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Covenant Eyes Screen Accountability App Review

Spy apps or also called mobile phone monitoring software a kind of cell phone app that will help you to obtain information and track phone activities remotely. Spy apps are usually used by many in recording different confidential details, such as text messages and phone calls.

After detecting the entire data, the app will send this information to the online dashboard of the app. There is nothing for you to worry about since the spy will work undetected. It only means that you are free to monitor several phone activity details secretly and remotely.

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Although Covenant Eyes is a good – Internet Monitoring & Accountability app, the eyeZy phone monitoring app has a more comprehensive set of features that can meet the needs of the most demanding customers.


  • Help individuals, families and mates to surmount porn addiction
  • Monitor activities on tablets, phones and computers
  • Send an Accountability Report to your trusted friend
  • Advocate open conversation for all of the related users


  • Work with VPN, which greatly reduce the speed of devices
  • The Covenant Eyes app itself is very slow
  • Reduce battery life significantly of phones
Covenant Eyes Review

Covenant Eyes Review – Things You Should Know Before Buying

Various monitoring applications are utilizing different kinds of terminologies. But what’s important here is that all of these applications are working the same. There are only two steps that you need to perform to enable the app to work.

The first one is that install your chosen spy app on your target mobile, and the second one is to log in to its license key. After that, the app will start performing its functions.

One of the advantages that you can get from using a spy app is that it will enable you to track the phone activities recorded by the app with the use of your mobile phone or PC. The following is an overview of the procedure for using spy applications.


To be able for you to install your preferred monitoring software, you will need to have physical access to your target phone. Different applications, including covenant eyes and mSpy, are easy to install.

Installing the two mentioned apps can be done within a minute or two. After installing, the app will run undetectably. It only means that the phone’s user will not know that there is an installed monitoring app on his mobile.

After performing the process of installation, you will be able to remotely track and monitor the activities done by someone with their mobile phone. This can be done without requiring you to have physical access to it.

The entire data logs monitored by the app will be saved in the cloud. These data logs can also be accessed with the help of the web-based portal of the app.

Rooting and Jailbreaking

If your target device is iOS, you are required to jailbreak it before you install your preferred monitoring application. The process of jailbreaking will enable you to utilize the applications where Apple does not give authorization to work. On the other hand, the process of rooting is being done for Android devices.

So, if you are planning to install the app on an Android device, make sure that it is rooted. Aside from that, both jailbreaking and rooting are being performed for you to utilize the more advanced features of a spy app.

No Jailbreak Solution

If you are looking for an application that will enable you to monitor the mobile activities of an iPhone device, we highly recommend you use the no-jailbreak solution offered by mSpy.

The covenant eyes app, as well as the mSpy monitoring software, are capable of monitoring text messages from both WhatsApp and iMessage messaging apps, tracking call logs, and viewing browsing history.

All of these features can be used without performing the jailbreaking process. All you need to do is to know their Apple ID login credentials. Aside from that, you are also required to enable iCloud Backup on your target iOS device.

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Web-Based Control Panel

The company of your chosen monitoring app will provide you with a control panel, which comes up with a web-based interface.

The web-based control panel will enable you to view the entire recorded logs that were monitored by your spy apps, such as browser history, contacts, videos, pictures, emails, instant messages, text messages, phone calls, and many others. Aside from that, it will also enable you to view the real-time location of the phone on a map.

Once you opened your online dashboard, the following are the things that you can do;

  • Review and download the entire detail logs, including the messages, videos, photos, recordings, and logs directly to your mobile phone or computer.
  • You can also control your target phone remotely. This is always true when unlocking or unlocking the mobile, interrupting the mobile phone usage, starting recordings, and deleting the installed apps that you think are suspicious and can be harmful to its user.
  • You can also enable notifications and alerts. It only means that you will receive instant notifications when your applied words are used in an email or text message.
  • You can also have full access to the entire account settings. Aside from that, you can also control your preferred payment mode.


Many of the monitoring applications that are available on the market are compatible to work with both iOS and Android phones. These spy apps include FlexiSpyHighster Mobile, mSpy, Mobile Spy, Covenant eyes, Spyzie, and many others.

The list of compatible devices that can work with your chosen monitoring app can be found on the official website of its manufacturer. So, you are required to ensure that your target phone is included on the supported devices list.

Many of these types of mobile monitoring software are compatible to work with Android devices that run 4.0 versions and above. But it is important for you to know that some of its functionalities can only work with the devices that went through the process of rooting.

Internet Access

There are some mobile monitoring devices that will require you to use an internet connection. It only means that a spy app can work properly if it is connected to a web connection, whether it is through cellular data or a Wi-Fi network. The app is capable of collecting the details from your target device. After that, the details will be sent to the application’s server through the internet.

When we say a spy app, it is a device or software that is specifically intended to monitor every activity done by someone with their mobile phone. Spy apps come up with different high-quality functions, such as monitoring keystrokes, call logs, text messages, and many others.

Parents are the most common individuals who are using monitoring apps to track the social media and phone activities of their kids. Business owners are also required to use the monitoring app to be installed on their employee’s mobile phones to determine the internet or email activities of their workers.

Covenant Eyes app monitors

In this post, we are going to give you our thorough and reliable review of the two most known monitoring apps on the market. These are the covenant eyes and mSpy monitoring apps.

We’ve read multiple reviews about the two said apps and concluded that these two work amazingly. If you want to know and understand the works and requirements of using a monitoring app, specifically the covenant eyes and the mSpy, then keep on reading. 

What is a Screen Accountability App?

As we mentioned a while ago, mobile phone applications are established to be used by everybody. The main purpose of spy apps is to monitor and obtain important information secretly from your target phone. These important details might include emails, text messages, phone calls, and many more.

These days, the demand for using spy software is increasing. It is because of fact that there are lots of individuals who consider the use of spyware to monitor fidelity. Most of them, specifically the employers, utilize the spy app in ensuring that their hired employees can be trusted. Parents also use monitoring apps in determining the different kinds of stuff performed by their teens.

As we mentioned a while ago, in spite of their uses, the entire spy apps work the same. You need to install the app physically and log in to the license key of the phone. There are lots of mobile spy apps that you can see on the market today. On the other hand, some of them are not worth buying. But the covenant eyes and the mSpy are an exception.

Before we dive into the main part of this covenant eyes review, let us first determine the possible pros and cons that you can get while using any of the spy apps on the market. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What is a Screen Accountability App

We cannot deny the fact that mobile phones are one of the necessities that a person should have. This is always true in the lives of a student and an employee or employers. But in spite of their popularity, there are some societies that are still questioning the usage of this innovative technology device.

On the other hand, most individuals around the world see the benefits of using mobile phones. Some of them don’t like the negative impacts of this device on the lives of every individual. Most of these advantages and disadvantages were honed because of the particular usage of the device.

At the same time, the usage of mobile monitoring applications has gone through a long-term debate between mobile phone users. Lots of people see the benefits of using spy apps, yet there are still some who have concerns about their usage.

Advantages of Mobile Monitoring Applications

Advantages of Mobile Monitoring Applications

Use in Emergencies Advantages

There is nothing in this world that can foresee the possible things that might happen in the future. But, if you determined that there is something undesirable that might happen on your way, are you prepared to take it? If you are a parent, you can’t always be with them just to monitor their activities.

On the other hand, if you are an employer, you can’t always monitor their performances inside the working place. But, with the help of a monitoring app, you can keep an eye on their phone activities whenever and wherever you go.

The covenant eyes app is one of the best monitoring applications out there that will provide you with complete and reliable location information of your target person or phone. Aside from that, it will also enable you to receive notifications for a particular area and get the history location with the use of your mobile phone or computer.

You will also be alerted when your teen or spouse gets into their area safely. This can be done with the help of the geo-fencing feature. During the time when your target individual takes a vacation in a place where the internet connection is slow, the app can still continue bits work and record the locations properly.

The gathered data will be uploaded to your server when the phone received an internet connection.

Monitoring the Progress of your Employees

Monitoring apps are one of the must-have items to improve the efficiency and productivity of a business. One of the main problems that are experienced by a business owner is making sure of the employees’ efficiency and productivity.

Most companies these days come up with a mobile workforce. It only means that their employees usually drive vehicles owned by the company. Most of the company workers are on travel. It only means that you will have a hard time monitoring their activities.

But the problems mentioned above can now be solved. It is because of the fact that mobile monitoring applications are now available on the market. These mobile spy apps are utilized by different business owners in monitoring the locations of their employees. But the spy app is not only being used in determining the current location of your employee.

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There are lots of employees who work in their houses and browse their different social media accounts while working. It only means that they are capable of harassing their colleagues through their mobile phones.

There are lots of mobile monitoring software that will ensure that your workers focus their full attention on working. Aside from that, you can also check that they are not compromising the confidential information of your company. This benefits you not only in saving your time and money but is also advantageous in regulating the workflow of your company.

It Will Give You Peace of Mind

Since we are now living in a technology-oriented era, more parents are experiencing difficulties in parenting. In connection with that, your teens are more susceptible to the threats of body shaming, cyberstalking, and cyberbullying.

Kids nowadays are experiencing psychological problems to the point that they consider committing suicide as their solution. These dangers are much more harmful compared to the mentioned physical threats.

Online predators are taking advantage of the use of different social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Kik, that will enable them to threaten teenage users. One of the major problems that might face by the parents is sexting.

With the use of the best mobile monitoring apps, such as mSpy and covenant eyes, you will now have peace of mind since you are aware of the phone activities performed by your kids.

Mobile applications like the ones that are mentioned above, to name a few, are capable of monitoring browser activities, text messages, and phone calls and will provide you with a daily report in regards to their phone usage. It only means that this kind of technological advancement will ensure that kids and teens will keep safe against cyber threats.

Disadvantages of Mobile Monitoring Applications

Disadvantages of Mobile Monitoring Applications

Similar to the other products, if there are advantages, the disadvantages are also present. In this part, we are going to provide you with the possible disadvantages that you can get from using mobile monitoring apps before you made up your mind. So, read on to know further.

Invasion of Privacy

One of the biggest concerns of most of us is our privacy. Mobile monitoring apps are secretly invading your privacy. Privacy invasion can be performed by dishonest people, such as thieves and hackers.

If they installed the app on your phone without your permission, they are free to harm you or wreck your house by tracking your current location.

On the other hand, even though there are some concerns in regard to the usage of these apps, it cannot be denied that mobile monitoring apps provided lots of advantages rather than disadvantages. It will always depend upon you if you are going to use it correctly or improperly.

They are not always Efficient

Another disadvantage that you might experience in using mobile monitoring apps is that they are not always efficient. It only means that just because you installed a monitoring app on your target phone, it does not mean that it will perform its function efficiently. Many of the monitoring apps available on the market these days have this issue – they did not work the same as advertised by the company.

One of the biggest problems that you might face with the said device is its compatibility with your target mobile.  Most of them will require you to root or jailbreak your target device before installing the app.

But some of the features a non-jailbreak version, which can be installed on iPhone devices without performing the process of jailbreaking. Aside from that, there are also some customers claiming that they have problems when it comes to determining the particular location of someone’s phone.

The Legal Disadvantages

The well-known argument in every corner of the world in regard to spy apps is monitoring someone’s mobile phone without asking for their permission. Even though it has been pointed out that detecting the smartphone of someone is out of the law, but these applications have never been advertised by their manufacturers to be used without the person’s knowledge.

It cannot be denied that every individual in this world is tempted by the capabilities of tracking someone’s phone and violating the rights of others. But, most of spy app manufacturers are recommended to ask the permission of your target person before installing your preferred spy app on their phone.

Now that you know the general advantages and disadvantages of using monitoring, it is the right time for you to know more about the two well-known monitoring apps on the market. These are the mSpy and the covenant eyes. So, if you want to know more about it, let’s get started!

Does Covenant Eyes Really Work for Kids

Anti-Porn Software: Does Covenant Eyes Really Work for Kids?

Aside from cyberbullying, one of the most harmful risks that your kids can get from using the internet is exposure to pornography. As a parent, you need to ensure that your kids and teens are safe from browsing websites with pornographic content.

There is no parent who doesn’t want to keep their children away from websites with adult content for as long as possible. But still, your teen can be exposed to pornography, although you’ve restricted their phones from browsing pornographic-oriented sites.

The different manufacturers of covenant eyes have different perceptions of the possible usage of the said app. But since most kids and teens these days have their own mobile phones, they believed that one of the ways of protecting your loved ones from adult-content exposure and porn addiction is by installing a spy app on their phones.

Aside from that, they also established an app that will enable you to maneuver the online activities of someone. Thus, you will ask yourself if using a covenant eyes app is a wise decision.

Read the covenant eyes review to learn more about how it works and if it really helps in avoiding your teens from browsing content that is not suitable for their age.

When we say covenant eyes, we are referring to an app that is specifically intended to give you control over the online activities of someone with their mobile phone. Most of the covenant eyes app users stated that the said app works as a filter on the internet.

It has the capability to detect improper content on the internet. Aside from that, it will also restrict your target phone from accessing pornographic-oriented sites.

The covenant eyes can be installed on both Mac and Windows PC. It is also compatible to work with both Android and iOS mobiles. One of the things that you should do when you start using the app is to pick your preferred Accountability Partner.

The AP (Accountability Partner) is the one who is capable of receiving the entire internet accountability reports of your target phone. You might consider your partner, friend, or a trustworthy person as your Accountability Partner.

Though the Covenant eyes monitoring app has the capability in tracking the internet activities of your target phone, the AP is the one that will give you the internet logs and help you in maneuvering your internet addiction.

The daily reports given by the said monitoring app in regard to someone’s phone activities will always reflect the online preferences and choices of that person. The main goal of Covenant Eyes is to make you realize in reconsidering the usage of the internet.

Main Features

Android App Locking

One of the main features that the covenant eyes monitoring app is the android app locking. This feature will enable you to apply restrictions to the mobile applications usually used by your target someone. The said feature can only be used by those who are target phone is run by Android.

Uninstall Notifications

The Covenant Eyes monitoring app will give your Accountability Partner a notification if you want to remove the app on the device. It only means that you will always win the battle.


The Covenant Eyes monitoring software also comes up with a filtering feature. This feature will enable you to filter the entire contents of a site you search intentionally or stumble upon. The app will also allow you to make your own list of Blocks and Allow apps.

Filtering is also one of the most helpful features that will ensure that your kids and teens are not involved in browsing websites with pornographic content. The said device can block or restrict entire sites that feature pornographic content. It only means that the app is a big help for you in ensuring the safety of your child.

The filtering feature offered by covenant eyes went through a lot of improvements. These days, they were considered partners of Clean Browsing, which is a filtering firm that has the goal of blocking adult-content websites.

The said feature will also provide you with two different packages, Family blocking, and Adult blocking. When we say Adult blocking, it is the one that blocks entire pornographic websites.

On the other hand, when we say Family blocking, it is the one that will provide you with a more secure choice that will restrict the websites with mixed content. Aside from that, it will also turn on the safe search and restrict your YouTube usage.

Internet Accountability

The Covenant Eyes monitoring app will enable you to keep an eye on the websites that your target phone is visiting more frequently. These details will be transferred to the Accountability Report.

Your Accountability Partner is also capable of viewing and controlling your activity reports and helping you to control the proper usage of the internet.

Screen Accountability

One of the most important and major features of the Covenant eyes monitoring app is screen accountability. The said feature will help you in monitoring the screen activity of your target user. After that, it will send its report to your accountability partner, who you trusted.

If you are accountable, it will help you to discuss your problems together with your AP. This can be done by performing a meaningful conversation. This will provide the user the friendship, as well as support that will motivate them to avoid watching porn and keep them away from pornographic exposure.

The said feature will act as a barrier between your target user and the pornographic content, which will help you a lot in ensuring their safety.

Even though the Covenant Eyes monitoring app does not have a wide range of features, it is still the best option for you. Through this, it will give you a helping hand in avoiding your loved ones from overexposure to pornographic content websites. 

Pros and Cons


  • It promotes a meaningful conversation between the entire members or users.
  • Once the important details have been gathered by the Covenant eyes monitoring app, they will be immediately sent to your Accountability Partner.
  • The said monitoring software will enable you to monitor the activities performed by your target someone on their PCs, mobile phones, and tablets.
  • It will give a helping hand to mates, families, and individuals in surmounting the addiction to pornographic content websites.


  • Some of its previous users claimed that the Covenant Eyes monitoring app sometimes shows bugs, including keeping crashes, constantly deleting tabs, and many others.
  • It tends to reduce the phone’s battery life when it has been used continuously.
  • The Covenant Eyes monitoring app is sometimes working slowly.
  • It uses the VPN to work. It only means that it can dramatically decrease the devices’ speed.


As we mentioned a while ago, the Covenant Eyes monitoring software is compatible to work with four different main operating systems. These include Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The said monitoring app is compatible to work with the operating systems used by both Android and iOS devices.

It only means that the entire features of the app can be used properly. It will enable you to keep an eye on Android-running mobile devices, iPad devices, iOS iPhones, and tablet devices.

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When it comes to compatibility, one of the drawbacks that you might notice with the Covenant Eyes monitoring app is that it does not provide a “no jailbreak” solution for iOS phones.

It only means that the features of the said spy app cannot be used with iPhones that did not go through the jailbreaking process. This means that you are required to perform the jailbreaking process on your target iPhone devices before you perform your monitoring purposes.

If you don’t know what jailbreaking is, it is a process of allowing an app to be installed on the phone. Jailbreaking will enable Apple devices to acknowledge the features offered by Covenant Eyes.

Upon depriving your target device, it will enable you to install other applications that are not included in the iTunes App Store. As a matter of fact, it will also enable you to unlock your Apple device from other applications.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that performing the process of jailbreaking will make your device more susceptible to different malware.

Covenant Eyes Monitoring App Price Rate

Covenant Eyes is one of the most cost-effective and acceptable monitoring applications that are available on the market today. It comes up with only one package, which will suit your budget and requirements.

You can purchase the Covenant Eyes monitoring app for only 15.99 US Dollars per month. This can be used by your family members. For only 15.99 US Dollars, you can now monitor more than 12 mobile phones. For you to get the Covenant eyes monitoring app for a much lower price, we recommend you use the covenant eyes promo code.

CovenantEyes Requirements

CovenantEyes Requirements

One of the advantages that you can get from using the Covenant Eyes monitoring app is that it will provide you with very straightforward work. There are three steps that you need to follow to start using the said monitoring app.

After downloading and installing the said app on your target device, it is the right time for you to start moving and get your main purpose for monitoring.

For you to be able to track the other individual’s mobile phone, you need to covenant eyes download. Aside from that, you are also required to sign up for the covenant eyes log-in. The said monitoring application will send you a request asking for your permission. This will enable you to make sure that the app is functioning properly.

After you have completed the entire process of setting up, the said software will be activated and will run continuously. There is nothing for you to worry about since it runs undetected.

It only means that you can get information for free without being detected by the phone’s users. Aside from that, you can also determine the internet activities of your target phone by logging in the covenant eyes code.

For you to be able to start using the said monitoring app, you need to perform the following steps;

Purchase Your Covenant Eyes Subscription – Before you proceed to the second step, you are required to buy your preferred covenant eyes subscription. As we mentioned a while ago, there is only one package that you can purchase for only 15.99 US Dollars.

Upon purchasing, the company will send you an important detail through an email, which includes the password and username of your own dashboard.

Aside from that, it also comes up with the set-by-step procedures and the license key for you to successfully activate the software. If you want to try the work of the said app, you can avail of their covenant eyes-free.

Download and Install

It Is important for you to know that it would be hard for you to install the covenant eyes monitoring application on your target device without having physical access to it.

Keep in mind that similar to the other apps out there, the said device will ask for your permission to function properly. You can only do it by having physical access to your target mobile.

After performing the set-up procedure, you can use the provided link on their official website. After that, the process of installation will be performed. The installation process can be done quickly and easily. The process will only take about five minutes or less.

Device Monitoring

When you are done performing both the downloading and process of installation, you are one step away from the process of device tracking. When it comes to the online dashboard, you are required to log in and personalize the settings in accordance with your taste.

On the other hand, whether you are logged in or not, the entire phone activity will be recorded by the app. After that, it will now enable you to check, monitor, and track anytime and anywhere you want.

During the situation that you want to check the data gathered, the only thing that you should do is log in to your dashboard username and password. After that, you can now view all the gathered information remotely and secretly.

What Do the Customers Say?

We are sure that you are one of the thousand individuals who are curious about public opinions about the previous users of the covenant eyes monitoring app. So, in order for you to get what you want, we are going to provide you with the customer’s opinion about the said product.

One of its previous users stated that he tends to utilize the covenant eyes app in monitoring the office performance of his workers. This is always true during office hours. In that way, he concluded that some of his employees are too busy browsing their social media accounts, while most of them are focused on their work.

As a solution, he set up a meeting with his employees and stated that browsing their social media accounts can be disregarded. Their main goal of working is to finish their assigned task before doing some stuff. After that meeting, he discovered that most of his employees started to perform more productive work.

Another user also stated her experience with the covenant eyes. She stated that she started using the said monitoring app way back in 2017. This is the time when her kids are in their teenage years. She wants to keep an eye on the phone activities of her kids since she is always busy managing their business. 

She utilized the said spy app to view the browsing history of her kid’s mobile phone. A few days after using, she discovered the persons being contacted and interacting with her kids on their social media accounts. She was amazed and grateful, knowing that her kids are being influenced by the good individuals on their social media accounts. So, she can manage her business with peace of mind.

Upon reading the mentioned customer public opinions above, you might conclude that the said monitoring app is very useful when it comes to business and personal life. You can determine that your workers are performing more productive activities, or your teens are safe from cyberbullying and other crimes being done with social media.

mspy review - a guy using mspy mobile app

Covenant Eyes vs. The mSpy

As mentioned, both Covenant Eyes, as well as the mSpy, are considered to be the top monitoring apps present on the market these days. If you can’t decide which one to pick between the two, we will help you to make a wise and right decision.

It cannot be denied that mSpy has lots of users in every corner of the world. It is because of the fact that the said monitoring software is compatible to work with desktop, iOS, and Android devices. Aside from that, it also comes up with a no-jailbreak version, which is ideal to be use with Apple devices.

Similar to Covenant Eyes, the mSpy can be installed quickly, easily, and conveniently. All you need to do is to follow the instructions included by the management to its package, and you can install the app on your target device without experiencing any hassle.

Upon installation, the app will enable you to start monitoring and checking the activities of your target phone. There is nothing for you to worry about it since it comes up with a user-friendly control panel.

In terms of its price rate, the mSpy can be purchased at a fair price. Since it can be purchased at a low cost, you can get the three different packages of the said app. these include the No Jailbreak, Premium, and Basic plans. In terms of the basic package, you need to purchase for about 29.99 US Dollars every month.

On the other hand, you need to pay about 69.99 US Dollars to avail of the Premium package of mSpy. If you want to use the No Jailbreak package of the app, you need to pay about 199.97 US Dollars for monthly usage.

The two mentioned monitoring apps would provide you with helpful monitoring functions, such as social networks, calls, messages, internet usage, contacts, and many others.

Advantages of mSpy Over the Covenant Eyes Monitoring App

We all know that the covenant eyes and the mSpy works in the same way. On the other hand, mSpy stands out over the Covenant eyes because of the following features;

GPS Tracker

The two monitoring apps come up with a GPS monitor that will enable you to determine the real-time location of your target individual.

This function will send you an email that consists of information about the exits and entrances of your target device. Aside from that, you can also view the time when and how often the phone visited that place.

Responsive Customer Support

mSpy will provide you with all-time customer support that supports more than 8 languages. The said app is popular because of its amazing services. The customer services of mSpy will make sure that your queries will be answered clearly.

What Does mSpy Offer?

  • Best Balance of Features – mSpy will provide you with the entire monitoring feature that will satisfy your tracking needs. One of the best things about mSpy is that it is equipped with the best balance of high-quality features. It is capable of tracking different phone activities, including contacts, messages, calendars, internet activities, and many others.
  • Easy Installation – as we mentioned a while ago, the mSpy can be installed within five minutes or less. Take note that the said app cannot be downloaded with your Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It can be downloaded with the use of the Control Panel of mSpy.
  • Excellent Customer Support – One of the things that you will love about mSpy is that it comes up with great customer support. Since mSpy offers all-time customer support, you can expect that all your queries will be answered immediately.
  • Non-Jailbreak and Jailbreak Versions – Fortunately, the mSpy comes up with both jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions. It only means that you can use the mSpy whether your target device is jailbroken or not.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a parent or a manager, monitoring software, such as covenant eyes and the mSpy can bring you lots of benefits.

By paying a little amount of money monthly, you can monitor and track your employees and loved ones easily and without experiencing any problems. It only means that you can have peace of mind even if you are working or busy with your household chores.

So far, we consider the covenant eyes monitoring app as a comprehensive spy app we’ve tested. Aside from that, it comes up with good monitoring functions.

On the other hand, when it comes to jailbreaking support and customer support, mSpy has an advantage. In terms of monetary value, we give our vote to mSpy since it will provide you with more advanced features compared with the covenant eyes.

So, if you are planning to purchase a monitoring app for personal or business use, we recommend you consider our two reviewed spy apps. But, if you are going to ask us which is the best two, we highly recommend you use mSpy. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your own monitoring app now and have good peace of mind.

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