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Zhiyun Smooth Q Review

In today’s modern and digital generation, taking pictures and videos is already part of the daily lifestyle of people all over the world. It allows you to capture the beautiful and touching memories of your daily lives. However, taking pictures and videos is quite challenging sometimes, especially if you are in a complicated environment. For example, if you are in an outdoor activity like mounting climbing, hiking, or skiing, it may hard for you to capture in the best angle. With this, you must need a reliable tool for a great image stabilization. There are many products available in the market to support your photography needs; one of these is the Zhiyun Smooth Q.

The Zhiyun Smooth Q is a gimbal you can use for capturing still and striking photos and produce great video footage. This phone gimbal comes with amazing features that can satisfy your needs. It can be your great travel companion for an easy shooting experience.

With this Zhiyun Smooth Q review, consumers like you can have an idea of what this product can offer you. The Zhiyun Smooth Q is a 3-axis gimbal which is specially designed for Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, and other phones that come in 4.7 to 6 inches big and about 220 g in weight. It can be attached easily and comes with easy setup. With this great stabilizer, you can reduce camera shake and produce beautiful images.

If you are conscious of budget and quality, this product can be a great option.

Who Would Buy Zhiyun Smooth Q?

Shooting in the best angle can be challenging for some people. Furthermore, some camera equipment for image stabilization can be expensive. So, if you are a budget-conscious person, the Zhiyun Smooth Q is for you. It is packed with great features for a hassle-free shooting experience.

If you have high standards for a handheld gimbal, Zhiyun Smooth Q is the best option. It is ideal for both amateur and professional photographers and videographers. If you are an aspiring vlogger, this product can also be your great travel tool. To convince you more, continue reading this Zhiyun Smooth-Q review.

With this gimbal, you can reduce camera shakes and blurred photos. It weighs 450g and is made from quality materials for its high performance. If you want smooth and steady photography, buying this gimbal will not fail you. You can check out the review article about Karma Grip Review. It can be used by vloggers, professional photographers as well as ordinary people who want to capture their daily experiences.

Key Features of Zhiyun Smooth Q

Are you ready to know the features of this handheld gimbal? With this, Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-axis review, you will learn about its features that can meet your photography or videography needs. The features of this gimbal can offer you a high level of satisfaction that you deserve. It can also transform your dream video and photo shooting into reality.

With its awesome features, the Zhiyun Smooth Q is worth buying. If you are wondering what this gimbal can offer, you come in the right place. The following are its exceptional features:

Great Compatibility

The Zhiyun Smooth Q comes with great compatibility. It can support from 75g to 200g smartphones with a screen dimension of less than 6”. It can offer effective image stabilization support to shoot still and striking photos and videos. Meanwhile, you must not use it with smartphones that weigh more than 75g since it will not offer great balance.

ZY Play App

Another amazing feature of the Zhiyun Smooth Q is that it has available ZY Play App. It is compatible with Android 5.0 or iOS 9.0 and other latest version of these devices. By simply turning on the Bluetooth and GPS of your phone, you can easily connect with the app. The ZY Play app supports filter and time-lapse options, auto-tracking, and allows you to zoom in, zoom out, record or photo any subject. It also comes with selfie mode and rear camera through the stabilizer.

External Add-ons

The Zhiyun Smooth Q comes with ¼ “screw-on its bottom that can support EACHSHHOT tripod. It also has a Q-ring kit which can be attached to video microphone on Smooth Q. Another external add on is the later for GoPro that enables GoPro Hero 5/ 6/ 4 / 3 / 3+ to function with Smooth Q.

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Optimized Stabilizing System

The Zhiyun Smooth Q is powered by the latest 5th gen Optimized Stabilizing System. It uses ins tune algorithms that are combined with the world-class advanced electronic stabilizing system. The Smooth Q can have 40% improvement for its torque output. With this, you can produce quality photos and videos.

Ultra-long Continuous

The Zhiyun Smooth Q is also equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery. It can support ultra-long nonstop run time of around 12 hours. It can also back up the prolonged mission that allows connection equipped with a portable power source using a USB port, which is located on its side. The Zhiyun Smooth Q can offer you a convenient and direct charging from any portable or fixed power source with a USB port.

Other Features and Specifications of Zhiyun Smooth Q:

  • The Zhiyun Smooth Q is powered by 5th Generation Honeycomb core technology
  • It has a lightweight 50g gimbal body compared to other models
  • It has a total weight of 450g with a high molecular compound material that is lighter than a Coca Cola can
  • It has ¼ screw at its bottom, so you can mount a tripod on it
  • It has additional accessories that can be used which can be purchased separately
  • It has a long battery life which can give you long hours of shooting experience, so you can avoid interrupted recording
  • It comes with a lightweight, portable, and durable design that you can use for your vlogging and other video shooting habits.
  • It is supported by a more innovative image stabilization system for still photography and videography
Zhiyun Smooth Q Review

Pros and Cons of Zhiyun Smooth Q

Now that we finish about the features and some specifications of Zhiyun Smooth Q, let us know about the advantages and its disadvantages. It is necessary to get the best gimbal that can match to your individual needs. So, you must carefully check if the product is the best one for you. It is natural that you always find the best gimbal to support your photography and videography needs. However, it is a fact that there is no perfect product; all comes with its own drawbacks. The Zhiyun Smooth Q is not an exception. The same as other gimbal stabilizers, the Zhiyun Smooth Q also has its benefits and drawbacks.

Pros of Zhiyun Smooth Q

It has convenient power output for efficient real-time mobile charging

You don’t have to worry because the Zhiyun Smooth Q has a convenient power output for real-time mobile charging. It has a USB port on its bottom which can support 2000mA/5V power output. The best about it is that you can shoot photos and videos while your phone is charging. It also comes with extended accessories and plug-in soft lights.

Advanced electronic tech for one-step balancing

This handheld gimbal can still be used during snowy and splash weather. It features an advanced electronic tech for easy balance by adjusting its knob on the rolling axis. It is also powered by 26650 built-in Li-ion battery that enables 12-hour ultra-long work time. The Zhiyun Smooth Q is rechargeable through a connection to a mobile power supply.

It comes with buttons that can record, photo, zoom in and zoom out and has a rear camera

The Zhiyun Smooth Q can offer you with a multi-function. You can use it to record, photo, zoom in, and zoom out your subject. It also has a rear camera and a selfie mode. It uses ZY Play app that supports auto-tracking, filter, and time-lapse options. You are free to select the mode you want because it comes with multi-functions that can meet your expectations.

EACHSHOT cleaning cloth

Do you want to keep a clean phone screen while shooting or recording? Then, the Zhiyun Smooth Q is the best for you. Thus, it comes with an EACHSHOT cleaning cloth that can clean the screen your phone and lens in a safe manner.

It can be availed in a complete package

As you purchase the Zhiyun Smooth Q, you can get a complete package that includes a micro USB charging cable, carry bag, Zhiyun Smooth-Q mobile gimbal, English manual, EACHSHOT cleaning cloth, and EACHSHOT mini tripod.

It has a compact and lightweight design

The Zhiyun Smooth Q is available in a lightweight and compact design. It is made from plastic material which makes it waterproof and can withstand even on extreme weather conditions. It is lightweight and durable, so you can carry it anywhere with you to capture the thrilling and exciting experiences of your life and adventures.

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Great stabilization support

Shooting with your hands is sometimes difficult, especially if you are in a complicated environment. Fortunately, don’t worry because the Zhiyun Smooth Q can offer you with great stabilization system for less camera shake and blurry images. If you are looking for same gimbal with more features, With the use of this gimbal, you can produce more professional and crisp images and videos that can make you smile. It also has a tracking mode wherein the camera can follow you as you move while keeping a smooth and stable video.

This handy gimbal can support up to 360 degrees of rotation and offer 3 axis stabilization. It has a lock mode which can offer you with easy to use joystick control to make fast adjustments of pan direction and camera angle. It doesn’t require a counterweight to keep your phone balanced and maintain the video’s stabilization.

High compatibility feature

The Zhiyun Smooth Q comes with great compatibility feature. It can support most smartphone, including the big ones with a 6-inch range. However, you must remember that it can’t support a tablet. It comes with maximum load of 220g. Another benefit of this gimbal is that it is compatible with GoPro. It has a special plate that is ideal for GoPro 3, 5 and 4. As you attached the gimbal to the plate, the GoPro can be used like your smartphone. It has additional accessories such as soft lights, external microphone, and lenses.

360 degrees on Pan axis

The Zhiyun Smooth Q can turn to 360 degrees on its pan axis. It allows you to make panoramic shots that produce quality photos and images. It is a flexible gimbal which you can use to handle your smartphones even on complicated terrain.

Handheld and easy control

With this handheld gimbal, you can have easy control that can help you to produce stabilized images and videos. It is good for those who desire to record videos or take photos in challenging situations. With its compact design, you can ensure to get quality photos without blurred and camera shakes.

Cons of Zhiyun Smooth Q

It comes with plastic material

Apart from its advantages, the Zhiyun Smooth Q also comes with drawbacks. Some users complain about its plastic construction that feels a little beat cheap.

Loud clicking noise

Another negative thing about the Zhiyun Smooth Q is that it has a loud clicking noise that can distract the user on their shooting modes.

It doesn’t have an automatic connection

In addition to its drawbacks, the Zhiyun Smooth Q doesn’t have an automatic connection. You need to reconnect it to your phone each time you need to use it.

It doesn’t have a good grip feature

This model has a poor grip feature. It is a little bit slippery, so you must be careful in handling it.


The Zhiyun Smooth Q can be your best travel companion to shoot your outdoor and even indoor activities. It is ideal for newbies as well as professional vloggers, videographers, and photographers. With its amazing features, you can make sure that the time, money, and effort you invest for it are all worth it. It can offer you the highest level of satisfaction that you deserve and desire. We strongly recommend you to choose Best Sony Camera for Vlogging & Best Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen

With this Zhiyun Smooth Q 3-axis review, we hope that you can make a wise decision on whether the product is the best for you or not. With the pros and cons that we have provided, we expect that you can get the best gimbal that you need. You must be aware that not all quality gimbals are available at an expensive cost. The Zhiyun Smooth Q can be availed in a wallet-friendly cost. With this, you can have a powerful tool you can use to handle your smartphone as you capture images and videos in your daily experiences. You don’t have to break your budget just to get the quality image stabilization system that you need.

If you have high standards for your handheld gimbal, purchasing the Zhiyun Smooth Q can be the best answer. It can reduce camera shake and help you to shoot your subject in the best angle without having some troubleshooting. Do you think this product is for you? Buy yours now!

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