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60hz VS 144hz VS 240hz Monitors: Which Refresh Rate Matters Most?

If you are searching for this comparison in between 60hz VS 144hz VS 240hz monitors then you must planning to buy a new monitor for yourself.

So, here we’ll provide you all the things that you should need to know about this 60hz VS 144hz VS 240hz battle and which one you should need to buy for your work.

Stay Tuned.

Spoiler Alert:

Purchase monitor which has high refresh rate and for gaming purpose, is recommended to purchase 144hz monitor or 240hz monitor as it will help you to achieve better picture quality along with better frames per second.

Getting 144 fps in 144hz monitor is very easy and it looks very realistic and you can easily see the difference between 60hz monitor and 144hz monitor by your naked eyes.

There is no doubt that purchasing a 144hz monitors will deliver you much better picture quality with ultra-fast gaming experience with maximum FPS.

But this is not applicable in all the cases. Let’s find out in this article.

60hz VS 144hz VS 240hz Monitors

60hz VS 144hz VS 240hz Monitors

Generally, people who have all types of works like, office work and other types of work and they only do gaming on occasions will prefer to use 60hz monitors.

60hz monitors are quite cheap and you can find hell lots of options under different types of features such as with eye care technology or with G-Sync technology etc.

Also, For Normal games such as AAA games where you hardly pass over 60fps then there is 60hz monitors are great options. At that time, instead of purchasing any high-end 144hz refresh rate monitor or 240hz refresh rate monitor, you can go with a better panel and better resolution display monitor.

But, If you prefer to play battleground games such as Pubg, CSGO, Fortnite, etc, then purchasing higher refresh rate monitor will be best for you.

In order to purchase a 144hz refresh rate monitor or 240hz refresh rate monitor will help you to achieve higher fps to get a better gaming experience.

But what if you prefer to play both types of games?

At that time, purchasing a 144hz monitor will help a lot and that’s why the demand for 144hz monitors in the market is very high.

144hz monitor will help you play shooting games at high fps and at the same time it will help you to play challenging games at 60fps without any issue.

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Also, you will get a much smoother gaming experience at 60fps in 144hz monitor as compared to 60fps in 60hz monitor. Although frames per seconds are the same.

Even in higher refresh rate monitors, you will get an option to select the refresh rate on which you want to run your monitor.

For example, In 240hz monitors, you will get 3 options, I. e 60hz, 144hz, and 240hz refresh rate.

Should I Need To Upgrade?

Should I Need To Upgrade my monitor

240hz monitors and 144hz refresh rate monitors are far better than 75hz refresh rate monitors and 60 Hz refresh rate monitors.

In general, if you are a professional gamer and you have a good budget, then upgrading your monitor to a 240hz refresh rate is a great option.

It will help you in various ways. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Achieve 240 fps while playing games
  • You can run games at the maximum level ( Maximum Resolution and maximum )
  • You will get best gaming experience than ever.


This is the small and simple detailed article on 60hz VS 144hz VS 240hz monitors. I hope now you have a clear idea that which one is better for you.

In our recommendations, Purchasing a 144 Hz monitor is always a great choice because it can handle all the tasks more easily and also it won’t cost you a much higher price.

And, with a 144hz refresh rate monitor, you can easily achieve 144fps while playing battleground games.

So, that’s all wrap up of our competition on 60hz VS 144hz vs 240hz. If you have any question then ask below in the comment section.


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