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Asus VG248QE Best Settings And Complete Color Profiles

Asus VG248QE is a trending 144hz gaming monitor that is known for its great performance and for competitive FPS gaming.

There are lots of reasons for this massive success of Asus VG248QE monitor that is this monitor is very affordable along with it comes with a 144hz refresh rate and it offers 1ms of fast response rate so that it will get very fewer (almost no) motions blurs while playing high-end FPS games.

It has very premium build quality with ultra-sleek to design and comfortable viewing angles. Also, it comes with built-in speakers for home entertainment purposes.

However, when you purchase this Asus VG248QE monitor then you need to complete calibration so that you will get perfect and better color quality while playing games and watching videos. It is generally very normal in every monitor.

And, Hence here in this article, I am going to share a complete detailed article on Asus VG248QE Best Settings And Complete Color Profiles which helps you to solve the problem of getting very poor gramma performance.

Asus VG248QE Settings & Color Profile

So, making some minor changes in your settings and installing the ICC profile correctly will give you perfect and ideal color profile and smoothness in your Asus VG248QE monitor and it is just very simple. There are nothing any more tricky steps.

Before starting, I would recommend you to perform the screen adjust test from yourself by visiting this site here. It will help you to make further necessary changes that you need to do in your settings.

What are the best settings for Asus VG248QE monitor?

Generally, in all cases, the Asus VG248QE monitor comes with pre-calibrated and according to them, that default calibration will provide the best picture quality and other on-screen content. But, after testing some other different settings we found that this is not real in every case.

After testing various settings, we found that this OSD setting will work best with ICC profiles.

  • Splendid Mode: Standard
  • Brightness: 64
  • Contrast: 74
  • Sharpness: 40
  • Saturation: 55
  • Color Temp: Red: 95; Green: 94; Blue: 88 (User Mode)
  • Smart View: Disable
  • Skin Tone: Natural
  • Trace Free: 40 (Lower than 60 is better)
  • ASCR: Off

Now Save these settings.

Next, you need to download the ICC profiles according to your GPU configurations

  1. NVIDIA ICC Color Profile – Free Download Here
  2. AMD ICC Color profile – Free Download Here
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These color profiles will help you to change your gramma and you will get more accurate colors and on-screen images.

Complete Detailed Method To Install ICC Profile

Installing color profiles on your computer is very simple. Just download the color profile according to your GPU manufacture and then follow up on these simple steps.

  • Open Color Management.
  • Next, Tick the option contains Use my settings for this device.
  • Now, Click on the Add button and browse the ICC file that you downloaded from the above article. After that, click Ok.
  • Next, click on advance tab and go to “Change System Defaults”
  • Doing this will open one pop up window. Again go to Advanced tab and check “Use Windows display calibration”
  • Hit close and you are good to go.

Following the above steps correctly will help you to get the perfect picture quality.

Remember that there are some games that only run in default graphics settings so, in such games, these custom color profiles won’t help you much more to get the best screen. In such cases, you can use some color Softwares such as Color Clutch or display profile.

Final Words

After testing various color profiles and settings, we found that If you follow up the above method correctly then you will get very good and smooth picture quality in Asus VG248QE monitor.

I Hope, You found this article helpful. Also, You can checkout out buying guides on best monitors for eye care that will help you to reduce your eye strain and you can play games and do your office work for a longer period of time.


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