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Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam Review

Live streaming has never been more accessible than with the Razer Kiyo. While streaming, we often feel that we don’t look right. And informal settings, it gives a wrong impression.

There are streamers with professional features such as a good microphone, studio setup vibes, green screens, and good lighting. But they are expensive and are not portable. Hence, we have brought a portable, compact, and handy streaming webcam. It is not only affordable but has a built-in ring light.

The ring-light solves all the lighting issues and will brighten your image and space without any external light or equipment. Therefore, it perfects the image quality and gives a good impression to your viewers. Moreover, it is easy to use and store as well. You can take it with you while travelling and doing outdoor work.

Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam Review


  • The Razer Kiyo maintains flattering, even lighting and eliminates harsh shadows. Plus, with adjustable brightness levels, getting the right amount is a snap.
  • The excellent camera itself is also optimized for low-light performance, reducing graininess even in low-light environments.
  • It is fast and accurate to keep you focused on precise details.
  • It has no lights, but its microphones are better, and its photo and video quality are impressive. If you don’t need the light, it’s an excellent buy as a versatile daily driver.
  • The built-in microphone is fairly quiet, which for a transmitter is not the end of the world.
  • The Razer Stargazer has a longer cable (8.2ft, USB 3.0) that can be easily disassembled and replaced, and the Logitech C920 has a 6ft cable, although it is not detachable either.
  • The webcam is in the center of that top disk, surrounded by a thick white LED ring light and a dial to adjust the brightness’s intensity. It is remarkable and much more visible than other webcams. But it also has a functional purpose.
  • The 4-megapixel, 2688 x 1520 camera takes colorful photos and videos, especially in high light. And thanks to this camera’s 81.6-degree field of view, you could even include a friend in the shot.
  • However, most gamers and streamers will use headphones or mic (Razer would love for you to try out their new Seiren X) on services like Twitch or Mixer, so it’s not the end of the world.
  • It has a noise reduction function, which reduces the disturbance.
  • You can use your Kiyo with some of the most popular streaming platforms, including Open Broadcaster Software or Xsplit; for a world of options & this feature takes your video or photography to another world.
  • Its automatic white balance adjustment feature makes it unique & takes your videography to the next level.
  • The Kiyo can be mounted on top of your monitor, and the built-in LEDs will illuminate it with a flattering light while transmitting, helping to cut shadows and give you more detail.
  • Using light presets that change to suit your surroundings, the fantastic Razer Kiyo has fine-tuned colors so that on-screen images are accurate to real life.

Razer Kiyo Specs List

As the product is most suitable for the streamers, most of the features and specifications cater to their needs. Consequently, developers have put an extra effort to make this product an apt streaming webcam. Let us look at its overall specifications to give you a better idea of what Razer Kiyo is offering;

  • Desktop/Laptop streaming Webcam
  • LED ring-light (Multi-step)
  • Xbox/ PC gaming/ PlayStation and other gaming consoles compatible
  • Advanced Adjustments of brightness, contrast, white balance, saturation, and sharpness
  • Availability of image presets
  • Razer Synapse compatibility
  • 16 bit 48 kHz audio codec

Camera Specs

  • 4 megapixels resolution
  • USB 2.0 Connectivity
  • 2688×1520 still image resolution
  • Personalized image quality settings
  • Resolution of video- 1080p : 30FPS/ 720p : 60FPS/ 480p : 30FPS/ 360p : 30FPS
  • Automatic focus type
  • 5-meter cable
  • L-shape joint mounting deck
  • 12-white LED’s for illumination
  • Milky white light
  • 12 step ring dial
  • Ten lux-1m brightness
  • Omnidirectional polar patterns

There’s even a Full HD setting that streams in 1080 resolution at 30fps if you want to look stylish. For professional streaming, this is the perfect camera.

The incredible Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam is a streaming-focused webcam that takes sharp, vivid video and provides its lighting in a great design.

That’s a professional choice, & one can capture the moments, seems as real. It is a unique webcam and doesn’t look like any ordinary webcam. From the design of the camera to its working, it is the best. Moreover, the light-ring adds to its ambience and makes it look fancier. It is a thought-out and well-constructed webcam for the streamers.

When the camera is not set up, it culminates in a disc-shaped structure. The whole system comprises a camera, the 12 LED light ring, and front and back hinges. Subsequently, the front hinges and the camera and the light ring clutch the from the monitor or laptop screen; meanwhile, the back hinges securely on the laptop or monitor. In this way, the camera is adjusted and ready to use.

We know the main problem in most webcams arises due to a lack of light and brightness. Hence, the giant-light is not only for aesthetic purposes but is beneficial in low-light shots. Moreover, there is an option of bracket and tripod stand with this camera, as many streamers do not like it on top of their monitor.

One main issue that may arise with this Razer Kiyo is the long USB cable. It is not only non-detachable but is relatively short as well. That may be problematic in some cases, especially when one wants to attach it to a tripod rather than on the monitor.

With this brief preliminary introduction, let us head over to the main features of Razer Kiyo Webcam. Let’s get started…


  • Carries real and accurate image quality
  • Innovative light ring
  • Reflective and compact design.


  • Has silent microphone playback
  • Without detachable cable


With studio lighting and Full HD capability, it is ideal for streaming and video calls so that you can stay connected to the people in your life.

If you want a great image and strong effects, vibrant lighting, you can’t go wrong with the Kiyo.

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