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Qustodio Review

No parents would want to see their kids being harmed or put in danger. So, as much as possible, they want to stay by their side all the time to avoid these problems. Nevertheless, most parents will agree that being with their kids 24/7 is somehow impossible.

Parenting in these modern days can be more challenging as compared to before. Rapid technological advancements undeniably bring serious challenges making it hard for parents to keep up somehow.

But they still need to protect their kids from the threats and dangers brought by the internet and other forms of digital technologies.

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Although Qustodio is a good digital wellbeing software, the eyeZy phone monitoring app has a more comprehensive set of features that can meet the needs of the most demanding customers. You can monitor your child’s smartphone activities with eyeZy and prevent them from interacting with cyberbullies, online predators, and scammers.

The good thing is that parental control apps are now available to help parents ensure the safety and protection of their kids through excellent and reliable monitoring.

These are advanced and excellent tools allowing dads and moms to set close monitoring and control the internet activities of their children.

Qustodio Website

Qustodio Parental Control App Review

With easy access, the internet can expose your kids to different types of threats. It is for this reason that the parental control app is now considered one of the essential requirements in protecting the kids and your loved ones.

Get ultimate visibility and ensure your family’s digital well-being and protection with Qustodio. Qustodio parental control app is one of the best free parental control apps offered in the marketplace these days. This was specially designed to manage, supervise, and protect children from inappropriate and dangerous device usage.

With Qustodio, you will experience the easiest yet most effective way of supervising kids online. With this app, digital parenting has never been easier. With its online dashboard and the parents’ app, you can see how your kids use applications, devices, and the internet.

Qustodio also allows you to set healthier limits to manage your children’s online experience without difficulty. The robust filtering technology is enabled automatically to protect your children from harmful content such as pornography and more.

Is Qustodio reliable?

Qustodio is also a pornography filter and browser-based site filter, making the internet a lot safer for children. Aside from being a basic site blocker, this is a tool that can stop the effort of online sexual predators. This helps prevent the early phase of cyberbullying before this poses serious impacts on your children.

Qustodio also allows you to gain access to any remote spot or location. This simply means that you do not need to log in to the device you are monitoring just to pull up activity reports and figure out what your kids are actually up to.

Since this app is a browser-based dashboard, you should be just signing into your administrator account, and all you need to do is your Qustodio login details and reliable internet connection. From here, you will begin to see the sites that your children try to access or websites that they have already accessed and the time spent doing online activities.

Qustodio also tracks sites visited, searches made online, social network activities, and chat sessions online. Though it cannot read e-mails sent and received by your child or it cannot record keystrokes, this parental monitor software has high-functioning features and tools that can be used in determining if your child is at risk of being a victim of sexual predators or if he or she is being bullied.

The Facebook Activity Recording is another amazing feature allowing you to see the pictures that your children and their friends upload on social media. This feature helps in keeping parents updated about their kids’ social life. This software tells the amount of time every user spent online.

Activity reports will be sent to you on a weekly or daily basis through e-mail. The Qustodio parental control app has one specific feature is how it allows users to program the panic feature to the Android Smartphone owned by the kid.

Just in case the panic signal was activated by the child, the smartphone app of Qustodio will send automatic emergency alerts containing their exact location. This will be sent to you directly and to people specified to receive it. 

Features of Qustodio Digital Wellbeing Software

Features of Qustodio Digital Wellbeing Software

Qustodio app’s premium features can be your best and most reliable alley. These features play a crucial role in promoting much better monitoring performance. The following are the outstanding features of Qustodio:

Extended Reporting

You will get a 30-day breakdown of the activity of your child, and you will receive this directly on your inbox on a weekly or daily basis.

Block Pornography Feature

Qustodio features a real-time advanced internet filter that works by blocking the contents. This feature functions even if it’s in a private browsing mode.

Balance Screen Time

This feature allows you to set limits and schedules as to the amount of internet time permitted each day.

Control Apps and Games

This also allows you to set limits for apps and games and even block those applications that you do not want running together.

YouTube Monitoring

You will be able to see your child’s searches and monitor what he or she watches on the YouTube site or his YouTube Android app.

Monitor Social Media Activities

This feature allows you to monitor the amount of time spent on Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Tracks SMS and Calls for Android

You can determine the person that your child texts or calls the most. This feature also allows you to read SMS and even create a list of blocked numbers or contacts. This applies only to Android devices.

Family Locator

The Qustodio family locator lets you find your child and determine where they’ve been on the map. This feature is available for iOS and Android only.

Panic Button for the Android Devices

To make the most of Qustodio, you can consider adding the SOS button to your child’s Android mobile phone. This will send you real-time location-based alerts notifying you in case there are troubles. It only takes a few minutes to get started. This app can be quickly installed on your child’s device and on your smartphone. But make sure you create your own account.

Keep in mind that there is a paid and Qustodio-free account that you can use. You will then need to install the app on any targeted device and then manage all the devices from the only family portal.

Pros and Cons of Qustodio

Qustodio Review


Website Blocking and Filtering

Qustodio parental control software has a website blocking and filtering function which protects kids and prevents them from accessing sites that they should not. Upon entering your unique and established user ID, you are allowed even to adjust website categories to that you are given instant access.

These categories include mature content, violence, gambling, social networks, alcohol, and drugs. As soon as the rules have been set, Qustodio detects the website contents that your child attempts or access based on the orientation of the website. You can also set as well as enforce web-based limits or restrict the internet access limit to a particular time of the day.

Easy to Use and Powerful Software

This software is easy to use and boasts very powerful features. The app offers a user-friendly interface and simple to use features making tracking and monitoring easier and more convenient tasks to do. This displays notification features the Android-based panic button feature particularly.

Qustodio Helps Monitor Your Children’s Gadgets

While your children are figuring out how to be responsible online users and make friends on the web, you can do your part by watching their iPhones, iPads, and many other devices.

Check the app store for choices. Parental control applications can assist you in monitoring e-mails, text, profiles on social media, and other mobile capacities.

This feature also helps when you’re particularly worried about dangerous discussions or activities. For instance, some applications tell you when it recognizes certain words, for example, “drugs.” It’s best to let your children realize when you are monitoring their gadgets, particularly since you will need your child’s records, including passwords, for some of the important highlights and features.

Manages Your Kid’s Searches and Keeps them Safe from Online Threats

Search engines help you discover just anything nowadays, but do you know what the problem is? Access to unlimited controls might be wrong for certain children depending upon their age and phase of improvement. Parental controls assist you with explicit images and adult content, websites, and videos from the search results.

With Qustodio, you will also gain more information that will help a lot in protecting your kids from the increasing number of serious online threats and problems like cyber predators, cyberbullying, screen addiction, and inappropriate content.

Blocks Particular Games Features that Your Child Can Access

Numerous game consoles come with online access allowing your kids to conduct searches online, communicate with other gamers, and make in-app purchases. Though these features certainly make gaming more effective and fun, you may not want your child to use credit cards to be connected to an account or to talk with strangers.

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This parental control app allows you to set profiles where children can only access particular features or enable you to monitor what they are actually doing while playing the game.

Tracks Your Child’s Location

GPS applications can enable your entire family to follow one another’s location. This helps in showing that your children are protected and where they should be and also assist you in finding them during emergencies.

Normally, phones should be turned on for the location feature or for GPS tracking to work. Nonetheless, it’s still a smart move to chat with your kids regarding safety measures.

Ask your children to refrain from posting or tagging their location on social networks because strangers can access their information and can use them in wrong and dangerous ways. Qustodio can help you set safe boundaries and track your kid’s location properly and effectively.

Helps in Establishing Good Cyber Safety Habits

Cybercrime is widely known as a multibillion-dollar industry. It cannot be denied that cybercriminals frequently go after individuals’ poor digital and online habits. A kid’s brain is continually learning and developing new things.

In kids’ pursuit to know more, they may incidentally participate in unsafe online conduct, such as uncovering a lot of data, for example, their date of birth or the name of their school.  This means putting their own security at compromise as well as other people’s safety. 

Sets Limits on Your Kids’ Screen Time

Screen time is highly addictive. It can entrance adults to spend long hours with a gadget while they are intellectually withdrawn from their physical environment. But unlike adults, kids may find it harder to break free from their favorite games or shows.

Excessive time spent on screen can result in poor eyesight, bad postures, lack of physical activities, insufficient sleep, and more. With the help of Qustodio, parents may consider implementing a healthier lifestyle using limiting their children’s screen time.

This parental control solution can help set limits by setting limits on the time that the kids can online. They can also designate a media-free time and encourage activities like driving around, playing games, and taking some walks.

Backs Up Data

There are many instances that kids utilize the web to finish school tasks and schoolwork. It is essential to back up their information in a protected and reliable place. Using parental software like this is somehow beneficial in saving and storing children’s data.

Kids have significant collections of memories in form of e-mails, texts, photos, and more that they are saving for the future. Aside from protecting these contents, Qustodio also helps in storing and backing up your kids’ data and multimedia files.

Qustodio App Teaches Kids with Proper Cyber Etiquette

 Proper decision-making in children is proven to be a cognitive skill that develops along with the right parenting techniques. The Qustodio parental control app allows you to guide and help your children navigate the online space with the same proper etiquette that you expect from them in real life or the real world.

Aside from monitoring, take full responsibility for explaining to your children the bad consequences of unethical hacking, pornography, cyberbullying, and more. It pays to protect children who also know how to protect themselves.

Qustodio is Customizable

 Blocking contents, setting limits on screen time, and tracking locations are beneficial for the entire family. However, not all members of the family needed this control all the time. Qustodio app can be customized according to your needs. You can also set up profiles and control functions that are appropriate for them.

Given all these pros of Qustodio parental control, you will now surely be convinced to invest in this app. This comes with a complete range of features making it a lot easier for busy parents to monitor their kids and still allow them to enjoy being connected but in a safer way. With the Qustodio app, your kids are guaranteed safe while they explore the online world.


  • There are some limitations to iOS
  • Expensive especially the Premium Plan offers
  • Dated web interface
  • Lack of some more advanced features
  • It doesn’t provide e-mail alert notifications
Qustodio Compatibility


Qustodio parental control works smoothly on all major platforms and laptops, tablets, desktops, and smartphones.

Qustodio on Android

Many kids these days have their own Android smartphones, which are known to provide lots of freedom on what they can do and compatibility. The Qustodio app works perfectly with Android, and this is made possible due to its overall open nature. Qustodio is fully compatible with Android smartphones and tablets running on Android 4.0 and up.

Unique to the Androids are the following features:

  • Games and app blocking
  • Multi-device
  • Smart and reliable web filters
  • Call Blocking
  • Time control
  • Call and SMS monitoring
  • MMS and SMS monitoring
  • Panic button alerts
  • Priority support
  • Extended reporting

On iPhone

This parental monitoring app supports iPads, iPhones, and iPods that run iOS and up. This app can control apps, and internet use, and can disable the internet when the time is up.

iOS features include the following:

  • Multi-device
  • Smart web filters
  • Games and apps blocking
  • Advanced Facebook Monitoring
  • Location tracking
  • Time controls
  • Priority support
  • Extended reporting

On Windows

Qustodio also supports all Windows laptops. This also supports desktops that run on Windows 7.

Windows features include the following:

  • Multi-device
  • Smart web filters
  • Games and apps blocking
  • Time controls
  • Priority support
  • Extended reporting

On Mac

Qustodio app supports Mac desktops and laptops that run OS X 10.9 and up. Mac features include the following

  • Multi-device
  • Smart web filters
  • Games and apps blocking
  • Advanced Facebook Monitoring
  • Location tracking
  • Time controls
  • Priority support
  • Extended reporting

On Kindle

Qustodio supports Android Amazon Kindle devices that are running Android 4.0 and up. Unique to these Androids are the following features:

  • Priority support
  • Extended reporting
  • Time controls
  • Games and apps blocking
  • Advanced Facebook Monitoring
  • Multi-device
  • Smart web filters

Qustodio for PC

One of the best things about Qustodio is that this works on your macOS and Windows computers. This means parents do not need to purchase separate software for kids’ computers and phones but can use Qustodio download on the devices.

Qustodio is a highly specialized software developed to deliver excellent phone monitoring performance. This app can track a broad range of elements and works well with iPhone and computer devices without the need to jailbreak the app.

Qustodio Support


Keeping in touch and accessing technical support can just be done online through their contact forms. They promise to get in touch with clients within 1 to 2 days. But if you use the Qustodio Premium, you will get a response on a priority basis.


Qustodio parental monitoring app offers three plans, namely Small, Medium, and Large Plans. Small plans are suited for small families and can protect about five devices. This plan costs $4.58 per plan. The Medium plan costs $8.08 and is ideal for families and protects up to 10 devices.

The Large Plan is recommended for big families and can protect around 15 devices. This plan costs $11.50 per month.  There are times that Qustodio discount codes are offered.

Qustodio Free Trial

Though the Qustodio Free Trial exists, one of the best things about the Qustodio app for this automatically upgrades you to a 3-day trial version of the Premium version upon signing up. You won’t be asked for payment details.

Qustodio App Price

Qustodio Requirements

Qustodio highly suggests installing operating system updates on the devices to make sure of good optimization and compatibility of the Qustodio application.

Qustodio can block and report sites on these browsers:

  • Android devices:  Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Mac computers:  Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome
  • Kindle devices: Amazon Silk Browser
  • iOS devices:  Safari and Google Chrome
  • Windows computers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox

Qustodio will block unsupported browsers automatically by default.

Desktop Application

Qustodio application smoothly runs on Mac and Windows operating systems. Qustodio isn’t compatible with Linux. To be able to run the Qustodio application on your computer you’ll need:

  • 6 GB/ more of the free hard-disk space
  • CPU 1.8 GHz or even faster
  • Windows 7 SP1 or later
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) or the later version

Qustodio website and Family Portal

Qustodio website, as well as the Family Portal, work best  in the following latest versions:

  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge

Certain features might not be supported on these browsers’ older versions or browsers not included on the list above.

Qustodio vs. mSpy

Qustodio is a professional parental control app working on several devices to make sure that parents can effectively monitor their kids’ internet usage at all times. This is a reliable application making it possible for parents to have ultimate peace of mind.

Nowadays, there has been a growing fear and paying close attention to children’s internet usage, and the Qustodio app is proven to be the best way to ensure protection.

This app works simply. Qustodio download must be carried out on the device you wanted to monitor, then install this and allow this to run in the background.  This has a tracking option that functions without being noticed by the targeted device. With this app, monitoring children and keeping them safe becomes a lot easier.

mSpy, on the other hand, is also a premium quality cell phone monitoring software allowing employers and parents to monitor messages, phone calls, history of web browsing, social media activities, location, and many more. What mSpy provides is discreet monitoring since this runs in the background. This is also virtually invisible.

  mSpy Review

mSpy collects information every 5 minutes and then displays this in the Control Panel that is highly accessible in any browser. This app is compatible with most iOS and Android devices, including tablets and phones.

This app even functions well on non-jailbroken iOS devices. Furthermore, installation is easy and only takes just a few minutes to complete. Since the mSpy app runs in the background, the user won’t even notice that he or she is being spied on.

Over the years, mSpy has significantly maintained a high standard of monitoring. This is one of the most trusted and highly sought spy apps these days. mSpy parental control app is reliable, functional, and fully supported. mSpy is a combination of unrivaled features, customer support, and value.

Qustodio vs. mSpy

Qustodio vs. mSpy – Common the Features

Qustodio and mSpy have their own sets of features to boast. The features of the Qustodio app and mSpy app are highlighted below:

Application Management

You can disable and enable access to any application on your kids‘ +gadget. What’s more, you can choose to what extent your kid can utilize a certain application at a time. This is a limited feature on iOS, but there are around 70 applications that Qustodio can manage in such a way on iPhones.


Qustodio’s online filter is fantastic at how it works. Upon installation of the Qustodio apk or the setup file on the targeted device, the application will naturally encourage you to block some websites such as sites with drug-related content, violence, and pornography. You can decide to either block the sires or notify you in case your child attempts to access one.

Time Management

With the Qustodio download, you will likewise have the option to set limitations on when your children can utilize a specific gadget. You can actually set this in two different ways; on a week-by-week schedule and on a daily basis.

For a weekly plan, you can choose which hours and on which particular days your kids can utilize their gadgets. For the day by day plan, you can choose precisely to what extent your kids can utilize their gadgets. If your child reaches his maximum allotted time, you can decide to either lock the device’s navigation, be notified, or lock down the device completely.

Call Management and Texting

You can see the sender of each message and observe who’s calling your kids. You can then block calls from specific contacts if you want to, but note that this feature only works for Android devices.

Area or Location Tracking

The location feature of Qustodio works by telling you each time the area of your kid’s gadget changes in case you’re tracking an iOS gadget. For Android gadgets or devices, you can set the application up in a manner that will inform you about the location of the device in just a few minutes.

mSpy Homepage
mSpy Homepage

mSpy App Features

mSpy is packed with over a hundred features, and these are the most impressive ones in the phone spying class. This can amazingly spy on calls, messages, and all multimedia exchanged using WhatsApp and IM apps such as Viber, WeChat, Kik, Skype, Line, Facebook, and Instagram. Receive instant updates together with time, date, and sender information.

These are the list of features of mSpy that will surely win your heart:

Spy Photos

Audio files, images, and multimedia files are excellent ways of tracking any Android cell phone user. This spy app will give you access to all those mentioned features with just a few clicks on one button.

WhatsApp Messenger Spy

With this feature, you can easily access all multimedia messages such as images, videos, and voice recordings as well as text messages that were exchanged through WhatsApp messenger.

Skype Messenger Spy

The process of monitoring all the Skype conversations, such as multimedia files being transferred on devices, has made mSpy cell phone monitoring a lot easier.

GPS Tracker

This monitoring app will update you regarding the targeted device’s live location.

Hike Messenger Tracking

Well-known social media is made available to numerous users globally. The spy app can be utilized for sharing photos and texts.

E-mail Spying

Gmail, Outlook Mail, and Yahoo Mail are popular ways of conducting formal communication. Individuals make use of e-mail services in sharing different types of e-mails, even spam.

mSpy can keep you and your family safe from all dangers and threats. Even employers can install this app to monitor their employees, including their e-mail conversations and more. mSpy is indeed the ultimate monitoring software that you need.

This functions in a very covert manner so your target won’t know that they are being tracked. By means of using this app, you will be able to view content from a targeted phone with ease, including audio recordings, music, video, photos, messages, and more.

Easy installation

One of the best things about mSpy is that it can be installed easily in as fast as 5 minutes, but the app can’t be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. To download this app for mSpy iPhone and Android, you need to use the mSpy Control Panel.

For the installation to work, you must ensure that the device is properly and completely prepared. Consider the following:

  • There must be physical access to the targeted phone.
  • Firewalls and antivirus programs must be disabled
  • Make sure that the targeted phone is completely compatible with mSpy
  • The phone should be rooted to track instant messages
  • To ensure successful mSpy installation, the targeted device must be connected to the internet

To get started, you are advised to visit the mSpy official site and then complete the mSpy login. The site will direct you to a Setup Wizard page. Choose the device you wanted to install the monitoring software and follow the necessary instructions to complete the mSpy installation successfully.

Excellent Customer Support

mSpy is also noted for its excellent customer support. They are assisting and attend to customers’ needs and concerns round the clock. Their 24/7 customer support is just a clear indication of how the company behind mSpy is committed to serving all their valued customers and users’ need.

They are also willing to help when it comes to mSpy installation. Even in live chat, customers can expect assistance and support. Accessing technical support and keeping in touch with the mSpy support team can be done only over the internet through their contact forms.

They promise to get in touch with clients within 1 to 2 days. But if you use the Qustodio Premium, you will get a response on a priority basis.

Non-jailbreak & jailbreak versions

The following is information regarding mSpy with Jailbreak and without Jailbreak.

With Jailbreak
  • iPad or iPhone should be connected to the internet
  • Compatible with iOS 7 to 9.1
  • The targeted device should be jailbroken
  • Physical access to the device is required to install mSpy

Supported Features

  • Communication apps monitoring including WhatsApp, Viber, and Snapchat with an option to block
  • Text messaging including recently deleted texts
  • Geo-fencing or current GPS location
  • Phone calls monitoring
  • Internet usage including keyword alerts, bookmarks, browsing history, optional blocking
  • E-mail access
  • Device wipeout
  • Calendar activities and more
Without Jailbreak
  • In full compatibility with all the iOS versions
  • The internet should enable the targeted device
  • Physical access is also required, but this is when an iCloud backup is not activated on the targeted device
  • Physical access to the targeted device is not needed if you have its iCloud credentials already such as Apple Password and ID

Supported Features

  • Oversight of contact list
  • Monitoring calls
  • Received and sent text messages
  • Notes
  • Events
  • Installed Apps
  • Browsing History
  • WhatsApp


Qustodio parental control app is easy to manage and highly configurable tool to keep track of your child’s activity on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. This is a good spy app, but upon learning and reviewing different spy apps, it has been found that the mSpy app has more advanced feathers, is offered at much better prices, and delivers excellent customer and tech support booth both Android and iPhone devices for Jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions.

Qustodio is also one of the most comprehensive of all the apps which have been tested. But in terms of value, mSpy is still considered the best option.  mSpy’s pricing is also a bit better, and when it comes to technical support, mSpy’s customer support is outstanding.

It cannot be denied that Qustodio delivers great features, but mSpy also promises features that give worth your money. No wonder, mSpy is also hailed as one of the best and most feature-rich spy apps that you can choose.

These days when risks and threats are rampant, it is necessary to invest in tools that will ensure the protection and safety of your entire family, especially the kids. When the need for parental control app and spy tracker arises, the Qustodio app is a good option, but if you want more solid and top-of-the-line monitoring, mSpy is a perfect choice.

This parental monitoring app has proven itself among its competitors and has managed to beat them in many notable aspects. mSpy is indeed the best in the spy app category.

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