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How to Enhance Photos with HDR Toning in Photoshop

Photoshop and HDR toning go hand in hand. HDR is short for high dynamic range. It was previously used for 3D but is now a simple shot in photography. HDR photography means taking multiple exposures and then merging them into a single one.

The whole idea behind HDR toning is to tone the images as a single image. HDR, high dynamic range, the image is created from different exposures.

If you are looking to learn more about HDR toning or want to know how to do it, here is what you need to know.

How to Enhance Photos with HDR Toning in Photoshop

What is HDR toning?

Before you move ahead with your pictures, it is important for you to know how to take one. The first step is to take an image that will be used as a source image. In order to create an HDR, you will have to take at least two photos.

On the other hand, if you are shooting people, you can reduce it to single steps. At times, you might also want to take 3 pictures with 3 different exposures.

You have to ensure that the quality of the images is good so it is essential that you don’t compromise on the quality of the images. You can even use a tripod if you want and can. A single raw image should not be used.

In order to create an HDR effect with HDR toning photoshop, you need to do the following:

HDR toning basically allows us to get access to HDR controls. These settings can be applied to a single image. The image you use should have an HDR snap to it and this is where HDR toning comes in.

The best way to go about HDR toning is to duplicate the image. Then apply the effect. You can even duplicate the image to bring it back to the original.

You have to take a photograph and then navigate to the image and then start to duplicate it. This will allow you to create a duplicate of the original copy. You do this because you have to use HDR toning.

It necessitates that you flatted the image and then apply the effect. Thus, it is best to duplicate the picture and then go down to the image pull down menu and choose adjustments. Then go down and choose HDR toning. Just click on HDR toning and this will get you started on hdr toning photoshop.

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Once you have chosen HDR toning, it will open up many HDR toning controls. All of the controls in front of you will look familiar. You will have a lot of options here including an edge glow, a toning detail and advanced toning options. You can choose these controls. Moreover, there is also an option to access the histogram and toning curve as you like.

For instance, if you want to give your image a little snap or grid, you can add those with hdr toning. One of the good things about HDR toning is that you can preview your image before proceeding with it.

You’ll have plenty of options when it comes to hdr toning photoshop. You can zoom in to get a better detail of your picture. One of the two main options when it comes to hdr toning is radius and strength. The range gives a little less glow, whereas, the strength improve the intensity of the image.

However, it is better to not add too many effects because too many effects will distort the image. You can view the picture by zooming in and seeing how its shadows etc. have brightened up. You can make use of sliders to recover the details in the shadows. However, make sure you use them delicately and make significant adjustments.

How do I get HDR toning?

In order to fully assess the impact of your photoshop HDR toning, you can readily and easily duplicate the images and then see and determine how much the original has changed. You can then add or reduce the significant effects in order to get a good and decent HDR toning effect.

You can even combine the two images using the move tool. You can choose the move tool and drag the other image and then see. There will be two layers. You can name the top layer HDR and turn its visibility on or off.

You can even customize it further. Or you can choose to mask it in effect. You can even lower the opacity if the effect has been too strong. After all the modifications, you will have a perfectly HDR tone image that you created on hdr toning Photoshop.

Thus, to understand what is hdr toning in photoshop, it is important to know that it is just a way of adding effects and toning your images. It is one of the best ways to duplicate your images and then create a picture according to your tastes and likes. There are plenty of effects that you can add in the photoshop image and therefore, come with a decent quality image.

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HDR toning photoshop gives way to a lot of opportunities in images. Always remember that if the effects you have added are too strong, you can always choose to lower the opacity. However, the best bit about having multiple layers is that it gives you a good extra flexibility and lets you dial in exactly how you want to.

HDR toning changes your image in a right way and it lets you add effects that you can otherwise not add in your images. The picture that comes out after you have HDR toned it will be different than the original as there will be many layers that you can see and assess.

The image will feel stronger and classier. Moreover, if you have an over exaggerated HDR image, you will also have the flexibility and the permission to change it to 30 percent lower.

HDR toning is done on software and one good software for HDR toning is Aurora HDR. Aurora HDR gives you the comfort of toning your pictures and choosing from 70 different HDR presets. It is a powerful yet simple software that lets you create amazing HDR images from a single photo.

The software combines everything there is into high dynamic range photography. It is way faster, way powerful and far richer. Aurora HDR is available for a free trial and the normal version costs $39 whereas the professional version is available for $99 but it comes with a lot more features that you can enjoy.

Generally, Aurora HDR is your choice of software if you are looking for a good HDR toning photoshop tool.

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