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Best Toddler Tablets for 2-3 Year Old

Being a parent is a life long goal for so many people and the day we welcome them into this world is always memorable. Once you get to hold them for the first time, you instantly feel the connection and thus the life long journey begins. But as they grow older, they start to be clumsy and break a thing or two in the house.

As they claw around or when they are learning how to walk, they stumble upon your precious phone and before you even reach it, they drop it and the whole screen shatters. That’s not all, they never leave you in peace every time you are using your phone. So, you come to an anonymous conclusion, you must buy them their own tablet (and preferably a good tablet case if it doesn’t come with it).

But where do you even start? Which tablet will be good for your children? In as much as tablets are all fun and educative, they can expose harmful content to your kids and this can have a bad effect on them. This means you must find a tablet with the right content and at the right price.

Here we will review 5 toddler tablets give you insights as to the best tablets:

Best Toddler Tablets for 2-3 Year Old

The Kurio Smart tablets

First up on our list is this uniquely built Kurio tablet. Unlike other kid’s tablet, this one comes with Windows 10 OS and its exteriors brightly colored with blue and white covers. Another feature that makes this tablet very authentic is the detachable keyboard which makes it easily adaptive for kids.

The detachable keyboard also makes it easier for the kid to use the tablet for either playing or doing homework. Kurio seems to have done a good job with this tablet which comes with an HDMI connector meaning that your kid can connect it with a big screen for optimal visual effects. The tablet has a battery life that averages 6-7 hours with a single charge giving your kids maximum usage before the battery dies down.

None the less, this tablet has its fair share of shortcomings top among them being the lack of a USB port which is very limiting. The tablet also has 1ntel Atom processor which is very limiting and vendors can find this very frustrating when you want to open a handful of tabs on the browser or even a few basic applications.

However, the tablet can accommodate several games, as well as child friendly-content, make it fit into most of the kid’s needs. The tablet does not have strong resolution screen making a bit hard to get clear viewing when using the tablet.

Kurio Smart tablets are very authentic and kids can get excellent service from this tablet. Its long battery life as well as its detachable keyboard makes it a bit unique and gives users more versatility when using the tablet. However, this tablet has several shortcomings that one should check to know if they will be comfortable using them. That said, the experience from using this tablet is quite good and it serves its purpose.

iPad Mini 2

Even though Apple discontinued this tablet series, iPad Mini 2 is still worth the mention. This tablet was built so well that it continues to offer noteworthy services to customers. For starters, this tablet comes with the iOS operating system that enables it to host a number of features and thus its ideal for kids.

The tablet also has good battery life and its screen is also amazing. Apple, as we all know, is about premium products that are more often than not, expensive. This tablet is not different and is stocked with a wide range of games suitable for children as well as applications and child-friendly e-books. However, you must buy and install them from the App Store.

iPad Mini 2

Additionally, this tablet comes with a web browser, Safari, that gives parents the ability to control what a child can surf from the internet. Parents also have the ability to restrict their kids from installing applications on the tablet. That’s not all, you also get to control the type of music, podcasts and any other adult-related content that you don’t want to expose your child into.

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Though iPad Mini 2 is a bit expensive than the other tablets, it still offers quality service. This tablet is ideal for someone who has no interest in using the latest technology from Apple since there are other updated Apple tablets out there.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Amazon has taken the Kids tablet game a notch higher. With the Fire HD 8 kid’s edition, Amazon seems to have noted some of the issues that customers with this tablet experience top among them being their advanced parental controls. While most kids tablet come with parental controls that give the parents the sole rights to add an application, the Fire HD 8 Kids edition comes with something better.

The tablet allows the parents to control exactly how they would want their kids to use the tablet down to the very moment the kid goes to bed. The parental control allows the parent to set the specific targets and usage of the tablet.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

For instances, the parent can set a daily screen time of two hours and then dictate how the two hours will be used. The parent can also set the time that the tab can be used and also the age limit. Interestingly, the vendor can choose to use this parental controls or leave it as it is.

Additional features you can expect to find from this tablet include: 32 GB internal storage which is expandable with external storage slot. Another amazing feature from this tablet is the 2-year “no question asked” warranty. This is an amazing feature that gives parents great peace of mind since they will get a replacement if the kids smash or dips the tablet in water albeit accidently.

The goodies don’t end there as this tablet comes with a 1-year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited, a Netflix-like platform, that has thousands of child-friendly contents that will keep your child glued to the screen. The tablet also has long battery life as well as a sturdy case for protection purposes. That said, the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is an ideal kid tablet and it is very affordable.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

Another tablet from Amazon is the incredibly cheaper Fire 7 Kids Edition. Even though the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is a better improvement that this tablet, the Amazon Fire 7 Kids edition is still a force to reckon with. The tablet comes with a blue or pink
case and its 7’ screen has a 1024×600 resolution which may not be ideal for reading. This version has 16 GB internal memory but it also has an external MICRO SD slot.

The tablet comes with extensive parental controls giving parents the powers to control what a child reads and watches from the tablet. Amazon has also included the FreeTime Unlimited service that allows your child to access thousands of eBooks, applications and other child-related content at a fee. Though the feature is charged, it is worth every penny and vendors can trust that by using it, their children will not only be entertained but also educated.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

Another amazing feature from the Amazon Fire HD 7 Kids Edition is the 2-year accidental damage warranty that customers get with no question asked. Amazon have also stocked this kid’s tablet with Fire for Kids application which is an amazing app that is loaded with tons of child-friendly content that parents cannot fear exposing their children to.

The tablet also gives parents the right to control how a child uses the tablet. The parent can set the number of hours the child uses the tablet, the amount of time spent reading, playing games among other activities.

None the less, this tablet does not have a screen protector nor does it allow someone to watch offline video. The tablet does not have a good battery life allowing only 4 hours of playing games but that could double with simple usage only.

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Compared to the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, the Amazon Fire HD 7 Kids Edition is a bit wanting on several areas such as the battery life, low screen resolutions and of course the storage capacity. However, the Amazon Fire HD 7 Kids Edition is cheaper thus making it desirable to customers on a budget.

LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition

Last on our list is this beauty from LeapFrog. This tablet has unique features that makes it stand out from the rest of the pack. The tablet comes with an access to the LeapFrog academy, which is a requires subscriptions to access, but it is worth the payment. The LeapFrog Academy feature, which has a 3-month free trial, is stocked with an array of child-friendly content that allows your kids to both learn and play.

This feature has among others, a wide range of applications, games, music, e-books and other content that will help your kid to grow intellectually. The LeapFrog Epic academy edition tablet is stocked with parental controls that enables the parents to control what the child sees, plays or even interact with. The parents are also able to control the time their child uses the tablet and when they shouldn’t.

The tablet is uniquely built to help your kids grow and express themselves appropriately. For instance, the tablet has a customized home screen that allows your kid the set it up the way they want.

The LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition comes with 16 GB internal storage and once the kids connect to the LeapFrog Academy, they can be able to install up to twenty-four applications offline. This is a welcome addition since most kids’ tablet don’t have this feature and thus the need of internet connection all the time. Another unique feature from this tablet is the presence of two cameras giving your children the joy of taking pictures and videos.

The tablet also comes with removable bumper protector giving you piece of mind when the tablet falls. The battery life is also decent giving your kids ample time on the screen without irritating power shortages. Another stand out feature is the ability of the LeapFrog Academy feature to track your child’s progress as they unlock more levels on games. The feature is able to detect the child’s strengths and weaknesses and help them improve accordingly.

Bottom Line

There you have it, the top 5 toddler tablets. Even though the list is in no particular order, the tablets are well worthy of trying out. Generally, most parents are concerned with the battery life of a tablet, the parental controls available as well as the storage capabilities of a tablet. There is also a general concern that most parents have about what they expose their children to.

The internet is a wild place and thus the need to be careful not to expose your children to harmful content that may derail their growth. This is why parental controls are very important in choosing the right tablet. We all know that kids can be clumsy and therefore there is need for protection features on their tablets. Covers, screen protectors among other security features are as important as the tablet themselves in ensuring that the tablets last longer.

Most of the kids tablets these days come with preloaded education content that helps educate kids as they use the tablets. It is paramount that the parents are aware the kind of content available and whether or not they are age-appropriate to their kids. Lastly, another important aspect in buying a tablet for your young one is the cost.

Even though most kids’ tablets are pocket friendly, there are add-ons that can push your budget way higher than you expected. Before you buy that tablet, just know if there are other additional costs that may be incurred and if you will be able to comfortable pay for them. Hopefully, the article has helped you know a thing or two about kids tablet and will help you make informed decisions in the future.

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