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Best Gaming Monitor for PS4

PS4 is one of the most popular gaming consoles right now. And when we talk about the screen for PS4, Most of the people choose their wrong screen for that.

The reason behind this that they didn’t have many more ideas related to PS4 Screens and Dedicated Monitors that are available in the market only for PS4 and PS4 Pro.

When we compare Gaming Monitors with Smart TVs, or from standard TVs, then we can conclude that Gaming monitors look much better from closer. So here I am going to share Best Gaming Monitor For PS4, PS4 Pro and for Xbox that you must check out before purchasing any Gaming Console Monitor.

What is the best monitors for PS4 / PS4 Pro

We tested more than 100+ Monitors and after that, we created this awesome Article on Best Gaming Monitor For PS4 Best Buy online Guide.

Make sure that if you are going to purchase some PS4 Or Xbox Monitors then you must check out all the Gaming Monitors that are mentioned here.

1. Gigabyte AD27QD: Best Stylish PS4 / Xbox Gaming Monitor

Key Features

  • Display Size – 27 Inches ( QHD Display )
  • Resolution – 2k (2560×1440)
  • Refresh Rate – 144 Hz
  • Features – In build RBG Lights
  • Response Time – 1ms
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Best Stylish Gaming Monitor for Xbox, PS4, and PS4 Pro Users.

It has 2K Resolution Full HD Display with 27 inches display. Gigabyte AD27QD Comes with 1MS Response rate, with is pretty amazing. It has a 144 Hz Refresh rate which gives you ultimate gaming experience without any lack.

Gigabyte AD27QD is the probably best choice if you are looking for any premium quality monitor to purchase online. It has a Bezel-less display, and the resolution of this monitor is 2K.

At this price range, it is impossible to find any PS4 monitor that has Bezel + Full HD plus Resolution display.

2. Acer R240HY: Best Mid Range Xbox, PS4 Monitor

Key Features

  • Display Size – 24 to 27 Inches ( IPS Display )
  • Resolution – 1080p
  • Refresh Rate – 144 Hz
  • Response Time – 4ms
  • Ultra Wide Angle Supported
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
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Best Mid Range Gaming Monitor for Xbox And PS4 Gamers!

Acer R240HY Comes with 24 Inches 1080p IPS display having 4ms response time which provides you Zero Frame drop while playing high-end games like Pubg & Fortnite In PS4 or PS4 Pro.

Looking for Mid Range Gaming Monitor? If Yes, Then You can check out this Acer R240HY Monitor which is one of the best Mid Range Gaming Console Monitor for Xbox, PS4, and for PS4 Pro Users.

Besides this, If you are looking for more Mid Range Gaming Monitor then you can check out this article on Gaming Monitor Under 100$

3. Samsung C27HG70: Best 4K Gaming Xbox, PS4 Monitor

Key Features

  • Display Size – 27 Inches ( IPS Display )
  • Resolution – 4k (3840*2160)
  • Refresh Rate – 60 Hz
  • Response Time5ms
  • Ultra Wide Angle Supported
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Best 4K Gaming Monitor that is created by one of the well-known brand, Samsung.

Samsung C27HG70 Has 4K Ultra HD IPS display along with an Adjustable stand. So you didn’t need to purchase any stand from the market. It comes with a 60 Hz refresh rate and a faster response rate.

LG 27UK650-W is Probably the best choice to purchase 4K Console monitor at a reasonable price. There is 4 Variant Available To Purchase for This Gaming Console.

The display quality is pretty amazing, and the color correction is also excellent. Its IPS display technology protects your eyes from getting damaged. So, If you are a big gamer, then you must consider this Monitor to purchase.

4. Dell U2718Q: Another Best 4K Gaming Console Monitor

Key Features

  • Display Size – 27 Inches ( IPS Display )
  • Resolution – 4k (3840*2160)
  • Refresh Rate – 60 Hz
  • Response Time – 5ms
  • Ultra Wide Angle Supported
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)

This is another Best 4K Gaming Monitor Available Online to Purchase. This Dell U2718Q is quite similar to Samsung C27HG70 Monitor.

Dell U2718Q comes with 4K full HD IPS Panel Display, and it has an incredible Bezel-less display. Unlike Samsung, It has Inbuild Bluetooth 4.0 which allows you to cast your mobile phone on a big screen.

Due to Some extra Features, Such as Bluetooth connectivity using Dell Universal connectivity, this Monitor is also one of the most selling PS4 and Xbox Gaming Monitor.

You can choose any one from these two listings of Budget 4K gaming Monitors.

5. Acer GN246HL: Mid Range For Gamers

Key Features

  • Display Size – 24 Inches ( IPS Display )
  • Resolution – 1080p (1920*1080)
  • Refresh Rate – 144 Hz
  • Response Time – 1ms
  • Ultra Wide Angle Supported
  • Ultra-Slim Profile
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Acer GN246HL is another best alternative available in the online/offline market. In this monitor, the Display size is 24 inches, and it supports full HD plus resolution.

If we talk about the response rate and refresh rate, then both are also very good. The refresh rate of this monitor is 144 Hz, and the response rate is 1 ms. Its picture quality is fantastic.

Acer GN246HL is Not a 4K Monitor, and This is Best 1080p Full HD Gaming Monitor. The display is decent and not much bad. At this price, this Monitor offers lots of Quality features.

When we talk about the response rate and refresh rate, then both are pretty amazing. Due to this, you will never notice any frame drop while playing high-end games.

Best Gaming Monitor for PS4

Things That You Need To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing Any Ideal Monitor

Many of the people in this universe purchase Monitors without researching. That’s the only reason, and later they need to suffer from your choice.

All the Above Monitors that are mentioned above are tested and verified. But still below are some points that you must consider before purchasing any, Yes ANY Gaming Monitor.

  1. Display Type: This is one of the most critical factors. People think that having a much bigger screen will give you much more experience while playing games, but this is now true. It depends on which distance you are watching that screen. If your screen is huge and also close enough to your eyes, then it will create irritation and some other problems.
  2. Display Size: On Avg, People Prefer 27 inches as Ideal Display size. As 27 inches is not so big and not too small. Also, 27 Inches displays are visible from lots of angles.
  3. Resolution: Its Depends, better if you Purchase at least 2K Resolution supported Monitor to enjoy your games much-much better.
  4. Ports Available: Make sure that your Monitor has at least one, HDMI, and VGA port available.
  5. Response Rate: Response rate is how quickly the pixels in your screen changes from one color to another. Lower Response Rate is Very Important. 1 to 5ms response rate is pretty awesome. BUT, the Higher response rate is not always better. Read this article for more information.
  6. Refresh Rate: Refresh rate is directly proportional to the Response rate.


I hope this article will help you to choose the best Gaming Monitor for PS4, PS4 pro, and for Xbox Users. If you have any better suggestions then these of the above monitors then you must comment below.

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