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Can Monitor Affect FPS & Gaming Experience

There is only one way to compare the gaming experience of two different PCs.

That is, how many fps you are getting while playing games. ( FPS means frames per second. )

Many people believe that monitors don’t affect FPS, But this is wrong. But why? Here is a short answer for you.

Yes. Monitors can affect your overall gaming experience and also frames per second. So, if you only think to upgrade your CPU configuration only for a better gaming experience, then probably you are wrong.

So, to understand the actual reason behind this, we need to understand the concept of frame rates.

What is FPS (frame per second)?

It is defined as how many frames ( slides / Images ) are displayed in one second. Higher frame rates are always better to achieve the illusion of natural motion. Everyone hates low frame rates because due to low fps it seems like your screen is freezing and you will get a very bad experience.

To produce better picture quality and texture, Your CPU and your GPU need to work together to render the frames much faster and display them on the screen.

After that GPU render that picture in pixels and send it to the screen to display it. Now if you have a better refresh rate and response rate monitor, then it will display pictures much faster and display it on the screen.

Those who don’t know what is refresh rate and response rate, then here is the complete dedicated article on it.

In short, the Refresh rate is how many times, your computer screen switches on and off in one second. Generally, it is measured in Hz (Hertz).

Generally, All budget-friendly monitors come with a 60hz to 75hz refresh rate. Which means that a 75hz refresh rate monitors will switch on and off 75 times in one second.

Can Monitor Affect FPS & Gaming Experience

Does Monitor Affect FPS?


Many peoples think that their monitor doesn’t affect FPS. But, they all are wrong.

Suppose if you have a 60hz refresh rate monitor, but your CPU and GPU generate more then 60 frames per second to display on the screen.

At that time, your monitor won’t be able to display more than 60 frames per second on the screen.

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But, at the same time, if you have such a monitor that supports 144hz refresh rate or 240hz refresh rate, then it can easily render more then 60fps and display them on the screen.

You will get much better screen quality, natural picture quality, and also much fewer blur images.

Stop: If you don’t want to mess up with this technical stuff and details, then you can always checkout out our buying guides on best cheap 144hz monitors for those, who want to purchase a higher refresh rate monitor in the budget segment.

Or, If you are totally new here, then I recommended you check out the best gaming monitors under 300$ article. it will help you to compare all the monitors side by side and then you can choose the right monitor for yourself.

Picture quality and fps also depend upon the type of connection that you are using to connect your monitor with your CPU. That is using old VGA technology, or old HDMI cables will cause problems and you won’t able to achieve the maximum frame rates.

Always use quality of HDMI cable, or use the Display port or thunderbolt port to connect your external monitor and to achieve maximum frames per second.

Does the size of the monitor affect FPS?

In short, No.

Size doesn’t matter. There is no relation between the FPS and the monitor’s display size.

The only thing that matters a lot and that can affect the fps is the resolution not on the size of the screen.

But, what if you are using a dual-screen setup? does it affect your fps then? At that time, if you are running a game on both the screens then you need to check out the configurations of both the monitors. To get the same picture quality and image, make sure that you will use both the same monitors with same configurations.

Now, the question arrives at how to improve fps?

How to Increase FPS

How to Increase FPS?

More frames per second = More Better picture quality and gaming experience.

But, how to achieve maximum fps while playing games? Well, here is the detailed guide on it. Below, I am going to share all the factors on which FPS depends.

And, if you are going to upgrade your PC or laptop, make sure that you keep these things in your mind.

1. Resolution

Higher resolution monitors cost a little bit high. But, If you play battleground games then it is quite important that you can see all complete background with better picture quality.

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Having a good resolution monitor will help you to see things much better and much clear and also a good resolution monitor will protect your eyes from strain.

2. Faster Response Rate & Refresh Rate

We already discussed a lot about the refresh rate and response rate in this article.

Now, you have a decent idea of why a good refresh rate is quite important for a good gaming experience.

Also, there are hell lots of benefits of purchasing a higher refresh rate monitor, such as it will ensure that you will get a flicker-free screen and zero frame drops while playing high-end games.

But, If you are not in the mood of upgrading your old monitor, then here is one trick for you to improve your FPS

Lower Your Screen Resolution

Many peoples don’t know about this, but, lowing your screen resolution will help you to improve your frames per second and also improve your gaming experience much too much better.

This will reduce your picture quality a little bit but you can always try it.

But, I only recommended this if you don’t have any budget and you are okay to compromise with your screen resolutions to improve fps.

There are lots of cheap 100$ gaming monitors are available with a good refresh rate and response rate. You can always go with them.


So, this is a complete A to Z article on FPS and how to increase it.

I hope this article will help you to improve your gaming experience. Also, We recommend that, if you are serious about gaming then it is better to upgrade your monitor to a new one.


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