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Best Free Phone Tracker App

A spy app or free cell phone tracker has been getting a high demand from a wide array of markets. It’s no wonder as it provides endless possibilities to kids, teens, parents, and even professionals. With the use of a free phone tracker app, it is easy to protect your children when they go online. You can monitor and track their location with peace of mind.

The best phone tracker app for free can improve your safety when you use the internet. Today, the use of social media has been a trend among people of all ages. Teens, for example, tend to get addicted to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other social platforms. In fact, they are likely to spend a lot of time browsing such popular sites.

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Among the different tracker apps we used, we consider mSpy one of the best phone tracker apps for iPhones and Android devices. It allows you to remotely monitor your child’s activity and view all messages without difficulty. This software also allows you to view the device’s exact GPS location.

That’s not all! The popularity of dating sites has captured the interest of these young audiences. As a result, their safety has been compromised. Worry no more! Phone tracker free online has got your back. As a quality tracking and monitoring tool, spy applications can help you keep eye on your kids’ online activities, which increases their security.

Spy apps are used in tracking internet history. For the past years, the internet has been one of the greatest technological developments across the globe. It helps us search for information easily. It gives us the opportunity to stream songs and even watch videos with ease.  

Best Free Phone Tracker App

Can I track a cell phone location for free?

Access to different content, however, is a big concern for parents. In fact, everyone can use porn sites without a headache. Did you know that watching adult content can track your personal information? Yes, you heard it right! the good news is that there are spy tools for everyone. Apart from tracking your internet history, the tool can help you find ways to protect your children.

Stealing company data has been prevalent over the years. Apart from an anonymous hacker, your employees may be a person of interest. Don’t worry! A free cell phone tracker can spy on your team. It can prevent data leakage and minimize the risk of financial losses. It can also protect your business data at a higher level.

A free cell phone tracker is an expert-recommended tool to prevent trolling and bullying. Dating apps and social media are the common hub of cyberbullying, which leaves a negative impact on your children. So, tracking their online activities is imperative. With the best phone tracker app free, you can minimize the risk and protect your kids.

With the increasing popularity, the free cell phone tracker app comes in a great number. Over the years, the variety of options is overwhelming to handle. While some options are effective, others are not.

In this comprehensive guide, we list the best free phone tracker apps in the market this [year]. so, without further ado, let’s get started! Are you ready? Read on for more information!

Can I track a cell phone location for free

5 Best Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps of [year]

It’s tricky to choose the best phone spy apps nowadays. This is particularly true when it’s your first time. Worry no more! Here is our list of the 5 incredible brands.

mSpy Homepage
mSpy Homepage

1. mSpy

Are you searching for the best iPhone spy app on the market? Don’t look further than MSPY! From reliability to support, it is worth your effort. What makes it special is that it’s designed towards monitoring the phones of your employees, children, and even partners.

But, before making a decision, it’s important to weigh the pros, cons, and other information in mind.


  • It is available at a competitive rate and a perfect tool to those who are on a budget
  • Number one spy app for iPhone and other devices
  • It is easy to install especially on Android mobile phones
  • It comes with an activity tracker that monitors screen time
  • It is undetectable just like the other free mobile phone trackers out there
  • It is packed with geofencing features
  • It monitors multiple users with optimal functionality


  • The tech support is not as efficient as FlexiSPY
  • It lacks a few more advanced features


MSPY is compatible to all versions of the iPhone. So, it won’t be considered as the best iPhone spy app for nothing. How about Android users? Well, MSPY is ideal for 4+ Android editions. Consider other excellent options for your convenience.

Price Rate of mSpy Application


Apart from the quality features, MSPY has been known because of its competitive rate. The price also varies. The basic package is around $29.99 per month. The premium package starts from $69.99 to $199.99 per year. The family package, on the other hand, is around $359.97 per 6 months. For a 1 year usage, the rate is available at $479.97. It’s quite expensive. It’s easy to monitor 3 phones.

The trial version is good for 7 days. Once the period ends, buy a 1,3, or 12-month license from the official website of the manufacturer. It’s also suitable for those who are less tech-savvy.


MSPY comes in two versions, such as non-jailbreak and jailbreak. That means limited monitoring capabilities. Don’t worry! The company’s diverse team will help. Whether you want to jailbreak a particular device or install the application, they are more than willing to guide everyone.

MSPY also comes with an Android phone version (root and non-root). When searching for advanced functionality, the root version is good to go.


MSPY is the best spy app for iPhone and even Android phones. But, in android phones, it is only compatible with 4+ versions.

The features are excellent. It can monitor text messages, contacts, call logs, and other instant messages. It can pinpoint the user’s GPS location, making the brand the leading GPS phone tracker free.

mSpy Review

FlexiSpy Homepage

2. Flexispy

Another powerful phone tracker free in the market is the FlexiSPY. Just like the MSPY, FlexiSPY has quality monitoring features you shouldn’t miss. What makes the app different from others is that it allows you to listen to live phone calls.


  • A powerful spy app for people of all ages
  • Developed to track different data on your target phone
  • Record suspicious phone calls up to the maximum
  • It is invisible or hidden to the user, making it a meaningful investment for everyone
  • It comes with an ambient listening mode
  • It is easy to navigate on IOS and Android
  • Aside from being the top Android spy app, it is one of the best tools for iPhone devices
  • Its manufacturer has been around for over 15 years now


  • When installing on IOS, FlexiSPY requires jailbreak. Ask help from a qualified provider if necessary
  • It is costlier than other options, but the functionality is commendable
  • Some features are not sound and wonderful
  • The live interception and the remote camera access are buggies sometimes


FlexiSPY has been a popular option because of its functional compatibility. It’s perfect for Android phones, including 4.0.4 – 8.1. It is also ideal for iPhone (all versions up to 9.1). Does your option have incompatibility issues? Then, FlexiSPY has got you covered.



FlexiSPY comes with an affordable cost. The prices are available in three options, such as the Extreme, the Premium, and the Lite. The Extreme requires subscribers to pay $29.08 per month. The Premium is around $12 per month. The Lite, on the contrary, is at $29.95 per month.

FlexiSPY also provides a free trial version. While the other packages last for months or years, the trial version is only effective for 24 hours. You can use it to track emails, manage SMS, track internet history, enjoy geolocation features, crack passwords, and track a person’s online activities.


Jailbreaking is necessary for a variety of IOS versions. The phone tracker free can also be used without rooting your Android phone. FlexiSPY features an ambient listening mode. It is specially designed to track the data on a specific device.


Are you comfortable with technology? Or would you be willing to spending more? Whatever the case may be, FlexiSPY should be on top of your list. As an effective phone monitoring software, FlexiSPY enables you to track everything about a target device. The Extreme package is a good decision to experience its unmatched capabilities.

FlexiSPY works on a wide array of devices, from IOS phones to Android tablets. For those who use the Blackberry and Nokia Symbian, FlexiSPY is a wonderful investment. The team also offers reliable app installation.

FlexiSpy Review

Spyzie homepage

3. SPYzie

Kids, nowadays, spend most of their time browsing the internet. Apart from playing online applications, children watch videos on YouTube or stream to songs on Spotify. Over the years, the internet has been a place for pornography. Let’s admit it! Teens can now access adult content.

As a parent, it is imperative to track their digital behavior. Spyzie is one of the vital apps you can take advantage of.

Similar to MSPY and FlexiSPY, Spyzie is a monitoring program designed to track the online activities of your kids and employees. Since its introduction into the market, this free GPS phone tracker has been getting widespread popularity. It’s no wonder as it is feature-packed and effective.


  • Packed with effective phone call monitoring (one can identify the contacts to be blocked or restricted)
  • It features real-time chat app or text message monitoring (it can access WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and other social apps)
  • The location monitoring is amazing (users can track the location of a specific person with optimal comfort)
  • It allows subscribers to access photos and videos of a specific device (you can be sure that your children won’t get any inappropriate content)
  • Provides SIM Card Alert (when the SIM card of your target device is removed, the phone tracker free can detect it)
  • Internet use monitoring (blocks suspicious websites)
  • It tracks the inputs done by a user on his/her device


  • It’s impossible to access group chats and other similar forms
  • It takes time to respond, so be patient while using the application


Spyzie has been tested for compatibility features. In fact, it supports any Android and IOS devices without any dilemmas. Designed for kids, Spyzie is a suitable tool to monitor your family members and other loved ones.


Other free GPS cell phone trackers require the use of root. Spyzie is different. Also, subscribers do not need to be tech-savvy to sign up. A little background can come into play.

In monitoring a person’s activity, just register the account, complete the installation process, and keep track of a device. That’s all!

For those who have queries and other concerns, please feel free to contact the manufacturer. Or visit the official website of the company to avoid any hassles in the future.

Spyzie is tried and tested to monitor call logs, messages, browser history, WhatsApp messages, photos, location history, and other applications. Because of that, we give the free cell phone tracker app a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0.

Spyzie Spy Phone App Price


Spyzie provides 3 versions for Android that differ in functionalities and price. These can include the Basic, Pro, and Ultimate packages.

For IOS phones, on the other hand, Spyzie offers the Pro and the Ultimate versions. The pricing plans are further discussed below:

  • Basic – The price for a 1-month subscription is around $29.99. For 3 months of usage, the rate is available at $39.99. To enjoy a 1-year consumption, pay approximately $89.99.
  • Pro – The price for a 1-month subscription is $39.99. For a 3-month subscription, it’s around $59.99. To save some cash, pay the amount of $99.99.
  • Ultimate – A 1-month subscription costs around $49.99. 3 months of usage is available at $69.99. A 1-year subscription is $119.99.


Spyzie is an outstanding piece of free cellphone tracker app. This is especially true when monitoring devices. Both tablets and smartphones (whether they are Android or IOS) are highly compatible.

Spyzie also provides an irrefutably wide-ranging amount of monitoring capabilities. It is easy to spy on an individual’s texts or phone calls. Thanks to its app blocking, GPS tracking, and other superb features. Before making a decision, identify your needs first.

Spyzie Review

Hoverwatch Homepage

4. Hoverwatch 

It’s sad to lose your mobile phone. Although it is easy to buy a new one, it’s hard to figure out how to restore your contacts. But it has never been less stress-free with Hoverwatch.

Hoverwatch is a mobile location tracking software you cannot afford to miss. It can help track where you lost your smartphone within a click of a button. More than that, the free cell phone tracker app can monitor your computer and record a person’s online activity. What else? Hoverwatch can spy on your kids whatever they are doing on their gadgets.


  • Provides online camera tracking (when Hoverwatch is installed in your phone, it can take a shot of the person who accesses your device)
  • Features a phone internet history tracker (before it was hard to know the internet history of a person. But things have changed today)
  • It records all SMS and calls
  • It is easy to monitor all sent or received MMS and SMS
  • It allows subscribers to track the location of your cell phone
  • Spy on WhatsApp or Facebook images
  • Tracking SIM card changes will be fun and convenient
  • It is stress-free to track messages, GPS calls, or SMS in stealth mode
  • It’s possible to make screenshots thru your target phone, computer and other devices
  • You can get a free trial


  • The free GPS phone tracker is not compatible with iPhones
  • It is complicated to record any Skype conversations
  • Phone or email support is not available (when there’s an error, submit your requests)


It is frustrating to know that Hoverwatch is not compatible with IOS phones and tablets. The good news is that the free GPS cell phone tracker supports other devices. In fact, it is compatible with Android, Mac, and Windows PC Operating Systems.


To use Hoverwatch, install the application on your phone and the target device. After that, what’s next? Well, your job does not stop there! It’s about time to create a free account. Be sure to enter a valid email address and a strong password.

Then, agree to the given terms and conditions. Next, add the devices you need to target. How? Just click download to set up the installation process. Finally, begin monitoring. Don’t forget to save call records, text messages, location, and other important information.



Hoverwatch is available in 3 packages to suit and exceed one’s needs. The personal package has a price of $19.95 per month. When searching for the best option to monitor a single device, this type of subscription is experts-recommended.

Monitoring 1 gadget, however, is not as fulfilling as you imagine. To maximize the use of this free cell phone tracker app, pay $49.95 for three months. The cost for a 1-year subscription, on the other hand, is around $99.95.

The family package costs around $39.95 per month. Unlike the other options, this subscription package allows you to track your children’s activities and monitor a maximum of 5 devices.

Hoverwatch offers a business package for organizations and start-ups. What makes it different from others is that subscribers can monitor approximately 25 devices at $149.95.  Yes, it can cause a dent in your bank account. But the services are of the highest quality.

Hoverwatch also comes with a free trial. How to avail? Simply, visit the homepage of the spy app. Click the sign up free and create an account. Just enter your email addresses, and be sure to set your password.

After that, you will be transferred to a new page, which allows you to add an Android, Windows, or Mac device to monitor. That’s not all! Read the given instructions to install the free trial of the software successfully.


Hoverwatch is compatible with Android phones, Windows PC, and MAC Operating Systems. For Android users, you can enjoy invisible mode, geo-fencing, front camera photo, and SIM card replacement.

For those who use gadgets with a Windows operating system, you would love the stealth mode, keylogger, webcam shots, and website logs of Hoverwatch.

Mac features, on the contrary, features invisible mode and keylogger. It enables you to track chat messages and internet history too.

Hoverwatch Review


5. Highster Mobile

Monitoring the online activities of children and employees has been imperative for the past decades. With spy apps, parents can track their kids every time they use the internet. Businesses can also protect their data, avoid any leak of important information, and reduce the risk of losing their finances in the long run.

The high demand for free cell phone tracker apps relatively affects its pricing structure. But there are affordable brands for everyone. Highster Mobile, for example, has been popular because of its affordability and long-lasting capabilities.

Similar to expensive brands, the free cell phone tracker online provides various features. It is easy to install and ideal for those who are not as technically savvy.


  • It is the most affordable option in this list
  • It comes with a good feature set
  • It works with IOS and Android phones or tablets
  • Designed to monitor text and WhatsApp messages
  • Undetectable but effective
  • Allows you to view a person’s browsing history, texts, instant messages and more
  • The purchase of Highster Mobile is easy, secure and fast (you can buy the software wherever you are)
  • Downloading the spy app is not complicated for convenient navigation
  • Rooting or jailbreaking is not required
  • The available upgrades are free for a lifetime
  • It is packed with a stealth camera, which takes spying to a different level


  • The customer support is not as responsive as you imagine
  • It doesn’t have more innovative spying features
  • It is only suitable to those who have basic monitoring needs
  • It doesn’t have any parental controls
  • It is not compatible with all smartphones
  • The company doesn’t offer any discount coupons and other wonderful deals


Highster Mobile works on different Android OS versions such as Nougat, Marshmallow, Honeycomb, Lollipop, and Oreo. It supports IOS devices with no jailbreak required. Therefore, it is a flexible option you should add to the cart today.


Highster Mobile offers both jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions. To monitor Instagram, Facebook messenger, and other applications, rooting or jailbreaking on Android can play a crucial role. So, know how it’s done. Just contact the official website of the manufacturer to answer all your queries and other concerns.

highstermobile free and pro price


MSPY, FlexiSPY, Spyzie, and Hoverwatch have different subscriptions. Some packages last for a month, while others are valid until a year. Highster Mobile, on the contrary, costs around $69.99 (a one-time fee). Whether you’re tired of monthly or annual expenses, Highster Mobile is a reliable solution. However, it doesn’t have advanced spying features. Just consider other options on this list for your comfort.


Highster Mobile is one of the most affordable spy apps in today’s market. As monitoring software, it is equipped with some features. Although its capabilities are not as strong as the other tools on this list, the application is a great choice for those who are on a budget.

Instead of monthly or annual plans, Highster Mobile provides a one-time payment. Available at $69.99, the app remains a powerful package to spy on your employees or children.

Basic support or responsive customer service is also available. To accommodate your concerns, submit your queries on their site.

Highster Mobile Review

How to Choose Spy Apps for Android or iPhone

How to Choose Spy Apps for Android or iPhone?

It’s good to know that there are various spy apps to consider. But the great number can prolong your decision-making. In this section, you will know some pointers to remember when picking the right free cell phone tracker app.

  • Identify your Needs First: Before searching the internet for the best solution, it is imperative to determine your requirements. Are you looking for an option that supports offline tracking? Do you want a tool that doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting on IOS or Android devices?

    Do you prefer a brand that provides a decent interface? Or are you searching for something that supports smartphone and desktop monitoring? Then, the selection process will be much easier than you have ever thought.

  • Consider your Budget: After determining your needs, what’s next? Consider your budget. Do you want something expensive or affordable? Of course, everyone wants the cheapest option. But the quality features might be compromised.

    Plus, it will lead to unnecessary expenses over time. The secret here is to take advantage of software that’s available at a competitive rate. although it may be expensive, it is a worth-it investment. Apart from increasing your children’s safety online, it can guarantee huge savings at the end of the day.

  • Don’t be in a Hurry: Selecting the best phone tracker takes a lot of time and effort. To avoid poor buying decisions, don’t rush. Don’t take shortcuts. Plus, never compromise the quality features of your choice. Always pick the one that exceeds your expectations.

Key Features of Spying Apps

Another way to have an effective spying app is to know its top features, and here are some of them:

Activate the GPS to Track Phones

The user’s location is one of the most important pieces of information for a concerned employer or parent. All of the 5 best phone spy apps on the list have a location tracking feature. Other phone trackers are developed to log the location over a particular time frame.

Thanks to the recent developments in technology. A good phone tracker allows you to set up zones with a smile. Every time the user enters or leaves a specific location, you will receive a notification within a few minutes.

Monitor Text Messages

People send text messages about the things they are hiding from someone else, and any tracking software can come into play. This monitors text messages and takes online security to a higher level. What else?

The messages are easy to read without the need to install unnecessary applications. Some free cell phone tracker apps log the texts. Downloading the information will also be fun. When the users delete the messages, you can still restore them without a headache.

Access Phone Contacts

Another common feature of a phone tracker is the ability to see the users’ specific addresses. A luxury and cost-effective spy option includes this functionality.

See Web Browser History with cell phone spying app

Access Web Browser History

The ability to access a phone’s browser history gives a person an insight into what someone is doing on his device. The free cell phone tracker app in this guide offers the same features. The function to see an individual’s online activities is key to tracking employees in real-time.

Monitor a variety of Social Media Platforms

Chatting apps (WhatsApp, Tinder, Skype, Onlyfans and Snapchat) are difficult to monitor because it goes beyond seeing a log of calls or text messages. But the 6 best phone trackers offer this capability, which is an ideal way to spy on chat conversations across social media platforms.

Monitor Snapchat

You’re probably using Snapchat (a popular chat app used for sending messages, videos, and photos) because of its appeal and easy navigation. The chat app, however, poses a danger to users. Some might use your photo without your accord.

Read Emails

Yes, email is not a trend among teens. But it should be monitored with the use of a spying app. The right phone tracker can access any incoming or outgoing emails.

Record Phone Calls or Views Call Logs

Top spy apps stand out from the competition because they record phone calls and view call logs. FlexiSPY is a good example. The jailbreak or non-jailbreak phone versions also feature the call log.

Activate Camera

For a parent, camera activation or photo recording is another powerful feature a tracking tool must-have. Although some apps don’t provide this functionality, it is still an excellent way to capture someone’s activities on the phone.

Capture or Record Every Input

A keystroke capture feature is another factor to weigh in mind. A tracker with this functionality can capture chats, passwords, emails, usernames, texts, and emails. Some tools might send you a notification when someone types specific keywords.

GPS tracking of iOS or Android Device

Things to Consider Before Buying any Tracking Apps

Now that you know the key features of spying apps, there are other things to understand when purchasing a phone tracker, and you have come to the right place!

The Reputation of the Company

 Every sector has fraud. The free cell phone tracker app is no exception. To have a lasting investment, check the reliability of your chosen provider. With careful research and patience, you can make a satisfying purchase at the end of the day.

100% Customer Service and Support

 Aside from quality service, a trusted company is known for 100% customer support. They respond to client’s queries and other concerns 24/7. They also have a diverse team that can accommodate someone’s unique needs or requirements.

Professional and Responsive Website

Reliable software companies have customized and professional websites. More than the appeal, the platform allows users to download a program with ease. Developed with a forum or toolbox, a website enables visitors to chat with the team.

Easy Installation

You perhaps have tried a free phone tracker app before. How was the experience? Have you ever had a hard time installing an application? Then, the 6 best phone spy apps on this list won’t give you the same experience. From installation to monitoring, the tracking tools will make you smile.

Frequently Asked Question About Free Phone Tracking Apps

To put things in perspective before we give our final verdict on these freemium spyware apps, Here are the answers to common questions people have about installing and using the phone tracker apps.

Do phone trackers work?

The free phone tracker app provides a multitude of benefits. It aids parents in tracking their children’s activities online. It minimizes the risk of cyberbullying. It protects teens from porn sites and other adult content. For businesses, a tracking tool protects their company information and avoids a financial loss. But do all spy apps work? It depends. That’s why it is essential to pick a quality option.

Which is the best spy app for Android?

One of the best tracking tools for Android phones is FlexiSPY. Aside from a competitive rate, it offers wonderful features and responsive customer support. The operating system is also stress-free to access.

Which is the best spy app for IOS?

MSPY is the number one spay app for devices with IOS operating system. Tired of an inefficient tracking tool for iPhone? MSPY is a useful alternative for you.

What free phone tracker app works even without a target phone?

Well, MSPY should be on top of your list. In fact, you can install the application remotely with the use of a non-jailbreak version. Unlike the standard options, the non-jailbreak version of MSPY is packed with superb monitoring features. Equipped with iCloud storage, it’s possible to harvest any data and monitor WhatsApp messages.

Can you track the exact location of your smartphones?

Definitely. Whether your choice is MSPY, FlexiSPY, or Hoverwatch, you can pinpoint the location of a specific device with a click of a button. But do you need to connect such tracking tools to the internet? Well, MSPY and FlexiSPY utilize the GPS instead. Each store has information in the control panel of your computer.

How does a free phone tracker app work?

Simply, a tracking tool monitors someone’s internet activity after the installation. Also, find whether the software is compatible with the device.

Why is jailbreak important for iPhone users?

Do you plan to spy on someone else’s device? Then, it’s essential to jailbreak the phone to obtain enough credentials. Jailbreaking the gadget also unlocks some cool features for a smartphone to track another.

Does Jailbreak affect the performance of the iPhone?

No. After the jailbreak is completed, the performance of the targeted phone will be the same. The battery consumption, however, will increase.

How to install the Software on an Android Phone?

It’s simple! You just have to install the monitoring software on your target phone. After 5 minutes, you can download a tracking tool. Then, check IM Chats, emails, call logs, and text messages.


Exhausted from your free cell phone tracker app? Or unsatisfied with the performance of your tracking tool? If so, MSPY is the best option in [year]. From ease of use to efficacy, the software has them all.

So, what are you waiting for? Please feel free to visit the official website of the manufacturer. Then, add it to the cart as soon as possible to enjoy discounts and other deals. A fun and satisfying experience await you!

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