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How To Mount Monitors On The Wall Safely: Step By Step Guide

You Need to Protect your monitors from liquid damage so that they work as long as they can.

So to Protect Monitors, it is better to mount them on the wall. As if you mount them, then there is no risk of liquid damage or any other physical damage.

Here in this article, I am going to share how to mount monitors on the wall safely.

When I purchased the Monitor online from, then I am delighted because its performance and other quality are amazing. I fell in love with that monitor, but within six months of purchase, I replaced that monitor because of an accident, I damaged the screen severely.

So, to prevent this cause again, I purchased some Wall Mounts for my monitors so that I can easily mount them on my wall and they can be used as long as they can.

How to mount computer monitor on wall

How To Mount Monitors On The Wall Safely

Step 1 – Purchase The Good Wall Mount

There are lots of Wall mount available on Amazon to purchase, but here I am suggesting you check out this VideoSec wall mount.

The rating of this wall mount is excellent, and many of my friends are also using it. So make sure that you are purchasing any good and secure wall mount for your monitor that can hold and absorb shocks easily.

Also, if you are looking for some good and cheap Ultrawide monitors, then you can check out our latest buying guide that I published. It will help you to choose the right monitor for yourself.


  • For 27 Inches to 55 Inches Monitors/TVs
  • It can be rotated.

You can purchase this Wall Mount from here

Choose The Right Place To Mount Monitors

Step 2 – Choose The Right Place

Choosing the right place can become one of the essential parts of this tutorial. You need to choose a place where you can easily hang your monitor on the wall by using these mounts.

Since, if you are mounting a TV, then you need to select any place which is suitable for all the members of your house.

So after finding a suitable place to install the monitor, Drill holes according to the wall mount. You can also call an electrician to do this job.

But if you are doing for yourself, then make sure that you are handling nuts,  bolts, drilling machines with care.

Hang Your Monitor

Step 3 – Hang Your Monitor

Now, its time to hang your monitor on the wall. So if you purchased the Gaming monitor under 100$, then you generally didn’t receive the wall hanger in it yet. That’s why I recommend you to buy the above one.

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To hang your monitor, place the supportive screw. Take the monitor and place it where you drilled. make sure that you removed the base of the monitor before hanging it up.


Mounting Your monitor on the wall will help you a lot. Since they got fixed in one place.  Also, if you have some more budgets then you can mount 2-3 monitors on the walls and then you can easily catch all of them at the same time.

I hope this guide will help you- to wall mount your monitor or anything that you want to mount on the wall.

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