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Flexispy Review

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the second level of needs of a human is so-called Safety Needs. Safety needs to be focused on the protection of humans from elements, security, order, law, stability, and freedom from fear.

Any parents who want to monitor their child’s electronic activity can use FlexiSPY. You can install it on the desired device and monitor all forms of activity. All of that information will be transmitted to the parent’s personal control panel.

FlexiSPY gives you absolute access to everything your child is doing on their electronic device. It works with tablets, smartphones, and PCs.

Does Flexispy Really Work?

This program works similarly to most parental control methods. FlexiSPY may be slightly different in a few key ways, though:

  • In order to use FlexiSPY, you will need to subscribe to the program. The basic program starts at $68 and covers you for a month of premium features like social networks and more. You can also choose a more fully-featured subscription plan as well that offers more features. This Extreme plan is preferred because of its microphone and camera control. It also includes spoofing tools.

  • You will need to download the application onto your phone. If you are targeting an iPhone, you will need to jailbreak that device for the FlexiSPY to operate as it should.

  • This is an app that works behind the scenes, undetectably. The owner of the targeted device won’t even know they are being spied on. All record logs from the FlexiSPY are stored remotely, and you will see any activity on your control panel. A new activity will be highlighted for your examination.

  • In order to view the activity logs, you just log into your FlexiSPY account. You can also see how long you have left on your subscription plan and make sure your license key is valid. There are a number of activity log types for you to view, and you can review individual logs by clicking on the data type of your choice.

In this era of technology their many so-called Spy Apps for iPhone, Android, and other mobile phones. This kind of application can help to prevent a kidnapping cases in different places in the world. A kidnap is an unwanted event that can make a kind of safety intrusion for the victim, but also for the loved ones who don’t know if the abductees will ever be right back home.

There are also some cases of the safety of the company wherein there is an incident of an inside job. Most of the inside jobs held in a bank may cause a financial crisis. There is also an incident of safety in terms of the goods or parcel of the customer wherein they report that their parcel is missing, the wrong item, or the worst scenario is the undelivered parcel.

Many spy application offers the same features and performance but one of these was overhead from the others, this spy application is called FlexiSPY. This app is the answer for your safety in the present and in the future, and it can prevent the kidnapping case, employee threats, or logistics problems because of the ability to monitor audio streams, intercept calls, record the surroundings, and other new features that can help to track the child, can monitor employees, and track the parcel van.

In terms of features and innovation, this application is one of the best mobile spy apps on the market.

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Why You Should Use FlexiSPY App

In this article, I will discuss further what is FlexiSPY and how the cell phone tracker and spy app can help you. In terms of the features, I will dig deep for the details below, but if you want to intercept calls, monitor or listen to the calls or record the surroundings this is the solution for you. Please Read more about Hoverwatch, Highster Mobile & Spyera, Thetruthspy, and Mobistealth.

After you finished reading this article, you will have an idea of how important is FlexiSPY for your daily life and how it can help to maximize your safety. You will also understand the software offers and packages that will be suited for you.

Note that you can’t download FlexiSPY from Google Play or the App store. The official app is only available on the FlexiSPY site.


  • Everyone who needs every possible spying feature will be able to find it find in FlexiSPY.
  • You can listen to calls, instant messaging, remote control the camera, SMS tracking, GPS tracking location, call logs, and other spying methods that you can possibly to say.


  • The Price is $68 a month – but of course, you will get what you pay for, and for sure that a lot of effort and investment went into the development of this spy software.
  • One of the cons of this application is the obligation to jailbreak your iOS devices. Also, some of the features (advanced features) are only available on rooted android devices.

FlexiSPY is one of the best spying applications for your Android and iOS devices because it offers various features than other spying apps. Then, if you really want to be secure for anything, you will probably consider it on your list to buy this [year]. This is also the most advanced and powerful spy software in the world.

FlexiSpy Homepage
FlexiSpy Homepage

FlexiSPY Application Overview

FlexiSPY is one of the advanced spy phone applications for today’s generation. It is monitoring software that you can install on your computer or on your Android or iOS Device. Once it is installed, it takes complete control of the device and lets you know everything no matter where you are.

Also, this application will be completely hidden. This software can offer more flexible functions of monitoring and reporting than just the other spy applications out there.

They are the original application since 2006. Thus, they know how to make reliable mobile monitoring software because they are the First Commercial SPY Phone Application in the World since 2006. The milestone from their first launch is proven because until now they are still operating. What can one say about the milestone they have achieved? Isn’t it amazing to see how they manage to spy on any smartphones nowadays?

How Does it FlexiSPY Application Work?

Wondering how does this application work? FlexiSPY works by doing secret records (data) that one can take on an iOS or Android device. This kind of data includes text messages, emails, photos, IM chats, videos, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), GPS, and many more.

Once these data are captured and recorded, it will be secretly uploaded to a secure web-based (the type of connection will in VPN or Virtual Private Network) account via the Internet.

To access all the data you have captured, you can simply log in to your FlexiSPY account using a web browser on any computer or smartphone. Using your smartphones (iOS or Android Devices), you can spy on them from any part of the world (just make sure that there will be an internet connection in your place).

What are the Features of the FlexiSPY Application?

This spy application has more features than the other spy apps out there. Let’s discuss the Main Features of FlexiSPY (Extreme Subscription) and later we will list all the unique (other) features you can use.

1. Instant Messaging

Facebook and Whatsapp are the social media messaging applications that replaced SMS (short message service) and now, this generation prefers to use this application to chat with their friends. It is enjoyable to use this kind of application because you can send various stuff such as stickers or emoticons to anyone in your social media network.

Take note that you can also share a video and photo with them as well. Remember that FlexiSPY can help you to monitor your children or your spouse or whoever they are talking to in their instant messengers. The best thing about FlexiSPY is, that besides being able to capture texts on apps such as instant messaging, it can capture rich media, too.

What is Rich Media? Rich Media is a type of media that can be shared between devices to enhance the overall tone or message of a conversation.

Here are the examples of rich media that FlexiSPY can capture:

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Picture
  • Shared location
  • Shared Video
  • Text
  • Stickers
  • The conversation is shown as seen on the phone

FlexiSPY has more amazing features for instant messaging. In fact, this application is the only spy phone software that can display the instant messaging conversation inside your online account (FlexiSPY Account), just like the user interface on the actual phone that you are spying on.

2. Monitoring all the Audio Streams

Let’s make this simple, some people are anxious about what their loved ones are saying during those many phone calls or instant messaging calls. FlexiSPY will help you to monitor all the audio streams of your spouse, employee, or your children.

Unlike other Spy applications, this application allows you to listen to and record audio from sources like Instant Messaging (like Facebook Messenger, TikTok, Snapchat, Line, Telegram, and other Instant Messaging applications) and regular phone calls.

3. The Remote Control Feature (for Camera and Video Recording)

There are astonishing features of this application – and this is called a remote control feature. Turning a smartphone into a remotely controlled camera and video recorder is one amazing thing. This feature has 2 main attributes, which are the RemCam and RemVi.


The RemCam (Remote Camera) is a unique feature of this application that lets you take over a target iOS or Android device’s camera remotely to take photos. You can make two photos at a time, one each with the back and front camera.

All pictures captured with RemCam are automatically uploaded to your secure online platform. This is convenient because you can easily view it. It is also this feature that is so unique and you won’t find it with any other spy applications out there.

Here is the list of benefits of using the RemCam:

  1. Take control of the iOS or Android Device’s camera anytime and anywhere.
  2. Preview photos that you’ve saved.
  3. Download the pictures to your PC.
  4. Completely undetected.
  5. You will know where the target device is at any moment.
  6. Take a photo with both front and back camera.


The RemVid (Remote Video) is a unique feature of this application that lets you take over a target iOS or Android device’s camera remotely to take a video. This feature will let you monitor the desired target device by capturing videos and uploading them to your secure online platform.

This is also a perfect tool for those concerned parents or employers to protect their children and business. This feature is a powerful part of the software FlexiSPY, and you will never find this kind of feature in other spy applications.

Here is the list of benefits of RemVid:

  1. Take control of the iOS or Android Device’s camera and record videos.
  2. Records visuals and sounds of target devices (you can use them to record what is happening to the target person).
  3. Download, filter, and store video.
  4. View all the videos from your secure online dashboard or from FlexieVIEW.
Call Interception and Spy Call

4. Call Interception and Spy Call

This spy application has a cool feature for spying calls. These are called call interception and spy call.  Call intercept is a feature of this spy application that will allow you to listen to a live conversation of a call from your target device. This kind of feature will help you out in different scenarios whether it is a personal reason or a business-related one by listening to a phone call.

A spy call is a special feature that will instantly turn the target phone into a remote listening device. This will help you to be able to listen to the surroundings of the child’s or the employees’ surroundings in secret and in real-time. Below are things on how to use the Call Intercept and the Spy call. Also, there we will list the handy qualities of those features.

How to make Call Intercept?

  1. Specify the numbers that you are interested in intercepting.
  2. When a call is in progress you will receive an SMS on the Monitor Phone.
  3. Call the Target phone from the Monitor phone to be added to the call.
  4. Make sure to stay silent during the call by covering your phone mic.

Handy Qualities of Call Intercept:

  1. It can tap for you to listen to incoming and outgoing calls on the target iOS or Android Devices.
  2. Totally undetectable when you are listening on a call.
  3. Easily activate phone spying by sending a secret SMS or via your FlexiSPY user account dashboard.
  4. You can decide on which number you will track, either on the contact list of the target smartphone or not.

How to make a Spy Call?

  1. Call the target phone from the monitor phone.
  2. The target phone will automatically answer allowing you to listen in.
  3. Make sure you stay quiet and cover the monitor phone mic.

Note: Always make sure that the monitor number is ready inside your online account.

Handy Qualities of Call Intercept:

  1. You can listen to a call from your phone secretly and in real-time.
  2. These features work when their phone is not in use because you will not be detected.
  3. While you are listening, the phone will look and function normally.
GPS tracking of iOS or Android Device

5. GPS Tracking

One of the key features of this spy application that will amaze you more is Location Tracking. It lets you track the monitored devices and display their location in real-time on a map.

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Why does this Application have the best GPS Tracking?

  1. It gives you accurate real-time GPS tracking of the target iOS or Android Devices.
  2. In the Map view section, you will clearly view the current and past locations of the target device.
  3. All the dates and times of the target device’s coordinates were recorded.
  4. You can put a favorite or star in the locations you want to highlight.
  5. You can track the target device in hidden or visible mode.

6. Application screenshot

This feature allows you to remotely take a screenshot of the applications running without the knowledge of your child or your employees.

The screenshot will happen only when the application (you should select an application from the targeted device that you will apply a screenshot feature) is active. When the user touches the screen, it will make a screenshot. All the screenshots will be uploaded to your secure online portal.

Screenshot Features of FlexiSPY:

  1. You can take a screenshot of an application remotely from your device. You will see how those applications are really being used.
  2. You can see the list of the applications from the target device.
  3. You can choose what application you want to capture.
  4. You can also search it by date range and when the last shot was taken for each application.
  5. You can also mark the screenshot for important reference later.
  6. You can view the screenshot through your secure online portal.

7. View Photos and Videos

In this spy application, you can view the targeted iOS or Android Devices’ photos and videos. On the Photo features, you will be able to view all the images that were sent, received, saved, and deleted on the target device. On the other hand, the video feature will help you to view all the video files stored in a target device.

Features of Photo Views

  1. View the images every time from the target device
  2. Access photos already stored on the device
  3. You can monitor photos through your online portal account
  4. You can choose which photos to download.
  5. This Photo View Feature can support file formats such as JPEG. PBM, PAM, and ECW.

Features of Video Views

  1. See video clips that are stored from the target device even before the FlexiSPy is installed.
  2. Watch the video clip in real-time without being noticed or alarming the target user.
  3. This Video View Feature can be supported the file formats of CGM, SVG, ODG, EPS, SWF, WMF, XPS, EMF+, EMZ, MP4, WMV, ASF, 3GP, M4v, and AVI.

How to Install FlexiSPY on Android and iOS

Installing on iOS and Android devices of FlexiSPY has different ways but it is generally easy to install it. Be reminded that you must have access to your target’s phone. Sometimes it reminds you that many people purchase a spy phone application without any idea what they should do first.

They purchased immediately a spy application without any access to the target’s device. You can also use some more trending apps & gadgets on iOS & Android too for the same type of review guides.

Before you install, here are the guidelines for you to remember:

  1. You will need physical access to the device.
  2. Check the compatibility of the device (to be discussed later).
  3. Then review the refund policy or use the worry-free installation service of FlexiSPY.

Compatibility of FlexiSPY for Android Devices

  • Operating System
  • Android OS 4.0.3 to Android OS 10
  • Features Currently not Supported
  • Operating System 8: Spy Call, Call Interception, SMS remote commands.
  • Operating System 9: RemVid, Spy call, Call Interception, SMS Remote Commands, Spoof SMS, SIM Change Notifications.
  • Operating System 10: Advanced features not available. The hiding app requires the use of the remote installation service from FlexiSPY
  • CDMA Networks that do not have a call interception feature.
  • For Operating System 9, you should root your android devices.

Note: To check the Android version, you must go to settings. Depending on the brand of the Android Device, click on the About Phone, System, or Software Information option. Some of the features, especially the advanced features, may require an additional device configuration. This device configuration is called rooting.

Compatibility of FlexiSPY for iOS Devices

 Operating System

  • All versions up to 9.1
  • iOS 9.2 – iOS 12.4 supports tethered mode only. The tethered mode (jailbreak) requires the iOS device to be plugged into a computer when turned on.
  • Features Currently not Supported
  • iOS 12.x: Audio Files, RemCam, RemVid, Spycall, Phonecall Interception.

Note: To check the iOS version, you should go to Settings. Then, go to the General. After that, choose About, then it will show the iOS version. For iOS devices, you should jailbreak the device to be able to use FlexiSPY.

What are Android Rooting and iOS Jailbreaking?

Some of the applications and other features of your smartphone will be activated when you root or jailbreak it. So, what does rooting or jailbreaking mean?

  • Android Rooting: Rooting will be recommended to you by tech people if you want to use the full potential of your Android device. Rooting is a process wherein you allow to attain root access to the Android operating system code. It gives you the capability to modify or enhance the software code on the device or install other software that the manufacturer would not normally want you to install.

  • iOS Jailbreaking: Jailbreaking is when Apple users want to install software that is not authorized from the Apple app store into their device. Jailbreaking is a simple process wherein one is providing access to an alternative application catalog. These applications are not available on the App store.

Steps for installation of FlexiSPY

  1. Purchase a subscription to FlexiSPY. You will see the different levels of subscription (We will later discuss the different Subscription types).
  2. Get the iOS or Android Device physically in your hand.
  3. Start the process of Rooting or Jailbreaking the Device.
  4. After rooting or jailbreaking, you may install the FlexiSPY app by downloading it from the website.
  5. After you install the application, you must go to the online portal of FlexiSPY to set up the software.

An easier way to Install FlexiSPY

When you have trouble, or you have no time, or are worried about Jailbreaking or rooting your device, FlexiSPY can do it for you. To avail of this, when you purchase the services from FlexiSPY you should include it in your payment. You may want to purchase a phone pre-installed with FlexiSPY to lessen the hassle for you.

An easier way to Install FlexiSPY

With this service, a skilled technician from FlexiSPY will immediately root or jailbreak your device after you’ve purchased FlexiSPY. Their technicians are well trained and help you also to install and set up the software. Isn’t it amazing that you will have peace of mind and can be sure that FlexiSPY is set up correctly?

How to Use FlexiSPY

The platform of FlexiSPY is very user-friendly for parents or employers. This platform is a one-stop data app for you because you can access all the reports that come from the target device. Below is the sample snapshot of the platform of FlexiSPY.

The platform of the Demo Version of FlexiSPY Extreme Account

Here is the quick-start guide video for you:

You will see on the left part of this online platform of the spy application is the menu bar. You will see on the menu links is a dashboard, account, data, alerts, live listening, and a spoofed SMS.


The dashboard page is about the summary of device information and product information. The information about the device you may find is the model, operating system, IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), Network, Battery, Client Status, and Synced. On the other hand, in the product information corner, you will find the Product Name, License Key, Expiration Date, Version, and Activations.

You may also find in the Dashboard the other features summary like the Latest Calls, About Account, Latest SMS, Latest Keylogs, Latest Location, and Latest Photo.

FlexiSPY Dashboard
FlexiSPY Dashboard

You may find more information in the Account Menu.


On the Account menu, you can edit your FlexiSPY account details, verify license information, and get a quick overview of the software. On the My Profile, you can edit the username, registered email address, or password.

Note: The email address that you will use must be the same address when you are requesting support.

FlexiSPY also adds more security to your online account by adding two-factor authentication. This will add security to your online platform by asking you to also enter a unique six-digit code from your mobile phone.

FlexiSPY account details
FlexiSPY account details

License Profile displays general information about all the devices registered. It also shows about all the licenses, active, or inactive. This includes also the license key, what’s currently installed, software version, subscription expiration date, and last connected (UTC time zone). The Action column is about the renewal of the license subscription. It also serves as the link to remotely update the software from the target device.


In the Data menu, you will find a different sub-menu. Below is the list of the sub-menu under the Data section.

  • Passwords
  • Passcode
  • Call Log
  • Call Recording
  • VoIP
  • VoIP Recording
  • Key Logs
  • SMS
  • Emails
  • IMs
  • App Screenshots
  • MMS
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Audio Files
  • Wallpaper
  • Locations
  • Ambient
  • RemCam
  • RemVideo
  • Contacts
  • App Activity
  • Installed Apps
  • Web Activity
  • Bookmarks
  • Notes
  • Calendars


The Password Sub-menu is a unique feature that applies to both Android and iOS devices. The passwords that are captured include the passcode of the lock screen, different emails that are logged-in on the device, the password from different applications, and IM chat account passwords.

The Dashboard will show you the logs of the name of the application, the username, and password, and the last time it was captured.


In this section, the Passcode is the feature of FlexiSPY wherein it captures the lock screen’s pattern lock, Pin code, or passphrase. This feature is available only for FlexiSPY Extreme subscriptions.

Call Log

The Call Log feature will let you see the incoming call, outgoing calls, missed calls and starred contacts. You will find in the dashboard the Contact’s Name, Phone Number, Duration of the call, and Date and Time. You may also delete the history of the call from the target device.

Call Recording

In this feature, if this is enabled, it will record all the conversations and then it will transfer them to the online platform. You can also filter logs between Starred, All, Incoming, Outgoing, or Missed call. To listen to a recorded call log, you may download it from the online platform FlexiSPY. Click the download button at the right end of each item.

Voice over Internet Protocol Call Logs

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Call Logs

This feature captures all the logs from the various VoIP Instant Message application on both iOS and Android Devices. The VoIP call logs are similar to the Call Log. The FlexiSPY VoIP call logs can also record the actual VoIP.

It also provides the contact name, user ID, duration of the call, date, and time stamp. You may also sort the type of application you want to view on the call logs. There is a drop-down selection that can filter between all supported VoIP logs or just specific applications.

VoIP Recording

This feature will get the data of all the call recordings from VoIP. You can filter all the VoIP Recordings by applications.

Key logs

This feature will allow you to see all the texts entered into any application. When the Key logger is enabled, all the keystrokes for all applications either before or after the FlexiSPY was installed will be captured. Key logs can be sorted by list or group and by a star.

Setting up the Key logger in Android

  • On the android Device, open settings.
  • Under Services, tap magnifies keyboard text.
  • Enable the key logger option on the slider button
  • Tap ok when permission is asked.


In this feature, you will see all the SMS messaging from the target device. The view can be changed between the list or group view. The group view is presented in a threaded format. Besides the contact name, the number of messages appears there. Click the contact name to open the SMS messaging.

You can see the following SMS Features

  • The target’s SMS inbox and sent messages.
  • You can read the full contents of all messages.
  • You will be able to view the details such as the contact names and numbers that are associated with the SMS messages.
  • You are able to get the time and date stamps.


The email feature is available for all iOS devices. For Android devices, you must be rooted to be able to do an email capture. In this feature, you will capture the email including the pictures and text. You may also view the contact details, date, time-stamp, and full text of all captured emails.

Instant Messaging

The Instant message feature can capture the most popular instant messaging chat on iOS and Android devices as mentioned earlier. You may see this on the left panel where the list of messages from what instant messaging they came from and the name of the contacts.

Application Screenshots

The Screenshot feature can be found inside the data menu of your dashboard. To use this, you must select the applications you want to capture. Note that you may only select up to 5 applications to capture screenshots from.


The MMS or so-called Multimedia Messaging Service can be viewed under the data menu. At the top of the screen, the view can be switched between list or group view. This feature can read text messages and download any attached media (pictures, video, or audio clips).

MMS Feature can Capture the Following:

  • MMS Contact Name
  • MMS Contact Phone Number
  • MMS Message Text
  • View Photos Inside the MMS Message
  • View Videos Inside the MMS Message
  • Hear the Audio inside the MMS Message


This feature will capture all the photos from the target iOS or Android Device. Photos will be captured including those in the media history of the device before the FlexiSPY was installed. In the dashboard, you will see the thumbnails of all the photos. You can also filter the images by date range at the top of the page.

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This feature will show the video clips on the target phone. Getting the video is a two-step process. The first step is to select which video you will upload from the target device to the server. The second step is to download the clips directly from the dashboard of our FlexiSPY account to your computer or to your device.

Audio Files

The Audio files from the target device can be downloaded through this feature. The audio recordings and voice memos are the audio files that can be captured from the device. The steps to download the audio files are the same as downloading the videos. The first step is to select which audio files to upload from the target device to the server. The second step is to download the clips from the dashboard of the FlexiSPY account to your computer or to your device.


This feature will capture all the wallpaper graphics of the target device used.


This feature will show the GPS location of the target device. To view all the historic locations, click the history tab above the map to the left. This allows you to enter the time or date range and even animate the path of travel.

Locating the Target Device

  • At the upper right part of the map, click GPS Tools and click Start Location Tracking.
  • Move the slider to the On position to enable the location tracking.
  • You may set the report of the location of the GPS from once per every 10 minutes up to once every 1 hour.
  • After you set up the changes, click Sync Now.

To receive the locations of the target device, the Location Service in the target device must be enabled.


All the ambient recording files or the recordings of the target device’s ambient surroundings will be logged here. To see the dates, time, and duration of the recording, hover the mouse pointer over each thumbnail.

Hovering also provides access to put a star on the item for filtering or to delete the recording. To download the recording, there will be a download link under the audio thumbnail.


This feature will help you to capture a photo remotely from the target device. To take a picture remotely, click the RemCam Button to the upper right of the page of the RemCam dashboard. When you take a photo, there will be no flash or any sound on the target device.

To see the date and time of each image, hover the mouse over the RemCAM thumbnail. You can also delete or star the item for filtered searches. Lastly, click on View Photo to open it.


This feature will help you to record a video remotely from the target device. To record a video remotely, click the RemVideo button to the upper right of the page of the RemVideo dashboard. When you record a video, you may choose whether the front or rear camera is used to take the video.

The duration per clip is 5 minutes. To see the date and time of each video, hover the mouse over RemVideo thumbnail. You can also delete or star the item for filtered searches.


This feature will give you access to all address book entries from the target iOS or Android Devices. The contact information includes the listed name, avatar of contact, email address if available, and phone number. Click the Contacts on the left part of the dashboard to view all the details.

App Activity

This feature confirms the apps that are installed from the target device and how often they are used. The App activity also logs the application name, the date and time-stamps of the application that was installed, and the time when it was launched or uninstalled.

Installed Apps

This dashboard, it will show the applications that were installed on the device. You will be able to identify the name of the app, the installed size in KiloBytes, and the date and time stamp the apps were installed.

Web Activity

The web activity feature will let you see all the websites visited, get the time and date of each visit, and you may click to visit all the URLs uploaded to your FlexiSPY online account.


The Bookmarks feature will let you see all bookmarks from the web browser of the target device. This includes the title page and the actual URL link.


This feature will capture all the text, date, and time-stamp of the notes that are created from the target device.


This feature will help you to see all the appointments from the calendar from the target device.

The Data that you can view from the Calendar are:

  • Calendar Entries and Appointments.
  • Confirm scheduled meetings, birthdays, etc.
  • All details such as time, place, notes, etc.

To view full details of the calendar entries or appointments from the calendar logs, click the More Info of any of the records to see the full details.


This feature allows you to do a quick way of knowing when certain things happen with your target. For example, when a specific contact you choose is to make a phone call with your target, it will immediately alert you.

When the target will search a specific keyword through the applications or is 500 meters away from its position then it will alert you too.

Types of Alerts in flexispy

Three Types of Alerts can be Created:

  • Caller ID: You can pick a specific contact to be alerted when they make a call with your target. To use the Caller ID alert, you should give the alert a unique name and choose the type and direction. Then enter the phone number in international format. Then click Add Alert.

  • Keyword: You can create specific keywords to be alerted on when the target searches through the applications. To use the Keyword alert, you should give the alert a unique name. Enter one or more keywords, it should be separated by commas. Select the alert to be triggered by appearing in either SMS, IM, or MMS Messages.

    To Track the same keyword across multiple options, create additional keyword alerts with different names. Then click Add Alert to save the settings.

  • Location: You can create specific locations when you should be alerted by FlexiSPY when the target device is detected in that location. To use the Location alert, give the alert a unique name. After that, use the map to navigate down to the street level of the location you want to receive an alert for.

    Then enter a location you want to receive an alert for, then choose to Alert me when the target comes within. Choose the radius from 50 meters up to 10 Kilometers, and the corresponding radius will appear on the map. Then lastly, click Add alert.

Live Streaming

This feature will help you to control the monitor number used for SPYcall, Intercept Call, and for receiving SMS notices of SIM Change or Connecting Calls. You will also view the Watch List notices alert, the Watch list will notify you when someone is calling the number of the target.

Spy Call and Call Intercept

Here are the steps to use the SPYcall and Call Intercept.

  • Click Set Monitor Number to specify the phone number you will call the target from. This feature will know when to answer a Spy Call. You will receive an SMS for SIM Change and Watch list notice from the Monitor Number.
  • Click Enable Live Listening and slide the slider button to enable the Spycall and Call Intercept Feature.

Interception Watch List

This feature determines when to send SMS notices of connecting a call to your Monitor Phone. Therefore, you will know when you can make an Intercept Call.

Steps for Interception of Calls with Specific Contacts

  • On the watch list menu, enter up to 5 specific numbers in the boxes.
  • The specific numbers should be entered in international format with a plus sign followed by country code and full number.
  • Then click Sync Now.

Spoof SMS

This feature is about SMS text messages from the target phone. It will deliver an SMS message to be sent to a specific number you want to send to by using the number of the target. Note that credit will be used from the Target Service plan.

How much does Flexispy cost

FlexiSPY has different subscription plans. Below you will see the types of subscription plans and their prices.


For Android and iPhones


  • Lite offers an essential set of monitoring features at an unbeatable price. Perfect for those who are on a budget.
  • 1 month for $29.95


  • A Premium subscription is for all-around monitoring. It gives you more features than any competitors.
  • 1 month for $68
  • 3 months for $99
  • 12 months for $149


  • The most demanding detectives for their clients. Extreme adds monitoring and recording of all streams and other helpful discovery tools.
  • 3 months for $199
  • 12 months for $349

How FlexiSPY can Help Parents to monitor their Children (Parental Control)

Nowadays, kids own smartphones, and easy to access social media and other things without your consent. FlexiSPY will help you monitor your children’s safety and their activities with these applications.

Here are the Reasons for the Main Features of FlexiSPY that can Help Parental Control

1. Call Recording, Spy Call, and Call Intercept

Do you ever wonder why your child is talking on her phone late at night? These features will help you to have peace of mind knowing you can listen to your child’s phone conversations later if you are concerned that they are in danger.

Call Recording will help you to record the conversation of your child for future use if bad things will happen. Spycall and Call Intercept will allow the parents to monitor daily their kids when someone is calling them through their device. Especially the Unknown numbers, the parents must keep an eye on them.

2. Ambient Recording

FlexiSPY’s ambient recording acts as a second pair of ears for the parents. It will ensure your children are safe if they are out for the night. The Hidden Spy Recorder is a powerful tool that parents can benefit from.

This feature will help you to have peace of mind knowing your children are safe. If you are concerned about who your kids are spending time with or doing a risky behavior, you will able to listen remotely through their phones when they are not with you or when they hang out with someone else.

You may also use the ambient recording when your child goes missing. You can use the ambient recording feature to listen to the surroundings of your child and to have evidence of sorts.

3. RemCam and RemVideo

This feature will help you to remotely use the cameras of the iOS or Android Devices that your child has. It will help you monitor what kind of place your child is in and who is with your child.

In RemCam, you can remotely capture a photo so you can have evidence if there will be danger happening to your child. You can easily know what kind of place your child is. RemVideo is the same as RemCam but instead of taking photos, it will record a video.

4. Application Activity

Parents should monitor their child’s activity on their smartphones. This feature will give you a picture of what your child is doing with his or her smartphone. You will be able to monitor what kind of application they are installing. It will track if they are downloading paid applications or installing an application that they can enable to view inappropriate content.

5. Photos and Videos

Many kinds of scandals may be accessed through the internet. In fact, you are just one click away and your child might get it instantly. This feature will help you to monitor what clips or photos your children are viewing on their devices. You should protect your children by exposing them to inappropriate content. You can view if they are being bullied by other students by taking photos or recording videos of them.

Also, today we are living in a world of selfies or instant photos. You should expect your child is always taking photos outside your perimeter. So you might want to monitor if they are exposing their self in nudity or other inappropriate photos.

6. Location Tracking

One of the worst-case scenarios is when you cannot reach your child and do not know where they are. This feature will help you track your child in real time. You will also know if they are walking, taking public transport, or riding a bicycle when they are outside your perimeter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below you can find the answer to the most popular questions about FlexiSPY.

What is FlexiSPY?

FlexiSPY is an application that can be installed on an iOS or Android Device to monitor and record the target device’s activities.

How Many Devices Can I Install FlexiSPY on?

You can only install FlexiSPY on one device per license purchased. However, you can move the license by deactivating the license from the current device and transferring it to the new device.

Is FlexiSPY Legal?

FlexiSPY is legal to be installed on your own phone. If you are installing FlexiSPY to a phone that you don’t own, you should ask permission first from the owner before installing FlexiSPY.

Can I Upgrade to Different Versions of FlexiSPY without re-installing?

Yes, you can upgrade it.

How long is Data Stored on their Servers?

The data stored on their servers are automatically and permanently deleted after 90 days.


FlexiSPY is best for monitoring and securing your children and giving peace of mind to parents and even employers. The price is affordable and very apt considering the features it has built.

This review allows you to read all the possible questions from features, price, and user benefits. The bottom line is that FlexiSPY is worth trying. FlexiSPY is the most powerful spy you will ever need. What are you waiting for? Try the FlexiSPY now!

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