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Cheap Trail Cameras

When going out for new adventures, bringing a trail camera can leverage your entire experience. Not to mention that these cameras are very handy. They allow you to know the happenings around you through high-quality image and video recordings.

Trail cameras are known for their accuracy in recording all the outdoor activities within a specific area. A recording will include the exact time and date of an event. Once you mounted the camera in the right position, you can then leave it there and then come back afterward to check what has been recorded.

Not all trail cameras available come in the same price range. But it’s not a problem! If you are on a tight budget and you wish to own this kind of camera, there are plenty of cheap trail cameras to choose from. In fact, you can find the best trail camera under 100 on the market.

For the novice and seasoned hunters, cheap trail cameras for sale can make their hunting a lot easier and more convenience. That is because they can get a thorough, reliable clue of what they are going to find. Not only that, using these cameras can help you make adequate preparation for your next hunt.

Other than hunting purposes, you can also use trail cameras cheap for upgrading your security at home or in your commercial establishment. Once you are done with your wildlife adventures, you can use this camera for CCTV purposes. Due to the camera’s extensive range, placing it to the appropriate mounting area covers the entire home and then records each movement. So, installing top rated trail cameras is an effective way to protect your family, property, or business.

If you have a fondness of photography, you can utilize the best trail camera to capture fantastic photos. At the same time, you can record everything around you without immediately being noticed by other people. When doing a research about plants or animals, these cameras are very valuable because you can thoroughly record the progress of your study. is where you will know what exactly occurs as well as when and how it happened.

When compared to personal scouting, the best cheap trail camera is more efficient in a way that does not create any noise and does not have a scent. As a result, the animals will not change their behavioral patterns, helping you to record accurate details.

Even you leave you the trail camera in the wild; you have nothing to worry about whether it can be damaged or stolen. To protect the camera, simply purchase anti-theft cables and a security box.

Whether it is your first time to buy the best trail camera for the money or not, it is essential for you to take some time looking at the varying models along with their key features and price range. Besides, you also need to be familiar with the benefits of using particular cheap trail cameras and their drawbacks. After that, it becomes easier for you to choose the best one for your adventure and security needs and budget requirements.

To help you gain better buying decisions, we took an effort to honestly and thoroughly review the top ten trail cameras for sale cheap. We find appropriate for the category. In this cheap camera trail guide, we will tackle the key features, pros and cons, and experience on using a specific trail camera. What’s more, you will also find a buyer’s guide as well as FAQs from this post.

So, let’s start your buying journey by getting familiar with the best cheap trail cameras available on the market today!

Best Cheap Trail Cameras: 30 Second Summary

  • Best Overall: With so many cheap trail cameras available on the market, the Campark Trail 14MP 1080P Game Camera really stands out. This trail camera provides 14MP, high quality image quality along with 1080P HD videos. Besides, it comes with a tremendously fast trigger time of 0.3 seconds.

    Through its 42 Infrared LED sensors, it can work up to 65 ft without worrying about the bright flashes that might scare away your targets in the wild. Since it is being equipped with a 120˚ wide-angles lens, so you can be sure that you will get a broad scope.

    Another plus that we have discovered about Campark Trail 14MP 1080P Game Camera is it comes with a camouflaged waterproof design. The protective case prevents it from extreme weather conditions, making you confident, even leaving it active longer. Thus, you can mount it easily and safely on the tree without disturbing the wilds.

  • Best Budget Friendly: The low price does not necessarily mean that the quality of a trail camera was compromised. There are plenty of cheap trail cameras for sale that high-performing, just like Meidase No Glow Trail Camera. This camera even exceeded our expectations.

    This cheap trail camera delivers very easy, smooth operation. It comes with user-friendly and straightforward UI, comfortable buttons, and large enough built-in color screen. It produces a great image, both daytime, and nighttime.

    The Meidase No Glow Trail Camera offers fast, stable detection performance for more than 80 ft away. It is also designed to be robust and waterproof to withstand ever-changing weather conditions. So, whether it is snowing or pouring heavy rains, the trail camera does its job effectively.

Reviews of the Top 10 Cheap Trail Cameras

Buying your first cheap trail camera can be overwhelming or challenging due to the broad selection. But, as we have said, there is nothing to be problematic at. We gathered the top-rated trail cameras that will definitely suit your tight budget. In fact, all of the trail cameras that we have tested are under $100, so you do not need to overstretch your pocket just to experience the benefits of getting a trail camera for particular purposes.

If you are ready, below is our unbiased, honest review of the top 10 cheap trail cameras.

1. Campark Trail 14MP 1080P Game Camera – Best Overall

Coming at the budget-friendly price range, Campark Trail 14MP 1080P Game Camera delivers surprisingly outstanding features. This trail camera accurately detects and captures any motions up to 65 ft without delays, thanks to its fast trigger speed of 0.3 seconds, 120˚ wide-angle lens, 42 Infrared LED sensors, and 3 PIR motion sensors.

The image and video results are impressive because of the 14MP resolution and 1080P full HD quality. The sensors can increase the sensitivity to ensure that it can be triggered in a shorter period of time.

Meanwhile, we find the night vision excellent it provides a clear, detailed view of the wildlife during low-light conditions or nighttime. It has no bright flash, so expect that animals will not be disturbed or scared off. The 120˚ wide-angle lens helped us to spot animals a lot easier from different trails or angles.

Since it was built to be waterproof and withstand extreme, unfavorable conditions like snow, rainwater, or dust, you have nothing to worry about even you leave it the wild for several months. The camouflaged design and easy to install are other pluses for us.

On the downside, we have noticed that the SD card is sometimes difficult to remove, so we advise to use pliers or tweezers. Then, we wish that the security ring can be more robust and larger.

Key Features:

  • 14MP image and 1080P full HD video quality
  • 120˚ wide-angle lens
  • Fast trigger time of 0.3 second
  • 42 Infrared LED sensors
  • 3 PIR sensors
  • Night vision


  • Easy to mount and operate
  • The detection range of 65 ft
  • Supports SD memory card up to 32GB
  • High quality details during daytime and nighttime
  • Can be instantly triggered without delay
  • Waterproof, robust, and weatherproof
  • Ideal for wildlife monitoring, home security, hunting, and property surveillance


  • SD card is sometimes difficult to remove
  • Security ring can be more robust and larger

2. Meidase No Glow Trail Camera – Best Trail Camera for the Money

When looking for the most impressive cheap trail camera that is no glow, the Meidase No Glow Trail Camera can be the best value for your money. Being the best trail camera under 100 in our list, it suits your budget requirements while ensuring that you will get a satisfying wildlife experience and improved security.

This best trail camera comes in 3 different colors, black yellow, brown, and olive. So, depending on the environment you will be mounting the Meidase No Glow Trail Camera, you can choose which one is really hard to be noticed by other people. It has a resolution of 16MP, which means that you can get great photos and videos out of it. On top of that, it’s night vision capability can reach up to 65 ft. So, during our product test, we got detailed, clear images and videos even in darker or low-light conditions.

Compared to older models, the Meidase No Glow Trail Camera takes photos more quickly and expect for more action, thanks to its 0.2 second trigger time. It is designed with a built-in 2.4” color screen, which helps you view exactly and comfortably what was captured.

Nonetheless, this cheap trail camera is among the easy to operate trail cameras you can find on the market. It comes with a sturdy design and is also IP66 waterproof, which makes it more reliable in providing high-performing regardless of the weather condition. It has 3 different modes, which are another plus, such as photo only, video only, and photo and video.

The only problem with this cheap trail camera throughout the battery life is that we were required to regularly check up on the camera to monitor what movements were captured.

Key Features:

  • 16MP image and full HD 1080P video quality
  • Built-in2.4” LCD color screen
  • High quality, clear daytime and nighttime images
  • Fast 0.2 second trigger time
  • 120˚ wide-angle lens
  • No glow, night vision, and motion-activated
  • 6 months battery life standby


  • Optimized image sensor and large aperture
  • Invisible infrared flash illumination
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Captures night vision up to 65 ft in complete darkness
  • Sturdy and IP66 waterproof
  • Supports up to 32 GB SD card
  • Password protected


  • Requires regular monitoring

3. Campark T70 Trail Game Camera – Best Cheap Trail Camera with Fully Automatic IR Filter

Without disturbing animals, you can capture amazing shots using Campark T70 Trail Game Camera, thanks to its infrared technology. It comes with a fully automatic IR filter, which also helped us to effortlessly record the wildlife’s natural behaviors at night time without missing any action.

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The Campark T70 Trail Game Camera is equipped with a 14MP image and 1080P FHD video quality, so you can capture every single detail. Having a sturdy, waterproof cover, you can be worry-free, leaving the camera in the wild for weeks or months and feel confident that it cannot be damaged by snow or water. Not only that, the camera works in rain forests or even in desert-like places.

Although this cheap trail camera has a little slower trigger speed of 0.5 seconds than other models, it still offered us quality results. The package also comes with a threaded tripod as well as a robust mounting strap for the easy and reliable mounting process. In less than ₹5000, you will get these accessories and interesting features.

The Campark T70 Trail Game Camera also features a times stamp, which includes the temperature and a moon phase. Through these features, you can accurately determine the exact time when the animals are most active. With the help of no glow infrared technology of 940nm, you can get a clear view of moving and passing animals even in complete darkness, and they cannot sense that you are actually recording them.

Overall, having 14MP and 1080P video quality, this camera is already a good option at the price of less than ₹5000.

Key Features:

  • 14MP photo-taking and 1080P FHD video recording
  • Night vision distance of 65 ft
  • 44 Infrared LEDs
  • 4” color TFT LCD
  • JPEG photo format, AVI video format
  • The fast trigger speed of 0.5 second
  • Low power consumption


  • Brightly colored photos during daytime, black and white photos at night
  • Captures animals’ natural behaviors even in a completely dark environment
  • Battery life in standby mode can be extended up to 6 months
  • Sturdy, waterproof case to prevent dust and rain damage
  • Easy to install
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, 1-year warranty


  • Little slower trigger speed compared to other trail camera models

4. DIGITNOW 16MP 1080P Trail Camera – No Glow Trail Camera with Multi-Shot Modes

For high quality, detailed images, and footage, the DIGITNOW 16MP 1080P Trail Camera is worth the try. It takes pride in its 16MP photos and 1080P videos, and you can expect impressive results, be it for wildlife monitoring or home security.

The multi-shot modes feature is a big plus to use because it allowed us to take a number of the photo at any one time. That way, we did not miss any important animal behavior. It is also equipped with a 120˚ wide-angle lens to provide a better view of your target. Even you are 65 ft away from your target. This trail camera will help you capture high quality photos and videos.

For better viewing of the battery life, photos, and videos, DIGITNOW 16MP 1080P Trail Camera is designed with LCD display. Mounting the camera is never a hard task because you can install it anywhere you want. You can get brightly colored photographs during the daytime, while black and white photos at night.

If you use this camera for hunting purposes, it can withstand extreme temperatures. So, you have nothing to worry about. Even the temperature is between -20˚C and 60˚C. You can enjoy wildlife monitoring or scouting game with great confidence.

Through its fast trigger speed of 0.2 seconds along with the PIR sensor, this cheap trail camera under 100 can detect and record instantly each moment. So, you will miss anything and keep you updated on the happenings around your area when used for home security.

On the downside, the black strap of the camera really stands out. As a camouflage trail camera, it would make sense if all colors can help in hiding the camera and make it more unnoticeable.

Key Features:

  • 16MP photo resolution and 1080P HD video record
  • Multi-shot modes
  • The large aperture CMOS sensor
  • 120˚ wide angle-lens
  • The fast trigger speed of 0.2 seconds with a PIR sensor
  • 940nm Infrared LEDs
  • 40 pcs low glow covert
  • 4” LCD screen


  • Supports invisible infrared illumination
  • 65 ft range even in a completely dark environment
  • No bright flash to prevent intruding into the animals’ natural habitat
  • Effectively works even under unfavorable temperatures
  • Perfect for wildlife monitoring, scouting game, surveillance, and garden security
  • Supports up to 32 GB SD card
  • Battery life up to 8 months
  • 18-month warranty


  • Black strap stands out making the camera easy to notice

5. REXING Woodlens 16MP Trail Camera – impressive-looking Trail Camera for 16 Months of Surveillance

The REXING Woodlens 16MP Trail Camera does not only have an impressive look but its ability to capture high quality photos. That is made possible by the camera’s resolution of 16MP. What’s more, it features ultra-fast motion detection along with a 0.2-second trigger speed. No surprise that it can capture more important events or motions than other camera models. In fact, it’s a bit hard finding a trail camera with 16MP resolution that costs less than $100.

Along with the 1080P video, quality is the audio, making it possible to more accurately see how animals behave in their habitat. Through its range of 65 ft, the camera’s LED flash can illuminate nearby things. In short, this trail camera can produce clear and detailed images during daytime and nighttime.

The REXING Woodlens 16MP Trail Camera is powered by 8 AA batteries, and you are only required to change them once or twice a year, which will depend on how you often use it. In fact, this trail camera offers a maximum of 16 months of surveillance. Not only that, another interesting thing about this camera is that it can operate well between -4˚F to 140˚F. whether it is too hot or too cold, the camera can still give quality footage.

If you want a camera that has an adjustable resolution, this trail camera is a great option to consider. You can switch the resolution between 3MP, 5MP, 8MP, 12MP, up to 16MP. Not only that, you are free, whether you want to record video or sound, or video and sound. It also supports varying micro SD card storage sizes up to 32GB.

The package comes with a tree strap, which we used in attaching the camera to trees and any other terrain. Besides, it is also password-protected and securely locked to avoid unwanted access.

The only minor complaint about this cheap trail camera is getting the micro SD completely out. You need to push in the SD card and then take the pressure off to ensure that the card will come out.

Key Features:

  • 16MP photos, 1080P HD videos, and audio
  • Photo series, time lapse, and target recording modes
  • The LED flash and an ultra-fast trigger speed of p0.2 seconds
  • Infrared night vision LED flash
  • Built-in 2.4” LCD screen
  • Low power consumption
  • Password-protected and secure design


  • Photo resolution of 3MP, 5MP, 8MP, 12MP, and 16MP
  • Customized capture modes
  • Supports up to 32GB
  • Discreet and silent infrared night vision LED flash to hide the presence of the camera
  • Captures subjects up to 65 feet distance regardless of light conditions
  • 16-month of surveillance
  • IP66 waterproof protection
  • Intelligent power-saving battery standby mode
  • Includes tree strap for easy mounting
  • Effectively operates between -4˚F to 140˚F


  • Removing the SD card out of the camera is difficult

6. Moultrie A-25 Game Camera – Cheap Trail Camera with Long-Range Infrared Flash

The Moultrie A-25 Game Camera comes in Moultrie Mobile compatibility, which allows you to view all the images from the trail camera on your mobile device. In short, even without getting the camera from the forest, dessert, and other terrains, you can upload those images. If you wish this kind of convenience, you can purchase a Moultrie Mobile separately.

Through the camera’s long-range infrared flash, it can reach up to 60 ft, which is good enough. You can get good quality photos using this cheap trail camera. Its infrared flash can only be spotted by the wild if they will look closer at the camera when it flashes. In short, the camera can prevent animals from being scared off and remain unnoticeable while taking photos or shooting videos.

This trail camera has a resolution of 12M, ensuring that you will get crisp images. Before changing the 8 AA batteries, this camera can take up to 17,000 photos. It will take you weeks or months before changing its batteries, which will depend on the frequency of use.

The Moultrie A-25 Game Camera is ideal for people who want to take photos of the animals in the wild for the first time. Not only this trail camera comes in very rugged design, but it is also very easy to operate.  It has a user-friendly interface along with back-lit buttons to make the setup in low-light conditions very simple.

This cheap trail camera has a little lower video quality of 720p and a trigger speed of 0.9 seconds when compared to other camera  models. It is also considered to be an entry-level trail camera. But, overall, it does have great features that can help you achieve successful wildlife monitoring.

The downside of using this trail camera is the slow shutter speed when taking photos at night because it causes a little blurring as the animals start to move. But the image quality is still acceptable, and the identification is easy.

Key Features:

  • 12MP image and 720p video quality
  • The trigger speed of 0.9 second
  • Moultrie Mobile compatibility
  • 60 ft infrared flash range
  • Intuitive interface and backlit controls


  • Easy to set up even in low-light conditions
  • Produces up to 17,000 images before the battery replacement
  • Supports up to 32GB SD card
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Solar power capable of eliminating or reducing the need for replacing batteries


  • Slow shutter speed causes a little blurring as the animals move

7. Moultrie A-40 Game Camera – Equipped with Illumi-Night Sensor and Back-Lit Controls

To produce clear, bright night images, the Moultrie A-40 Game Camera is equipped with an illumi-night sensor. It is also designed with backlit controls to easily set up the camera in low-light environment. Before you need to replace its batteries, you can take up to 17,000 images. Other than back-lit controls, this trail camera also comes with an intuitive interface for easy setup, even when the light is low.

Similar to Moultrie A-25, this one is also compatible with Moultrie Mobile. This means that you are allowed to view the images from the trail camera through your smartphone. This feature is among our favorites in this camera because it offers convenience, and it ensures that you are always up-to-date. What’s more, you do need to get the SD card or go to the place where you mounted the camera just to see the images.

The Moultrie A-40 Game Camera can provide you a useful information strip. That is because it offers temperature, moon phase, date, and time details. Unlike other cameras that make it difficult for you to change the batteries, this one comes in a convenient loading tray for simply battery replacement.

Although this trail camera only has 14MP image resolution and 720p video quality, which is a bit lower than other cameras, you can get a good quality day and night images and videos. This cheap trail camera is designed to deliver a perfect balance between field of view and trigger speed to produce quality images possible.

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During our product test, we have also discovered the downsides of using this camera. We found some error codes on the LCD screen, as well as other codes having no description as to what they mean. Besides, there is no troubleshooting information in the user manual.

Key Features:

  • 14MP image and 720p video quality
  • Moultrie Mobile compatibility
  • Illumi-night sensor and 0.7-second trigger speed
  • User-friendly interface and backlit controls
  • 70 ft detection range


  • Bright and clear images during the daytime and at night
  • Captures good quality images even when animals are in motion
  • Easy camera setup even in a low-light environment
  • Produces up to 17,000 images before replacing the batteries


  • Some errors codes and unknown codes on the LCD screen
  • The user manual has no troubleshooting information

8. Wildgame Innovations Mirage Trail Camera – Best for Rough Terrain

When it comes to very straightforward yet solid design, the Wildgame Innovations Mirage Trail Camera can be one of the best options for you. Through its 16MP image resolution, you can expect for high quality daytime and nighttime images.

One of the considerations in choosing the best cheap trail camera is the camera’s ability to conceal itself. This trail camera is concealed by camouflage design, so animals in the wild are less likely to notice that they are being recorded. Not only that, other people passing the area to where you mounted the camera will also find it hard to notice the camera.

The trigger speed of Wildgame Innovations Mirage Trail camera is less than 0.5 seconds, which is already very fast and can ensure an ability to capture a lot of movements. Although it has a lower video quality of 720p than other models, it offers a 30-second video. The package includes an 8GB SDHC card, and you can upgrade the memory storage up to 32GB. So, you have a chance to take thousands of photos as much as you want.

The Wildgame Innovations Mirage Trail Camera is also complete with 36 pcs infrared LED sensors along with an 80 ft detection range, so you cannot miss any important motions of the game. This camera looks rugged, making it ideal for rough mounting terrain.

However, there are times that we get beautiful, clear pictures, but some other time, the camera produces blurred images. It is like the shutter of the camera is sticking.

Key Features:

  • 16MP image resolution and 720 HD video quality
  • 80 ft detection range
  • 36 IR LEDs
  • The trigger speed of less than 0.5 second
  • Security locking system
  • 30-second videos
  • Adjustable mounting strap


  • Concealed by Mossy Oak Bottomland camouflage design
  • High quality daytime and nighttime photographs
  • Adjustable capturing delay at 5s, 15s, 30s, 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes
  • Minimum of 6-month battery life depending on the frequency of use
  • Supports up to 32GB SD card
  • Easy to mount


  • Produced images are sometimes blurred

9. Zopu 16MP 1080P Trail Camera – High-Performing Cheap Trail Camera with Built-In Microphone for Audio Recording

The Zopu 16MP 1080P Trail Camera comes with 16MP image resolution and 1080P video quality, which produces very sharp photos and detailed videos. Regardless of the lighting conditions, you can get clear, crisp photos and videos. Not to mention that it is also equipped with no glow night vision. You may also like Best Cheap Vlogging Camera

This trail camera comes with an infrared filter that uses no glow night vision to ensure that the wild not be scare off by it. On the other hand, we wish that the detection range could be higher. It only has a 65 ft detection range, which is not as good as other camera models out there.

What captured our attention during the product test of Zopu 16MP 1080P Trail Camera was its built-in microphone. This feature allows you to record audio once you selected the camera’s video function. In short, it is possible for you to hear the sounds produced by the animals, be it during daytime or nighttime. This trail camera is also designed with a straightforward menu function so that you can easily program the camera, while the LCD screen allows you to see the captured footage comfortably.

However, we wish that the strap is used to attach the trail camera to trees that could be sturdier. So, if you want a more secure mounting, you need to purchase a heavy-duty cinch strap separately.

Key Features:

  • 16MP image and 1080P video quality
  • No glow infrared flash and night vision
  • Password protected
  • Time lapse and time stamp
  • 65 ft detection range
  • 4” color LCD screen
  • Maximum of 6 months battery life in standby mode


  • Very sharp and bright photos and videos
  • The fully automatic IR filter
  • Records different sounds produced by animals
  • Easy to setup
  • Serial number function enabled to code locations
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Less sturdy mounting strap
  • Detection range could be higher

10. STARLIKE 1080P Trail Camera – Trail Camera Under ₹10000 with User-friendly Installation and Operation

With a price range of under ₹10000, the STARLIKE 1080P Trail Camera is another great option if you are on a tight budget. This cheap trail camera can produce clear black and white photos by night and vibrant photos by day.

This camera has 1080P video quality that delivers sharp videos. Besides, the video produced by this trail camera has super clear sound so that you can accurately clear the sounds produced by animals in a particular habitat. Although it has a lower image resolution of 12Mp and a detection range of 65 ft than other models, the trigger speed is 0.3 seconds, which is very fast. Besides, it has 120˚ wide-angle lens for better quality images.

If it is your first using a trail camera, then the STARLIKE 1080P Trail Camera can make everything very easy for you. This cheap trail camera offers a user-friendly installation process and operation. You can effortlessly explore and then make the camera work according to your preference and purpose. When on its standby mode, the battery life can last up to 6 months.

Interestingly, you can extend the operation once you support the camera with a solar panel. That way, you will not only enjoy more sets of photos and videos, but you can also save money from buying batteries.

Both tripod mount system and IP65 waterproof case are sturdy enough to withstand severe temperatures or any foreign objects. So, you can be sure that even you leave it on a rough terrain, it can do its job effectively.

Key Features:

  • 12MP image and 1080P video quality
  • 3-second trigger speed
  • 65 ft detection range
  • A nigh vision of 3 PIR sensors and 36 flash-free LEDs
  • Sturdy and IP65 waterproof housing
  • Easy mounting and operation
  • 120˚ wide-angle lens
  • 940nm invisible light technology


  • Vivid and detailed daytime and nighttime images
  • Wide visual angle
  • Effectively works between -20˚C and 70˚C
  • Easy to adjust the fixing belt and tripod mount
  • 6 months of standby time
  • Records high quality photos and videos without disturbing the target


  • Image resolution and detection range could be higher
Cheap trail Cameras

Buying Guide for Cheap Train Cameras

Like buying any other products, getting yourself a high-quality trail camera does not necessarily mean that you need to break a bank. There are plenty of options you can find on the market, but you need to make sure that you know what you are really looking for.

If you are on a tight budget yet want to experience using a top-notch trail camera, you can always opt for cheap trail cameras. These cameras are of the same quality and features with a high price range. So, you can stick to your budget. You may also like Best USB Spy Camera.

Getting a trail camera under 100 does not mean that you will compromise the quality of your wildlife monitoring, home security, and other surveillance purposes. These cheap trail cameras have impressive modes and features. They also produce high quality videos and pictures.

Cheap trail cameras are even equipped with advanced features, and most of them utilize alkaline internal batteries to ensure a longer battery lifespan. Besides, they are being designed with waterproof, weatherproof, and dustproof housing for better protection.

To ensure that you will end up with the right trail camera for your needs, consider the following factors when buying cheap trail cameras:

  • Megapixels

Generally, the more megapixels a trail camera has, the higher resolution photos you will get. But, do not let megapixel becomes the major factor in buying a trail camera.

  • Trigger Speed

The trigger speed refers to the time between when an animal moves into the frame until the camera takes a photo.  Less than a second trigger speed is ideal if you are on a game trail because you can be sure that the camera can capture photos with the right framing.

  • Infrared

Some infrared can emit a beam, while others can filter the light. Trail cameras with filtered infrared can be fully invisible and considered to be covert. As for the semi-covert models, they have filtering capabilities but cannot be completely invisible.

  • LCD Screen

If a trail camera has an LCD screen, instant viewing is possible. Make sure to choose a trail camera with a large enough LCD screen to ensure comfortable viewing. You can opt for trail cameras with an LCD screen of 2.4”.

  • Battery Life

The camera’s battery life is another big factor in the buying process. Once you place the camera with plenty of activities, it will not take long in capturing thousands of images. Some trail cameras can take four or five thousand photos, while others can take tens of thousands. So, it is necessary for you to choose a camera with a longer battery life.

  • Battery Size

Other than battery run time, you also need to consider the battery size. Trail cameras using 4 D batteries can only take three thousand photos. But, if the cameras use 4 to 8 AA batteries, the maximum number of photos is up to twenty thousand.

  • Remote Access

Trail cameras with advanced features allow you to see or access the photos from a remote location using your smartphone. Without leaving your home, you stay updated on what the camera has captured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still need valuable information about trail cameras? If yes, the following frequently asked questions can give you better ideas about these cameras, which you can use to improve your buying decision.

Final Thoughts

As the technology for cheap trail cameras continues to advance, these cameras are not only an amazing device to enjoy wildlife monitoring or hunting. Most trail cameras today are already ideal for improving safety, home security, business monitoring, and other surveillance purposes. So, after using your trail camera for hunting in the wild, you can mount it to your home for added safety and security.

Regardless of your purpose in purchasing a cheap trail camera, make sure to get the one that suits your needs and budget. Keep in mind that not all cheap trail cameras come in low-quality photos and videos. Most of them are already equipped with advanced features and come with valuable accessories.

We hope that after reading this cheap trail camera guide, you have already decided which of the above cheap trail options suits your needs and budget requirements. Happy recording and hunting!

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