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Xtra PC Reviews

Working with an inefficient computer can be a headache. It takes an hour for the system to boot up or run a program. Slow computers are sometimes the result of an overloaded hard drive or just an old PC.

It can be frustrating waiting for your computer to go from one task to the next. But it has never been easier with Xtra PC. It is a handy product that works on high-end computers, no matter what kind of OS they run. It works on both desktops and laptops.

You only need to have a computer with an available USB port and can then start making extra space on your computer. Don’t wait any longer! Add it to the cart today. It is a simple and powerful USB stick that enhances your computer speed and function. It can save your time, make your computing tasks enjoyable, and keep you safe from data leaks.

XTRA-PC Review – Can Xtra-PC boost your computer speed?

Xtra-PC is a tiny, powerful flash drive that plugs into your computer’s USB port. Within seconds, it bypasses your old, slow, operating system (Windows or Mac) and replaces it with a fully functional Linux operating system that’s blazing fast and easy-to-use, Xtra-PC boosts computer’s speed and also gives extra storage on an external drive. It bypasses the old operating system that you usually use..

Xtra-PC Customer Reviews From Amazon and Facebook

Computer and laptops have been playing a critical role in our lives. In the workplace, for example, we use these devices to write our reports and develop a business campaign. In school, students use technology to finish their output. That’s why computers and laptops have to be functional at all times to save time, reduce hassles, and avoid other unnecessary costs.

Slow PC, however, can be a headache to use. While many people replace it with a new option, others install an updated version of the Linux operating system. Which is better? Well, both are a wise decision. But what will you do when you don’t have a budget? What if you are not that tech-savvy? You have to weigh your options and compare them to see which might be the more economical and effective method for you.

Buying another laptop can cause a dent in your savings account. It can cost thousands of dollars to get a new one. Installing a Linux operating system, on the other hand, can be stressful, especially for beginners. The good news is that there are other excellent alternatives you shouldn’t miss! This is where Xtra PC comes into play! Read on for more information! You may also like peeps glasses cleaner.

What is Xtra PC?

A lot of people believe that Xtra PC is a complicated tool. The truth is that Xtra PC is just a small USB stick you can plug into a slow computer to restore its functionality. Whether its windows or Mac, this innovative tool has got your back! Best of all, it is super easy to use and will work for anyone on practically any computer.

Basically, Xtra PC is a custom and high-end operating system everyone shouldn’t miss! It is a version of the Linux operating system in a USB stick. Everything you need Is right there in the stick, with nothing else for you to install or buy. It’s a great package at a great price, so long as you get it from the manufacturer or at a trusted retailer. Every one of the Xtra PC reviews will tell you just that, or they will if they are reasonable. You always do better when you are buying from a trusted source than taking a risk on an unknown seller.

The product is developed to run on a slow or dead computer. The technology is worth the cost and investment. While most options can cause a fortune, this solution is quite different, making it the most sought-after tool for many. You can take a PC that is barely working and moving at a snail’s pace and you can revive it with this handy tool. You will see a major difference in how a slow computer operates once you use this OS on it. Even if you have a fast computer, you might be surprised at the extra speed you get out of it with the Xtra PC tool. It can work wonders for your computer and will be a great addition to your tech tools. It’s something you will want to use all the time, once you get used to it.

Over the years, Linux has been receiving a widespread popularity among geeks. It’s no surprise as it is rock-solid, faster, and less vulnerable to viruses than Windows. For older processors, it boosts extra performance. That could really help you to make your computer programs run faster, especially if you have an old computer that feel sluggish and unresponsive. If nothing else has seemed to work then you may want to give this a try. You can defragment your hard drive, clear up space and run antivirus programs, but none of that may speed up your computer to the level that you are wanting from it. The computer can still be slow and annoying to use.

However, installing Linux from scratch can be a complicated process. It takes time, effort, and cost before you can have a successful experience. Don’t worry as Xtra PC has been developed to make the process easier and stress-free. You won’t have to do hardly anything at all. You can just sit back, answer a few questions from the pop-up windows that appear as the device is working, and then let it do all the complicated stuff for you. This is why people love this little tool. It is so easy to use that it doesn’t take a degree in computer science to figure out. You don’t have to be a tech head to make it work for you, and if you do start to run into any problems, you can just dial up the customer service number from the manufacturer and get help fast. You can also reach them online, and they will guide you through any issues.

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How Does it Work?

More than the performance, Xtra PC is convenient to utilize, making it ideal for those who are less tech-savvy. It is also easy to set up since a detailed instruction comes with it. Whether you have something to ask or verify, please feel free to visit the official website of the manufacturer.

During the first boot, Xtra PC would walk you through a one-time setup procedure. Then, it automatically installs the correct software to run the CD, display, DVD-ROM, webcam, wireless internet adapter, and other hardware. You don’t have to search for any software or programs or manually install what you need. This device takes care of all that for you, which is why so many Xtra PC reviews call it a very accessible and customer-friendly tool that is easy enough that anyone can use it.

Although most options on the market require an hour to set-up, Xtra PC finishes the process for approximately 7 minutes. That’s blazingly fast! But the speed varies from one machine to another. Ask help from an experienced colleague or qualified specialist, if you want to be sure as to how fast it will be for you. There are some factors that can contribute to increased or decreased speed. They are:

  • The age of your computer
  • The speed of your internet
  • The processing power of your computer
  • What programs you have running at the same time (you should have them all closed)

What Are the Features It Offer?

Below are some of the features of buying Extra PC as well as the benefits, which come with it:

  • Universal compatibility

Xtra PC is compatible with nearly any hardware. That makes it one of the best choices! The majority of customers are thinking if they can utilize the product or not. Nonetheless, the creators put additional attention that their item is completely compatible with nearly all modern computers. Therefore, you can be certain that your product will work smoothly with it even though your device is from 2009 or 2005. That’s something that will reassure a lot of computer owners who are constantly having to check if new software and tools are going to work with the computer they have. It’s especially beneficial for people who are not computer savvy and who are not sure what kind of software their computer works well with. You usually will not have to worry about whether this device works with your computer or not.

  • Safety from virus and malware

The manufacturer hasn’t showcased this feature because it’s known that Linux is protected from any malware. It’s much safeguarded and secure compared to a Windows PC. That’s because most malware can’t run on the OS. Therefore, most malware and viruses aren’t compatible with the OS on this product. Thus, it is not capable of destroying your experience.

  • Keeps your privacy safe

Xtra PC will offer an added level of safety when we talk about privacy because you won’t be running your previous OS. It’s a USB stick running an OS without accessing any of the previous files on your PC.

That also denotes you could plug it on any PC as long as they present USB access as well as boot alternatives. For instance, you could send confidential emails from the PC of your friend or access or bank account without putting it into their PC. This further level of privacy protection is vital for somebody for values privacy and likes to bring his or her documents in a portable platform

  • File recovery system for those who have the pro version

Xtra PC could help you retrieve some of your precious documents and files in your old PC. Stop mourning today because this product is your ultimate savior. There’s a huge possibility that this product can recover them for you. If you thought they were lost for good, you may find that they have a new life with this OS. That’s something that the Xtra PC reviews will call out as one of the major advantages to this tool. Many people are surprised to find previously “lost” files being recovered and reappearing on their desktop. That could be quite a pleasant surprise for you as well.

  • Comes with Linux

Did you know that Linux has been considered to work a lot faster and immune to any malware and viruses? Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your security and privacy. It protects you as an added bonus on top of everything else. You can rest easy knowing that this operating system is working behind the scenes to keep you safe from an untold number of viruses and computer hackers. Other OS will leave you vulnerable and exposed, but not Linux, which squashes intrusions before they can get very far and cause you any trouble. This means you can save money by not having to buy antivirus software separately.

  • Free software

You will find several free software added to the package. That allows you to get down to work after you plug it in. You don’t have to buy anything else to get it to work. It includes everything you need to get started, which is very convenient and makes it a better value than some of the competing products that may not include all the required software.

  • Utilize your old documents and files

Do you have files on your old hard drive you would like to access today? Xtra PC could help you in that case without requiring any added software. Any files, videos, or songs you wish to retrieve are very hassle-free to achieve. In fact, you don’t need any additional steps to do. Your old hard drive will pop up easily, allowing you to access your files normally.

  • Works on both Mac and Windows computers

Do you have a 15-year old computer? There’s no need to worry because Xtra PC got you covered. The best thing is that you can use this product for both Windows and Mac PCs. Both will operate the same with the device. Most people have no compatibility issues whatsoever.

  • Plug and Play

In case you didn’t know yet, Xtra PC is considered a plug and play device. Meaning, you only need to plug it into a USB port and voila! An additional step you need to do when booting the OS on Xtra-PC.

  • Cheap

It will only cost you at least 35 dollars for the base model. Thus, you will prevent spending a huge amount of money purchasing a new PC. Mo OS, no concern. You don’t need to worry about anything as well when your computer does not have an OS. Xtra PC will work flawlessly with that computer too.

How Xtra-PC Works?

How Can You Take Advantage of Xtra PC?

The best thing about this product is that it’s simple to use with the help of a thumb drive or a flash drive. You need to detach the drive from the packing after the product comes. Make sure you turn on your PC too.

You can then insert the drive into an accessible USB port on your PC. We recommend that you close any running programs before inserting it. This will ensure fewer difficulties and minimize any potential problems. Most people have no issue at all with getting it to work fine, once they follow the steps we have listed here. Take note that it might take some time for your PC you to recognize the new drive. Nonetheless, rest assured that it would show a window asking you what you wish to do with the device. You’ll like to click that prompt, allowing you to run and download Linux on your PC. It’s really that simple!

Remember that the entire procedure must only take a few minutes. However, the time will vary on the speed of your internet. It could take an hour or more to download the software if you have a much slower internet speed or if your computer operates slowly. You must never leave your PC throughout the procedure. That’s because different windows will require you various questions. You must observe a few changes to your screen or homepage once the PC nears the end of the process. You can utilize that Operating System to perform some work from work or home after the Linux is downloaded. None of the steps in this process will be difficult to handle. You can figure all of them out on your own.

If you do run into any trouble, just call up the customer service team on this product for assistance. However, Xtra PC is designed to be simple enough that anyone can use it- even those who are not very familiar with computers. You won’t have to hire a tech-savvy person to start up this device for you and get it to work with your computer.

What are their Uses?

You will find endless things you can do with Xtra PC. One of the major features of this software is its Linux OS. The OS allows you to perform the same things you would get along with other Operating System. You could utilize it to send new messages on your contact list, or you can use it to check some of your mails. Other stuff you could do with Xtra PC is the following:

  • Use any spreadsheet you need
  • Watch videos, movies, and TV shows
  • Download new files
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Access and edit your documents
  • Surf the internet and visit your favorite websites

One of the benefits of Xtra PC is that you can have complete access to different software and programs. However, take note that your files might not transfer. The product overwrites the current OS if plugged into your PC. Thus, it could skip over a few or all of your files. Some files and programs might also not be compatible with the new OS, so keep that in mind, please.

Do you wish to speed up your PC and still employ your programs? You might wish to scan for viruses first. You don’t want any viruses on your computer to transfer into your new OS. They could cause some serious damage and malfunctions. Make sure you check with your ISP about obtaining a signal booster. Xtra PC’s Linux OS is a very practical way to utilize Google Docs and other online programs. It enables you to access from any other device every time you log into your account.

Who Can Buy and Use Xtra PC?

Tired of waiting for your computer to catch up? Or unsatisfied with your laptop’s performance? Whatever the case may be, Xtra PC is an experts-recommended solution. Although your device doesn’t work like the Mac or Windows 10, your laptop will be more functional and effective. You don’t have to pay a lot more money to get a whole lot more functionality out of it. Other solutions to boost your computer’s speed can be incredibly costly, but Xtra PC is economically priced, especially when you compare it to other computer-boosting methods. It’s not just the more affordable option; it is also a whole lot easier to use than some component you might have to install into your PC to get it to work faster.

Searching for a solution to restore the flexibility of your computer? Don’t look further than Xtra PC. Among the multitude of options out there, this technology stands apart from the competition. Add it to the cart today to experience the best deals and discounts.

Some individuals who could take advantage of this product include those who:

  • Have PC they wiped and don’t have an OS for
  • Like to reuse a PC that doesn’t have a hard drive
  • Have PCs they stopped utilizing because of malware or viruses
  • Prefer to make use of old PCs, which have older OS
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You could install and utilize this product on any type of PC. Just make sure that it has a USB port. Does your PC lack a port? You can get in touch with the creator of your item and get access to an online version. That works just as well. Remember that this product will need an online connection and internet browser. You could utilize Xtra PC on nearly any type of PC.

Is there a Reliable Customer Service?

Definitely! The official manufacturer prides itself on 100% customer support. They respond to customer’s queries and other concerns according to their unique needs. If you encounter any issues, they provide effective and easy solutions. What else? Their staff is helpful, friendly, and professional.

Since they one, the company of Xtra PC has been exerting their effort to provide a comfortable and secure journey to all clients around the world. They have been known for integrity, professionalism, and camaraderie.

How Fast is the Shipping Delivery?

Xtra PC is highly available. Aside from the manufacturer, other online ecommerce websites provide a quality product. While the buying process is hassle-free and quick, the delivery is no exception. In the US, for example, it takes about 2 business days. Sometimes, it lasts for 7 days, depending on the client’s location. The shipping can last for a week, especially in Canada and other nearby countries.

When shipping outside the US, customers are required to pay additional taxes and other duties. To track your order, use the USPS tracking service. Just follow the given instructions for your peace of mind.

What are the Xtra PC Options?

Xtra PC comes in different versions and styles. These include the Xtra PC Turbo 16, Xtra PC Turbo 32, and Xtra PC Turbo PRO. Further, each offers functionalities and features that cater to different clients.

Out of all 3 versions, this Xtra PC Turbo 16 is the most basic model. Available at $49.99, manufacturers provide 30% discounts and other amazing deals. Its capacity is around 16 gigabytes, making it enough solution to surf the internet, play online games and stream videos with fast and reliable speed.

That’s not all! It has a compact size and stylish appeal you can boast. While it fits in your pocket, it is an ideal option for desktop computers, laptops, and other devices. From speed, curb value to competitive price, it has them all. You should compare it to some other choices, and we think that when you do, you will see that this device far exceeds them all.

Xtra PC Turbo 32 is the most popular tool among college students, parents, and professionals. It’s no surprise as it has the ideal memory capacity and portable size. It is neither light nor heavy, so it is super convenient and not so lightweight that it is fragile. It’s durable, bit not so heavy that it becomes cumbersome or burdensome. It the kind of device that you can take with you anywhere and that you’ll want to use with any computer you operate.

The price, however, can be quite high. But its features and performance make it a perfect investment. Plus, it is available at $82.99. There are also deals and discounts to expect. Add it to the cart as soon as possible to acquire bigger savings.

With its capacity of 32 GB, Xtra PC Turbo lets users utilize their device at a much faster speed. Whether you’re finishing your output or watching videos on YouTube, this solution won’t give you a hard time. When searching for a perfect model to transform your outdated laptop, you have come to the right place!

Xtra PC Turbo PRO, on the contrary, is the most powerful model among the three options. For those who want a complete and successful overhaul, the Turbo Pro has got you covered. Priced at $159.99, Xtra PC Turbo Pro is also available with a 50% discount. This allows you to enjoy a fast device while saving some cash over time. Compare the cost to that of a new hard drive or added memory and you may find this device to be more cost-effective. That might not always be the case, but Xtra PC can certainly help you in ways that just adding memory cannot do. It can speed up your computer and make everything function much better.

Packed with 64 GB capacity, Xtra PC Turbo allows you to store different files, including documents, photos, movies, and music. What else? It leaves enough space and fast internet browsing speed. Of all the three versions, it’s the only tool that comes with the FileRez software. How does it work? It’s designed to find or retrieve files from old or crashed Windows. Also read photo stick reviews

Why Purchase Xtra PC?

Are you having a difficult time with an old and slow PC? Are you lured into purchasing a new one to change it? Well, we do not recommend it. All you need is to buy Xtra PC to fix all your anguishes. This small portable thumb drive doesn’t use added space on your desk.

What’s more, it’s more affordable than buying a new PC that will do a similar task to what it performs. It has a fast speed with a completely-featured operating system. That particular OS allows you to bring all your tasks smoothly. You won’t have to deal with all of the stuttering and stopping that old and overburdened PCs sometimes experience. Your operations will be much smoother, and you will be able to be much more productive. You’ll get more work done and be able to access and use programs much faster since they will work far quicker for you. The computer will function faster, and programs will open and close much quicker as well.

The product comes with an OS and interface that is ideal for performing the task needed as quick as possible. It’s 100% potable, and the data in your PC could be retired quicker than when utilizing a standard computer.

Normally, the operating systems of Windows are more prone to cyberattacks, such as hacking and malware. Nonetheless, Linux is very much stable and protected. It makes Xtra Pc more dependable and suitable to the needs of the customers. But with all the products, it is not flawless.

Each machine has some drawbacks too. Still, Xtra PC serves its customers very well. That’s the main reason why you must utilize it. The repositories concept, package management, and other key features make it a more desirable and good alternative to Windows. Linux doesn’t offer any anti-virus programs utilized by Windows. Therefore, it gets rid of the added price you might incur apart from the preliminary purchase cost.

Buying Guide on How to Choose the Best USB Linux Operating System

Just like Windows, Linux is an operating system developed in 1991. It manages computer hardware and provides services for a variety of applications. From an operating system, it has evolved into a platform that runs embedded systems, servers, and desktops.

Linux operating system has been gaining a widespread popularity because of their countless advantages. They are open-source, secure, and free to use. It helps revive old computer systems, from firewall, backup server, router to file server. But wait, there’s more! It is stable, compatible with different devices, and flexible. The installation is also a fast and easy process.

However, beginners find it difficult. The good news is that there is an excellent alternative to those who are less tech-savvy. Did you know that Linux is now available in a USB stick? Yes, you heard it right! Unfortunately, many solutions can be overwhelming to handle, and the knowledge on the selection pointers can make a huge difference.

Here are the factors to consider when looking for the brand that matches your requirements:

Optimal effectiveness

Laptops and computers come in a large number. While most options are expensive, others are affordable. Still, the latter choices are costly. If you don’t have enough budget to replace your old device, a USB stick of the Linux operating system is the best option.

Just like PCs, this tool has many forms and styles. While it can be an advantage to make a decision, it’s complicated over time. To have a smart solution, pick the one that has an effective and powerful feature.

Great Compatibility

There are several USB forms of Linux operating systems. But not all are compatible with a multitude of a computer. Whether you use a Mac or Windows computer, a flexible device should be on top of your list. When making a purchase, read the specifications ahead of time.

Easy To Use

Before, the Linux operating system in a USB style is hard to use. But times have changed today. Most solutions are simple to set up and install. While some customers ask help from a skilled professional, you can get the job done yourself. With the instructions, you can give your device’s performance a boost. You don’t have to know a lot about computers to set up this device and to get it working for you. it is not complicated in the least. If you do get stuck, though, then the customer service support hotline is there to help you out. This is a device that is simple enough that anyone can use it with ease.

Available at a Competitive Rate

Buying a new laptop or computer is expensive. That’s why people are tempted to purchase the cheapest solution to save some cash. But let’s admit it. Their investment is not long-lasting. After a few months of use, they need a constant replacement.

Let’s say you have an old PC. Most people think that buying a laptop is a wise idea. The good news is that there are other solutions to weigh in mind. Linux operating system in a USB device is another smart choice.

Similar to desktop computers, this solution comes with different prices. While it is enticing to add a cheap product to cart, direct your attention to brands that are available at a competitive rate.

Hardware capability

What type of computers will you work with? Remember that hardware capability is something you must consider. The majority of USB flash drive works across various laptops and computers. However, you might run the risk of underusing the capability of the drive if you are informed of your existing hardware setup.

Customer service

Customer service matters at all times. That’s true, particularly if you are buying bespoke items in wholesale. You like to buy your items at a fair price. Not to mention that you also desire to get your task done easily and quickly. You get great customer service support with this product, and you can have your questions answered quickly and fully without any hassle. That’s not something that all of the competing products would offer you. Many of the competing manufacturers of similar products are just looking for a sale and not necessarily looking to retain a lifelong customer.


Quality is the most important factor when seeking a USB Linux Operating System. The competition is very tough. Thus, there are more low-quality items prowling, just anticipating for naïve buyers out there. Always pick quality over quantity. Do you notice that a product looks too good to be real? It might be something else.

Do not take the bait of affordable yet untrustworthy products. Most of the time, overly affordable product indicates subpar components or even used ones. We recommend that you buy from trusted companies, which have made a name in the tech sector. It is not worth the dangers of buying a low quality product and all the bugs, viruses and other issues that could be a part of the package. You simply never know what you are getting if you buy from someone other than a trusted seller.


Security is another crucial factor in buying a USB. That’s important because you’ll be keeping your essential files on a small tech tool. USB drives are simple to steal and misplace. You must invest in a good USB operating system with some level of security. Having this unique feature makes sure that all your files are safe and intact. No one could access it if a person gets ahold of it.

Pros and Cons of Xtra PC

There are many USB sticks of the Linux operating system. But Xtra PC stands apart from the race. What makes it stand out? Why should you choose Xtra PC? Good questions, and you have come to the right place.


  • It’s compatible with a variety of computers – You probably have a Mac or Windows computers. What are you going to do when they start to malfunction? Worry no more as the Xtra PC has been developed for everyone. It is compatible with an array of devices. As you plug it into your PC or desktop computer, the latter would perform at its best. Most computers will work just fine with this device and should not give you any connectivity issues.
  • It’s convenient to install – Who says you need to be a tech wizard to use Xtra PC? Although you don’t have a prior experience, Xtra PC is one of the simplest computer speed-up devices across the globe. How easy is its installation? All you have to do is to plug it into the USB port of your laptop. The installation lasts for minutes, making it perfect for those who have a hectic schedule.

That’s not all! People love the loading process. Once installed, it loads within a minute or two. Whether you need to watch movies, stream to lively songs, or finish your paper works, Xtra PC is a reliable solution you shouldn’t miss!

  • It works with different operating systems – Is your current OS in a bad state? Or has it been damaged with viruses for decades? Whatever the case may be, Xtra PC can address your dilemma, which in turn provides a speedy and functional performance over time.
  • It is affordable – Xtra PC has been gaining a high demand from the public. While some options increase their rate, the former brand is far different. The price starts at $35. There are also discounts and other deals you should take advantage of. But choose the official manufacturer for your safety. Or rely on a certified and experienced provider.
  • It is packed with File Rescue Software – Xtra PC is also equipped with “File Rescue Software” that allows you to save deleted or lost files from a slow or old computer.

Losing an important document because of a malfunctioning computer can be a nightmare. How to retrieve a file? This is where Xtra PC comes to your rescue. Thanks to its “File Rescue Software” available to its PRO version package only. Although it is the most expensive among the three options, it’s worth the cost.

  • It’s good for beginners – It takes a few weeks before you can find a quality copy of Linux. It’s quite long for users with less experience. Xtra PC is an experts-recommended product for beginners who want to use the operating system. Whether you choose the 16, 32, or 64 GB, it comes with the installed OS and easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Extra protection from malware – When downloading games or surfing the web, your device is prone to malware, including spyware and adware. What’s the difference between them?

Adware increases the number of advertisements you see online. Spyware, on the other hand, makes your private information visible to other devices. Yes, Xtra PC does not protect a device from malware. Fortunately, it keeps you safe from hazards such as viruses.  But wait, there’s more! It can help lessen your risk of downloading dangerous files attached to popular games.

  • Secure your online experience – The computer speed-up device helps you stay safe online according to most Xtra PC reviews. Whenever you visit a specific website, you leave a trail, giving owners the chance to determine your location.

Other websites also force visitors to sign up, which in turn sends you a campaign ad. So, how do you stay safe and secure online? Xtra PC is the answer to your problem.

  • Plug-and-play – Considered a plug-and-play tool, Xtra PC is not difficult to incorporate into your routine. Just plug it into a port. That’s it! When using an inconvenient solution, it’s time to switch to Xtra PC. It simply could not be any easier to use, and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to utilize it or go through a complicated setup procedure.

Other Benefits

  • You can reuse old computers without causing a fortune as it is priced according to your unique needs.
  • It comes with applications that allow you to stream to music, play an online game, and watch movies with ease.
  • The Xtra PC 16, 32, and Pro come with the latest version of the Linux operating system.
  • You can choose from different options. But identify the storage capacity and speed you want ahead of time.
  • The USB drive allows you to visit popular websites such as Facebook and Google with optimal comfort.
  • It is easy to save files to the drive
  • It significantly increases the speed of a PC, desktop computer and other devices
  • It allows you to use software that that recovers files. But only the Pro version has this feature.
  • Upgrading a new version of the Linux operating system will be less daunting.


Xtra PC is the most sought-after tool for many. It’s no surprise as it provides a range of features. But it also has some drawbacks, just like the other products on the market.

Some users find it hard to set up. Don’t worry! You can call the manufacturer to answer your queries and other concerns. They have a diverse and professional team that can accommodate your requirements. They will help you figure out any problem you run into and find a solution that gets your product working smoothly once more. You can call them for initial setup or troubleshoot any problems as they arise.

Another major complaint appears to concern that the device adds a Linux Operating System to your PC. Are you not at ease of downloading free programs to your PC? Then you could have that operating system on a simple USB stick is a wonderful alternative.

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Other drawbacks of Xtra PC we found online are the following:

  • Some users waited a very long period to receive manuals on how to utilize it along with a Mac and never got feedback.
  • The company charges high delivery charges to some regions.
  • You typically cannot utilize the software the programs, which your previous operating system utilized.
  • There is a high possibility that it will prevent access to the documents or files on your PC.
  • It could take long hours to set up the product.


Overall, Xtra PC is a dream tool for any PC owners out there. A basic USB drive with a plethora of powers under one roof. It offers your PC a massive speed increase, retrieving and refreshing the performance levels of your desktop, notebook, or laptop in just minutes.

You may have noticed some negative reviews for this product, and what many of those will tell you is that the product can be sourced for free to provide you with Linux access. Xtra-PC will give you support, however, both online and through the phone. That means you can get help when you need it instead of wondering how to do something when you get stuck. It allows you to access all the files on your computer that you may have stopped trying to use because they operated so slowly in the past. You won’t find a better product for squeezing more speed out of older computers.

This small device is highly practical and boasts a wide array of features to its users. Furthermore, it saves a huge amount of money, making your computing activities more pleasurable. The device also keeps your files from any spying, data breaches, malware, and viruses. You see, it a real lifesaver. Do you like to order today? Feel free to check out their official website to place your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Xtra PC on Macs?

The creators of Xtra PC presented comprehensive instruction for those Mac owners. These are presented to offer users information on how they can utilize the product with their PCs. You might need to follow more steps during this process.

Is the interface intuitive?

Yes! Xtra PC has been known to have an intuitive user interface for years, making it simple to employ. Whether you have Mac-based PC or Windows, you can utilize Linux in real-time. Although some customers encounter a trouble using the device, they find it comfortable after some time.

Will it work?

Yes! Xtra PC is effective and functional. Since day one, it has been creating a buzz because of its top-notch features and quality performance. You can read client reviews and other testimonials over the internet. Or ask your friends for a referral to give you peace of mind.

I never used Linux in the past. What should I do?

A valid problem because not all folks are acquainted with Linux. Nonetheless, the user interface is very intuitive enough. You will not have any issue understanding how to utilize it in several hours. Are you familiar with Mac or Windows-based computers? Then you will be utilizing Linux in no time. The learning curve isn’t steep at all, as well.

What type of programs could you add to this product?

You could easily personalize this product to work with your favorite apps and programs:

  • Antivirus software
  • Chrome, Firefox, and other internet browsers
  • Music apps like IHeartRadio and more
  • Games
  • Streaming apps like Netflix and others
  • Software suites and photo editings programs like Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop
  • Open Office and other document software

Does it only have Linux?

People believe that Xtra PC only has a Linux operating system. It also has a first-party software. How does it really work? Well-developed and durable, it allows your computer to work fast and load efficiently.

If you are an expert in installing the Linux OS, Xtra PC can help reduce the hassles, save your time, and give you a fun experience.

How long does the shipping take?

Well, it only lasts for two business days in the United States. Experts also recommend clients to purchase the device from the official website of the manufacturer to avail fast shipment and other excellent deals.

The delivery will take at least seven days when shipping to Canada. Are you outside the United States? Further duties and taxes might need to be paid in that case. You could follow your order through the USPS tracking service online. International shipping is going to take longer, and it may be anywhere from two to four weeks before the package arrives. In most international shipping cases, the post office will alert you that the package has arrived, if it is too big to fit into your mailbox. Then you will just have to take your ID down to the post office to collect it.

Do they provide a reliable customer service?

Yes! The company provides a dedicated and responsive customer service. Whether you have something to ask or verify, please feel free to contact them. When installation or usage is overwhelming to handle, call the manufacturer right away. You can get help from the friendly, responsive customer service team and have your problem handled with ease.

Where can You Use Xtra PC?

Xtra PC has a lot of things to offer. Developed with Linux OS, the device allows you to check your email, send new messages, surf the web, visit your favorite sites, edit documents, listen to music, download files, use spreadsheets, watch television shows, and more. It can be used for all the same things that you used your previous OS for, and it will probably work a lot faster and simpler for you.

What causes your PC to run slowly?

There are several reasons why your computer can malfunction. It might have no adequate space or RAM. Several files can also be a problem, or your device is infected with malware or viruses. Below are some reasons that cause your PC to run slowly:

  • The computer experiences from malware or viruses
  • You have too much temporary files saved on your PC
  • Background apps keep running without your permission
  • Your PC does not have enough space
  • One or more programs take up too much hard drive space when running.

It could be one or more of these issues. You may not know who to resolve the issue and get your PC back to proper working condition, but this tool can do all of that for you with its incredible power. Sometimes, all you need to fix a slow PC is a just a new operating system that weeds out viruses and boosts the operating speed of your programs.

Can you use Xtra PC in other settings?

Yes. The device is useful in different settings. These can include churches, offices, non-profit organizations, and shelters. It can also be used in cyber cafes for when you want to rent out a computer for a few hours. Just give yourself enough time for the device to take effect and install what you need. That can take a little time, but not very long. Keep that in mind as you are trying to figure out how much time you need to use a computer that isn’t yours.

Can you use it on any computer?

The creators of this product claim that it could work with the majority kinds of PC. It also works on those, which do not have hard drives. You will find some system requirements to utilize any version. What’s more, it will work only on PCs with a 700 MHZ microprocessor or above. You will also require a 3.0 or 2.0 USB port and at least 512 MB of RAM. The creator of Xtra PC suggests your PC a minimum of 2 GB memory. Your personal computer must have a graphics card that is capable of supporting VAG, DVI, or HDMI.

Remember that your computer must have a BIOS. That will offer you access to the PC, allowing it to work with a USB drive. Insert the device into a USB port. That could only work after you launch the program from that specific port.

Bear in mind that you will require some sort of network card. However, the device will work with both wireless and wireless cards. You could work without connecting to the connection first after you install and start using the product. You could only install Xtra PC if you have strong internet data. The reason behind this is that the device will need the internet to make sure you have the current OS version.

Do they offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes. You can return the item you purchased for a full refund within thirty days. This feature enables you to ask for a full refund within thirty days of purchasing one of such items. Take note that your thirty days will begin on the date the product delivers to your home. The company requests that the product should be in the best and like-new condition. It must have the original packaging, as well. Be sure to save the packaging just in case you need to return it. The product might work well at first but then could give you problems. This is highly unlikely, but you never know. It’s better to be safe and just save your packaging.

Where to purchase Xtra PC?

Xtra PC devices are available for sale on different websites. One of them is The majority of the reviews published on the platform are somewhat negative, though. Further, most of those reviews concentrate more on the website than on the item. That’s not going to be very helpful to you as you try to find out if this product will be right for you. You’ll want to look at a variety of review sin order to determine if you should buy this product or not. The more thorough the review, the more trustworthy it is likely to be. Not all Xtra PC reviews are worth considering, though, so watch for ones that lack information and detail.

You will also find various third party sellers, which list Xtra PC on their product for sale. You might obtain a used USB drive someone already used on another PC when you purchase from a third party seller. We recommend buying from Amazon. The reason behind this is that you could receive the product for less than it sells for on the legal site. Below are more reasons we suggest buying the product from its official website:

  • Numerous payment methods accepted
  • Live customer support
  • Quick shipping delivery
  • Decent warranty
  • A wide array of products

Their official website also provides a discount for individuals who like to purchase in bulk. Paying at full price for the first product allows you to get a forty percent discount. That discount applies to other items bought at once. That’s a wonderful way to send presents for tech enthusiasts. Every purchase done through their official website comes with a thirty-day money-back guarantee as well.

The risk of buying from a third party or a non-legal source is that you could get a faulty product. It may not work as advertised and could be missing features. It also won’t have the support you would get with the brand-name product. On top of that, your free version could be saddled with bugs or viruses. It could actually be used to maliciously steal your information and harm your computer. It’s simply not worth the risk to buy the product through a third party or to get it for free.

What is the process of booting from the USB port?

Booting from the USB port is very simple. Simply press down the setup button on your PC while it is turned off. Locate the boot menu from the menu options showing on the screen. Click on the USN option, telling your PC you like it to boot from there. Choose the save button of the screen to save any changes. Follow similar steps if you like to go back to your original operating system later. Everything about this product is designed to be easy and user friendly. You don’t have to go through a lot of complicated steps like you would with some competing products.

Xtra PC operates from the USB. How can I ensure it will offer decent performance?

The creators of Xtra PC have performed comprehensive testing of USB memory devices. What’s more, they also picked the ones they utilize to streamline performance. Your performance will differ based on the configuration of bus speed, video card, process, and memory, among others. Often, the USB might somewhat be slower than running from a hard drive. That’s true, especially in intensive disk type operations. You will notice improved performance after items have been “cached” into memory. You’ll have faster operations and a smoother experience that makes it a joy to use. So, even if the initial operations are a bit sluggish, that should not always be the case with repeated uses.

What is the difference between Xtra PC’s performance compare to old PCs?

You will find several factors, which go into performance. That makes comparisons a bit complicated. Is your old PC has viruses, bloatware, and malware? Then you must check a marked improvement in performance. Fortunately, Xtra Pc Turbo will surely showcase better speed performance compared to your previous computer. You will notice the difference in how fast programs run and start up. You will also see windows appear faster and your computer will become much easier to use. You are less likely to click on the wrong icon, since the mouse speed and program speed should be in tune and should work quickly.

I am not going to use the internet. Why do I need Xtra PC?

Windows often become much slower over time, even without an internet data. That leads in lengthy boot periods and causes programs to run and load slowly. Is your Windows PC not connected to the internet? Its cause might be because it is exposed to viruses and malware, which could compromise the performance of your PC substantially. Furthermore, the operating system of Xtra PC is created to run effectively on old hardware. It also needs minimum computer resources compared to Windows 7 or Windows XP. That leads in Xtra PC running and booting quicker than the system of your Windows.

Can I utilize Xtra PC even if my laptop does not have any wireless network card?

Of course. You can utilize the Xtra PC even without a wireless connection. You can use it for applications like MP3s, playing music CDs, watching videos, using Open Office, viewing images, and so much more. Nonetheless, you can also utilize a wired network connection if you like to access the internet through your laptop. You might like to purchase a USB wireless adapter for as little as 10 dollars and plugs it into your laptop’s USB port.

Does Xtra PC support a Bluetooth feature?

Unfortunately, the product doesn’t have this feature at the moment. Check back with the manufacturers from time to time to see if it is a feature that they have added. They do occasionally make improvements to keep up with current technology and to make the device more user-friendly.

What kinds of computers can I utilize this product on?

Xtra PC could run on a broad spectrum of laptops, netbooks, and desktop computers. The device you use right now can probably run it without any problem. You can even use it on computers that lack a hard drive, according to the manufacturers. However, there are some system requirements that you need to know about. The device will only operate with a computer that has a microprocessor of 700 MHz or more. It also requires that you have a 2.0 or a 3.0 USB port, which most computers will have. You can use a USB adapter, if you have an older USB port. You also need at least 512 MB of RAM. Product recommendations state that you need a minimum of 2 GB of memory. The final requirement is that your computer have a graphics card that can support DVI, HDMI or VAG.

Does Xtra PC support webcam?

Yes, it is. It will work with most hardware that runs on your current computer.

Can I utilize more than one monitor with this product?

Of course. You will find a detailed instructions for this in their user guide. Be sure to follow the directions precisely for the best and smoothest experience.

How do I utilize a keyboard or wireless mouse with Xtra PC?

You will find a wide array of wireless keyboards and mice using a USB receiver or USB dongle. All of them work very well along with Xtra PC. Attach it into the USB port to use it. Your keyboard and mouse will be discovered instantly without any configuration required.

Can I install programs on my system?

Of course. The creators of Xtra PC created the product to enable its users to install and add any programs they desire. As long as you have space left, you should be able to continue installing programs.

Can I use my favorite programs on Xtra PC?

Unfortunately, no. However, the majority of programs have online counterparts. These are simple to use and have competencies that are similar to Windows programs.

Can I use my old computer with a virus for Xtra PC?

This is one of the best features of Xtra PC. This product runs from the USB drive. Therefore, it can be employed with PCs having malware or viruses, especially those with a lost hard drive. Your OC should be able to operate regardless of the viruses on it, and you may be able to use a PC that was previously considered “dead” due to the virus infection it had.

What is the storage capacity of Xtra PC Pro and Xtra PC Turbo?

Xtra PC Pro boasts a 65 GB storage. On the other hand, Turbo offers a 16 GB storage. This is more than enough for storing movies, music, files, and images.

Will I lose my files on my PC when using this product?

No, you won’t. Xtra PC runs from the USB. It doesn’t change or touch the current files or documents in any way.

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