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Smove Mobile Review

There are lots of people out there who keep on searching for the thorough Smove mobile which is known to be a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for mobile phones that is also being marketed through Instagram, Facebook, and other forms of social media platforms.

For those people who are not yet familiar about the various types of gimbal stabilizers, they are generally described as a tool in which you can mount your mobile hones to at least get rid of the camera shake and help you to produce a video that is very smooth or also called as Smove in this case.

Right after clicking the website link of smove mobile, it is pretty evident that the marketing of smove mobile was higher compared to all the gimbal stabilizers manufactured and supplied by many Chinese companies out there. You can’t see any mistakes in terms of its spelling, uninspired marketing imagery, and uninteresting technical specs. Rather than seeing these not so interesting contents, we see a catchy and nice name and cool vlogging technique with the use of this gimbal stabilizer.

As mentioned earlier, smove mobile was being marketed to its costumers through Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Thus, it would be easier for you to purchase this product on Amazon. Various types of smove mobile that corresponds with different prices. The lowest price of a smove mobile in Amazon is ranging from 70 US Dollars to 90 US Dollars. On the other hand, a smove mobile was constructed with expensive and high-quality materials has a price range of 100 US Dollars to 200 US Dollars. Smove mobile price will always depend upon its size, quality, and materials used.

Who Would Buy Smove Mobile?

In this generation, there are lots of individuals who are fond of capturing every little thing they do or see. But we can’t deny the fact that cameras and other materials used for shooting videos are quite expensive. Cameras, gimbal stabilizers such as smove stabilizer, and other recording materials must be present for you to produce a professionally made video. But the question is, who would buy this smove mobile gimbal stabilizer? Smove stabilizer comes in at low and expensive prices, and it is also easy to utilize, and very simple. So, even if you are professional or not, you can use this gimbal stabilizer as if you are an expert photographer or videographer.

Aside from that, smove mobile can also be used in different situations and by various persons. Social media influencers, vloggers, YouTube stars, action sports professionals, and many more can also use this smove mobile gimbal stabilizer in earning money and entertaining individuals in the whole wide world.

Key Features of Smove Mobile

Are you willing to know the hidden possibilities that you can create with your mobile phone and smove mobile gimbal stabilizer? Or maybe you are tired of having blurry images and shaky recorder videos? Turn your imagination of a perfect shot video and photo into reality. Well, the only thing that you need is a high-quality gimbal stabilizer, and you can consider this smove mobile stabilizer. With the use of the mentioned product, you will be able to create smoother shots and free from shake videos with its excellent and exceptional features. I know that you are asking yourself about the features that this smove mobile can give to you. Luckily, we are going to provide you with the key features of smove mobile that you will surely love.

Built-in Power-bank

One of the main reasons for many photographers and videographers are a fond of collecting gimbal stabilizers is that it gives them the chance to create a professionally worked video or photo. But, if you are going to ask some users of gimbal stabilizers about what are the features, they are looking for a good stabilizer, they will surely tell you about the “built-in powerbank.” It is simply because a powerbank is one of the necessities of every traveler when going to a particular country or another.

Thanks to this smove mobile stabilizer that features a built-in powerbank, which will help you to charge your mobile devices and other gadgets even if you are on your travel. With the help of the said gimbal stabilizer, you can get rid of the needs of looking for the nearest power outlet to charge your devices. It is considered as a stabilizer and powerbank in one.

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Pro 3-Axis Stabilizer

If you are thinking that owning an exceptional mobile phone camera is your great way to produce a semi-pro level or professional level of photos and videos, then you are wrong, unless your shooting skill is on the highest level. But even though you are just a starter in the field of photography or videography, you can still get your desired result of videos and images with the help f a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, which is one of the important features of smove mobile.

Smove mobile stabilizer is one of the top-notch gimbal stabilizers that features pro 3-axis stabilizer, which will help you to get rid of shakes and jerks from your recorded videos. It will also help you to roll, stabilizes the pan and tilt of your camera. It only means that even though you move your camera up and down, side by side, and back and forth, this smove mobile will stabilize your video also though you have a shaky hand.

Programmable Motion Lapse

A programmable motion lapse is one of the significant features that the smove mobile gimbal stabilizer has. It is also considered as the great way of a videographer to create a good video story. Since an exceptional story is one of the bases to have a good marketing, the programmable motion lapse has a massive benefit that can offer to you. Aside from that, this key feature will also enable you to know how your camera will create movements from time to time. One of the advantages of a programmable motion lapse is that you can predict the result of your video.

Auto Face and Object Follow

Face and object tracking or detection are the most significant features that every photographer is looking for a gimbal stabilizer. This feature can be an easy job for humans but much easier for a device like this some mobile gimbal stabilizer. Object and face detection is the method of the said device to identify the faces of the subject or the object a videographer wants to give emphasis.

Full Wireless Control

The smove mobile stabilizer will provide you with a full wireless control, which means you can transfer your files, videos, and photos to your laptops or PC with the use of the internet or via Bluetooth. There are lots of benefits that you can get from the said feature of smove mobile. One of its benefits is the ease and convenience. Some of the photographers during the old times transferred their captured images and recorded videos manually, which is very time-consuming. Not until the smove mobile was developed. You can now easily transfer your photos and videos to your mobile devices with no time.

Mini Tripod

We all know that tripods are being utilized for still photography and videos to avoid your camera from moving and offer you with stability. Once you purchase the smove mobile gimbal stabilizer, it comes up with a mini tripod that will enhance the quality of your videos and photos.

A tripod is also a necessity of many photographers when they tend to create a slow-speed exposure. It is also helpful to your photography when you are using a telephoto-lenses since most cameras are shaky when the shutter is open, which will give you a shaky video and blurry photo. You may also like to read Nikon Coolpix l340 Review

Other Significant Features of Smove Mobile Gimbal Stabilizer

  • 12 hours of gimbal running
  • Four various panning modes for more creative videos
  • Sports mode for smooth and stable videos
  • Various features of time-lapse
  • Beauty retouching
  • Slow motion mode
Smove Mobile Gimbal Stabilizer Review

Pros and Cons of Smove Mobile Gimbal Stabilizer

We are done discussing the key elements of smove gimbal stabilizer. In this time, we will tackle about its advantages and disadvantages. I know that most of us are looking for the best and exceptional gimbal stabilizers for us to create a professional and perfect shot. But still, we can’t deny the fact that each gadget or devices have their own disadvantages and drawbacks. Similar to his smove mobile gimbal stabilizer. But thanks, that its disadvantages are only minors and cannot ruin the entire quality of your work.

So, without any more distractions, let us start discussing first its advantages that will be followed by its disadvantages. Keep on reading and enjoy!

Pros of Smove Mobile

It Will Keeps your Phone Fully Charged while You are Recording

There are lots of gimbal stabilizers out there that can fit your mobile phones, but only some of these, including the smove mobile, can make your phone fully charge even if you are using it for filming. One of the advantages of this smove mobile is that it can also be your gadget’s power bank; thus, it will enable you to capture every moment in your life without the fear f running out of battery. If you are planning for the whole day photoshoot with your family and friends, we recommend you to use this smove mobile that can be used for up to 12 hours before it requires for a recharge. Smove mobile has the 5200 mAh of capacity, which is according to its manufacturer.

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It can Memorize Faces

Similar to the well-known and larger brands of gimbal stabilizers, the smove mobile can also track faces and objects and keeping the positioned smoothly inside a frame. To do this, fix your smove mobile on its mini tripod, and wait for it to rotate automatically to look for your face.

It is Budget-Friendly

There are lots of most popular brands of gimbal stabilizers out there that are in high quality but requires a big amount of your money. That is also a reason for some photographers to look for a more budget-friendly gimbal stabilizer that can offer a high-end work at the same time. Thanks to this smove mobile that is known to create professional videos and capture exceptional stills with its low amount of price.

It has a Compact Size

We are all living in an extraordinary generation. Smove I considered as a professional-quality type of gimbal stabilizer that is very convenient to carry. In spite of its pocket-like size, it can be used with the various sizes of phones that are similar to the size of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Cons of Smove Mobile Gimbal Stabilizer

Build Quality

The smove mobile gimbal stabilizer was constructed from plastic similar to some of the gimbal stabilizers that you will see in the market. On the other hand, even though it is made up of plastic, we can ensure that once you purchased this product on Amazon, you will be very much satisfied with its work.

It weighs 428 grams, which is much lighter when you are going to compare it with Smooth 4, which weighs 547 grams and Osmo mobile 2, which weighs 485 grams. In spite of having a built-in selfie stick, it still has a lighter weight, which will enable you to carry it whenever and wherever you want.

Yes, we can’t deny it that the weight of this smove mobile is an advantage since it is made up of plastic. Yes, there are still other brands of gimbal stabilizers out there that are made up of premium building materials, but as a buyer, you should also consider the work of a particular thing and do not stick with its materials.


The Smove mobile gimbal stabilizer is known in accommodating different mobile cameras that has the width that measures 57 mm to 84 mm. It has a wise size that can cover most Android phones and iPhones that some of you use.

Smove mobile has 210 grams as its maximum payload. For instance, the weight of iPhone SX Max was 208 grams, and the weight of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was 201 grams. Thus, almost all types of phones that you usually use can be accommodated by the said product.

On the other hand, what is real with the most gimbal that you can purchase out there has the exaggerated maximum payload. If you are going to mount phones that are heavier from the two mentioned brands, for instance, the iPhone XS Max, it will surely put a burden to the motor of your gimbal stabilizer and might consume your battery pretty much quicker. Aside from that, your smove gimbal stabilizer might also have a problem with stabilizing your camera.

But, even though smove gimbal stabilizer only has a maximum payload of 210 grams, you can still use it with phones that have the weight lower than 210 grams.


The smove mobile gimbal stabilizer is not that bad stabilizer at all. With its important features, including the programmable motion lapse, auto face and object follow, full wireless control, and more, your money will be worth it. One of the reasons for many photographers buying this stabilizer is that it has a low amount of price. But, despite its price amount, it can still give you the quality work that you want. Keep in mind that gimbal stabilizers are one of the necessities that you should take with you every time you plan to produce videos and capture photos. Don’t forget to consider this smove mobile as your great gimbal stabilizer.

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