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Best Phone Tracker App without Permission

GPS monitoring means using a Global Positioning System to determine and find out the precise geographic location of the person you are tracking. The phone tracker apps was used even before by the military and is a way for car navigation as well.

On the other hand, it is just recently, that which has been utilized by many parents in tracking the location of their kids. Using a global positioning tracker app, moms and dads can know where their kids are behind their backs.


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Among the different phone tracker apps we used, we consider mSpy one of the best apps for android & iOS devices. It allows you to remotely monitor your child’s activity and view all messages without difficulty. This software also allows you to view the device’s exact GPS location.

Why Consider Phone Tracker App?

One of the great perks of downloading and installing a phone tracker app on your Android and iPhone device is that you are always able to know where you have left it. It doesn’t matter if you happen to mislay or lose it or have the misfortune to have it stolen. There are many GSP tracking apps available out there; all you need to do is to choose the one that meets your needs.

The capability to make use of the GPS tracking system to look for your mobile device is a great help, most particularly if you’re one of the many people who are always putting it down as well as forgetting where you left it. The other perk of being able to track down your mobile device is that you can efficiently convert your device into a phone tracker app tracking tool.

Many phone tracker apps exist to keep monitoring your children, elderly relatives, and employees. The use of a smartphone is cheap, valuable, as well as unobtrusive and will enable you to know the locations of the phone.

Best Phone Tracker App without Permission

List of Best Phone Tracker Apps Available

Our kids always have a custom of lying to us or not telling us the whole thing they did for a specific day, most notably where they go. As parents, we are concerned about the security of our children. On the other hand, we are not able to limit or restrict our kids from going out of our premises, nor is it possible to always keep beside them. Therefore, a reliable and proven solution to this issue will be the use of a Global Positioning System tracker app.

This is also known as location tracking software that can help us in tracking the exact whereabouts of our kids 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

If you know the exact location of your kids, even if you are kilometers far from them, you can have an idea where they go behind your back, and this will help you to keep them safe and sound from unsafe places. Here are some of the best phone tracker apps without permission for Android and iPhone alike.

mSpy Homepage
mSpy Homepage

1. mSpy

One of the most popular best phone tracker apps for Android and iPhone is mSpy. It offers a fantastic way to keep connected with your kids or loved ones and keeps you informed on their location. It takes account of a real-time phone tracker app for mobile devices, geofencing, location history, contact list tracking, as well as an alarm key for adults and kids alike to point out emergencies.

mSpy is composed of three packages, such as phone, bundle, and computer. These main packages come at different prices.


  • Screenshots: This phone tracker app for iPhone takes screenshots of computers and enables you to see precisely when and what your kid has been doing. If he or she is hiding something, through this app, you will know about it.

  • Keylogger: This is a very useful feature as it reveals info about each keystroke keyed in by your kid or a worker. The history is stored even if the user has attempted to erase it. This assures you that your child is safe and sound when making a friend over the net. If you are running a company, this feature will provide you an insight into whether your workers are working or just chatting online.

  • Activity: It is a smart idea to restrict the use of the laptop by your kid. However, it is so hard to verify when your kid begins and ends sessions. This app has a feature that shows how many hours she or he spent in front of the computer. This allows you to supervise his or her usage remotely.

  • Use and Installation: A lot of agencies only utilized licensed apps and banned the application of other software or programs. It leads to the necessity to control workers to avoid downloading as well as setting up other software.

    What is more, program downloads online for free is risky for the computer. mSpy phone tracker app generates info on all apps and also offers information on which apps and for how long has been utilized. This allows you to determine whether your teen is playing games or doing his or her homework.

  • Compatible with Various Operating Systems: One vital reason a lot of people download and use mSpy is that it works both on Android and iOS. Whether your teens use Samsung or iPhone, you can make use of this spy app. This can be utilized for phones, both jailbroken and non-jailbroken.

  • Handle Calls: When you run a business, then it is vital to set up a phone tracker app like this to avoid misuse of corporate mobile devices. mSpy gets info on both outgoing and incoming calls.

  • Emails and Messages: With this app, worry no more about sensitive info that can be delivered through email or SMS as you can monitor it. You can read emails as well as check attachments that you send. What is more, you can filter them by heading, content, address, and many others.


  • Reasonable price
  • The best phone tracker app for iPhone
  • Easy to set up on Android
  • Undetectable
  • Activity tracker to track screen time
  • Track many users
  • Geo-Fencing features


  • Technology support is not as effective as FlexiSpy
  • Short of state-of-the-art features


Work on iPhone and Android devices. The basic package doesn’t need jailbreaking and is ideal for people who are not technology inclined. It is undetectable.

Price Rate of mSpy Application


The basic package will cost you $29.99 a month, while the premium package will cost you $69.99 a month or $199.99 a year. A family package is also available wherein you can track up to three mobile devices and will cost you $479.97 per year or $359.97 for six months.


This phone tracker app is available both in non-jailbreak and jailbreak versions wherein monitoring abilities are restricted.


If you want a state-of-the-art phone tracker app for iPhone and Android devices, look no further than mSpy. The team will assist you in jailbreaking the target phone and getting the software installed as well as configured. It is armed with amazing features that help you in tracking the subject effectively and reliably.

mSpy Review

FlexiSpy Homepage
FlexiSpy Homepage

2. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is indeed one of the best phone tracker apps that we can set up on our mobile devices regardless of the operating system. After downloading and installation, this app secretly records events that take place on the device and provides accurate information to an online account, where you can see the reports anytime you want right from an internet-enabled device or smartphone.


FlexiSpy is equipped with amazing features such as:

  • Track both incoming and outgoing calls on any Android or iPhone device
  • Aside from monitoring outgoing and incoming calls, this amazing phone tracker app has also the capability to track MMS, text messages as well as emails.
  • It also monitors various kinds of apps, including Twitter, Facebook chats, Skype chats, BBM, and Viber chats, as well as iMessage chats.
  • It can review and assess many multimedia files such as pictures and videos and allow you to listen to audio files.
  • Monitors web-browsing history and even browser bookmarks.
  • You will be notified if some changes have been done to the tracked device
  • Instantly finds the phone through GPS technology as well as see the location history and the travel routes which the phone has taken.
  • It can capture usernames and passwords for various networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Skype, others, and even email.


  • A demo account is offered for free
  • A lot of state of the art features are integrated into this phone tracker app
  • Technical support is amazing you can choose from the phone, email, or live chat
  • Handle many devices at once with the help of the dashboard
  • Enabled to download a lot of phone calls
  • Monitor suspicious languages or words in text messages, and get informed when a specific number calls and enters or leaves a specific area with the use of Alert Wizard
  • Easy to download so as the process of setting up.


  • Initial configuration is needed
  • It is costlier compared to other phone tracker apps available on the market
  • To access some groundbreaking features, you need root access
  • It doesn’t enable you to break off phone calls on Dual SIM devices as well as CDMA networks
  • The spy app hangs once you use remote camera capture functionality
  • This is hard to use as the user interface is very complex, thus making it hard for a newbie to use this software.


This phone tracker app is compatible with both versions of iOS devices and Android devices, which have 8.1 and 4.0.4 versions.


FlexiSpy offered various packages, including Extreme and Premium.  It is very vital to acquire a license to use this app. If you opt to a 12- month premium package, you need to give our $149 per month, while a one-year Extreme plan costs $349 per month.


For iOS devices, jailbreaking is needed. This phone tracker app can be used on Android devices without the need for rooting, but if you want to enjoy advanced features, you need to root your device.

Jailbreaking is needed on iOS devices. This app can be utilized on various Android phones without rooting. However, rooting is needed if you want more features.


If you are looking for a phone tracker app without permission that works both on iPhone and Android devices, we highly recommend FlexiSpy. This is armed with state-of-the-art features to precisely and accurately monitor your target.

However, if you are not technology inclined, you will find it so hard to use. There is no need to worry because there are other apps available that are user-friendly and don’t come with a complex interface. But, if you are a tech-savvy person, then you will find FlexiSpy easy and straightforward to use.

FlexiSpy Review

Spyzie homepage

3. Spyzie

This phone tracker app is well-made and ideal for those who strive to track their children, partners, coworkers, and many others. This is one of the best tracking apps today due to its amazing features.

The market for the tracking app expands fast. This fact proves that tracking software often comes in handy in today’s realities. According to the research, by the year 2023, the market for phone tracker apps will be $9.50 billion.

One reason is the technology used with the uncontrolled, unlimited internet presence, cyber crimes as well as online threats. This is a must-have phone tracker app regarding the previous cyber safety breaches that happened all over the world.


  • Track Location: This phone tracker app can track or monitor the exact whereabouts of the target device. With the use of the Global Positioning System functionality on the mobile device, you can locate the exact position of your kid. What is more, you can see real-time whereabouts and the movement trail or path. Also, you can monitor the target device through the use of a Wi-Fi location.

  • Geo-fencing feature: Only a few phone tracker apps are integrated with this feature, and this is a must-have one. These state-of-the-art features allow the user to make places of note on the map. You can make both safe areas, but most essentially dangerous areas.

    You will be notified or warned if your kid gets into the Geo-fences you have made. For instance, you can make geo-fences around brothels, bars, casinos as well as dangerous areas not ideal for kids. In this way, you’ll be informed or notified if your kid is hanging around such areas.

  • Track Calls and Text Messages: This amazing phone tracker app for iPhone is equipped with this feature, thus efficiently collecting the text message and calls of the target device. From the online dashboard, you can view the texts they have sent and received. In the same way, when looking at the call logs, you can see the contact number they have been calling as well as the duration of the call.

  • Keylogging and Keyword Alert: This cell phone tracker app is integrated with a keylogger feature wherein you have the chance to see all keyboard presses on the target phone. What is more, keyword alert tracks words utilized on the device or mobile phone being tracked and alerts you of dangerous and prohibited locations.

  • Track Email and Messages: This app allows you to see email and text messages. This is a remarkable way of checking out the sort of discussions your kids engage in and then keeping them safe from those who would devalue, abuse as well as insult them.


  • This phone tracker app offers amazing features that can be found in expensive and popular spy tracking apps
  • It offers a schedule restriction feature. Thus, you are allowed to limit the use of this device.
  • Integrated with the App Activity graph, this allows the users to easily as well as instantly know which app tracked person is browsing or using more often.


  • The price is a little bit higher compared to other apps included in this list.
  • There is an issue in downloading calls as well as ambient recordings
  • Doesn’t upgrade global positioning system location
  • Poor sale service.
  • Customer service persistently fails to address the issues of the clients.
  • This phone tracker app is deceiving lots of potential clients and users of other software through running fake ads online.


This phone tracker app is compatible with Android devices and iOS devices run by iOS 8.0 or later.


Two subscription plan is available; Ultimate Edition and Premium Edition.

Ultimate Edition: You can only use some of the features, and you are required to give out $89.88 a month.

Premium Edition: You can access all the essential features, but you are required to pay more to access them.  The subscription fee is $99.99.


There is no need for jailbreaking the mobile phone to use and install this device. The staff will be the ones to install and set up the app for you.


Spyzie is indeed one of the best and most reliable and feature-rich phone tracker apps in the market at this point. This is ideal for parents and business owners alike. A lot of users esteem as well as praised its sophistication, attention to detail. Customer service is unparalleled. We highly recommend this phone tracker app for everyone whose safety is the main priority.

Spyzie Review

4. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is one of the best and state of the art phone tracker apps for Android and iOS devices today. This can record all the activities of the tracked device and upload the info online, which can be accessed right to your mobile device. If you are running out of budget, but still put the safety of your loved ones in mind, then you need to consider getting this tracking software.


This phone tracker app is packed with amazing features, including the ability to read deleted messages. This is planned to record sent and received messages, including already erased and deleted for days, weeks, months, and even years. This app is extremely helpful when trying to piece together naughty behavior.

  • Live Control Panel: This allows you to see the screen of the mobile device being tracked and updated every ninety seconds.
  • Alerts: With these features, you will be informed and notified anytime the user of the phone travels outside a particular area you have allocated on the map through the control panel.
  • App Blocking: This feature allows you to block access to some apps and websites, including porn sites. So, you are assured that your little ones are only accessing the kids-friendly website.
  • SMS Command: This feature gives you the ability to send a command from the live control panel to control the device of your children, this takes account of locking and unlocking the phone, erasing phone data information, and a whole lot more.


  • Highster Mobile offers amazing perks such as:
  • You can install this app without the need of rooting or jailbreaking it
  • Easy to download, easy to set up as well as user-friendly
  • The guide is clear and easy to comprehend
  • No long subscription fees
  • There is no monthly fee or other hidden or ongoing costs
  • A Stealth cam enables the user to take pictures and capture videos without being detected
  • You can track various kinds of social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others.
  • It has a live control panel, which is a remarkable feature, and this is one of the many reasons why this camera stands out from the rest.


  • Highster Mobile is not a perfect phone tracker app. It also comes with some flaws such as:
  • The Demo version or free trial is not available
  • Email and phone only, there is no live chat technical support
  • Some complaints of being not reliable in getting communication logs
  • It does not offer a remarkable cache of amazing features. You can’t make watchlist alerts.
  • There is no ability to record surroundings and initiate remote commands with this app.
  • Expensive compared to other spy apps available


Highster Mobile is ideal for Android and iOS devices, including the iPad. There is no problem with compatibility with this phone tracker app. It doesn’t matter if you are using a Samsung, a Motorola, a Blackberry, or an iPhone, this app can enable real-tracking of info and many more.


This is not your typical subscription fee app. All you need to give out a flat rate of $69.99 and get an updated lifetime for free. This is one reason why this app is very popular all over the world.


Jailbreak, as well as non-jailbreak versions, are accessible. You are also required to root your phone when installing the app. Physical access is also required to set up this app.


If the budget doesn’t permit it, but still wants to get the best phone tracker app, then this one is for you. It is a very powerful tracking app today and gives you precise information to make sure that your kids are not engaged in wrongful activity.

This is easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to navigate as well. The online dashboard is intended to help in looking for the info you need fast and instantly. It offers state of the art features and, at the same time, provides fast and amazing customer service.

Highster Mobile Review

How to Choose the Best Phone Tracker Apps?

With the instant expansion of technology for phone tracker apps, a lot of people find it hard how to choose the best one. You can consider while thinking of purchasing a phone tracker app factors like why you need to buy one, who you are tracking- your workers, kids, or partner, your budget, as well as the functionality of the app.

Here are some other tips to consider when choosing a phone tracker app:

  • Check out if the program you want to purchase is compatible with the target mobile device. This is vital as if it is not compatible, you can’t track the mobile device.
  • When you set up the program, it must be simple for the user to monitor the target phone. The login page, and the online dashboard, must be user-friendly and make tracking hassle-free as well as comfortable.
  • Setting up the software must be easy as 1, 2, and 3. You shouldn’t require jailbreaking or rooting, which ordinary users may not have an idea of how to do it.
  • The tracking app should have a state of the features which are useful and functional. For instance, you have a plan of tracking the device of your partner. In that case, it is advisable to pick a phone tracker app, which can provide you real-time access to the phone and its surroundings and location as well.
  • You also need to check if the software can give you a real-time basis with the assistance of the Global Positioning System.
  • Do you have a plan to set up the tracker on your kid’s mobile device? If so, make sure to check if the software comes with an anti-abduction feature to safeguard your children by monitoring.
  • Another vital thing is to know if you can set up the tracking app on the target phone without the need to hold or access it physically.
  • You need to ensure to get a tracking app that you can set up on your mobile phone without the need to jailbreak it.
  • You also need to check if customer support is provided for the software. This is vital as if there is round the class help, you can get answers to all your queries quickly and easily.
Main Features of a Phone Tracker Applications

Main Features of a Phone Tracker Applications

There are lots of phone tracker apps available out there; each one promises to give you the best service. However, it all boils down to the integrated features. Below are some of the features to look for in a phone tracker app.

Live Screen Recording

This feature allows you to access the tracked device with the use of live screen software. This also enables you to record the screen quickly and send it to the control panel to see the live videos. You can also carry out screen recording in terms of YouTube screen recording, Live Chrome screen recording, email, SMS, social media, as well as applied keywords.

Call Recording

This feature allows you to record, as well as listen to phone calls, with the help of the recording program. What is more, you can save the info of the recorded calls in the control panel online.

GPS Location Tracker

This allows you to track live as well as existing GPS locations with the use of a global positioning system location tracker. What is more, you can track the history of the location for a whole week, and weekly location history as well as make safe and restricted locations on the map.

Text Messages

This allows you to monitor received remotely and sent text messages and what is more, you can track on MMS, SMS as well as head-up notifications.


This is also a vital feature to look for in a phone tracker app, as it allows you to check phone activity, including the words used in browsing the internet.

Things you should consider before buying a location tracker

Things you should consider before buying a tracker

There are certain factors to consider to get the best phone tracker app for you.


One of the best factors to consider is compatibility. You need to make sure that the phone tracker app is compatible with the target device’s operating system. Today, almost all phone tracker apps can track devices powered by iOS and Android.

It is also vital to determine what version or OS the target device is running. Visit the site of the company or the app provides and click compatibility. If the phone you are planning to track is on the list, this means that the app will work for you. Your next step is to call technical support to install the app.

Phone Tracker Apps also considers other vital features that play a vital role in effectively monitoring Android and iPhone mobile devices. Some apps allow you to jailbreak or root the device, while some you can download and install the app without jailbreaking. To give you more idea about this matter, here is a brief explanation: 

Jailbreak: Apple blocked spy software from the App Store. Therefore, when downloading an app on the target device run by iOS, jailbreaking is needed.

On the other hand, if you do not want to or are not able to jailbreak, you can utilize the no-jailbreak edition. Today, there are spy apps available wherein there is no need for jailbreaking your iPhone. Thus, installing and spying on the target iOS devices like iPad, iPod touch as well as iPhone is more accessible.


Usually, phone tracker apps work with un-rooted and rooted Android mobile devices. But, some best features, including instant messenger tracking and call interception, will not work well when the phone is not rooted.


Price is a vital factor to consider when buying a phone tracker app. However, registration is required to make the most out of the app. So, ensure to pick a phone tracker app that offers fast and easy registration. It will also help if the service providers emphasize the secrecy of private information. At this point, many phone tracker apps will give users a free trial period.

This allows users to determine the reliability as well as the efficiency of the phone tracker app for the iPhone and then give you a generous warranty. Just make sure that the subscription fee is worthwhile.

Refund Policy

Before subscribing, ensure the app offers a money-back warranty. This is essential most, especially if you are not pleased and satisfied with the service. Always bear in mind that not all phone tracker app available out there works on each model of smartphone. These could be the result of issues in the software, hardware limitations, as well as problems with compatibility.

That is the reason why it is vital to deal with a reliable and dependable phone tracker app that offers a generous money-back warranty. This allows you to ask for a refund on the app does not work as promised by the provider. As a smart consumer, it is vital to do your homework by ensuring the app has a good reputation and has lots of positive reviews from previous users and consumers.

Customer Service of spy app company

Customer Service

You also need to consider how excellent the customer service of the phone tracker app is. It will help you a lot if the phone tracker app offers 24 hours and 7 days a week customer service. Ensure there is always someone available to provide help when required. Some phone tracker apps offer technical support 24 hours and 7 days a week via live chat, phone as well as email. There are some wherein technicians and help are accessible through phone during business hours only.

To maximize your effort, and your resources as well, it is vital to stay away from phone tracker apps that don’t provide excellent customer service and do not have contact information on their website. There is a possibility that the service provider has a bad reputation, or the service is of low quality.

So, how will you know if the phone tracker app is legit and reliable? You will know if the site is reliable if they provide you with the essential information to help you in making an informed decision or choice. A reputable and dependable phone tracker app provider will give you vital info about the app, such as how it works, the features integrated into it, common questions, compatibility, requirements, as well as any costs related to the service.

To make the best out of your money, you need to do a thorough research to get the most reliable and efficient phone tracker app without permission for you.

Comparative Analysis of Most Popular Spy Apps

mSpy, FlexiSpy, Highster Mobile, and Spyzie, are some of the best phone tracker apps without permission. These four are very popular, and many people do get puzzled with regard to picking between the best phone tracker apps. Below is the comparison of the four popular Phone Tracker Apps and let us see which step up from the rest.

mSpy is one of the best phone tracker apps without permission armed with state of the art features. Expect basic monitoring features such as message logs, call logs, access to photos, as well as other media access. Aside from these, it is also armed with groundbreaking features like:

  • Remote control of the device, enabling you to collect essential information and make modifications to the mobile phone.
  • Full reports that provide you with an outline of the phone activities. These matters with regard to in-depth requirements and needs.
  • The geo-fencing feature enables you to make a virtual location restriction for the user. Each time the user goes beyond the limit, then you’ll receive a notification. And we should say that the groundbreaking features are very useful at this point.
mSpy vs. FlexiSPY

mSpy vs. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy, on the other hand, is a premium phone tracker app that doesn’t compromise abilities and features. Once you choose a premium plan, you will get many extra services. We discover that the dashboard enables more direct control over the mobile phone. Some amazing features are:

  • Call recording wherein you can listen to the actual recording of calls done and received through the device.
  • The remote control enables you to capture pictures of your surroundings without knowing. This is ideal with regard to tracking an employee.
  • Spoof SMS is indeed a good feature wherein you can control the message which is sent and received on the monitored device.
  • It has diverse remote control options compared to other phone tracker apps out there. You can also stop the user from deleting apps from the mobile device.
  • What is more, it also enables you to manipulate mobile phones via SMS command. You can send SMS commands from the device to make alterations.

mSpy vs. Highster Mobile

With this phone tracker app, you’ll be getting amazing features. However, there are limitations in terms of extra features.

We discover that this phone tracker app keeps a minimalist approach with regard to features. On jailbroken and rooted devices, this phone tracker app enables you to make use of a Stealth Camera. That is perhaps the only groundbreaking feature we can get in the package. On the other hand, this works effectively in call logs, UI, and message logs. It also gathers more info concerning the targeted device fast and quickly.

The process of setting up makes it easy too. In general, it’s not the best choice if you are searching for a state of the art features. However, due to its user-friendliness, it is considered one of the best phone tracker apps today.

mSpy vs. Spyzie

mSpy vs. Spyzie

This is also one of the best phone tracker apps. It can monitor the exact locations of the target device. It is also armed with a geofencing feature. You can make safe areas and danger areas on the targeted phone. You will be warned if the targeted device goes beyond the boundary. Text messages and calls are also tracked and monitored. However, you need to jailbreak or root your device to install the app.

In general, after reviewing the features, we found out that mSpy stands out among the three. It has a firm foothold with regard to compatibility. Also, it allows you to monitor both iOS and Android devices in the same way. You also need to choose if you like to jailbreak the mobile phone. Unlike other phone tracker apps, mSpy allows you to pick between the three plans. The features you can get differ from the package you avail.

We are looking forward that this comparison helping you in picking the best phone tracker app. However, as far as features are concerned, we recommend mSpy.


There are many Phone Tracker Apps available to choose from in the market. Each is armed with state-of-the-art features and promises to provide you with the best service. After reviewing the four most popular Phone Tracker Apps, we believe that mSpy stands out from the rest. Jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions are available, and most of all, it works both on Android and iOS-powered devices.

You will never regret it if you try this spy app. It receives lots of positive reviews from various users. Make the best out of your money by installing this Phone Tracker App. Even if it is one of the most cell phone tracker apps, you are assured of the best service. So, try it now!


What is a Phone Tracker App?

A Phone Tracker App is software installed on a mobile device to track its activity, including sent and received messages, phone calls, internet activities, and, most importantly, the location of the users.

What is mSpy?

mSpy is considered one of the best and state of the art phone tracker app for iPhone and Android devices and is trusted by many users from all parts of the globe.

The best thing about this app is that it secretly records and uploads all essential information, including the exact location or whereabouts of the holder or user of the device. This information can be seen or accessed on any enabled internet device.

What can a Phone Tracker App do for me?

The phone tracker app enables you to determine the exact whereabouts of the target mobile phone. The most reliable cell phone tracker apps can assist you in a lot of ways such as:

Get the real-time location of the mobile device being monitored. This will assist you in checking the locations of your spouse, friends, kids as well as family remotely. You can get the history of the location of the mobile phone to determine the past whereabouts or route of someone. With the use of geofences, you can acquire instant alerts for check-in as well as check out of others with your phone.

How does a Phone Tracker App work?

Cell phone tracker apps are easy to use even if you are not a tech-savvy individual. The first thing to do is to set up the app on the device you want to monitor. It is highly advisable to leave this job to the expert most, especially if it needs jailbreaking or rooting of the device.

Is the Phone Tracker App undetectable or invisible?

Yes. A Phone Tracker App is undetectable. This keeps hidden on the mobile phone, which is set up or installed. The holder of the device will not know unless you told him or her.

Are all mobile devices compatible with a Phone Tracker App?

This remarkable Phone Tracker App runs smoothly on various kinds of devices, including iOS and Android-powered phones. Some apps work on Blackberry, Motorola, and many others. However, it is highly advisable to pay attention to the compatibility of the Phone Tracker App to determine and see the list of tablets and phones compatible with the app in the market.

Is rooting or jailbreaking needed to set up the Phone Tracker App?

Some Phone Tracker Apps need you to jailbreak your phone. But, mSpy comes in jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions. Non-jailbreak requires iCloud credentials. Also, bear in mind that the mSpy cell phone tracker app is available in various versions that have different features. You can call the service provider for more information about this feature.

Is Physical Access Needed?

Yes. On the other hand, for no jailbreak iPhone, you don’t need physical access. All you need is an Apple ID as well as a password to access iCloud backup on the target phone. iPhones, which are jailbreak, need physical access to install the software. After installing the app on the device, you can view the vital information without the need for holding the mobile device.

Is it legal to use a Phone Tracker App?

Yes. You can use this software legally.

What device activities a Phone Tracker App can monitor or track?

With this app, you can track various activities such as:

👉 Contacts and phone logs
👉 iMessage and Text messages
👉 Social networking apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and many others
👉 Private messaging apps like WhatsApp, Tiktok, Snapchat, WeChat, Onlyfans, and Facebook as well as Messenger
👉 Videos and photos from mobile phone
👉 Visited websites as well as internet research
👉 SMS messages
👉 GPS location in real-time

Where can I see the data?

After buying the app, you must get an email with online account credentials. In your account, you can see mobile phone information that the app gets and receives. For simple and easy viewing of gathered info, you can access the account using your cellphone, computer as well as tablet.
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