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Net Nanny Review

Most kids played in the park with peers during the weekend before. Things have changed today. After school, they sit in front of a computer to play their favorite application, browse social networking sites, and search the net for information.

The internet makes life easier and more convenient. However, the online world can be a dangerous platform for young users.

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Although Net Nanny is a good parental control software, the eyeZy phone monitoring app has a more comprehensive set of features that can meet the needs of the most demanding customers. You can monitor your child’s smartphone activities with eyeZy and prevent them from interacting with cyberbullies, online predators, and scammers.

Cyberbullying is the most prevalent problem that children encounter. Based on recent surveys, more than 60% of children who use Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites have experienced some form of bullying.

According to, over 47% of young people had been a victim of cyberbullying. In social media, for example, children can be ridiculed online. In online gaming, other young users can be subjected to attack, making their adventure an embarrassing moment.

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Net Nanny – What You Need to Know?

Today, strangers often stalk children over the internet and take advantage of their innocence, putting them into a dangerous encounters.

Children do not understand what to post on social media. Sometimes, they might upload something personal. This might include sensitive images, family vacation plans, and home addresses.

Phishing is another internet problem that kids might experience. It is usually in the form of emails that trick young users into clicking on malicious attachments. The links can be difficult to detect because the email appears legitimate. Once clicked, attackers get the target’s email addresses, friends’ names, and other personal information.

Children also have a high risk of falling for scams. Scammers might offer things that their targets value. These include a special feature and free access to online gaming applications.

Aside from scams, phishing, and cyberbullying, young users might download malware. Once installed, strangers might steal personal information or hijack the computer, resulting in sluggish performance.

As a parent, it’s tricky how to protect your kids from the dangers of the internet. Good news! There are quality and reliable spy applications that have got you covered. What’s the number one solution that best suits your unique needs and requirements? Don’t worry! Net Nanny is the right solution you can ever have.

What is Net Nanny? How does it work? What are the benefits of enjoying? What are the pros and cons to consider? What are the compatible devices? How much does it cost? What are the requirements to follow? In this comprehensive net nanny review, you will know them all. Are you ready? Enjoy!

What is Net Nanny?

Spy apps come in different types. There are platforms for employee monitoring, while some applications are developed for parental control. When using spyware to track your children’s internet activities, the platform developed for parental control has got you covered.

Among the variety of options, Net Nanny stands out from the rest. It is a popular and tested application introduced in 1996. With its extensive list of incredible features, the platform has been employed by millions of parents in different corners of the world. With the dangers kids experience online, it is important to monitor their browsing history for their safety and comfort.

With Net Nanny, you can track, protect, and limit your children’s actions on computers, cell phones, and other devices. You can be sure that your kids are safe at all times.

Net Nanny Main Features

Net Nanny Main Features

Screen Time Management – Make Kids More Focused on their Studies

Spending so much time in front of a computer or phone screen can lead to multiple conditions. These can include obesity, addiction, psychological issues, attention problems, sleep disorders, problems at school, and more. This has become a significant concern among parents out there, and Net Nanny can come into play.

With this spyware, you can set a time restriction for the usage of computers and smartphones by your kids.  You can set up a specific time when the internet works on your kids’ devices so that they can only use it when the need arises. So, modify time restrictions to avoid addiction, boost concentration, and make them more active.

Kids spend more than 8 hours on the internet, according to the American Heart Association. They browse social media, stream songs, and play online gaming platforms instead of doing their homework and extracurricular activities. Worry no more! Net Nanny, as an incredible platform, can be your best buddy.

Too much computer or smartphone use can lead to psychological problems, troubles in school, attention issues, sleeping disorders, eating issues, and internet addiction. Net Nanny can help provide screen time limits for your children. It can also manage their internet use.

Remote Control – Monitor Kids’ Activities Remotely

Parents usually leave their children in front of their phones and computer to play popular applications, browse social networking sites, listen to songs on Spotify, or watch videos on YouTube. What are the other websites and platforms they visit?

It’s time to install Net Nanny. Whether you’re in the office or mall, you can remotely monitor your kids’ phone activities. You can adjust their profile while making some restrictions on their phone usage. You just have to create an account and use a stable internet connection. That’s it!

Reporting and Notifications – Accuracy and Precision

Net Nanny offers an accurate report for whatever your kids are doing online. Whether they visit different websites, use social media, or request to unblock a site, you will remain notified in real time. Just connect to a strong Wi-Fi connection and browse your account online so that you won’t miss something important.

Similar to other spy applications, Net Nanny’s admin console is cloud-based. You can access the account from any remote location while pulling up activity records. Net Nanny is popular for its email notifications that allow you to know everything on the system.

When your kids unblock a website, you will be notified with an email. Experts suggest parents use different email addresses for other activities. Also, take advantage of the spyware’s SMS notification system. But make sure you create your own account.

Apart from sending regular updates and notifications, Net Nanny will also provide accurate summary reports with a pie chart.

The data will also include a chat report. But the feature is available at an extra cost. To enjoy a more specific and authentic report, the package features relevant and quality screenshots. It also consists of snapshots presented chronologically, avoiding questionable content.

how to block Photography site

Filtering and Blocking

Fashion website? Photography site? Social media? Business platforms? Inappropriate sites? The internet has them all, and everyone can search for information with a click of a mouse. Different websites are safe except for pornographic content.

Exposure to pornography at a young age can affect children’s minds. Good news! Net Nanny has a filtering and blocking capability you should take advantage of today.

Different Filter Categories Available
  • Websites – Children can access multiple websites online, and tracking technology is a necessity. To monitor their internet activity and searches, Net Nanny is a go-to solution. That’s not all! It can block inappropriate sites. How to get started? Simply add the main URL.

  • Social Media – Social networking sites are addicting. Facebook, for example, is fun to use. It is easy to search for new friends. You can like, comment, and share a post. You can also watch trendy and educational videos with ease.

    However, spending so much time on FB can affect your children’s studying habits. Worry no more! Net Nanny can track and block their social media activity. Whether they add a stranger or like a post, the spyware will keep you notified.

  • Games – Apart from social networking platforms, children love online gaming applications because of their excitement, intensity, and satisfaction. Similar to social media, gaming applications can affect your children’s studies.

    Did your kids get a failing mark in one of the major subjects? Gaming apps can be the culprit, and Net Nanny can make them more focused. Install the spyware on a target device and block any gaming websites. Then, explain your reasons.
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Profanity Masking – Cover Abusive Words in Online Forums or Websites

Kids are also prone to abusive language online. They might access inappropriate forums and sites out of curiosity. Among the best solutions, Net Nanny can replace something abusive over the net with symbols and other characters. You can also take advantage of the app’s blocking capability.

Customized Restrictions – Makes the Process More Comfortable

To get real-time notifications, one must create and register an account. But do you need two or more accounts to manage multiple user profiles? Well, it’s not necessary. The secret here is to set different restrictions for each of your kids. For a younger child, it’s advisable to set the most access restrictions. For older ones, fewer restrictions are recommended. So, there’s no parent control measure required.

Time Management – Help Remind of their Priorities

After an intensive development, the time management feature is finally available in Net Nanny. How does it work? It simply tracks the amount of time your children spend on the internet. If they kill an hour browsing social media, it’s ideal to set up a time limit, which reminds them to do their homework.

Location Tracking

Another nice bonus for this state-of-the-art software is its location tracking capability. It excels at updating your kids’ location on a map every minute. So, it’s convenient to track their whereabouts. Are they still in school? Do they go to the nearest mall? Wherever they go, you will get notified.

Convenient Installation /Setup

Some spyware requires extra tools during installation. Other options take time to set up. Net Nanny, on the other hand, is different because of the convenient installation. The website, for instance, provides a FAQs page. Whether you have something to ask or verify, visit the official site of Net Nanny for further details.

What will you do when the FAQ page doesn’t help? The developer of the application offers quick customer support. The company is equipped with a team that’s always on the GO to help. Please feel free to send your inquiries and other concerns.

Where to find the application? Visit the Google Play store and download the platform. After the installation, it will ask for permission. At first, you will feel afraid about whether you will say YES or not. Don’t feel that way because the application is tested, safe, and reliable.

Incredible Customer Experience

Searching for one of the most effective parental control applications that work with Kindle Fire devices? Don’t look further than Net Nanny. It also supports Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and other major platforms. With the quality of services, the company has an A+ on BBB.

Its customer services last for nine hours a day from Monday to Friday. It provides live technical support (email support). Consumers can also contact the developer by filling out their forms on the site. This guarantees a safe and convenient customer experience over time.


Parental Controls

Kids love browsing various sites, so keeping them protected is crucial.

Net Nanny, as trusted parental control software, provides visibility into your children’s internet activity. This helps you understand their digital habits while keeping them safe at all times. Net Nanny allows parents to filter adult content in real-time, block pornography, send alerts of internet activity, manage screen time, provide peace of mind, and more.

So, don’t be tempted to use a cheap and unreliable solution. Be willing to spend on quality, feature-packed, and advanced options like Net Nanny. 

Award-Winning Internet Filtering Technology

Net Nanny has been creating a buzz because of its advanced internet filtering software. How does it work? Well, it allows parents to select specific times of the day when their kids can only use the internet. This gives you the flexibility to adjust the screen time allowances for both weekdays and weekends.

Net Nanny Pros and Cons

Net Nanny Reviews


A Variety of Web Filtering Capabilities

This is divided into three areas, including Custom Content Filters, Net Nanny Content Filters, and Block or Allow Specific Websites.

The Allow category lets children access specific sites without recording their activity. The Alert category enables the kids to browse any websites while the software records their browsing history.

The Block category, on the other hand, prevents kids from accessing inappropriate sites with an accurate report.

Provides Approximately 14 Pre-Configured Categories

These categories consist of Anime, Drugs, Gambling, Porn, Suicide, Mature Content, Death/Gore, Weapons, and more.

Other spyware also offers a greater number of pre-configured options such as Proxies, File Sharing, Social Media, and VPNs.

Manage Profile with Peace of Mind

After a convenient setup, it’s time to manage your profile. Similar to the comfortable installation, managing the profile is stress-free. To get started, you just have to enter the specific age of your kids. Then, choose particular points to follow and utilize additional web content filters. For further details, don’t hesitate to contact the official developer for your peace of mind.

Go into the Administration Panel

Once the installation has been completed, you can now go into the administration panel to select the main settings of your option. The application allows parents to watch the original content and other visited links.

You Have the Opportunity to Enjoy Excellent Blocking Capability

Net Nanny is known for its incredible blocking capability. How to get the most out of this feature? You just have to block mature content in the admin panel. You can also put a filter warning for other inappropriate information.

It is Safe and Reliable

Customers raised concerns about the reliability and safety of spyware before. Everything changed in this digital age. Net Nanny, for instance, has undergone intensive updates and development, making it secure and easy to use.

Does it have harmful malware and viruses? Of course, NOT! It is tailored according to the industry’s highest standards. It is also available for a variety of devices and other platforms. So, you can download the application on your laptop, PC, iOS, and other Android devices.

It is Child-Centric

Child-centric, Net Nanny lets parents apply specific settings to devices and maintain total control of children’s internet surfing history.

It Doesn’t Work on Stealth Mode, but It Leads to an Open Conversation

Does Net Nanny work in stealth mode? Of course, not. The application is noticeable. It is just advisable to explain why you block specific social networking sites. Educate your children well. They will surely understand your actions.

Some parents block gaming platforms and other social media. Don’t do the same thing. It’s best to limit their screen time at first.

It Records Images and Videos

Net Nanny has been the number one option for many because of its capability to record a list of web pages. The spyware can also record other content, including inappropriate images and mature content. You can receive detailed and accurate reports of your target’s activity in real time.

Collected Data is Stored for 24 Hours

How long can Net Nanny store any collected data? Good news! Recorded information last for 24 hours. If you have a hectic schedule, browse the account during your free time.

Simple Design and Style

Parents consider aesthetic style when looking for spyware. Don’t do the same thing. Functional performance and top features should be on top of your mind. Yes, Net Nanny is known for its simple design and appeal. But the tracking and monitoring capability is superb. Usual-friendly visual presence? Reliable tracking features? You have come to the right place!

Timely Notifications

Tired of late notifications of your previous spyware? If yes, use one of the best tracking applications like Net Nanny. Every time your kids browse the internet, the platform will send real-time notifications with a detailed report. Just check your account regularly.

It Works with ALL Internet Browsers

Net Nanny tracks a variety of internet browsers. Whether you’re using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Konqueror, or Lynx, the application is compatible. Aside from internet browsers, spyware tracks social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, YouTube, and more.

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It is Flexible

Who says spyware is only perfect for computers or PC? Net Nanny is ideal for smartphones, tablets, and other devices. It is flexible and worth the cost.

When using a poor-quality application, Net Nanny is an excellent and safe alternative you can ever have.

Masks Profanity

Net Nanny doesn’t have many features, but its profanity masking makes it stand out from the rest. How does it work? This capability replaces any swear words in online content and other messages so that your kids can’t see or read them. From violent texts to nude pics, the platform will be a great help.

See Web Browser History with cell phone spying app


A Few of the Drawbacks

Net Nanny provides tracking services, masks profanity, screen time management, location monitoring, and recording web history.

However, spyware also has a few drawbacks. Here are some of them:

No Contact List Access

Want to access the contact list of a particular device? Net Nanny won’t be a perfect investment. Choose other alternatives online to access calls, messages, and additional information.

No Capture of Desktop Images

Net Nanny doesn’t capture desktop images. However, the feature of recording a person’s web history makes it a worthwhile option for parents and other customers out there.

Confusing Installation

Are you a bit confused about how to install Net Nanny on a target device? Don’t worry! The company is available with responsive and 100% customer support to accommodate the client’s unique needs and requirements.

It Doesn’t Have Effective Support for iOS Devices

Net Nanny doesn’t support iOS devices like how it works on Android Devices. Android users, however, are assured of accuracy in filtering online content, enforcing Google SafeSearch, providing email notifications, and offering a web-based Admin console. The spy app also offers schedules to limit screen time, view reports of internet searches, create multiple profiles, disable apps, and more.


Net Nanny supports different operating systems, including Windows 10 – 64bit, macOS 10.13, and Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 & 9.

Net Nanny works with mobile devices, and there are app blocking features or time restricting filters that come in handy. It is compatible with Android 5.1 and iOS 11.

Android users can get it installed without hassles. After a successful setup, launch the spyware and log into your account. Don’t forget the application about the target user and allow the platform to load the respective settings.

The internet schedule is superb. Once your children have exceeded the limit on Desktop PC, they can’t browse the internet on Android. The spyware is tailored to block the Play Store and prevent any change in settings, too.

As an iPhone user, it is also convenient to install the platform on any IOS-powered device. Everyone can finish the setup within a minute or two. The interface is user-friendly and excellent for those who are less experienced.

 Net Nanny Price

Net Nanny Price

What are the starting tier costs of Net Nanny? It’s around $39.99 per year, but you can only monitor a single desktop device. It can be Windows or macOS. The platform provides two family protection passes. These include the five-device plan and the 20-device plan.

The first package costs $54.99 once a year, while the second subscription fee is available at $89.99 per year. The application, however, does not provide a free version or trial.

Which plan is the best? Identify your needs before making a decision. Then, monitor your kids on smartphones and computers with peace of mind.


Net Nanny features parental controls, internet filtering, pornography blocking, screen time management, alerts, reporting, family feed, website blocking, app blocking, parent dashboard, and app blocking. The spyware also offers flexibility, protection for a variety of mobile devices, and affordable cost.

But there are system requirements to follow. Windows can only support 7, 8, 10, and Vista.

For Mac devices, you should have Mac OS X, 10.7, or higher. Choose other excellent alternatives when the need arises.

For Android, the spyware works with 2.3 Gingerbread and 4.4 Kit Kat.

For iOS users, the 8 or higher versions are a must.

Net Nanny versus mSpy

Net Nanny is a good application designed for website blocking, location tracking, and screen time limits. The installation, however, is confusing. Social media monitoring is not part of the features. The content filters are weak sometimes. mSpy, on the other hand, is an excellent alternative.

mSpy Homepage
mSpy Homepage

What does mSpy Offer?

Best Balance of Features

mSpy is available in two editions, such as Basic and Premium. Each supports the iPad, Android, and iPhone devices. The premium version, however, offers a multitude of features and benefits.

mSpy is an innovative platform that records the GPS location of your children’s smartphone and provides real-time notifications.

mSpy views call history, gets the phone numbers, and records other necessary information. The spyware reads instant messages and emails. It comes with a keylogger and records what users type on their Android or iOS phones.

MSPY accesses photos, videos, internet activities, calendars, contacts, apps, and websites. It is available with keyword alerts, unlimited device change, invisible mode, and incoming call blocking features.

Effortless Installation for Less Tech-Savvy Individuals

mSpy is trusted for a simple and convenient setup. How to get started? It is essential to subscribe to the premium version. Once the subscription is completed, the platform will email your password and login name. A comprehensive installation guide is included in the email.

From your smartphone or computer, open the confirmation email. Click on the provided link to access the mSpy control panel. Then, log into the dashboard.

Now, install the spyware. Within a few minutes, you can download the system. Once downloaded, the software monitors a specific device right away. Don’t forget to sign up to access the recorded data.

Incredible Customer Support

Customer support is available by online chat, telephone, and email 24/7. There’s a highly committed team that will accommodate your inquiries and other concerns. Please feel free to raise your questions to have a hassle-free experience.

Net Nanny FAQs

How do I check the license of Net Nanny?

The best way to update your license status is to log in to the app’s Administration tools and then go to the “Devices.” The tab will show you all about your licenses, the status and subscriptions.

What Operating Systems does Net Nanny support for Windows?

Net Nanny supports all versions of Windows – Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. The Net Nanny 6.5 version is still compatible and supported for Windows XP.

How do I reinstall the app?

To do this, download the Net Nanny software from the product’s website and then start the installation. The software will ask you to use your account to start and authorize the installation process.

How can I permanently allow a specific site for all the users at once?

You can always allow all the users to access a specific site. To do this, go to the Net Nanny Administration tools. Then go to the Family tab and then choose to allow/block tab. Enter your chosen name of domains you wish to always block or allow.

What if I forgot my Net Nanny Account Password?

If in case you forgot your password, you can always reset it by going to the Net Nanny admin account and on the options, choose Forgot Password.

Will this software reports or email alert to me?

This software does not send email reports, but you can access all the data from anywhere with the aid of the Net Nanny Administration tools. To access the admin tools, just log in on your Net Nanny account using your Net Nanny email address and your password to log in. The alerts can also tell you when a person has sent a request to access a certain website or overridden a restricted site.

How do I add more users?

Go to the Net Nanny Administration Tools and then select the “Users” tab, then choose “add users” to add a new Net Nanny user.


Net Nanny is a good tracking tool. The mSpy, on the other hand, is proven to have more cutting-edge features, 100% customer service, and better prices. It supports both Android and iOS devices. It is reliable and affordable.

The cost of the premium package ranges from $8.33 to $16.67 per month. It supports Windows desktops, provides social media monitoring, offers detailed reports, views multimedia files, and comes with a powerful keystroke capacity.

Before making a decision, identify your needs and requirements. Protect your children against the dangers of the internet with mSpy!

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