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Best Camera Bags for Women

We cannot deny the fact that photography is one of the most popular hobbies that everyone can exercise – whether male or female. By exercising the photography hobby, you are allowed to explore various moments in your environment. In addition, it is also a hobby that can help you to share the amazing experiences you encounter with your family, friends, and social media. It is a fact that capturing photos and recording videos are a usual habit of every individual in this world. With the use of photography, you can now shoot the memorable and most beautiful experiences with your loved one, best friends, and family members.

To be honest, taking pictures of someone or the places you get in is considered as a culture by different persons in various countries around the globe. This activity is very common in special occasions and different events. By taking a single photo, it can help you to capture the memorable, sad, and happy moments in your daily life.

What if your camera accidentally falls from your hands and break? How horrible isn’t it? That is the time that you will consider buying stylish camera bags for women. A camera bag is a necessity for all of the photographers out there to store, carry, and access easily the camera equipment they need for a photoshoot. You can also read about Best Sony Camera for Vlogging

If you want to make sure that your camera equipment is in good condition, you must consider buying a camera bag. There are lots of camera bags for women on the market that you can choose from. Finding the camera bag that will fit your needs is a quite difficult task. There is nothing for you to worry about since this article is the answer to your problem.

In this post, we are going to give you the various brands and styles of camera bags that you might consider purchasing. We will also provide you with its advantages and disadvantages. Aside from that, you can also see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Buying Guide sections in this post.

But before we jump into the best camera bags for women, we provided you our top pick for best overall and best budget-friendly if you are quite a busy person.

Review of the Top Ten Best Camera Bags for Women

It is a fact that there are lots of lenses in the market which are compatible with Canon T5i. With that, you might be confused about which one is right for you. Fortunately, we have collected the top products to help you decide which is the best for you. Also, check out our unbiased Canon Vixia HF R800 Review.

The following is our helpful and honest review of the best lenses for Canon t5i.

1. Jo Totes Bellbrook Camera and Laptop Backpack – Best Overall


  • Seven padded dividers and inserts
  • Side pockets for quick access
  • Laptop compartment

The best overall camera bag for women that we can recommend to you is this Jo Totes Bellbrook Camera and Laptop Backpack that is made up of American-made waxed canvas, which has a water-resistant feature. Aside from that, it was also trimmed with leather that is also made up of high-quality materials. This Jo Totes Bellbrook Camera and Laptop Backpack are very versatile and comfortable to wear. In addition, it will also give you the chic look once you wear it.

This best camera bag for women features side pockets that will enable you to have fast access to your camera. It has also a separate laptop compartment that can hold a laptop that is not more than 15 inches. You can also store your personal accessories and belongings in a large size pocket with a zipper. At the rear compartment, you can also see different pouches that will help you to organize your things.

It also features an adjustable and padded divider system that will enable you to have a personalized backpack that will accommodate both of your camera equipment and accessories perfectly and organized.

You can also divide this backpack into two different compartments that will allow you to utilize the two side pockets. When you use this feature, the top area of the bag can be used in storing extra camera materials vertically with the help of the inserts and padded dividers which are included in the package. You can also remove the entire dividers for you to use as your office backpack.


  • Versatile
  • Comfortable to wear
  • It can give you a chic look
  • Water resistant
  • Made up of high quality leather
  • Can be used as a daily office backpack
  • Quick and easy to access


  • Its belt straps might give you difficulty to fasten and undo it

2. Jack by Jill-e Designs, Rolling Satchel – Best Budget-Friendly


  • Internal nettes pocket
  • Large size of external storage pocket
  • Dual carrying handles
  • Telescoping trolley
  • Heavy-duty rollers
  • Velcro dividers
  • Padded exterior walls protective sleeve pocket

The camera bag for women that we recommend to you which is considered budget-friendly is this Jack by Jill-e Designs, Rolling Satchel. This camera bag will give you a combination of stylish and chic looks. This bag comes up with various features that you will surely love. This camera bag features a compartment that is suitable for a laptop that is 17 inches. Aside from that, this compartment can also be used to store your entire lifestyle essentials.

This camera bag was constructed for high-quality performance and convenience since it comes up with dual carrying handles, telescoping handles, and sturdy rollers that will help you to transfer even your most fragile electronic equipment through the busiest airports and most challenging locales.  Aside from these features, it also comes up with different variants of compartments and pockets, Velco dividers, and padded walls that will maintain your equipment and essentials secure and organized as well.

With the use of this camera bag for women, you can now make your state while having a photoshoot or simply walking. This bag is constructed for men but most women also use it. It will give you all your needs for your extended travels or even in a very demanding task. It is because it is made up of leather-trimmed, water-resistant, and rugged nylon. Get yours now at a very appealing price rate.


  • Weather resistant
  • Durable
  • Easy to access


  • It might result to shoulder discomfort

3. Kelly Moore Bag Luna Walnut Messenger


  • Removable Padded Basket
  • Removable long messenger strap

Kelly Moore Bag is one of the most known camera bags for women that resemble the fashionable handbag of women and other carrying equipment. The third best camera bag for women is this Kelly Moore Bag Luna Walnut Messenger that was designed with a classic shoulder bag of a woman. The color of the bag will always depend on your color preference. But one thing is for sure, no matter what color you will choose, you can surely accentuate your outfit of the day.

This camera bag for women was constructed from the Cambria material that is only exclusive to the Kelly Moore Bags. On the other hand, for more information, the Cambria material used for constructing this camera bag is a hundred percent Vegan. But one of the things that most photographers love about this item is that it is water-resistant and abrasion-resistant. Aside from that, upon using this camera bag, you will feel a leather-like texture that you will surely love.

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This camera bag is designed for those female photographers who are searching for a camera bag that will give them a stylish look instead of a plain camera bag that is only designed to store and hold various camera gears. The size of this camera bag is limited since it can only hold a small camera with a lightweight lens fixed with it. You can also store a professional camera in it that has a detachable lens that is up to 8 inches, and other small camera gears, including flash.


  • Easy to carry
  • Quick access


  • It might cause you to feel shoulder discomfort

4. Purple Relic: DSLR Leather Camera Bag


  • The Made from premium genuine leather
  • Unique since it is handcrafted
  • Hide that looks scars, scratches, and wrinkles which make it more appealing
  • It comes up with a dust bag for more protection
  • Padded insert for lens and camera protection
  • Various pockets to organize your camera accessories
  • It is multipurpose: remove the padded insert to make it as a handbag or a messenger bag

The fourth camera bag for women that you might consider buying is this Purple Relic: DSLR Leather Camera Bag. The said camera bag is also considered to be one of the most elegant and stylish camera bags for DSLR present in this generation. In addition, this kind of camera bag is also used as a handbag and a messenger bag as well.

It is made up of genuine leather which makes it a unique kind of bag. This has also its own and unique beauty and character. Its grain will remain breathable, durable, and stronger at the same time. Instead of just wearing it as a usual bag, it has the natural patina which has been used to make it more aesthetically appealing in various situations and occasions.

One of the things that you might not love about this product is that it has an initial smell of natural leather. But you don’t have to worry anymore since it will just fade away as time passes by and as long as you use it.

Purchase this Purple Relic: DSLR Leather Camera Bag and look chic and smart at the same time wherever and whenever you will use it.


  • It can be used in various ways
  • Its natural patina will give the bag the uneven and various colors of brown overuse and time


  • It has an undesirable odor because of its natural patina

5. BLUBOON Vintage Canvas Camera Bag Shockproof Large Leather DSLR ALR Messenger Shoulder Bag Waterproof


  • Made up of genuine leather strap
  • Fully padded shockproof inner lining

The fifth camera bag for women that we highly recommend to you is this BLUBOON Vintage Canvas Camera Bag Shockproof Large Leather DSLR SLR Messenger Shoulder Bag Waterproof. As you can see from its name, this is Shockproof and at the same time waterproof, which is a good thing especially for those female photographers who love photography in rain. Also read Best Spy Camera for Car .

Aside from that, this camera bag can also be used as a messenger bag or a shoulder bag. Since it has a water-resistance feature, you can ensure that it is protected from either splashing or light rains. Also, it has a slight color discrepancy because of the screen resolution.

It is also made up of a sturdy genuine leather strap. By the way, the leather strap is sturdy, nice, and comfortable to wear. It has the shock resistance feature since it has a fully padded shockproof inner lining. For only 29.99 US Dollars, you can now wear the nice and stylistic look of a camera bag for women.


  • It is durable
  • It has a sturdy and nice look
  • Its genuine leather strap is very comfortable to wear
  • Water resistant feature
  • Shock resistant feature


  • It has a slight color discrepancy

6. Jo Totes Gracie Camera Bag


  • Pockets with magnetic button closure
  • A pocket with a zippered closure
  • Zippered and non-zippered compartments
  • 4 removable pads

The sixth camera bag for women that you might consider buying is this Jo Totes Gracie Camera Bag that has seven wide-spaced pockets that you will surely love. Aside from these 7 pockets, it also features a body-hugging shape that you can cuddle every time you want to. It has also a space that is perfect to store your iPad, various camera lenses, and a camera body.

This kind of camera bag is considered a pretty and practical bag that is perfect for either day trips and various photoshoots.

Its external body features two pockets that come up with magnetic button closure. Aside from that, it also features a large-sized front pocket that has a zippered closure. At its back part, it features a single zippered compartment. If you want to have quicker access to your camera equipment, you can store it in the non-zippered compartment at its back area.

On the other hand, its internal area has a zippered pocket for the iPad and another pocket, which is also zippered, on its side that is perfect to store your keys and phone. Aside from that, it also features 4 detachable pads which will enable you to fashion these spaces to handle your various camera materials.


  • It will offer you quicker access to your camera equipment
  • Fashionable look
  • Various compartments to hold numerous equipment


  • It might give your shoulder a feeling of discomfort

7. Kelly Moore Bag Unisex Pilot Backpack OS (Natural)


  • Large-size leather flap
  • Drawstring top
  • Backpack padded straps
  • Large-size button pocket

This kind of camera bag can be used by both males and females. You can use it on a plane, to school, on a hike, or even in your car. This bag features a large leather flap, drawstring top, 2 backpack padded straps, and a large-sized button pocket.


  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to access


  • It might not carry large camera equipment

8. DALR SLR Camera Bag, MOACC Canvas Vintage Camera Messenger Bag Shoulder Bag with Shockproof Insert


  • High density cotton canvas
  • Shockproof insert
  • Interlayer pad

This camera bag is made up of high-density cotton canvas that will give you the soft touch feeling and vintage look.

If you are going to remove its interlayer pad, you will have a leisure bag that you can use every single day. It has also a soft and durable inner material that was fixed to protect from vibration and shock. As a result, your camera will be secured from scratches, dust, and damages.


  • It has a vintage look
  • Shockproof
  • Comfortable and thick shoulder strap
  • Enough space


  • Since it is a shoulder bag, it might give you a shoulder discomfort

9. VINTA VINTA S-Series Travel and Camera Backpack or Bag


  • Weather resistant feature
  • Dual side slip pocket

This camera bag is perfect for female photographers who love to travel. It has enough space that can hold a laptop, three to five camera lenses, a DSLR camera, and many more.

Take note that its laptop compartment can only hold a laptop that is 15 inches only. It has a field pack that is securely zippered which can be used to store loose items and charger cords. It also features dual side slip pockets that will enable you to store water bottles and small accessories.


  • Enough space for various camera materials
  • Can be used as a plain bag or a backpack


  • Since it is a backpack, it might give you difficulty to access your camera equipment

10. Think Tank Photo Lily Deanne Tutto Premium Quality Camera Bag


  • Focus Clutch Mechanism
  • Manual Focusing Ring
  • Internal Focus System
  • Aspherical lens element to reduce spherical aberration
  • Fast internal focusing

This camera bag is suitable for professional female photography enthusiasts. It has a compartment for hoods and large lenses. As a result, the important gear that you will use will be easy to access.

It can hold large-sized materials. It is made up of Robin’s Egg blue liner, metal hardware with chrome finish, and Full-grain Dakota leather accents and flap.


  • Closed cell foam dividers
  • Rain cover with pouch


  • Limited lifetime warranty
Best Camera Bags for Women

Buying Guide for Best Camera Bags for Women

These days, photography is a hobby that is not only for men but for women as well. If you are a professional photographer who usually uses a camera every single day or an amateur photographer who just makes use of a camera during holidays or important occasions in the family, one of the best things that you should purchase and considered as your investment is a camera bag that is made with high-quality materials.

On the other hand, since there are lots of various styles of bags that you can choose from on the market, there are times that you might be overwhelmed in finding the best camera bag for women that will suit your needs and expectations.

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In this section of our post, we will discuss with you how to choose the best camera bags for women in accordance with their uses in different kinds of situations. In terms of picking the best camera bags that will suit you the best, some questions that you need to ask yourself are; do purchasing a camera bag is a necessity for me? Where will I usually carry my bag and can I use it comfortably in different kinds of environments? Can my camera bag carry all the camera gear that I will need for my photography? What is the size of a camera bag I want? What is the photography equipment I will need? And most importantly, what is the brand or model of a camera bag that will fit my budget?

Let us be honest that choosing the best leather camera bags for women is quite an overwhelming and daunting task as well. It is because there are lots of models that you can choose from on the market. But, one of the things that you should always keep in mind when buying a camera bag is that; choose the one that can secure all the photography equipment inside of it while allowing you to carry it easily.

In addition, you should also consider buying a camera bag that represents you and reflects your personality. Also, ensure that you will purchase the one that you will use and love for many years. In spite of your needs, there will always be a camera bag that you can purchase on the market with your name and will fit on your money. Take note; having at least one camera bag will give you more convenience compared to not having one. We are hoping that upon reading this section, you will get the camera bag that is right for you.

The Style of the Camera Bag

One of the most challenging parts of choosing the best camera bag for women is picking the camera bag style that will fit to your personality and requirements. One of the major factors that you should consider when buying the best DSLR camera bags for women is the camera bag style, and this is the part where some of the buyers get stuck. There are lots of camera bag styles that you can choose on the market, and we cannot deny it that these styles usually come down to the personal preference of the buyers.

Some buyers might consider purchasing a backpack style of camera bag so that they can easily carry it wherever and whenever they want. Aside from putting your camera inside a backpack, you can also use it in storing your laptop and other laptop accessories, including a card reader, internet hub, charger, and many others.

On the other hand, the second camera bag style option that some of you might consider is a shoulder bag. It is a vital part for you to consider the number of camera equipment that you want to store inside your bag. It is because it can play a great factor in choosing your preferred style of camera bag. The following are some of the camera bag styles that you might consider and their pros and cons.

Shoulder Bag


  • It is an ideal tool to store materials you didn’t use
  • It has a casual look which means you can blend your outfit with it easily
  • You can access your camera equipment easily since it is always located at your side


  • It is not perfect to use most notably if your camera uses large-sized lenses
  • Since it is a one-shoulder type of bag, carrying it might give you an uncomfortable feeling

Sling Bag


  • It is ideal to store the smaller size of camera equipment
  • You can get your desired camera equipment easily and quickly without taking the bag off of your back
  • Compared to shoulder bags, it does not cause uncomfortable feeling for longer use


  • To be honest, it does have a low carrying capacity compared to other styles of camera bag

Modular Systems


  • It is perfect to carry some number of materials without carrying a camera bag on your back
  • It is composed of small pouches that are fixed on a belt, thus, it will remove the extra weight on your shoulders and back. You can also transfer it easily to your hips
  • It is perfect for women photographers who desire to have extra mobility


  • It is not ideal to store heavy equipment as every pouch can only carry a low number of materials
  • Load capacity of every pouch is limited, thus it is not perfect to store your entire camera equipment
  • It is not perfect in terms of transportation since the pouches do not provide sufficient protection

Roller Bags


  • It is ideal to store your camera gear inside a bag, as well as store materials when not in use
  • Transferring your materials would be easier with roller bags
  • It can be used as a storing tool for heavier equipment


  • It does not have enough security when you left it in a particular area alone
  • It is not suitable if you desire to have enough mobility when having a photoshoot



  • It is perfect to store your materials while not in use
  • It will give you a more comfortable feeling compared to other styles of camera bags
  • It will not give your shoulder discomfort since its weight will be moved to the both of your shoulders
  • Its load capacity is always varied
  • Your hands will be free to move, which will allow you to charge your lens, browse your phone and more


  • It might be uncomfortable to carry during the warmer climates
  • Since this style of bag can carry numerous equipment, there is a chance that its weight become too heavy
  • Accessing your materials or charging your lenses might be slower

The Size of the Camera Bag

How many camera materials do you need to carry in your daily photoshoot? This question will help you to pick the size of the camera bag you will need. In addition, ask yourself again, do you want to purchase additional equipment, including camera bodies and lenses in the future? Do you want to add a flash system and more?

All of this additional camera equipment will add the size of your preferred camera bag. But, please keep in mind that the more camera equipment you will carry, the heavier the weight will be. In addition, know that if you prefer using a gripped body or pro-size camera bag, some of the camera bag sizes may not be suitable to store your camera since some bags are not deep enough to carry these sizes.

Generally, manufacturers and suppliers of bags will provide you with a list of the items that can fit into a camera bag.

Bag Quality

After deciding the style and size of a camera bag that you want to buy, make sure that you will also consider its quality. You want to have a longer life of camera equipment, and one of the things that you can do to prolong the equipment’s life is to store it in a good-quality camera bag.

A high-quality camera bag should possess removable and padded inserts inside of it. The removable inserts will enable you to have a personalized bag that is perfect to carry your equipment. On the other hand, the padded inserts will also offer you with enough protection and will help your equipment to avoid bouncing with each other.

Generally, the camera bag’s zippers are some of the things that fail first, thus looking for a zipper that has a good quality, most notably to the compartments that carry your major camera equipment. When a zipper is in poor quality, there is a high chance that it will fail and cause the fallout and breakage of the equipment inside of it.

We also want to purchase a bag that can last for a longer period of time. Thus, ensure that the fabrics outside of the camera bag are wear and tough resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

The factors mentioned above are necessary for you to get the best Canon t5i lenses. Meanwhile, it is important to purchase the best lens according to your individual needs. To help you decide on the right lens, you can consider the following questions:

Final Thoughts

We know how tiring it is to find the best camera bag for you. But with the help of this post, we hope that you find the one that best suits your personality and needs.

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