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WebWatcher Reviews

The online world provides countless possibilities. We can browse the net for information, watch videos for entertainment, stream upbeat songs, and more. The internet is also accessible to kids. They can watch their favorite cartoons, play online games, stay updated with celebrities, chat with their friends on social media, like pictures on Instagram, etc.

In the work setting, on the other hand, the internet also plays a critical role. Employees can search the web for data, send information to co-workers, save files online, finish their output ahead of time, and more.

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Although Webwatcher is a good app, the mSpy parental control app has a more comprehensive set of features that can meet the needs of the most demanding customers. You can monitor your child’s smartphone activities with mSpy and prevent them from interacting with cyberbullies, online predators, and scammers.

A Simple and Comprehensive Webwatcher Review

The web poses a risk to kids and employees. Aside from information, the internet has been a place for inappropriate content. It also leads to cyberbullying that can impact the lives of young ones. But as parents and employers, there are excellent things to monitor the activity of your kids and staff too.

Among the best options, Webwatcher stands out from the competition. What makes it different from others? Why should you choose Webwatcher from other monitoring platforms? Well, you will know them all in this simple and comprehensive product review. So, without further ado, let’s get started! Take a close look at the following!

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What is Webwatcher?

You perhaps have heard of Webwatcher before. But what is a Webwatcher? It is simply a cross-platform monitoring application designed to fetch information from your target device. As soon as you create an account, you can access any captured information, whether you’re at home, in the workplace, or mall.

Yes, Webwatcher works in a variety of operating systems. The platform, however, is centered on disclosing the internet activities of a specific individual. That’s not all! It’s always possible to see call logs and messages.

Webwatcher excels at viewing the web, tracking actual location via GPS, and more. The use of the platform can give you peace of mind whenever your employees and children browse the internet.

How Does Webwatcher Really Work?

Many people believe that Webwatcher is not perfect for those who are less tech-savvy. The truth is that software is ideal for everyone. When installed on a specific device, it records a person’s online activities. Then, it displays the data on your account.

As a parent, you can read messages, monitor calls, supervise other activities, and check search history. Similar to other solutions, Webwatcher is a helpful way to protect kids from cyberbullying and other internet predators.

Of course, spy apps like Webwatcher can be a headache to use. This is especially true for those who don’t have relevant experience, and careful practice can come into play. The official manufacturer also responds to the client’s queries and other concerns on time. So, don’t panic.

What Is Unique About the Platform?

Webwatcher is one of the go-to spy apps for many because it supports a variety of Operating Systems like the Chromebook. So, you can install and use the platform on different devices. Whether a target person has more than one device, the platform combines all reports collected without hassles.

How to Install Webwatcher in Windows, Mac, Android, and Chrome?

Installing the software in Android, Chrome, Mac, and Windows is stress-free. To get started, sign up on any device. After a successful purchase, download the platform on your target phone.

It takes only 5 minutes to finish, making it a trusted solution for those who have a hectic schedule. After the installation, Webwatcher starts to record any information, from call logs, and messages to internet activities. Login to your account with Android, Mac, Windows, and Chrome devices. Then, it’s hassle-free to view the collected data.

How to Install Webwatcher on iOS Devices?

Since you already knew how to install the application on Android devices, it’s time to understand how to download Webwatcher on iOS phones and tablets. Sign up via the available device and make a purchase to enjoy the premium services.

What’s next? Access the iPad or iPhone you want to track. Plugin the phone with a USB cable on Mac or Windows PC. To complete the setup, there are step-by-step instructions. After that, log in using another device to view any recorded data. For synchronization, use the same Wi-Fi network.

webwatcher Main Features

Main Features

Webwatcher has been gaining immense popularity for the past years. Parents and employers turn into Webwatcher because of its incredible features. As a perfect monitoring solution, the platform is packed with the following features:

  • Optimal Compatibility -There are several monitoring platforms in today’s market. Some brands are feature-packed, while others are only available at a competitive rate. Yes, it’s tempting to opt for a cost-effective brand. But is it compatible with your device?

    If there are some compatibility issues, Webwatcher has got your back. In fact, the platform is compatible with almost Android tablets and phones. That’s not all! It works best with iPhone, iPad, Windows PCs, Mac systems, and other devices. Here are the other Android and iPhone versions that Webwatcher can handle:
    • Android 4-10, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, iOS 8.0 – 13, MacOS 10.8 – 10.15, All Chromebooks (Acer, Asus, Dell, Google, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung)

  • Webwatcher is also compatible with iPhone X and iOS 12. Did you know that there are no other vendors that are compatible with iOS 12? Yes, you have heard it right. In fact, the monitoring solution is the only platform that works with iPhone 6 and other devices equipped with iOS 12.

  • There’s no Jailbreak Required – Let’s admit it! Jailbreaking can damage a device. It can cause crash the phone. The apps might not work at their best. The battery won’t last as you have expected in the first place. That’s not all!

    The voice, Visual Voicemail, Apple Push notifications, iCloud, and data won’t be as functional as before. The good news is that there are monitoring applications that do not require the process. Webwatcher is a perfect example. Convenient to use, the platform is a go-to-solution to avoid the dangers of jailbreaking.

  • Web-Based Monitoring Interface – Webwatcher can access a person’s web activities. Then, it records an individual’s internet experience and send it to your account online, making the process stress-free and convenient. Just browse your account to enjoy real-time and quality monitoring. For first-timers, the procedure is quite difficult. Don’t worry! Contact the manufacturer to accommodate all your queries and other concerns, too.

  • SMS Text Messages – Who says that Webwatcher only tracks online activities of a person? The truth is that software allows you to see all SMS text messages a specific device sends and receives. This increases your child’s protection, security, safety, and comfort as well. Your employees are no exception. They will remain focused on doing their job. Plus, they will stay productive and competitive over time.

  • Website History – Before, it was impossible to track smartphone web browsing historyBut things have changed today. With an array of tracking tools, it’s convenient to access the websites that a target person visits. Webwatcher is one of the solutions you couldn’t afford to miss. It’s fast and easy to use.

  • Photo Recording – Everything is possible with today’s smartphones. We can send text messages to our family, closest friends, and colleagues. We can save videos, pictures, songs, documents, and other short clips. However, we use gadgets to save inappropriate content.

    Children are no exception. As a parent, it’s alarming when your kids browse the internet. Thanks to Webwatcher and other monitoring tools. We can already track all photos taken and saved to a particular device. Although it has been deleted, you can have a backup record. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

  • Call Log History – Aside from recording a photo and accessing SMS text messages, Webwatcher enables you to monitor all calls a target phone receives and miss. What else? You can see the phone numbers, time of call, and call duration. That way, you can determine whether your children have been receiving stressful calls or not.

  • Skype Messages – You probably use Skype to message your friends, send documents, or call someone. Unfortunately, people use the platform in a different way. As an employer, it’s crucial to monitor the messages an iOS device sends and receives. To achieve real-time tracking, take advantage of Webwatcher.

  • WhatsApp Messages – Similar to Skype, WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform. That means you can send messages to someone wherever they are. You can also send other files, including documents, videos, and songs.

    Unfortunately, the application requires intensive monitoring for your safety. When searching for the best application, don’t look further than Webwatcher. If you encounter some trouble using the platform, the official manufacturer is just a call away. Please feel free to send them your queries.

  • KIK Messages – KIK is another social media app that teenagers use. Since its introduction into the market, KIK has been popular for its ease of communication, a community of users, blocking features, and upgraded applications. It is also free to download.

    There are also some drawbacks. Users, for example, are more prone to privacy loss, cyberbullying, identity theft, and inappropriate content. This is where Webwatcher comes to your rescue. Unlike the other options, Webwatcher is designed to monitor KIK messages. These include the information a person sends or receives.

  • Installed App List – Aside from the messages and photos, Webwatcher allows you to see the list of installed apps on a device. Whether it’s a social media platform or camera application, Webwatcher will be your perfect buddy.

  • Location Tracking – Is it already half past 6, and your daughter is not yet around from school? Have you been calling her for 4 times already without any response? Whatever the case may be, it’s time to track her location. How is it possible? Use Webwatcher to have a detailed history of the whereabouts of your daughter within a minute or two.

  • Free Trial is Available – Webwatcher also comes with a free trial to provide users an opportunity to test the software before purchase. It only lasts for a week. Then, subscribe to the premium when you like the tracking solution.
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Pros and Cons of Webwatcher App

A monitoring app is a necessity nowadays. It tracks phone messages, call logs, photos, and even location.

While the options increase in number, it’s complicated to narrow down the best solution. When looking for the right choice, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons in mind.

Webwatcher, for example, is equipped with other advantages and drawbacks. Read on for more information.


  • It records different activities on the PC. This is especially true when the Webwatcher app is used for Windows PC. Whether a target person watches a video on YouTube, stream to songs on Spotify, update his status on Facebook, like a post on Instagram, or browse the web, you will know them all without hassles.

  • Works in stealth mode. You perhaps have used spy apps before. How was your experience? Did the person notice you at the end of the day? Then, it’s quite frustrating, right? Webwatcher app, on the other hand, is a different case. It works precisely without a trace. There is no extra battery required. Device rebooting won’t be a problem. The information is secure even when it is deleted. In other words, the stealth mode does not leave any suspicion.

  • Access the data online remotely. Once Webwatcher has been installed, you need to create an account. Be sure to create an alphanumeric password for your security. With an online account, you can access recorded photos, videos, or call logs on different devices. You can log into your account with your phone, tablet, or PC.

  • Gives out an instant warning. How are you notified when your target phone receives messages or sends photos? Some spy apps give out a warning in the form of a text message. Webwatcher, on the contrary, sends an email. Be sure to check your gadget to check possible updates.

  • It allows discreet and convenient sifting of web content

  • Screenshots – People also love Webwatcher app because it features the capability of taking screenshots. Whatever a person is doing on his phone, you can view it with a screenshot. The platform comes with at least 1000 screenshots. Subscribe to the app’s premium to enjoy extra screenshots.

  • Email access. Aside from WhatsApp and Skype, Webwatcher enables you to access emails in Windows PC or Mac OS.

  • Keystroke logger. Want to see what’s typed on the keyboard? Webwatcher app will be of great help. Does it work with different devices? No! The keystroke logger is only available in Windows PC.

  • Word alerts – Don’t be surprised when you get alerts when specific words are typed. Then, the words are highlighted. It’s super versatile as it works in Chromebook, Windows PC, and Mac OS.

  • Program blocking – Another thing that sets Webwatcher apart from others is its program blocking capability. Block any inappropriate sites before your children browse them.

  • Other Features on Mac or PC – Another Webwatcher feature is that the platform allows you to see any website searches in different browsers, from Google, Yahoo to Mozilla. it is designed to access other email programs or webmail. It tracks the Skype messages, gets data from instant messages, terminates any application, alerts word screenshots, sees accurate reports about LinkedIn usage, and reviews the Facebook messenger.

  • Other Features on iPhone, iPad, and Android – With the capacity to see all text messages, the Webwatcher prevent sexting. Over time, it can avoid cyberbullying and exposure to inappropriate content.


  • It is not as intuitive as the other available parental control applications. When searching for intuitive solutions, consider other excellent alternatives.
  • It’s quite overwhelming to install the Webwatcher app on the target device, and careful planning can play a critical role.
  • Antivirus programs and other security features need to be disabled.
  • The premium version of the application is quite costly. But the features are more incredible than you imagine. Although it requires an extra budget, the services are worthwhile and reliable.
  • Once an antivirus detects Webwatcher, it removes the app right away.
  • The target phone loses its functionality after installation. Contact a qualified specialist to fix the problem.
  • Windows PC users are the ones who can enjoy the keylogger feature.
  • The software automatically removes the details of the past reports.
  • After the initial purchase, there are other extra expenditures to deal with.
  • It doesn’t have a geofencing feature. Plus, you won’t be able to listen to live calls.
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Webwatcher Compatibility


You’re probably done installing a spy app. Maybe, it took an hour or two to download a monitoring platform. When you started creating an account, you’d realize that the application was not compatible with your device. Then, what are you going to do now? Look for another tracking app, and Webwatcher should be on top of your list. It works with almost all Android and iPhone devices. It’s also the right option for Mac systems and Windows PCs.

What else? Webwatcher works with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome 38 & Up, Yahoo Messenger 7.0-11.5, OS X 10.14 Mojave, OS X 10.12 Sierra, Android 9 Pie, Android 8 Oreo, Android 5 Lollipop, and more.

For those who use OS X 10.5, Microsoft Edge Browser, Linux operating systems, or Windows 2000, Webwatcher has some incompatibility issues. The secret here is to look for other spy apps. Ask for your friends’ referrals to have a quality investment.


Since Webwatcher is compatible to your device, how much does the app cost? Well, it depends on your subscription. The price for a one-year subscription is around $160. After a year, you’re only required to pay at least $67. A one-year license includes a complete package such as online support, unlimited data storage, and web-based log-in.

To enjoy additional services, there are extra costs to pay. For a software update, it is around $25. For e-notify, it is available at $29.95, which expires after 15 days.

Before, making a remote installation was complicated to achieve. But it has never been possible with Webwatcher’s white-glove feature. For only $19.95, you can install the application with peace of mind.


Jailbreaking a target device has been a requirement for most spy apps. Webwatcher, on the other hand, does not require jailbreaking to protect your Android and iPhone tablets.

Webwatcher vs. MSPY

Webwatcher vs. MSPY

Webwatcher is one of the most sought-after tracking tools for parents and employers must-haves. Feature-packed, the platform monitors sent and received texts on Android and iOS devices. It helps you view visited websites and search history. It tracks specific locations and accesses incoming text messages on KIK. Convenient and easy to use, Webwatcher gives you access to a list of apps, photos, call history, and more.

MSPY is another monitoring application developed to track children’s social media activity, phone calls, and locations. Once it’s installed, it works quietly without any trace. Since 2010, MSPY has evolved into one of the most popular and effective software around the world.

It works on both non-jailbroken and jailbroken iOS/Android devices. It is fun to set up and reliable to utilize. The installation is ideal for less tech-savvy individuals. In fact, it only requires a few minutes to finish.

Like Webwatcher, MSPY is invisible to the device user; that’s why your kids won’t have any idea. The software also runs in background mode.

Why Should you Choose MSPY?

Determine the Location of a Compatible iOS or Android Device – Who would have thought that a spy app could identify the location of a smartphone? With the technological development and Global Positioning System, it has become possible with Webwatcher and MSPY.

Before gaining access to the software, sign up for your personal account. Always remember the password to stay notified all throughout the process.

How does the place locator system work? Well, the position of a device will be reflected on Google Maps. To get the exact information, just zoom in on the image.

Access Text Messages, Photos, Videos, and Other Information – MSPY is equipped with a message recorder to keep all the details of online or offline conversations. It provides instant and reliable access to text or chats messages.

Although they have been deleted, the information remains visible. What else? The software enables users to view videos, photos, and other personal data. The missed calls, incoming calls, numbers, and outgoing calls will also be available to your account, making the process easier and safer.

mSpy features

What are the Other Things MSPY offers?

Easy and Smooth Installation – Installing MSPY is simple. For 5 or 10 minutes, you can complete the process. Can you download it from the Google Play Store? Of course, not. Visit the MSPY control panel instead. Before installing the application, there are factors to bear in mind.

First, you should have physical access to your target device. Second, don’t forget to disable firewalls and antivirus. Third, check whether the smartphone is compatible with the software. Fourth, it’s imperative to root the gadget. Lastly, connect the device to a strong internet connection. Cellular data can also be crucial.

To install MSPY on your Android device, place the order. Next, sign up to your control panel by using your login credentials. To download and install the software, there are specific instructions to follow in the Panel. To take advantage of premium MSPY features, don’t forget to root your phone.

Rooting is overwhelming to handle for beginners. The good news is that there’s a diverse and creative team that has an unmatched commitment to helping. With a single call, they can respond to your inquiries and other concerns on time.

For iOS users, there’s no installation required. What you need to do is to provide the target device’s iCloud account credentials. After entering the required information in the control panel, the software will link the iPhone version with your personal account. Physical access to the device is also necessary.

Excellent Customer Support – MSPY has also been a go-to solution for many because the official manufacturer offers 100% customer support. MSPY provides 3 support options such as a free service, assistance, and phone support.

For free services, they guarantee quality e-mail or live chat assistance. assistance, on the contrary, involves a comprehensive guide in jailbreaking, installation, and even remote rooting. The team consists of a diverse and professional team.

More than the knowledge and experience, each of the staff is courteous, accommodating, and responsive. Plus, they do not have a universal solution. They consider their client’s requirements at first and modify their services.

WebWatcher Reviews


Webwatcher is an incredible spy app as it can access messages on a variety of platforms, including WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, Facebook, and Snapchat. It can also track internet activities and browser history.

MSPY, however, is an excellent alternative. It has advanced features, better customer support, and more competitive prices. For those who encounter some trouble using the spy app, don’t panic. MSPY is equipped with a diverse and committed team to accommodate your queries and other concerns.

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