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11 must have camera accessories under $30

Some photography gear can be very expensive. And rightly so in a few cases. But there are plenty of very useful photography accessories that are quite affordable. 

In this post, I’ve rounded up 11 must have accessories under $30 that you should consider.

11 must have camera accessories under $30

No need to break the bank

Like any activity that involves some technology, you can spend a lot of money on it. If your doing it professionally then likely you can afford some fancy expensive equipment and accessories.

If this is a hobby or a sideline, then you may not be in a position to shell out for gear. Nor may you want to. Personally, I have a few pieces of gear that were fairly expensive. However, other than the camera and the lens, most of what I use every day is fairly inexpensive.

When to invest and what to invest in

If there is anything you should consider putting some serious funding into it is lenses. What some photographers refer to as “glass”.

This is one place where quality are usually directly tied together, and therefore where the bulk of the investment should go. Most accessories, not so much.

Lets take a look at some items that I consider to be excellent value. These are very useful accessories that make life a lot easier when shooting photos. They are not expensive or fancy brand names, but they get the job done very nicely.

11 Cheap Photography Gear You Need Under $30!

Cheap Photography Gear You Need Under $30!

1. Fashion Backpack Camera Bag

This fashionable CADeN backpack bag looks great and has amazing storage capability for its size. Includes a pouch for a water bottle and an under strap for a small travel size tripod.

A small slide drawer allows fast access to your camera without digging through the bag, or the risk of dropping something. It has a slot for a tablet or small laptop. Also comes in black.

2. Camera Lens Protector Pouches

Altura Photo Thick Protective Neoprene Pouch Set for DSLR Camera Lens. Fits any brand. Includes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Pouches

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Great for keeping expensive lenses protected from banging around. Especially when storing them at home in a drawer, cabinet or tote.

3. Mini Tripod (minipod)

There are times when having a small tripod is super handy. I’ve used mine on top of a rock, on the beach right at waters edge, etc.

Hint: a remote shutter release helps here. This Joby Handypod is lightweight, versatile and at a great price.

4. Lens Cap Keeper

Before I got some of these I was constantly misplacing my lens cap. I’ve washed mine in the laundry before.

Since I am not into buying replacement lens caps regularly, or worse having my lens get scratched, I invested in these gizmos.

5. Professional Camera Cleaning Kit

One of the more overlooked items in a camera bag is a cleaning kit. This is also one of the must have camera accessories.

The Altura professional camera cleaning kit is an excellent value. All the items you need to keep things clean and dust free.

6. Flash Diffuser Cover

By attaching the diffuser to the flash, Camera Flash Bounce Light Diffuser creates more even lighting. It helps reduce red-eye, shadows, reflections and variable lighting, creating natural looking portraits.

7. 128 MB SD Card

Memory cards are fairly inexpensive, yet so critical to gathering images on your camera. I have a few that I take with me and if I am shooting in multiple locations, I switch cards in between to keep things more organized.

8. Speedlite Style Flash

Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite will fit Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus. Pentax and Other DSLR Cameras that have a shoe mount for accessories.

This is an excellent unit for the price. Don’t just take my word for it, check the reviews and ratings for yourself.

9. ProCase Accessory Organizer

Great for keeping your small bits in. The type of stuff that just strewn about your main bag. Stuff that tends to get misplaced and difficult to find.

10. Pixel Remote Shutter Release

The Pixel wired remote shutter release is an excellent value. Yes its not wireless, but it is reliable and doesn’t consume batteries.

The button has a nice positive click to it and can be locked in the pressed position for long exposure shots. fits dozens of different makes and models. Be sure to get one with the right plug on the end.

11. USA Gear Camera Harness

This little beauty is great for situations where you are wondering around looking at things. And also very frequently snapping photos.

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Gardens, festivals, amusement parks, Zoo’s, etc. Beats getting your camera out and putting it away again 200 times.


There you have it. 11 must have camera accessories for under $30. Very useful and inexpensive. These also make great gifts for your photography inclined friends and loved ones.

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