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Nikon Z7 vs. Nikon D850

The Nikon corporation, or is simply known as Nikon, is a well-known Japanese multinational corporation operating since 1917. For over a hundred years, Nikon continued to produce products starting from being the leading optical manufactures and then emerging to becoming the largest manufacturer of important parts in semiconductor fabrication. Some of the well-known products that they manufactured include spotting scopes, rifle scopes, measurement instruments, ophthalmic lenses, microscopes, binoculars, cameras, as well as its camera lenses.

Originally, this corporation was founded bearing the name “Nippon Kogaku Kogyo Kabushikigaisha” or Japan Optical Industries Co. Ltd. It was until 1988 when this corporation was renamed after its cameras, bearing the present name of Nikon. Thanks to their production of cameras, it had given its corporation a new name, and at the same time, this is a great start to move further in the coming years.

When it comes to their camera products, Nikon continues to offer its impressive line DSLR cameras. These are the Nikon Z7 vs. Nikon D850, and each of these cameras has its strengths and weaknesses – given with those qualities, which of these is the best camera for you? With this article, we will guide you more on a journey of knowing more about each of them as well as a suitable camera for you.

During the celebration of the 100th founding anniversary on July 25, 2017, Nikon officially announced Nikon D850. It was then launched on the succeeding month and was successfully shipped on the 8th of September. In August the following year, Nikon officially announced its newest addition to its line of cameras, the Nikon Z7. It was released in September 2018 and was said to be the first camera to use the newest mount system. Basically, between the Nikon D850 vs. Nikon Z7, these cameras have one year or a couple of month’s gap, but let’s see whether their gap makes the other one better than the other.

The Nikon Z7 vs. D850 may have the same sensor resolution, as well as expanded and native ISO ranges, but there is one that stood out because of its exceptional specifications. The Nikon Z7 may have a newer technology since Nikon D850 is one year older than it, but it doesn’t mean the older version is of no longer great to use. Well, Nikon D850 was the first DSLR to be launched with an impressive image sensor. Which do you prefer, the last year’s model or the latest?

In this article, we will be discussing more of the Nikon Z7 vs. Nikon D850 shared features, advantages, as well as any weaknesses that each of these has. Plus, we promise you that you will learn which of them is suitable for your photography needs. Keep reading below to learn more. To guide you well with your choice, we have also prepared a clearer view of their head-to-head comparison in a chart.

Nikon Z7 vs. Nikon D850

Nikon Z7 vs. Nikon D850 Shared Features

Will being one year older makes it a disadvantage? Well, we will find out more as we go deeper into the features of Nikon Z7 and Nikon D850. Since they are impressively made by Nikon and are given with those months or year gap with each other, it is just normal that the latest model will still carry similar features with the last year’s model.

Let’s start with its exterior features. Both of these units include ports for headphones and microphones that as well as external flash shoes. The headphone and microphone ports are considered important features for both vloggers and videographers. Well, if you wanted a high-quality audio from your video, well, you want your camera to include those important ports. To connect easily to other devices, both cameras are Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi enabled.

Another useful connectivity feature is its smartphone remote control. So, ease control and connectivity all in one? This is indeed a worthy device to purchase with your hard-earned money.

Both the Nikon Z7 vs. Nikon D850 has the same full-frame sensor resolution of 45 megapixels. For all the professionals, semi-professionals, and amateurs in the photography world, owning a camera having this feature is simply amazing. With high resolution from these cameras, you can expect to capture a high-quality, clearer image.

For others who are still new with these things, you might be wondering whether high megapixel is good or bad. Well, it is good if you are taking these digital images to make large prints. This would mean that this image also has a large file size, and if you want to have it uploaded easily in your online gallery, you would need to edit it to reduce its file size. Why? You can simply compare them with the images that you take with your 8-megapixel phone camera. You can easily tell the difference or the difficulty when it comes to uploading.

Also, if needed, to crop out a significant portion of the photo but will still be able to have it printed in large size. This would mean that if you crop out that large portion, it would decrease the pixels or resolution of the camera. This explains why you would know whether the image was enlarged, having that pixelated outcome. Also check GoPro vs. DSLR.

Both the Nikon Z7 vs. Nikon D850 have similar LCDs. Both of them have top 3.2 inches rear LCD screen. Thanks to its articulating capabilities, flexible shooting and composure are made easy. Did we mention that is tilting LCD panel is integrated with the amazing touchscreen technology? Yes, it is. This technology is already a requirement for every device in today’s modern life. Well, we can’t argue with that since it gives us easy and quick access to the functions, especially for devices like these Nikon cameras.

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Also, both of these cameras have dual scroll wheels. This enables users to change easily the shutter as well as aperture values. They also come with a joystick to capture moving autofocus points as well as AF-ON and ISO buttons.

When it comes to shooting capabilities, both of these cameras have the Face-priority AF or the Face Detection Focus feature. So, getting that precise exposure for taking face shots will be easy. You just need to set it into the right focus, allowing you to achieve that impressive portraiture. For creative photographers, one of their favorite camera features is the time-lapse-recording. Well, both of these cameras gave the AEB or the AE Bracketing feature. This is an important feature to make sure that there will be no issues, especially when there is challenging or unpredictable light during the shoot.

Another feature that both of these cameras shared is the 4k video capabilities. This video resolution is four times higher than 1080p video. This enables users to capture high-definition-cinema-quality videos. This video option is highly favored both the home-movie-makers and for advanced videographers.

The impressive shared feature that both of these cameras have is its body built. Both of these cameras are built from quality material, protecting it from weather uncertainties. Let’s learn more about the similarities as well as differences in its built through the succeeding paragraphs.

Types of Photography that both Nikon Z7 And Nikon D850 Can Do

With advanced technology that we are in, getting high definition video as well as impressive resolution images is possible. Through the years, anyone can notice the growth and improvements that modern technology has brought with the devices that we used. What had started as a goal for every manufacturer to meet the growing consumer demands, have now come this far as getting a studio-quality image with just a simple click on your smartphone.

We may not ignore the reality that everyone can now easily capture breathtaking views by just using their phones, but when it comes to the world of photography, nothing beats the use of DSLRs as well as other types of mirrorless cameras. And today, we have here the top cameras that have impressive capabilities, the Nikon Z7, and Nikon D850. Everyone knows that you will need a device that is suitable for your photography. Well, we are happy to inform you that both cameras have what it takes to be that camera that you can use on the following types of photography:

Portrait Photography

As we have mentioned earlier in the shared features, both cameras have an impressive auto focus system. With the Face Detection Focus feature, photographers can get the preferred face shot, giving out the perfect portraiture every client wanted for their profile.

Landscape Photography

Aside from having a large full frame, impressive resolution sensor, both cameras have live-view feature. What is the essence of this feature when it comes to this type of photography? Well, this mode enables the user to view the photographic sensor output on the camera’s screen – almost in realtime. In this mode, the user sees what the camera’s lens is seeing. If you wanted to make some changes in its exposure settings, you could definitely see those realtime changes.

Street Photography

Also called as candid photography, street photography is said to be one of the challenging but one the most rewarding genre in the field of photography. This features random incidents and unmediated chance encounters within the streets and other public places. One of the best tips to become successful in this photography genre is to have a good aperture and ISO in its camera settings. Well, both Nikon Z7 and Nikon D850 have these camera settings and the best camera lens in town.

For beginners, one of the general rules is if you can’t get the best shot with it (using the camera) to your eye, it is safe to shoot it from the hip level.

Sports Photography

When it comes to capturing epic moments on action-packed events like in sports, fast fps or frames-per-second is important. Sports are best when viewed live, but rare moments that happened in split seconds are best captured. Well, everyone can count on with both Nikon Z7 vs. D850 cameras. It is both of them have the features necessary for sports photography.

Daily Photography

Daily photography is simply using a camera to take photos every day. Well, for those who are beginners in this field and want to be good with this, this is the type of photography that you can try. Well, taking photos every day, everyone knows that improvements in this art will be easily achieved. With the large full frame and the environmental sealing integrated into both Nikon Z7 vs. D850 cameras, taking photos every day will never be a problem.

There you have it, the types of photography that both the Nikon Z7 vs. Nikon D850 can do. Aside from these, there are types or genres in photography that you can do, but which of these Nikon cameras will you be using? Well, let’s find out more by continuing reading the succeeding paragraphs.

Nikon Z7 vs. Nikon D850’s Camera Body Comparison

We have gone past through the head-to-head comparison, the shared features between Nikon D850 vs. Nikon Z7 – yet, there is still a lot more things that we should know before we finally select the best camera between them. , it is highly important to get a camera that will not just give you the quality image but will also be durable or weather-proof.

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Both of the Nikon Z7 vs. Nikon D850 is made with magnesium alloy that protects it from water and dust. So, with its full weather sealing feature, the changing weather will never stop you from capturing moments in video or in images.

Since we are talking about the built; let’s take a look at the following dimensions of each camera:

Nikon Z7Width: 5.3”Height: 4”Depth: 2.7”Weight: 1.29 lbs.
Nikon D850Width: 5.8”Height: 4.9”Depth: 3.1”Weight: 2.02 lbs.

As you can notice in Nikon D850 vs. Nikon Z7, there is a significant difference between the cameras’ sizes as well as physical weight. Well, differences between the size are considerably since the Nikon Z7 is a mirrorless camera is a lighter and smaller type. While on the other hand, the Nikon D850 is a DSLR camera that is 34% larger and weighs almost 50% than the other one.

Well, the camera lenses also add-up to the total weight. They may be able to share the same frame sensor but not with its lens mounts. The Nikon D850’s F-mount has a 44 mm diameter while the Nikon Z7’s Z-mount measures 55mm. The Nikon Z7 has a larger mount for the purpose of being able to hold a higher quality glass. Although in Nikon D850 vs. Nikon Z7 comparison, both of them have touchscreen technology, in terms of the dial and button options, the D850 busier rear layout compared to Z7. You may also like Canon Rebel T5i vs. Canon Rebel T5.

Why Choose Nikon Z7 Instead of the Nikon D850?

Nikon Z7 is a full-frame mirrorless camera that was launched in August 2018. This 1.29 lbs camera is built with an interchangeable lens and has sensor-shift image stabilization. It also has an impressive continuous shooting mode of 2fps compared to the previous model. This shooting mode enables photographers to capture a moment while it is still in action.

In Nikon Z7 vs. D850, the fast frames-per-second or fps, as well as its extra focus pints, are important features for various types of photography. This includes wildlife, sports, street, and other types that are action-packed in professional photography.

Why Choose Nikon D850 Instead of the Nikon Z7?

Nikon D850 is a professional-grade DSLR or digital single-lens reflex camera that is a year older than the Nikon Z7. In Nikon D850 vs. Z7, this camera’s LCD resolution screen is 12% higher than the other and has a higher time-lapse option for quality video.

In 2018, it was awarded as the TIPA World Award’s Best Professional DSLR Camera and had also won 2018’s Camera Grand Prix. It is also the first camera to achieve the 100 points given to this DSLR camera by the prestigious DxOMark sensor review.

In Nikon D850 vs. Z7, the D850 has a longer battery life that is capable of providing 1,840 shots. It also has dual card memory slots so that you would have greater storage options for your video as well as images.

Shared Weaknesses

Aside from the shared features that both the Nikon Z7 vs. Nikon D850 have, they, too, have shared weaknesses. First, they don’t have the built-in pop-up flash option. The harsh light coming from built-in flash may be annoying, but it is still best to have it during certain situations. Lastly, the price tags. Well, both of this device is a worthy investment for those who use it as a tool for this professional. But it is still expensive for those who are having photography as their hobby.

What the Reviewers Say

As anyone can notice, in Nikon D850 vs. Nikon Z7, the Nikon Z7 is praised by a lot of reviewers. Well, most people who own this latest model is no longer a stranger to high-end devices. You may also like Nikon D5600 vs D7200.

People are looking for lighter devices that will not just provide them with the good images but is lighter that you can easily carry wherever you go.

It is rare for others to buy previous models like Nikon D850, given that there is already a new model. However, for those who are starting their journey in photography, whether as a hobby or a career, between Nikon D850 vs. Nikon Z7, getting the previous model will be a better choice (not to mention that is cheaper and affordable compared to the expensive latest model.)

The Verdict

Nikon Z7 vs. D850 have what it takes to be listed among the list of the best digital camera . Both cameras have features that are suitable for every photographer’s needs.

Nikon Z7 is smaller, lighter and has sharper results when it comes to image quality. Also, it has the IBIS or the in-body image stabilization, which is considered helpful in capturing rare, split-second, epic, and action-packed moments in various fields of photography.

On the other hand, Nikon D850 maybe a year older than Z7, but it is an incredible choice for many. It may weight a bit heavier than the other, given that it is a DSLR camera. However, it will never let you down, especially when you needed to spend long hours to take photos. It has a more detailed LCD, easier device pairing, extra storage, and a brighter optical viewfinder that you will never find on the Z7.

Also, in Nikon D850 vs. Nikon Z7, both of them have a large full frame, have a high-resolution sensor, and are both excellent when it comes to handling and ergonomics. When it comes to viewfinder and stabilization, Nikon Z7 has electronic built-in and excellent image stabilization. While it is an optical-built-in viewfinder for Nikon D850 but it doesn’t include image stabilization. That is why; the excellent choice not just for portrait, but also for travel, sports, and street photography is Nikon Z7.

However, if you are looking into a better battery life and comfortable grip, especially for your landscape photography needs, in Nikon Z7 vs. D850, you can’t go wrong with Nikon D850.

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