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Karma Grip Review

We can’t deny the fact that GoPro is one of the brands out there that have changed a lot in terms of video recording and photo capturing. That is why the manufacturers and suppliers of the GoPro gadgets are continually producing important accessories that will help the users to fight off with the disadvantages of the various GoPro cameras. One of the latest products that the GoPro was constructed was this GoPro karma grip, and we have been conducted a thorough karma grip review.

GoPro tends to create an impact on the market with their GoPro Karma drone. Unluckily, on the other hand, their plan failed and was discontinued way back in 2018. On the other hand, the gimbal stabilizer that has been used together with their Karma drone was still alive and making an impact on the wide range of photographers and videographers out there.

Let’s face it and tell the truth that GoPro already battled with some issues that have given a bad impression about the ability of their Karma drone. On the other hand, one of the components that were included in the set of Karma accessories is this karma grip handheld stabilizer, which will give you a high-end work.

Lots of critiques and professionals have been conducted a GoPro karma grip review, and it is now reached the peak of its popularity. In this generation, the GoPro karma grip is also considered to be one of the essential parts of each of the GoPro camera set. What does GoPro karma grip can give to you? Well, the most important thing that this GoPro karma grip can give to you is its compatibility with Hero4, Hero5 Black, and Hero5 sessions.

In this time, our karma golf grip review will highlight its important features, give you the customers’ reviews and sores, and give you our final thoughts about this product if it is worth your money or not.

The GoPro Karma Grip, which is the product that we will be reviewing today was already popularized by many photo and video enthusiasts for the past few years, and it has been included to the best gimbal stabilizers that were designed for GoPro cameras in 2021. Let us be honest that the mentioned product has a quite higher price when compared other GoPro gimbals that can also give you excellent work I stabilizing and smoothing out your recordings.

Price Range of GoPro Karma Grip

There are lots of models of GoPro Karma Grip gimbal stabilizers that you can see in the market. One of these models is this Karma black velvet grip. To be honest, this model of GoPro karma grip is quite fancy that has the price that is ranging from ₹20000 to  ₹30000 .

Most of you believe in the notation that “the higher the price, the higher the quality of the product,” and that was factualized by this GoPro Karma Grip. But, always keep in mind that not all pricey products can give you the quality that you want and not all inexpensive products cannot meet or satisfy your particular needs and requirements.

Who Would Love to Buy GoPro Karma Grip?

In this karma black velvet grip review, we are going to tell you who is the ones who can purchase the aforementioned product. So, the question is, WHO? The GoPro Karma Grip is suitable to use by those professionals, semi-professionals, and beginners who want to capture every little moment they see or experience. In general, all the photography and videography hobbyists are allowed to purchase this product as long as they want to. But, for those starters in the field of photography and videography, it is advised that you should seek help to professionals to know-how is the proper usage of this GoPro Kara Grip.

When you already know the requisites of the GoPro Karma Grip, you can now enjoy the cinema-quality and professionally-made video even though you are playing with your children, biking, or hiking. With the help of the Karma Grip, you can now shoot and record the amazing things that you see. With its simple handheld controls, it will allow you to power on and off your camera, alter your preferred shooting mode, stop or start your video recording, adjust the angle of your camera, and provide the so-called HiLight Tags on your recordings.

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Significant Features of GoPro Karma Grip


The GoPro Karma golf grip features various sizes – from small ones, to mid-sized ones, and to the larger ones. All of these sizes are suitable for those golfers who have larger or smaller arms and hands. In addition, the GoPro karma golf grip also comes up with a circular shape that is perfect for almost all of the golfers out there.


The GoPro Karma Black Velvet Grip that features minimal details is one of the exceptional features that a good handheld gimbal stabilizer can have. It is because it is suitable to be used by many golfers who will play inside a golf club that has various colors and designs. In addition, a black velvet colored Karma grip is also perfect for the preferences and tastes of almost all the golfers out there.


The GoPro Karma Black Velvet Grip was made up of the softer and newer rubber compound that will make these grips look like and felt like a pair of gloves. Aside from that, the rubber compound will also make your grip to be used longer. With the use of this rubber made GoPro Karma Black Velvet Grip, you will feel incredible while using this product. With this product, you can ensure that you will enjoy all your gripping that will also help you to enhance your self-esteem.


The GoPro Karma black velvet grip is a 55-grams golf grip that will not give your clubs the additional weights. In addition, when you use this karma golf grip, you will feel comfortable since it has a very lightweight.

  • Built-in Camera Controls
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Compatible to use with Karma Drone
  • Captures Free from Shake Videos
GoPro Karma Grip review

Pros and Cons of GoPro Karma Grip

Let us be honest; most of the products that you usually use in your everyday life are not perfect. They have their own advantages, disadvantages, and drawbacks, which is normal. If you are looking for a perfect gadget or device, well 90 percent of the chance that you will not find what you are looking for.

Every mobile gadget like this GoPro Karma grip has its drawbacks that you should consider. But it is also a must for you to not to focus on its drawbacks but rather on its advantages that might suit your needs and requirements. A disadvantage is the twin of an advantage, which means that once you love the pros of a particular thing, you should also embrace its corresponding cons.

The GoPro Karma Grip has its own pro and cons that you might experience once you purchase this product. In this product review article, I am going to give you the advantages as well as the disadvantages of this GoPro Karma grip product, which will help you in making your decision.

In this part of the article, I will give you first the advantages of the product that will be followed by its disadvantages. If you want to know more about this product, just keep on reading and enjoy!

Advantages of GoPro Karma Grip Gimbal Stabilizer

Smooth and Stable Quality of Videos and Stills

One of the main goals of this GoPro Karma Grip gimbal stabilizer is to provide you with the amazingly smooth and stable videos. With the use of the aforementioned product, your activities do not matter. Whether you are playing with your friends and family, taking a ride with your loved one, or hiking in the tallest mountain, a handheld grip like this product will help you to accumulate videos and capture photos that look like professionally made.


Ne of the advantages of this GoPro Karma Grip is that it is lightweight. To be honest, 500 grams is the exact weight of this product, which will enable all the photography and videography hobbyists to handle and record this kind of gimbal stabilizer. Well, the presence of shaky videos will end here.

Can be Used for a Longer Time

This item has a built-in battery that has the estimated life of 1 hour and 45 more minutes. Some users of this product have been experienced to use it for a longer period of time. You can recharge its battery with the use of the USB-C connector which is included to its package. The estimated time of recharging this item is about 6 hours, more or less, with the use of a computer. It will only take 2 hours for you to recharge it if you are going to use an AC supercharger. We also recommend to checkout Best Gimbal for GoPro.

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It is difficult for you to determine if the accessories of this GoPro Karma Grip create an impact to the battery of the said item. But you can easily determine the battery percentage of this product just by looking at its LED Battery Status.


The handle of GoPro Karma Grip gimbal stabilizer is suitable with almost all the units of GoPro. It will allow you to shoot body-worn and gear-mounted perspectives that will surely satisfy those who love to shoot action situations.

Since we’re discussing the stabilization of the said product, it will perfectly work with the GoPro Hero 5 Black.

Easy Usage and Control

This is one of the gimbal stabilizers out there that do not have the tilt or pan controls. On the other hand, it will offer you with the versatile features. As you can see on its handle, you will determine that it has the stop and start recording button. It also offers buttons of the gimbal power, altering the modes of shooting, and providing additional tags to your recorded videos.

All the mentioned buttons are suitable for all who are searching to produce professionally-made recordings. Your camera will maintain its directed forward position not until if you will press the button for tilt-lock, which will allow you to move the camera above or below your horizon. This feature allows users to maintain their proper angle.

If you are planning to track a particular subject or model, the answer is to double-tap it. The subject can make any movement, and the stabilizer will track it while maintaining a good short position. Note that this item cannot stand alone and a tripod mount is not included in the package. But it comes up with a mounting ring that was placed between the handle section and the stabilizer.


You can connect this product through your HDMI or USB-C ports. Right after doing that, you can now close its mount. This is the feature that most gimbal stabilizers have. One of the most important things that you should know about this product is that it does not need a balancing because this is an item that was constructed for all the GoPro Hero Cameras.


The GoPro Karma Grip was well-known to be water-resistant. The 4 buttons that you will see on its handle does not have the chance to penetrate, which makes this item to be your best buddy in all of your adventurous tours.

Cons of GoPro Karma Grip

This product review article will give you all the positive features of the GoPro Karma Grip as well as its minor cons that you must be aware of.


One of the minor disadvantages of this GoPro Karma Grip that you must understand is its price. As mentioned earlier, this item has the price that is ranging from 250 US Dollars to 350 US Dollars, which is expensive for some buyers. But if you are going to ask me if this product worth the money, I will answer you a big YES.

GoPro is known to be the top-notch producers of high-quality products that were made up of high-end materials. Thus, there is no doubt that this GoPro Karma Grip has a higher price compared to other gimbal stabilizers that you see in the market. Aside from that, this product was tried and tested by many professionals, which ensure that you will experience the premium work of this product.

GoPro Karma Black Velvet Grip is Little Too Soft

Some golfers have hard and large hands, which might break the grip of the said item. But it can last for a longer time with you if you will handle it with care. Take note that all things that were being handled properly will last longer compared to those that were used without care.


To sum it up, GoPro Karma Grip is one of the great tools that you can use if you want to produce a smooth and stable videos and stills.

We can’t deny that you can still see lots of items that have similar features as the GoPro Karma Grip has, but the said product still stands out from all of its competitors.

One of the pieces of evidence that GoPro Karma Grip is the best gimbal stabilizer of all is the process of mounting the grip. It is enough to know the truth that it is easy to utilize and offer you exceptional experiences to agree that GoPro Karma Grip is the best among the rest.

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