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Types Of Monitors: Everything That You Need To Know About Monitors

The evolution of Monitors is doing very fastly.

Firstly, there were simple desktop monitors that were heavy and occupied a lot of desk space to place it. But now, In today’s time, monitors are going to be more and smarter.

They are slim and look great. But, Here in this article, I am going to talk about Types of Monitors and explaining to you which type of monitor is going to suitable for you.

There are generally three types of monitors.

One is a cathode ray tube, the second is a liquid crystal display, and the last one is light-emitting diode displays. So we are going to talk further in detail about these displays in this article. So keep reading it.

Types Of Monitors

Which Type Of Monitor Should I Need To Buy?

Some people think that LED display monitors are good and some people think that LCD display monitors are good. But believe me that, this totally depends on the purpose for which you are purchasing the monitor.

If you are purchasing a monitor for gaming purposes, then you need to look at other specifications and things rather then if you are going to buy any office monitor online.

I already published the suggestions of monitors for PS4 and Monitors Under $100. So make sure that you check them out. Most of the peoples don’t know much more about these types of monitors. So make sure that you read this article completely.

1. Cathode Ray Monitors ( CRT )

These types of monitors are very cheap and very reliable. They are easily available in the market and they work on the old technology by which old Televisions are manufactured. Cathode ray provides a clear image and capable of creating a resolution of upto 2048*1536 easily.

Also, there is another best thing is that these monitors are very cheap to purchase and very light weighted. You can grab really great quality of monitors at a reliable price. Since these monitors work on a technology that is used to create televisions hence, these monitors are capable to produce a large number of colors that enhance your viewing experience.

CTR display monitors have greater picture quality than LCD monitors and LED monitors.

2. Liquid Crystal Display ( LCD )

LCD is the advanced version of monitors available in the market yet.

These monitors are very versatile types of monitors. There are all types of LCD monitors available, whether you are going to purchase monitor gaming purposes, or you are going to purchase monitors for office use.  They are very lightweight and compact. Moreover, these types of monitors require less amount of energy, so if you are using your desktop on inverter or on UPS, then you can work much longer as compared to other types of monitors.

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One drawback of these monitors is a bit expensive and also there are some viewing angles from which you can’t able to see the clear image.

3. Light Emitting Diode ( LED )

These are the most advanced types of monitors available till yet.

They are also very compact in size like LCD and they are light weighted. They don’t require more desk size. They also consume less electricity and work longer. Also, these monitors are environment-friendly and didn’t harm our environment.

LED monitors have Good Responses rate and like CRT display, they can produce a large number of colors. So picture quality of these monitors is also very good. LED monitors are a bit expensive than CRT displays and LED displays.


So, this is everything that you need to know about the Types of Monitors that are available in the market.

Now, I hope you guys can choose the best version of the monitor for yourself easily. LED monitors are the best monitors and since I am also using LED monitors so i can tell you easily.

There is also the touch screen version of these monitors are also available online, but they are a bit expensive.

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