject. Thus, this feature can enhance the video AF performance and live view. It also has 19 cross-type AF points for a better autofocus performance.

If you wish to get an efficient camera for your daily or outdoor activities, you can choose between the Nikon d5500 and Canon t6i. They can provide you with excellent photo performance that can meet your needs. Do you plan to travel and record your thrilling adventure? Then, you can make these cameras as your ideal travel companion. Although they don’t come with weather sealing, you can still have a good shooting performance. However, you must be careful enough to protect these cameras while shooting photos and recording photos. It is natural that these cameras have few drawbacks, but it doesn’t mean that they are not worth buying. With their lots of features, you can get excellent performing cameras without spending more of your hard-earned budget.

Final Verdict

With this Canon rebel t6i vs Nikon d5500 comparisons, you now have discovered the advantages and disadvantages as well as the shared features of the two DSLR cameras. From the price and shared weakness of the two camera brands, you can easily compare them and select the right one for you. With this, you can now make a wise decision on which is the right camera for your videography and photography needs.

With their similar features, including wireless connection, articulating screen, touchscreen, RAW Support, face detection focus, external flash shoe, max resolution, microphone, and other features, you have the assurance that these cameras are worth buying for. With their built-in flash, you can capture beautiful pictures, even in low light conditions.

With their few drawbacks, which are also common in various camera models, you can still be satisfied with its high-level performance in shooting photos and videos. These cameras have more features than their disadvantages, so you be happy and satisfied with what these cameras can offer you. In addition, the 2 cameras are perfect to use in different types of photography, including landscape, daily, sports, portrait and street photography. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer or videographer, using a Canon t6i or Nikon d5500 will never fail you. They are both made with superior quality and designed for better picture taking and video recording performance. It also comes with elegant designs that can meet your high standards when it comes to cameras.

Their prices are worth it for their quality. With lots of amazing features, you can make sure that the money, time as well as the effort you invested either of the 2 cameras will give you a big and satisfying return.

If you want a more affordable DSLR camera, you can choose the Nikon d5500. If you want an NFC connection that allows you to easily connect it to supported smartphones, you can prefer the Canon t6i. Meanwhile, if you want to shoot for long hours, the perfect camera for you is Nikon d5500. Thus, it has a longer battery life, which allows you to take 820 shots compared to the 440, of the Canon t6i.

To sum it up, the decision will depend on you on whether the Nikon d5500 or Canon t6i is the perfect one for your photography and videography habit. Aside from the quality performance that it can give you, these cameras can also help you to improve your shooting skills as well as video recording skills. Are you an adventurer and hobbyist that loves to take photos and record videos? Choosing one of these 2 products can be the best move. However, you must choose based on your budget, needs, and standards. With this, you can have the highest level of happiness and satisfaction you deserve for your camera needs.

Here you go. We hope that you can get the best one for your specific photography needs. With the Canon t6i vs Nikon d5500 review that we provided you, we hope that you already have your favorite one. By considering all the details that we provided you in this review, you can now decide about the best one that can meet your shooting and recording expectations. Purchasing any of the 2 cameras can give you the satisfaction and quality shooting performance that you need. What are you waiting for? Get your Nikon d5500 or Canon t6i now to enjoy the most of your photography and videography habit! With this, you can also improve your skills in photography.

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