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IPS VS TN Panel for Gaming: Which One is Better?

These days, Generally all monitors come with LED Panel displays.

But, All LED Panels are not the same, Some of them have great colors and contrast colors, and at the same time, some of them are made for battery optimizations.

So, Which one you should need to buy? IPS or TN panel? Which one is better for gamers?

Well, In this article, We are going to compare both types of screen and later we will conclude that which one is better in between IPS VS TN Panel For Gaming.

Once you will read out all the points, you can easily understand which one is good for which profession, and here we are talking but gaming, So, which one you should need to purchase.

But, if you hate the complex terms and looking for an easy way to search good monitors then here are the buying guides on gaming monitors under $300 and $100.

IPS VS TN Panel for Gaming

IPS VS TN Panel – Full Comparisons

Here on, We tested more than hundreds of monitors and after that, we know which types of the screen are much better for users.

Here we are breaking this article into parts, where we will compare both types of screens and check out which one is better for getting good viewing angles, colors, the response rate, and at the end of this article, we will decide which one is good for gaming purpose.

Viewing Angles

TN Panel display doesn’t have much good viewing angles as compared to IPS panel displays.

IPS panel display offers much better viewing angles that help you to get a clear picture of the content from shallower angles.

Generally, you won’t notice any viewing angles problem but if you want to purchase some bigger screens that sometimes it might be noticeable easily in TN panel displays.


TN Panel displays and IPS panel displays, Both have Good color corrections and they are able to produce the right colors according to the scene.

But IPS monitors are much more costly and they are built with higher quality and good viewing angles.

If you have graphic designing work, or photo editing work, then purchasing monitor with great colors is much more important. At that time, You should need to choose the IPS displays.

Refresh Rate

TN Panel displays have the highest refresh rate as compared to IPS panel displays and VA panel displays.

  What is Good Response Rate / Refresh Rate for Gaming Monitor?

Due to this, Games runs much smoothly in TN panel displays as compared to IPS panel displays and VA Panel displays and you won’t get any frame drops or lack while playing games on it

Generally, TN Panel displays have a 144 Hz refresh rate where IPS panel displays have 75 Hz refresh rates. But IPS panel displays are also available in 144 Hz but, they will cost you much more as compared to TN panel displays

Response Rate

Again, Here TN Panel displays Wins!

It has a much faster response rate as compared to IPS panel displays and VA panel displays.

Generally, TN panel displays have 1ms of response rate and as a result, you never get blurred lines on the screens. Even in faster games, You won’t get even a single blurred line while playing.

Whereas generally, IPS panel displays as 4ms of response rate.

Which One Is Best For Gaming?

Since Good Response rate and refresh rate is much important In Gaming Monitors ( read here )

There is no doubt that TN panel displays are much much better for Gaming Purpose as they have a faster refresh rate and lower response rate.

Also, TN Panel displays are much cheaper as compared to IPS and VA panel displays. So you much go with TN panel displays.


So, this is the complete article on IPS VS TN Panel For Gaming comparisons.

Choose the right monitor for yourself is based on for what reasons you are going to purchase it. If you have a Gaming purpose, then TN panel monitors are the best one for you.

I hope, this article will help you to understand which monitors you should need to buy.


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