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Sigma fp Mirrorless Full-Frame Digital Camera Review

Sigma fp is a wonderful camera. Everyone falls in love with this compact, useful, functional, and all-purpose camera at first glance. The best thing about Sigma is that every product of theirs is unique and has a rareness to it.

Their mirror-less full-frame systems are the new talk of the town. However, some may contradict the utilitarian and industrial use of this camera as the still photographers consider it an alternative and not as a brilliant addition to the techno-cam world. But the videographers are intrigued by this portable beauty.

Therefore, they want to know more about it and their fascination leads them to buy and use it without regrets so far.

If you want to know whether a gadget is worth it, you have to look at its specifications. Hence, we have a brief overview of the highlighting specs Sigma fp has in store for you;

  • Filter System- RGB primary color filter
  • Storage- SD/ SDHC/ SDXC card. USB and SSD support-able
  • Sensor- 24.6 mp full-frame with illuminated back CMOS
  • L-Mount Lens
  • File formats- compressed DNG, JPEG, DNG + JPEG
  • Image aspect ratio- 21:9. 16:9, 3:2, 2:1, 4:3, 7:6, 1:1
  • Adobe RGB color space
  • Linear PCM audio format
  • Internal Movie Format (Recording)- CinemaDNG/ MOV: H.264
  • External HDMI movie format- ATOMOSNinja inferno, Blackmagic video assist
  • Contrast detection system
  • Moving object prediction function (Continuous AF)
  • Single AF
  • Manual focus
  • AF MODE- automatic detection, free movement, face/eye movement AF mode, tracking mode, 49-points selection mode
  • ISO range- 100-25600
  • The electronic image stabilization system
  • Electronic shutter
  • Shooting drive types- single, continuous, self-timer, interval
  • Screen- TFT color LCD monitor
  • Color mode- standard, neutral, vivid, landscape, portrait, cinema, sunset red, forest green, FOV classic blue, classic yellow, monochrome, teal, and orange
  • BP-51 Li-ion battery
  • 422g overall weight

This Sigma fp Mirrorless Digital Camera provides more control to produce an image in great detail, even in areas that are difficult to control using the exposure adjustment setting.

This is a grip option and a shoe unit.

It is one of the most radical cameras we’ve seen released in years, incorporating a variety of new ideas and video capabilities.

The Camera is a beautiful addition to your adventure and is a pretty good webcam as well. Hence, you will be able to live stream on the go and become a travel blogger and influencer in an instant. Moreover, the importance of a webcam and live streaming has never been more noticeable than in this time of global pandemic of COVID-19.

The lockdown and quarantine have given rise to homework. And to have a software backup, the camera has already what it takes to be a perfect companion in your home and outdoor work. Furthermore, Sigma has a partner in sustainability and efficiency; Panasonic and Leica. Both have been beneficial in aiding Sigma’s full-frame digital camera with lenses and other useful and handy accessories. Isn’t this great?

As stated earlier, the camera is suitable for videographers. The reason is that it has a tiny video module with its core functions, and it helps to take stills. Moreover, the waveform display has been beneficial in the exposure shots.

Similarly, the ability to record Cinema DNG format files to the SSD has been advantageous. With perfect AF modes and shots, the camera is a perfect and worthy investment. It is a handy gadget with a clear, precise, and high-resolution shot. The pixels of the stills are pitch perfect.

Besides, there is room for further improvement and modification, yet this high-tech camera is a must-have for all photographers and videographers alike.

Let us dig in and look at the more unique features of the beautiful camera…

Sigma fp Mirrorless Full-Frame Digital Camera Review


  • It has a 24.6MP Bayer sensor to capture sharp, clean images, and advanced 4K video, including raw capture. The body also incorporates a large heat sink and is weather sealed for reliable operation in many environments.
  • For raw video data, 12-bit CinemaDNG external recording is supported.
  • It not only supports the latest large format cameras such as ARRI ALEXA LF ​​and RED MONSTRO 8K but also film cameras and anamorphic lenses.
  • The output is handled via a USB 3.1 (Gen 1) Type-C connection and there is a UHS-II SD card slot for internal recording.
  • The camera has a dedicated switch to quickly switch between still images and video recording. This changes the operating menu and controls to better suit your shooting needs. It results in cleaner interfaces in both modes since each does not need to display specific functions related to the other mode.
  • Its tone button on the back lets you adjust the contrast so you can set up a flat video output that can give you a wide dynamic range that you can then adjust to your liking in the post rating process.
  • The L-Mount creates a camera system that goes beyond the boundaries between manufacturers, with unprecedented levels of scalability and possibilities.
  • It is also designed to help focus the lens manually.
  • The focus peak feature highlights the edges of parts of a scene that are focused on a particular color.
  • It carries a unique color mode, and this new color mode tries to create a high contrast between the orange colors, found in human skin tones, and the teal ones (cyan blue), which are its complement, for images that are very vibrant and deeply dramatic.
  • The adjustment range of this astonishing color mode, which was previously ± 2.0, has been expanded to ± 5.0, allowing you to further adjust the brightness.
  • The camera offers many optional accessories to build it as you like. These extras include the HU-11 shoe unit, the HG-11 grip, the LVF-11 LCD viewfinder, and more.


  • The smallest, compact, and lightest in the world
  • Full frame camera
  • Industrial and functional design
  • Has a full-frame sensor


  • Only one SD card slot
  • Fixed LCD, without EVF
  • Continuous unreliable AF


It offers high specification functionality for still images and video in an extremely compact body that weighs less than a pound.

However, this is a camera designed to be the start of a system, which is where opinions can be divided. Stills photographers may find the Sigma fp a bit irritating to handle without its optional bolt-on grip and ergonomically challenged even at the time.

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