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What is Good Response Rate / Refresh Rate for Gaming Monitor?

It is quite important that your monitor has goof refresh rate and response rate because if you are a gamer then it will affect your gaming experience too much.

it is quite tricky and quite important to choose the perfect gaming monitor which has a good refresh rate and response rate. But, What is exactly a good response rate and refresh rate refers to?

Is it 1ms, 2ms, 5ms or 7ms? Same with the refresh rate. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the response rate and refresh rate for a gaming monitor.

However, if you don’t do gaming or need any monitor for office use, then you can ignore the refresh rate and response rate. They don’t matter so much for you as if you are going to work more on Excel and  Microsoft office.

What is Good Response Rate for Gaming Monitor

What Is Response Rate?

Response Rate refers to how quickly your display completely blinks ( Completely Black And Completely White )

But is the Response rate really affect your experience?

the answer is…YES!

The response rate directly affects your viewing experience and display the clarity of the moving object. that is, rendering video or while playing games.

So, the bottom line is the low response rate always better than a high response rate. So, if you have a monitor that comes with a high response rate then you will probably see some trouble while spotting the moving object.

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In short, Lower is always better. The low response rate is always better. So, if you are planning to purchase any monitor for gaming then make sure that it comes with a 1ms response rate.

There are lots of good monitors that come with a 1ms response rate as you can checkout monitor for PS4 and best monitor for gaming under 100$ buying guide.

What Is Refresh Rate?

Refresh rate refers to the number of times the monitor screen drawn in one second. The unit of refresh rate to measure it is in Hz.

75 Hz refresh rate means your monitor display 75 times the picture in one second.

Generally, all ideal usage monitor comes with 75 Hz or 60 Hz refresh rate but more refresh rate is always better.

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For gaming purposes, it is quite better to choose the higher refresh rate and lower response rate monitor to get a clear image while playing games and watching videos.

All the monitors that come with 100+ Hz will give you extra benefits while playing modern high-end pc games such as Call of duty, Pubg, and Fortnite.

So, having quite well gaming monitor will definitely help you to make your gaming experience and gameplay much better.


So, this is complete information t you must know about while purchasing any gaming monitor for yourself.

Some people underestimate these things but refresh rate and response rate play quite well role in getting clear and nonmotion blur picture quality.

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