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What Are the Best Hdr Plugins for Adobe Photoshop?

Finding the correct HDR plugin can change your photo editing experience for the better in unimaginable ways. It can add useful features in your current software and help you broaden your photography skills.

HDR photography is a great way to balance the overall exposure in one’s photos. It combines photos of the same scene taken at multiple exposures, resulting in an image that is packed with details in both the highlights and the shadows.

Most photographer who practice HDR photography focus on landscape or architectural photos, because these are two kinds of photography where you can’t always move around your subject to get a better shot.

Also, at such a large scale that is introduced with a tall building, the front of the building is often lost in the shadows if the sun happens to be behind the structure. This is mitigated to a great deal by taking an HDR image.

So if you’re interested in taking a shot at HDR photography but don’t really want to use a standalone editor for the purpose, you’ll be happy to know that there are many HDR plugins that can be used with editors like Photoshop and Lightroom. In this article, we will talk about some of the best ones available.

What Are the Best Hdr Plugins for Adobe Photoshop

Aurora HDR

Not giving an over-statement but Aurora HDR is by far the most polished and easiest HDR program in the market. This software has been co-created by Trey Ratcliff who is a world renowned HDR photographer. Hence, it is the product that has been built for photographers by a photographer.


The other thing that makes it brilliant is that it has something for everyone starting from beginners to professional HDR photographers. A whopping pre-installed HDR presets allow users to create magnificent images in a few easy steps.

Presets in Aurora HDR are so easy to use that they are no difficult than using Instagram or Facebook. All you have to do is scan through the options and choose any option you like!

Gradually you will become comfortable with the program and then you may dive deeper into the rabbit hole. There you will discover features like layers, histograms, luminosity masks, brushes and even custom-made presets to name a few.

There are loads of tutorials available on their website which will take you to the world of amazing HDRs.

Franzis HDR Projects 5

This software is packed with loads of features and is a highly advanced HDR editor for Mac and Windows users. The Pro version has a high price tag but a majority of users won’t require the added features available in this version.

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Don’t let the pro version intimidate you if you’re a beginner and opt for the Standard version instead.

Franzis HDR Projects helps develop ultra-realistic HDR images that can hold their own in the professional world. There is a great arsenal of around 155 presets to choose and use. Once you choose one preset you can always tweak it with several tools to create an outcome that best suits your taste.

These tweaking tools aid in developing hyper-realistic HDR photos. Options for professional users include multiple features like support for 4k resolution and over 800 RAW formats, and the editor also includes a noise reduction tool that helps remove dead pixels.

Machinery HDR

Installing this program is an easy and smooth process. After starting the application you are welcomed by an aesthetically pleasing interface. It handles RAW format files very easily, allowing you to get the best possible quality from your HDRs.

Although this program is difficult to use at first but has lots of potential once you give it due time. It develops brilliant looking HDR images and includes enough presets to satisfy your thirst.

Since the tweaking is set to a minimum, this software can easily develop realistic HDR photos by itself. Boosting and fiddling with the settings can create a more surreal look if that is what you’re after.

With these three options, you are sure to find something that you truly love. Creating HDRs is not only practical in many situations but is also a fun way to experiment with your creativity. So give a try to these HDR editors and see which one you like best.

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