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Best Kids Tablet Case for Different Sizes from iPad to Android

Tablet PCs or simply tablets are designed to be robust, rough and durable electronic gadgets with their scratch and damage-resistant Gorilla Glass display and high grade metal or plastic external covers.

However, as durable as they may seem these tablets can only handle too much impact forces and sooner or later they will get damaged or even breakdown from a fall.

In order to mitigate this problem third-party companies started manufacturing and selling rubber protective tablet cases. Today people with kids would include a rubber protective casing in their list of purchases aside from buying a tablet.

Kids Tablet Case for Different Sizes from iPad to Android

Built for Entertainment Not for High-Impact Resistance

If people expected their iPads or Android tablets to be as tough as those main battle tanks of the US Army, then they should ask Ford Motors to work with Apple to create the high-impact resistance casing for their tablets while Apple provides the edgy electronics for it.

After all Ford Motors would know a lot about crash tests and what high velocity impact does to cars and people. But smartphones and tablets are not made to be super tough otherwise they wouldn’t call them “smart” phones. I don’t know, maybe they’ll call them combat phones or something.

No, these high-tech gadgets that are being marketed to us are meant for entertainment purposes, so we’d expect them to be small, lightweight, has incredible processing capabilities, is essentially a pocket computer, make us happy and takeaway our boredom and durable to some degree.

But don’t expect Apple or Asus to build tablets with depleted Uranium casing or modular armor casing, because by then their devices won’t be sold to the public anymore, but instead they’ll be marketed to soldiers and security contractors.

Hardened Parts vs. Vulnerable Parts of Gadgets

Basically almost all electronic parts of modern devices, especially the printed circuit board (PCB) are extremely tough materials. As a matter of fact, these things go into temperature tests in ovens and kilns that go as high as 1,500° Celcius as well as getting sprayed with -50° Celcius frozen liquid nitrogen.

This is done to determine how long the device will last which is why you may notice that your smartphones and tablets last for more than 5 years before they breakdown. In some cases, gadgets malfunction only due to OS (operating system) upgrades when in reality their PCBs are still in good condition.

The real vulnerable parts of modern gadgets are the things that are marketed to the public as the “protective” covering assembly of the device, which is essentially a mininformation of sorts. But they do serve as a protection from water contamination, shortcircuits and falls.

Another issue with adding extra protection to these gadgets is that it undermines the gadgets sleek design as manufacturers would want to show how “shiny” their products are, because people are generally attracted to shiny things like diamonds and polished gold.

It just appeals to our brains too much that it becomes almost irresistible to ignore a shiny new tablet sold for $1,000.

The cost to manufacture protective cases and include it in their products is insignificant, but the manufacturers just decide to let other companies produce them as they feel that it’s unnecessary.

Kids and Gadgets

a girl play with her gadget

Kids love anything new, techy, colorful and shiny, well, actually all humans in all ages have similar attractions to objects and, in some cases, even animals and other people as well. In fact, it’s not just tablets that kids love to play with, but all other electronic media that’s available in the market today including smartphones, PlayStation Portable (PSP), mp3/mp4 players, China- made handheld gaming gadgets and other portable entertainment devices.

In 2013 Dailymail reported that 29% of children use tech gadgets as toddlers and 70% master them completely by primary school age. That’s equivalent to 1 in 3 children in the United States are able to learn how to use a smartphone or tablet before they could learn how to talk!

This is an unprecedented turn of events and the future, which we are experiencing now, is quite impressive and sometimes worrisome. Experts say that giving gadgets to kids prior to them learning how to talk is not good at all for their development.

They also said that parents need to be more involved in child-rearing as gadgets can only affect their intellectual and cognitive needs and it is human interaction that helps develop their emotional needs. So, it may be best to allow your kids to be exposed to modern gadgets around their toddler years (at 4 years old and older).

Here are the best rubber, plastic and synthetic tablet protectors for kids:

1. Amazon FreeTime Kid-Proof Case

Amazon is unique among tablet manufacturers as it cared enough about its customers to produce its own tablet protective case, which is the FreeTime Kid-Proof Case. Amazon actually has a whole range of kid-proof cases for their product line which are sold under $30 and is suggested to you each time you’ll make a purchase.

However, if you do not have kids, then you can just decline purchasing this along with the Fire HD tablet. There are kid-proof cases for their 5th (2015), 6th (2016), 7th (2017) and 8th (2018) generation Fire HD models that are sold together with the tablets.

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2. i-Blason ArmorBox Kido Series

Apple’s subsidiary, i-Blason exclusively manufactures and distributes iPhone and iPad cases with the purpose of adding extra impact protection to any Apple handheld consumer electronics products. The ArmorBox Kido Series was specifically designed for children from 4 years old and upwards which is constructed of of highly protective TPU (thermoplastic polyurathane) materials.

The i-Blason ArmorBox Kido Series for the Apple iPad 9.7 (2017/2018) edition is built to withstand drops, falls and throwing within a maximum distance of 50 feet! It means that your clumsy toddlers can use it with the iPad and you won’t have to worry about it. It also comes with a convenient kid-size carrying handle and a kick-stand at the back stand for hands-free movie watching.

3. BMOUO Kids Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0

BMOUO is an independent tablet case manufacturer that builds protective housings for Samsung, Apple and Amazon mobile gadgets. This one that we’re highlighting in particular is a tablet case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0. Constructed from impact-resistant polycarbonate and double-enforced lining with a shock absorbing silicone inner-sleeve.

Take the tablet with you anywhere you go and let your kids feel what it’s like to be given a responsibility (to take care of the tablet) as they hold it from the handle that is a convertible stand that converts into easy to use carrying case. This is an insta-peace of mind for your Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0 for only $13.99.

4. HOTCOOL PU Leather Case for the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate

HOTCOOL which is an Amazon retailer created a polyurathane leather cover/casing with a kick- stand at the back for hands-free tablet operation.

Designed specifically for LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Kids Tablet the premium quality polyurathane leather gives the tablet a classy look and feel, as well as keep dirt, finger prints and scratches to appear on the tablet’s external cover.

The polyurathane leather is also padded with foam for extra cushion against impact velocities. At the back is a huge hard plastic support, which not only makes holding the tablet comfortable, but also makes it durable.

The PU leather case has also been cut out precisely for the external buttons, 3.5mm jack, firewire charger port and other functions, so you won’t have to take the tablet out of the case and use it conveniently as is.

This polyurethane leather protective tablet cover is available for only $19.99 at HOTCOOL on Amazon. Get it now if you have a LeapPad Ultimate!

5. Cooper Bounce Strap Drop Proof Rugged Case w/ Shoulder Strap, Hand Strap & Kickstand

This protective tablet case is designed for a variety of tablet brands and it’s so functional and trendy that your kids will absolutely love it! The protective cover is made of reinforced silicone plastic and is durable enough to withstand high-velocity impact forces like throws, falls and hard bumbs on the wall or against hard surfaces and objects.

This drop-proof case is made for kids’ clumsy hands and it also comes with a shoulder/hand strap to allow for them to carry it along anywhere they’ll go. It makes for a fun on-the-go companion for your iPad or Samsung Tablet and like most of the child-proof housings here it too has a kick-stand to let your kids enjoy hands-free Netflix and YouTube video streaming.

6. Pure Sense Buddy Antimicrobial Rugged Kids Case

Perhaps the most thoughtful of all the tablet cases ranked in this list, Pure Sense kids case is the only one of its kind to include an antimicrobial feature in their product, which already makes them a winner in the sales department.

The case is also built only for the iPad Air 2 and is treated with patented SteriTouch® coating to provide non-toxic protection against invisible bacterial hazards (it’s a world’s first antibacterial protection on a tablet case).

Pure Sense Kids Case is made of super tough Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam that essentially makes it shockproof. It also features a 2-in-1 handle + stand convertible bar as carry-on handle and for hands-free operation and the case also comes with a shoulder strap for easy on-the-go activities. Get it now for only $29.95!

7. Finite 9.7 Inch iPad Case

The Fintie iPad case pretty much looks a lot similar to other kiddie tablet casings that we’ve featured in this list and it looks as good as it is functional.

Just like the previous tablet protector case mentioned above the Fintie case also has a convertible handle bar that has a secondary function which is a stand for hands-free tablet operation.

This tablet protector cost just under $16 which is the cheapest among all the other tablet case included in this list and is highly recommended if you have kids and own an iPad 9.7 inch 2018 model.

This cover is composed of a heavy-duty EVA foam to endure wear and tear over time. It comes in different color schemes that your kids will love.

8. TFY Kids Car Headrest Mount Holder

The tablet’s glass display and metalic or plastic external housing can become easily slippery when wet. Our palms secret oils and sometimes sweat also goes into our hand and such scenarios could easily happen to your children, then the chances of them accidentally dropping the tablet is more than likely.

However, even if their hands are not wet or oily if they are in a moving vehicle and are holding the tablet as watching some YouTube videos or movies on it, they could still drop it every time the driver hits the breaks or turns around a corner.

The TFY car headrest mount case holder is the perfect solution for this kind of problem and it neatly tucks the tablet at the back of the driver’s or passenger’s seat keeping it safe and immobilized as your kids watch their favorite shows on it.

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The TFY case holder features easy to hold grips at the side make holding the iPad Mini easy and confortable for even young children.

9. Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case

Last but not the least is the tablet protective case that’s favored more by toddlers – the Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case from Fisher-Price Co.

According to the tablet case manufacturer their product is designed for the Apple iPad 2; however, given its simplistic design, it can be concluded that other Android tablets will fit in it also.

If your baby toddler doesn’t do much with the iPad or Android tablet, then you can just flip both legs out for rocker base to let him/her watch cartoons or some educational material on it. The iPad will be safely operated behind a clear film to protect the screen from dribbles & drool, so you don’t have to worry about liquids spilling onto it.

Create a Meaningful Gadget Experience for Your Children

How You as a Parent can Create a Meaningful Gadget Experience for Your Children

There are things in this world that you shouldn’t encourage your kids to learn about, or at least not at the tender age that they are in. However, sometimes some things offer a huge benefit if they are learned and understood more than the potential harm that they would cause.

A good example of this is teaching your kids who are below 18 years old to drive a car. Now there’s a good chance that they’ll be tempted to take the car at night or when you’re not around and take it out for a spin – maybe even to show off to their friends.

The problem is that they might encounter a vehicular accident which could threaten their lives as well as the lives of the passengers in the other vehicle(s). But the benefit is that they’ll turn out to be good law-abiding citizens and defensive drivers one day when the time will come for them to get a driver’s license and own a car.

This of course is assuming they won’t have belligerent actions during the time that you’re teaching them how to drive. The same is true when giving them tablets and other electronic gadgets and the potential danger for them to get addicted to such devices is high, but the educational benefits is also worth the risk.

So how should you, as a parent, approach this delicate matter?

Well, there are a few things you can do to not turn your kids into gadget zombies and just make them the educated younglings that you want them to be.

1.) Install only Quality Apps

In reality children do not get that stimulus in the nucleus accumbens region of their brains (the brain’s pleasure center which is linked to all sorts of addiction including gadgets) when you give them a smartphone or a tablet.

No, the kind of apps that you allow them to use or play with is much more of an addictive factor than the tablet itself. Therefore, the first thing that you need to be absolutely cautious about when handing your kids gadgets is the kind of apps you will install in them.

So make sure that the only apps that your children are using are either educational (e.g. Kids Piano Games Pro, Where’s My Mickey? Smart Kids Puzzles and other similar apps) or entertaining but with zero violence, sexual and/or otherwise explicit content.

2.) Get Involved

It’s not good to let a pre-programmed software teach your kids stuff as it might mislead them or your kids will misinterpret what they learn. Sit down with your children every time they’ll use the tablet and be a teacher or a guide with each item that interests them.

Do research if you have to, but be sure to be knowledgeable enough about the things that they will ask you. Dissuade them from learning inappropriate stuff and lead the conversation away, then focus on the more helpful things.

Not only will your children idolize you for being a smart parent, but the time you’ll spend together will create a stronger bond between parent and child and your kids will see you as someone trustworthy and will not hide things from you, but instead would always consult you for things that they have little knowledge about.

3.) Be a Role Model to Your Children

a mom and her child

You must have heard about the saying, “children do what you do and not what you tell them what to do.” Well, that is true in every sense of the word, so here are some further tips for you to do in order to be a role model for your kids.

  • Limit screen time to not more than 30 minutes to an hour a day.
  • Do not center all your activities around gadgets or the technology you use for convenience, instead diversify your daily activities with outdoor playing, go for walks and explore your neighborhood and read them bed time stories.
  • Take note that you’re not only a parent, but also someone’s husband or wife, so divide your time accordingly with your partner and children. You don’t have to feel guilty when at times you’ll let your kids use the tablet unsupervised while having some quality time by yourself or with your partner.
  • Teach your kids about online safety from a very young age, especially with regard to information-sharing, spending and questionable content.
  • Encourage your kids to have open discussions in the family about gadgets and technology.
  • If you have kids that are 8 years old or older, then set strict house rules about using gadgets, accessing content online, how long they should use the device and all the other minute details related to it.
  • Do your homework and look up for safe and age-appropriate apps that is available for download and ones that are also child-friendly.
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