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Free HDR Photoshop Action

Photoshop comes with an automated set of commands that are used to get an effect on the image. Photoshop actions are commonly used for prompt photo editing. While others use photoshop filters, you can use photoshop action and discard the use of normal, regular filters on your images.

If you are looking for some good free hdr photoshop action, you can do so on the Aurora HDR software. The Aurora HDR software is a multi-purpose software that lets you process HDR images and do a lot more.

The Aurora HDR is available for a small price tag of $39, which is nothing, given the features it gives you to play with. From processing images in batches to adding filters and more, Aurora HDR software gives you the freedom to do both.

While Aurora HDR software is our choice of software for free hdr photoshop action, here are some others you can try:

Free HDR Photoshop Action

HDR For Dummies

One of the free hdr photoshop action is HDR for dummies. It is a simple tool but it changes your images including the original background. Moreover, you can even duplicate the images and add color intensity or change color intensity as you like on the software. The software is available for free downloads.

Pseudo HDR

Pseudo HDR is a good choice as well. It lets you produce an HDR effect on your image easily. Moreover, it also allows you to modify the layer bending modes, image parameters, and different opacities as you like. The pseudo-HDR lets you create a good hdr image. You can always adjust the image to gain more sharpness and contrast.

The whole idea behind this free hdr photoshop action is to come up with an image that gives you that HDR quality but a little less. However, the freedom to add and change the contrast and sharpness as you like is a big bonus of this particular action.

HDR Fake Action

Hdr fake action is another choice. This particular action lets you turn the faint image into a high contrast HDR image. You can even change the image to a normal image.

What will strike about the software is that it will have a huge change on the sharpness and contrast of the image. This action is simple but puts a lot of charm in your pictures by changing its sharpness and contrast in a unique way.

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Cold Nightmare

The cold nightmare will change your picture into an amazing one. It will make your image shine our in a dark world. The cold nightmare action adds a lot of contrast and sharpness on your images and makes your images stand out.

Night To Twilight

Night to Twilight has a set of 11 actions that convert the night time images into twilight pictures just by introducing a color cast and lightening the sky.

This particular effect uses different layers so you can easily adjust the degree of the twilight and reduce the opacity of the layers. The overall effect you will get on the image will be a nice and flexible one.

Infrared Photography

Infrared photography is another top choice. You can add this effect to add a cool infrared chill in your pictures. With this free photoshop action, your images will change for the good.

This particular action creates two different layers inside a layer group and it allows you to change the image into red and blue. You can adjust the images and the contrast as you like to get a decent image or two.

I particularly like the infrared photography action because it is a free action that you can use and avail to change the quality of your image. You can easily get two tones of blue and red with this image.

@Kecotz HDR Tools

The @Kecotz HDR Tools is another set of photoshop actions that lets you convert your images into HDR effects. The HDR effects come in four different variations namely HDR fix light, HDR fix normal, HDR fix clicker and HDR fix heavy.

You can either choose to use all of these actions separately or you can combine them in order to get the effect that you are looking for.

What’s special about this HDR tool is that it combines four different effects in one, giving your image a cool and nice touch. However, on the other hand, you can always use these effects separately in order to get a good image feel.

High Key

When it comes to free hdr photoshop action, high key is a name we cannot forget. This prompts you to use credit and if you use it, it offers a very simple and easy way for you to convert a regular picture into a high quality and stunning portrait with straight, clean lines and a good, dreamy finish.

The best part is that you will not have to compromise on the contrast of the image when you use high key. High key is a good way of making an image into a high contrast one.

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Black And White

Black and White, as the name suggests, is another action filter that you can apply on your images to get a two toned black and white image.

This particular free hdr photoshop action adds a good punch of high contrast black and white effect to your pictures. As a result, it will produce a nice gritty image with heavy grains and decent over saturated blacks.

Our choice is and will always be Aurora HDR but there are other choices in the same league that you can go for if you want a nice software that lets you do more. All of the software come with different motives and operate differently.

So you can choose one that best fits you and your needs. Our recommendation is to search on the internet first and then make a move accordingly.

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