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Spyzie Review

Spyzie is far and away the top spy app for phones, particularly for smartphones and Android phones. If you have a smart device, this app will be compatible with it, and it will be compatible with most smart devices that you want to spy on.

You should only be using it on devices that you own, to track their movements and activity. That would include your employees’ phones that you have given them as company phones. You can track them on their work time, but not their personal time.


⏳ Are you in a hurry? Then here’s your short version

Although Spyzie is a good app, the eyeZy monitoring software has a more comprehensive set of features that can meet the needs of the most demanding customers. You can monitor your child’s smartphone activities with mSpy and prevent them from interacting with cyberbullies, online predators, and scammers.

This app can also be safely, effectively, and legally used on your kids’ phones, since you technically own those phones as well. This is particularly true if you are paying for the kids’ phone plan.

Why is this app considered the best one? It’s because of how simple it is to use and also how very effective it can be. You won’t be able to find an app that does what Spyzie can do at such an affordable price and in such a reliable and trustworthy way.

Parents and employers around the world trust this app and the company because of its great reputation. Just read some of the Spyzie customer reviews and see that for yourself. You will notice that many people use Spyzie and are happy with it if you start looking at some Spyzie reviews. That great reputation among customers is another reason why Spyzie is considered the best in its industry.

Spyzie Review

Our Spyzie Review

Organizations have, for years, utilized spy technology to monitor their employees’ activity and how they use their computers and even phones while they are at work. Using a cell phone spy, the management can gain access to the browsing history, texts, internet messaging services, location, and so much more. Thankfully, technology is not limited to organizations anymore.

It is now possible for families to use a cell phone tracker to monitor what other members of the family are doing with their devices, where they are going, who they are talking to, and even what they talk about. Yes, this is all possible now.

Introducing Spyzie app – one of the most popular spy phone apps available today. The cell phone spy has received plenty of Spyzie reviews from genuine and happy consumers.

Spyzie app offers parents a new way to monitor their children’s activities on their mobile devices (Android and iOS devices) without even having to hack, root or jailbreak their phones, giving them access to Messages, Call Logs, Social Apps, Screenshots, Location, Typed in words, Emails, Contacts, Gallery, browser, wifi connections, and so much more — all in real-time! With all of the information you are accessing, privacy is protected so that privileged information does not fall into the wrong hands.

It is intuitive and easy to use. All you need to do is access the dashboard within the Spyzie app and gain information on the target phone.

In this Spyzie review, we will talk about the wonder that Spyzie-free is and how it can help you keep your family as safe and as far away from danger as possible while on their phones, just the way it already does for 3 million families worldwide.

Spyzie homepage

The History of Spyzie

Do you know why the Spyzie app was created? It was made by some tech developers who saw a need for a spy monitoring app. It was designed to fill a hole in the market, providing parents with a way to watch over their children indirectly and safely, giving them peace of mind that other devices and apps could not provide.

The developers saw that there was consumer demand for a product like this, so they used their years of technical expertise to craft an app that would work on Android devices and with various smartphones to effectively and efficiently track data, activity, and children.

It does the work for the parent, relieving some of their workload and their stress and worry. Parents now have less to be concerned about since they can know where their kids are at all times and what they are doing.

Spyzie is constantly being improved upon so that it can be more effective at providing safety and peace of mind to its users. The Spyzie team is dedicated to keeping its apps safe from all kinds of hacking and intrusion and allowing its users to monitor their children in ways they would not normally be able to without the help of the software that Spyzie is creating.

Who Is Spyzie for?

Spyzie might be just what you are looking for. Who is this app made for? Well, anyone who wants to monitor their children remotely, safely and without being detected can make use of Spyzie. Of course, you can tell your children that they are being monitored if you want, but if you would like to watch them without their knowledge, then Spyzie lets you do that as well, as it is completely undetectable.

Parents will want to use Spyzie to protect their children. Don’t think that this is only for kids who are doing wrong on their phones or who are influenced by bad friends. It can also be helpful for kids who are not aware of the dangers of their smartphones or of using the Internet.

These kids need to be monitored, and Spyzie allows parents to easily do that, checking to see what websites the kids have been using and which people they have been interacting with. It gives parents an unprecedented amount of information to work with so that parents can make smart choices.

Many parents feel like they are working against technology trying to keep their kids safe, but Spyzie works for them, making their job as a parent and a guardian easy. This is a great tool not just for parents but for any kind of guardian, such as a stepparent, a babysitter or someone else who has been entrusted with the care of the children.

Of course, employers will want to use Spyzie too. Employers can track what their employees are doing on company phones on company time. This is a great way to ensure that employees are being productive and that they are not accessing dangerous websites or talking to competitors about sensitive company information.

Who can Use Spyzie

The sheer flexibility and ease of use that Spyzie free offers make it an excellent spy phone app for almost anyone.



Kids are vulnerable to vast information that can be both good and dangerous for them. No matter how much you may blame the internet and the easy availability of smartphones, the two are imperative for the growth of your children in today’s competitive environment.

The best you can do is monitor your kids’ activity on their smartphones and stay up to date on their whereabouts. Spyzie lets you remotely access your child’s WhatsApp conversations, text messages, and even their location.

This is particularly useful if you want to keep your child away from bad company. You can read the wonderful Spyzie reviews to know the positive feedback from real users.


The Internet has made the world a smaller place. While this has its own benefits, it also brings forth the hazards of flings, dating, and matchmaking. Using Spyzie, you can easily know if your partner has an affair with someone and what exactly they are talking about.

This is particularly great for married couples. You can easily hack your partner’s WhatsApp, Viber or Instagram account and check their latest conversations.


Businesses often provide laptops and smartphones to their employees to enhance their productivity. However, it is hard to know if they are actually using them for work-related purposes.

Using a cell phone tracker, organizations can quickly track their employees’ locations and their conversations to decipher if they are using the company’s properties for work or for personal use.

Spyzie’s Best Features

There are some great features that Spyzie has to offer that many of its competitors do not offer. One of those is a great filtering tool. This is a very powerful feature that can filter out what children access on their phones.

The parents can set controls for the kids’ phones that limit who they can talk to, what sites they can visit, what apps they can download and more. Parents can safeguard their children this way against threats that the kids might not be aware of.

A lot of kids are tech savvy but not very smart about being safe online, and the tools that Spyzie contains can keep kids safe from themselves, online predators and from computer viruses that affect phones.

Spyzie can also monitor specific apps, such as messaging apps. Parents can find out what their kids are saying on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other major social media networks. Parents might not be able to be with their kids 24 hours a day, but they can find out what their kids have been doing during those hours they are away from their parents, such as when they are at school or when they are with their friends.

Tools like these can give parents incredible peace of mind. That is a peace that you can’t buy, and it makes this Spyzie app an invaluable tool for any parent concerned about their kids’ wellbeing.

Spyzie core features

The information that using Spyzie grants to parents is both limitless and highly essential in ensuring the security and safety of their children and their family as a whole.

Sometimes, the information given away in these spaces pertains to the entire family and not just the child or individual giving away this information. Such a scenario is even scarier, thinking that your child’s naivety can endanger not just your kids but the entire family’s safety.

In this Spyzie review, we will share some groundbreaking features of the Spyzie app that make it one of the most comprehensive parental control apps today:

Whatsapp Messaging Spy

Whatsapp is currently one of the foremost internet messaging service providers worldwide. It is an excellent platform for text messages, voice notes, and images, documents, videos and music sharing. On average, it is mostly just the contacts you have on your phone that you share all of this with. But with increasing cases of catfishing and even contact hacking, you have to make sure to be careful about what you share with anyone on Whatsapp.

Even apart from the dangers of sharing sensitive information with complete strangers, there is a whole different problem that comes with the possibility of your child making contact online with individuals who can manipulate them. You may also like Hoverwatch Review.

Spyzie allows you to view your child’s WhatsApp conversation history and use that to determine whether or not your child is communicating with the wrong person. You can, from there, decide whether or not you need to take action.

You can also download the media sent into the monitored phone using your Spyzie app to determine the nature of the content your child is receiving. The cell phone spy can also access deleted messages that your child might want to hide from you as the app saves traces that are sufficient for the Spyzie app to track. All you need to do is download the Spyzie application on your Android or iOS device and the device you want to monitor, register an account for yourself, and you can begin to track.

spyzie Screenshot viewing 

Screenshot viewing 

Screenshot viewing is another great benefit that Spyzie app offers to parents. It enables stealthy monitoring of the target device at the most random moments. Your child might just be browsing the internet and you can view their screen from the Spyzie dashboard to determine whether they are engaging in anything harmful to themselves and the family altogether or inappropriate for their age.

This sort of random access allows for assessment of your children’s activities while they use their devices, on the internet and offline too. You can easily find out about a new interaction that may need monitoring, identify what sort of content they receive or keep saved on their devices, and where they visit and spend their time on the internet scapes.

Spyzie also provides access to the Screenshots the phone takes so that you can find out when they were using the phone, how long they have been engaged in certain activities and how to handle the situation at hand.

All you have to do is install the Spyzie app on your computer or phone and register yourself as the “monitor” and then install the Spyzie free on the devices you want to monitor. Then go to the Spyzie dashboard to view what they have been viewing.

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Call Log Monitoring 

Some of the most difficult things to monitor are what your child or family members are told over the phone. Phone calls are, in a somewhat more intimate sense than any other form, a way to establish a connection with, pass information to, and receive information from, or just relate to another person on the other end of the line.

A lot of scams and catfishing organizations use this to solidify the hold they have over their unsuspecting victims. But Spyzie offers you a way to counteract this by noting new, strange calls that appear a bit too frequently in your child’s call log and last a bit too long for coincidence. You can be granted a caller’s full information once you have even the slightest suspicion about the person or people in question.

You also are instantly granted access to the most frequently contacted persons and the details of all the calls once you register both your phone and the device you want to monitor. Perform Spyzie install and view records instantly on your Spyzie dashboard. Spyzie provides location-tracking information for callers in case of emergencies where such services are required.

Text Message Viewing 

Texts are seemingly harmless modes of communication between people who do not need to have elaborate conversations but still need to pass information to one another. More recently, people are more inclined to text their way through the day than make phone calls at all.

This makes texting another potentially harmful source of information yet also very subtle in the way it causes damage. Instant messaging has also been made to accompany certain phones such that people using a similar phone can, over the internet, send text messages to one another and also share multimedia. A common example is iMessages for users of iOS devices.

Whatever the means, the problem is very much the same, privileged information can be shared over text and as a parent you want to be sure that even if your child by ignorance or error shares this information, it does not land into the wrong hands.

You can also receive the texts that would encourage any harmful or potentially negative activities and also analyze the contacts who are responsible for them. You only need to do Spyzie install on the phone you want to monitor and all the information you need to know about texting activity will appear on the Spyzie dashboard on your account.

Export of phone data 

The information on your phone is generally a mix of random things in which some of the most sensitive information can be found and easily picked out. Also, with all of the information that you have received from tracking and monitoring your child’s device, it is necessary to make sure that you always have access to this information to help keep them in check or for further investigation.

Information such as tracked locations, call logs, texting information, and all the others that the Spyzie app grants you access to and displays on your dashboard is stored in the cloud and all of it can be made available to you.

The availability of this information to the user will prove very useful when situations arise and you need to involve the police. This information will increase the pace of the information by miles and constant access to such information should put any patent at ease.

Using the Data export feature available on the Spyzie app, the user can always ask to receive all logs on any platform that the user finds most comfortable.

spyzie Export of phone data 

Danger/Hazard Alert 

The internet is a boiling pot of varying kinds of information sharing and receipt. And even when we try we cannot be present in real-time to intercept every single danger our children are exposed to. But there can be systems put in place to make sure that certain lines are not crossed.

If you know the amount of time your child spends on the internet and the extent to which they share information with the people they talk to and meet on the internet, you can set certain limits. Because you do not want your child to not be able to meet people or to socialize, you only want to make sure that they are safe whilst doing so and that they do not expose themselves to anything that can damage their psyche, put their lives at risk, or put the family’s finances in danger.

You can set triggers using the Spyzie monitoring program to make sure that when certain lines are reached you are alerted immediately. If the SIM card on a phone is being changed or maybe a conversation is directed towards a sexual tone (especially with a minor) or information that may be used to access finances you can be informed as soon as it happens and put a stop to it.

Location Information

Knowing that you can determine the accurate location of your child with just a click will allow you to be more willing to allow them to go out, explore and experience the world around them.

Spyzie’s monitoring app gives parents the opportunity to know where their children go with as much precision as to where they spent their time and how much time they spent there, etc. You can also set up a restricted area within the state or city with Spyzie’s geofencing and if they cross this boundary, you will be alerted immediately.

This maximizes the security of the members of the family while allowing them to move within their permitted zones. As long as you register your monitoring phone and install the cell phone tracker on the phone you wish to monitor, you can access location information as well as set limits for your child’s movements as required.

Keyboard Logging 

It is quite common to make attempts to decode the language that one uses in conversation from the commonly used keystrokes and frequently recurring words and sentence structure. You can tell what sort of conversations a person has in general with the people that they are around when you decode their keyboard history.

Knowing this, you should be able to rest because Spyzie has already a system in place that can extract every single keystroke input into the keyboard on a monitored device. The monitoring device can then use the information to direct you in the possible lines to which conversations tend.

Using Spyzie’s keylogger, all keyboard activities can be saved upon input to be analyzed whenever and put to use in figuring out if there are any illicit or inappropriate activities that you want to keep your children away from.

You can also set up alerts for certain words so that their appearance in the conversation has a higher priority for triggering an alert than random recurring words. This way you can always be informed when dangerous conversations ensue.

This further ensures the protection of your children on the internet and also prevents early exposure to things you would rather avoid them experiencing at certain stages, keeping their language and conversations as age-appropriate as you can.

spyzie keylogger

Facebook Messenger Spy 

Facebook is one of the world’s most used social media outlets. It has almost 2.5 billion people using the platform in varying capacities and you and your family members are part of this community. And for as many users as you can vouch for there are at least 4 unvetted users who appear in similar circles as you and your family, send friend requests, poke and proceed to message you and maybe even maintain constant contact with you and family members.

This, while it may be completely harmless, can open up your child to susceptibility to manipulation and the consequences of the direction these conversations can take may be better off only imagined but not ever lived through.

The Facebook Messenger Spy that comes with the Spyzie application gives the parent an opportunity to monitor their children’s activities on Facebook, their friend’s lists, and friend requests, they can intercept any notifications, read private messages, capture secret conversations, view their Facebook feed, see the multimedia content that they see, and block the use of the application when you need your child to study.

Browser History Viewer 

The browser might be the most versatile center for internet use on any phone. A user can access information from every single corner of the globe, and, sometimes, information can just make itself available to you at random times.

What makes or breaks any user is what you look for and what sites you visit when you use your browser. Children are a lot of the time, not mentally capable of deciding what is good for them from what is potentially dangerous. This is where your job as a parent and guardian comes in since you need to protect your family from the dangers they are ignorant of.

Spyzie offers access to the complete browsing history of monitored devices along with their bookmarked web pages so that you can always be assured that your child does not visit sites with inappropriate content, such as pornography or any form of phishing or harming.

You need to know about this often overlooked – often hidden – information that can be useful in helping you guide your child through their youth while they explore and experience the internet safely. Spyzie, the best cell phone spy, offers you peace of mind.

Phone Activity Timelines

Phones are one of the most addictive inventions we have 24×7 access to. Every single time you think technology has peaked, they come back and bring in new features that will make you more attracted to the product and more addicted to the use of this new and improved device. As exciting as this might sound, this can sometimes hinder productivity.

You don’t want the gruesome mobile phone addiction to ruin your child’s productivity and their chances of being able to improve in all facets of their lives. What if you could limit how much time these devices are used by your children? More importantly, what if you could easily determine how much of an addict your child is and what exactly is it about the phones that have them hooked so you can help provide guidance to them?

When installed, your Spyzie app can offer helpful insights into how much time your child spends on their phones, what exactly they do while they are on the phone, and if they might be spending unhealthy amounts of time doing accessing dangerous things. It also allows you to determine how much time they should spend on their phones, especially when they have other responsibilities to attend to.

Gallery Viewer 

Sometimes overlooked, the contents of the gallery of a phone are a telling of the sort of activity that the owner might be involved in on a day-to-day basis. Pictures and videos received across all platforms end up in the gallery, along with screenshots and screen recording videos.

You can also check the timestamp of the multimedia stored in the gallery so you can use that information to determine the real-time activity of the targeted user. As a parent, you want to be able to confidently say that the content of their phone is fully safe for their consumption and is not suggestive of anything that they should be wary of.

Spyzie offers parents a way to view their children’s gallery and be assured that they are not storing any harmful or pornographic content there. An added benefit is the ability to bypass lockout applications protecting the contents of the gallery, in case your child is being sneaky for any reason. This can grant you access that will either put you at ease or cause you to realize that you have an issue that needs to be handled.

Instagram Spy  by soyzie

Instagram Spy 

Instagram is a great platform to post pictures of yourself and your friends and family members. It is a great place to feel seen and even be appreciated by friends, family, and even strangers. This social media platform also comes with a messaging feature that allows you to communicate directly with your friends and followers on a more personal and private basis.

Spyzie allows close monitoring of the movement of multimedia within the app as well as the checking of links posted to or attached to activities. It also allows parents to keep track of conversations and to quickly come to the aid of their kids if need be. The ability to instantly hack Instagram passwords is particularly useful for couples who want to ensure that their partner is not involved in an affair with someone else.

Snapchat Spy App

Snapchat adds a little bit of a twist to social media. It has a great portfolio of filters that makes chatting and interacting with daily life a lot more fun. Life is experienced in more color with Snapchat which also makes it perfect for recording events in one’s day. This also makes the user vulnerable to many threats.

Spyzie understands that some situations might be unavoidable, but they can be managed. The Spyzie Snapchat protection feature ensures that messages, pictures, and videos exchanged within the app can be monitored by doting parents.

This does not only ensure that the next generation is stays safe but also increases the accountability of a parent where their children are concerned. Most importantly, it also offers a record of the time and date of various activities performed on the app.

Snapchat has an expiry date of 24 hours on posts which may make monitoring activities on the app difficult, but Spyzie has a stealth mode tracker. Your kids won’t know but you will still be keeping track of their activity without losing their trust.

How Spyzie Can Help Parents Protect Their Kids

If you are not getting enough parental control from free software, then you may want to upgrade to Spyzie. This helps you to track your kids’ activities on their smartphones and see what they are doing. You can use it on any of your devices.

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The App Blocker that Spyzie offers can keep your kids away from apps you don’t want them to use, and you can control it from your device remotely.

  • Spyzie also offers Schedule restrictions, which help you to limit how much time your kids spend on their devices, accessible from any browser
  • You can keep track of the calls they make and how long their calls are. You’ll also see a timestamp for the calls.
  • This app includes a GPS tracker to help you locate your kids in real time.

Finding a spy app for Android might not be much of a struggle, but not many cell phone trackers work on iOS. Thankfully, Spyzie free is a great iPhone spy app There are two basic steps that are permissible for monitoring Android and iOS target devices:

Step One

The least of the things you need to have to ensure your kid’s safety is:

  1. A premium license account
  2. Legal access to the target device.
  3. A monitoring app that should be installed and granted permission to run in other apps to guarantee smooth monitoring.

Step Two

  1. Create an account using a verified email.
  2. Set up and engage all systems to go on the target device.
  3. Log in to your dashboard and start tracking.
How To Use Spyzie Phone Tracking App

How To Use Spyzie Phone Tracking App on Androids and iOS

A lot of unsavory people and characters litter society today. As much as we would like to hope it wasn’t so, it is unavoidable. Drastic measures should be exerted to ensure that the future of the leaders of tomorrow is preserved – that they are morally upright, not broken individuals struggling with half-baked information spread over the web. Spyzie is aiming to make heroes out of parents and future heroes out of the children of today.

The Spyzie spy app for Android can be engaged in a few simple steps.

  1. Create an account: Open your browser and visit the Spyzie page to create an account. Using a functioning email, create Spyzie login details. The account has to be functional to receive timely and important data such as app download links and login details. Also check out about MSPY Review.

  2. Install the Spyzie app:
    • On the target phone, input the name and age of the child to be monitored.
    • Allow Spyzie install from unknown sources in the phone security setting.
    • Download the app and allow access to various components of the phone.
    • Sign in to your Spyzie account details on the target phone.
    • Once all the steps are completed, the Spyzie app icon disappears to ensure stealthy monitoring.

  3. Track the monitored phone via the control panel: Complete the setup process on your phone to have access to the control panel.

While for iOS (the operating system for iPhones), the process is a lot simpler:

  1. Create a Spyzie account as is needed for Android phones.
  2. Use your Spyzie login to enter your account. In the section where you would normally enter your kid’s names, enter the age as well and click the icon. For Android, it is different.
  3. All you need to have is access to an iPhone to monitor. It is the phone’s iCloud ID as well as the registered password.
  4. Click Verify to ensure that the Spyzie login details for the target phone have indeed been entered. This is extremely important because for iOS there’s no need to download the app.
  5. If the verification process fails, the monitoring process will fail as well, so make sure you get it right.
  6. Log in to your own dashboard to view your control panel that grants your access to the phone’s activities. Spying ahoy!

Spyzie vs Other Spy Apps

Spyzie vs iKeymonitor

iKeymonitor is an excellent phone monitoring app and it does its job well. However, it is quite expensive. One month’s subscription will cost you US $49.99, which feels quite expensive when compared to Spyzie which offers the same suite of features at only $29.99. You can use Spyzie free trial as well.

Spyzie vs mSpy

We are apprehensive of mSpy. It has earned a bad name because its database has been hacked a few times in the past, which makes your sensitive data extremely vulnerable. Spyzie, on the other hard, is a robust and secure platform that guarantees privacy and ease of use.

Spyzie vs Flexispy

Flexispy is a good but highly expensive spy phone app. You wouldn’t want to buy a plan at such a high price and experience poor customer service. Contrary to it, Spyize offers a range of features and flexible plans at relatively low prices. Add to that reliable customer support and you have a great package!

Spyzie vs Hoverwatch

It is a reliable spy phone app but clearly fails to rise up to the standards set by its competitor Spyzie. iPhone and iPad users will not be able to use Hoverwatch because it is not compatible with iOS. Besides, it automatically roots the target Android device. This can void the warranty of the target phone, leading to serious repercussions.

Spyzie Spy Phone App Price

Spyzie Pricing and Payment Plans

Spyzie has different plans for Android and iOS devices. This is due to the difference in the cost of building the app on the platforms. The plans cover different features and levels of monitoring. Quite understandably, a basic plan comes at a low price but does not offer access to all its features. This is quite useful for consumers who want to use limited Spyzie features and don’t want to shell extra bucks.

Spyzie has drawn a monitoring plan to match the quirks of iOS devices as well. The Android version has three protection plans, whereas the iOS version comes with only two plans. Not that any of the plans is bad, but the level of efficiency of the Spyzie app changes with the plan. It depends entirely on your needs.

However, for a solid foundation, the ‘Ultimate’ version is the best choice since it offers comprehensive protection and leaves no ‘wriggle-free’ room.

For Android devices, there are three payment plans.

The Basic Version

The Basic Version offers varying months of licensed access to the device. The one-month license is available for only $29.99, the three-month license for $49.99, and the six-month license for $89.99.

The Basic Version, as the name suggests, covers only the most basic level of protection. The features covered by this plan are: messages, WhatsApp calls, calls, location, geofencing, photos, voices, browser history, video preview, documents, contacts, and calendar.

The Pro Version

The Pro Version also offers varying periods of licensed access. The one-month license is available for $39.99, the three-month license for $69.99, and the six-month license for $99.99.

The Pro Version offers a lot more robust protection. It allows users to track and monitor, WhatsApp, WhatsApp calls, calls, WhatsApp files, Facebook, messenger, snap chat, Skype, LINE, Instagram, Viber, kik, tinder, wechat, QQ, hangouts, telegram, messenger lite, Facebook lite, Tumblr, locations, geofencing, capture screenshots, smart capture, keylogger, photos, video preview, voices, documents, Email, contacts, browser history, calendar, clipboard, wifi logger, app block, downtime, and app activity.

The Ultimate Version

The Ultimate Version is available for one month for $49.99, for three months for $79.99, and for six months for $119.99.

The features covered by this license are: messages, WhatsApp, WhatsApp calls, calls, WhatsApp files, Facebook, messenger, snap chat, Skype, LINE, Instagram, Viber, kik, tinder, wechat, QQ, hangouts, telegram, messenger lite, Facebook lite, Tumblr, locations, geofencing, capture screenshots, smart capture, keylogger, photos, video preview, voices, documents, Email, contacts, browser history, calendar, clipboard, wifi logger, app block, downtime, app activity, timeline, alert, and data export.

For iOS devices, only two payment and pricing plans are available:

The Pro Version

The Pro Version has a selection of plans with varying license periods. The one-month license is available for $39.99, the three-month license for $69.99, and the six-month license for $99.99.

The features covered by this plan are: calls, browser history, messages, WhatsApp, LINE, photos, video preview, contacts, calendars, reminders, notes, location history, location, app photos, app videos, and voice memos.

The Ultimate Version

The Ultimate Version comes with licenses available for one, three, and six months. You will have to shell $49.99 for a one-month license, $79.99 for three months, and $119.99 for six months.

You will be able to monitor calls, browser history, messages, WhatsApp, LINE, photos, video preview, contacts, calendars, reminders, notes, location history, location, app photos, app videos, voice memos, timeline, alerts and data export.


  1. For Android devices, there must be physical access to the device. This does not apply, however, the iCloud backup is activated on an iOS device.
  2. There is no need to jailbreak an iOS device or to root an Android smartphone before engaging Spyzie.
  3. The Spyzie monitoring app is compatible with Android versions of 4.0 or higher, while for iOS devices, it is compatible with iOS 10.0.0 or higher.
  4. You can seek a refund within 7 days of purchase.
  5. Refunds shall not be made on a purchase if you have sought a refund previously.
  6. Before buying, ensure that the target device complies with Spyzie’s Compatibility policy.

Pros and cons of Spyzie


  • It can be used to track a lot of mobile activities that other spy apps do not usually offer.
  • Once installed and set up, it is easy to use.
  • It is multilingual.
  • It does not just track calls and messages, it covers every other multimedia, like videos and photos.
  • It can be used to track both Android and iOS devices.
  • It operates in stealth mode without informing the target of its presence.
  • For Android devices, there is no need to root the phone. For iPhones, there’s no need to jailbreak them.
  • It supports various operating system versions. For Android, it supports version 4.0 and onwards, and version 10.0.0 and higher for iOS.
  • It is one of the very few spy apps that allow spying on all social media unhindered, unlike most spy apps that only allow access to only some social media accounts.
  • The information update of the device is renewed every four hours.
  • Depending on the content that you consider access to the target, you can set virtual boundaries within the target device. The geofences option immediately sends a notification when any of these virtual fences are breached.
  • It discreetly monitors the keys typed on the device and communicates them to the monitor dashboard.
  • The app supports WiFi logging functions.


  • The download and setup process can be a little complicated for some.
  • The monitoring does not work if the device is not connected to the internet.


Does Spyzie really work as they claim?

Yes, it does! You will find a lot of positive Spyzie reviews on the web as well.

How does Spyzie work?

It monitors all activities on the target device and sends feedback, alert, and tips to the monitoring device.

If the device I need to monitor is an Android, do I need to root first?

No, you don’t.

How do I set up parental control on my child’s android phone?

First, create a Spyzie account and provide important information about your kid, especially, his name and age, as well as the Android version of the phone. Perform a Spyzie download on your kid’s phone, grant permission, use your Spyzie login, and start watching.

Can I uninstall spyzie remotely?

To uninstall, go to phone settings. Under phone, settings go to security. Click on Device Administrator and then access System Update. Now select ‘Deactivate’. Go back to Settings, and then Apps. Access System Update Service to finally ‘Uninstall’.

What if I suspect I’m being illegally monitored?

Go to Phone Settings. Under Phone Settings, go to Security and access Device Administrator. Click on System Update Service and then select ‘Deactivate’. Go back to Settings >> Apps >> System Update Service >> Uninstall.

How do I view monitored data and how often is it updated?

Monitored data can be viewed in the control panel of the monitoring device. The dashboard can be accessed either on the app or via a web browser. Typically, data is updated on the monitoring Spyzie account every four hours.

Can I monitor more than one device?

Spyzie monitoring is limited to one account on one device. However, if you would like to make necessary adjustments to cater for more than one device, contact Spyzie for an upgrade that is customized for your intended use.

How do I get a refund in case of disinterest?

Spyzie has a 7-day money-back return policy, provided that the reason for a refund falls within the borders of acceptable circumstances. These policies can be found under the Refund Policy Conditions section on the Spyzie website.

How do I cancel an automatic subscription?

On your Spyzie dashboard, click on the profile icon in the top right corner to find the ‘Setting’ option. Click on Cancel subscription. If you have already performed this step and your subscription is still not canceled, contact Spyzie Customer Care.


After comparing all the spy phone apps in the market, we have come to realize that Spyzie is the best cell phone tracker for both iPhone and Android devices. It is a great parental control app that is available to users at an affordable price and has multiple plans for you to choose from.

It does not jailbreak or root the target phone and yet offers you comprehensive tracking. We haven’t seen any other spy phone app that offers flexibility and control over monitoring with such ease. You will find tons of positive Spyzie reviews on the web that speak of its credibility.

Spyzie clearly emerges as the most comprehensive and robust parental control app on the market today. With the suite of features that allow you to not just monitor your child’s activities but also set restrictions, it guarantees the safety of your kids like no other app. We hope this Spyzie review helped you make the right decision.

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