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Barx Buddy Review

One of the unfortunate facts of owning a dog is that they are going to bark at anything and everything, and sometimes they bark when there is nothing at all. The barking can last for hours at a time, becoming very annoying to you and your neighbors. It can be embarrassing if you cannot get the dog to stop barking. You may have tried everything that you could think of that you would consider humane and still not had any luck getting your dog to stay quiet. It’s nice to have a good guard dog who will alert you to dangers, but sometimes, dogs just bark for no apparent reason.

We want to tell you about a product that can help you get your dog under control. This is called Barx Buddy, and it is supposed to stop your dog from barking so much. It helps you to train and silence your dog so that the annoying barking does not have to continue.

What Are the Common Causes of a Dog’s Barking?

Why is your dog barking so much? There are plenty of reasons why, and the most common will be because your dog sees or hears something that it thinks is worth barking at. It could be a stranger approaching your property or it could be something as harmless as a squirrel. Dogs will bark when they sense danger, such as before a thunderstorm, or they will bark when they want to chase an animal that is out of their reach.

They may bark to communicate with other dogs, and they might be barking just to join in the barking that other dogs in the neighborhood are doing. If you live in an area where there are some other dogs nearby, then the noisy barking can go on for hours. One dog may start barking because they see something, and that can set off the other dogs who do not even see the same thing. Even after the other dogs in the neighborhood stop barking, yours could continue to make noise for no apparent reason.

Dogs can bark because of their emotional state as well. If they are scared, sad, lonely, or otherwise emotional, they may start barking. It might not seem to you like there is anything for them to bark at, but you should remember that barking is one of their methods of communication. They cannot tell you what is wrong, but they may communicate with you by using their barking, along with other sounds like whimpering and whining.

What Is BarxBuddy?

The Barx Buddy device is designed to be used with any dog to instantly get its attention and get it to calm down and stop barking so much. This powerful tool is able to work with just about any dog in any kind of situation. You can ask people who have tried it and look at some Barx Buddy reviews. Your research should show that this is a product that really works and that makes an instant difference.

It helps for the dog to be able to see you when you use Barxbuddy. This establishes a connection between you and what the device is doing. Barx Buddy will release a high-pitched noise that you cannot hear but that dogs can. That will help to snap them out of whatever state they are in and divert their focus to you.

BarxBuddy is not harmful to your dog. It will not cause him any pain and it would not be considered inhumane treatment. It is so simple to use and will work instantly. You do not have to go through a long setup process or follow complicated instructions to get it to work for you. You just press a button and get your dog to stop barking. How great is that! You do not have to spend so much time trying get your dog to be silent. You can stop worrying and stressing and feeling anxious and irritated because your dog is making noise. You do not have to wonder if your neighbor is going to file a complaint against you or make an angry phone call because of the noise that your dog is making. You can get instant obedience from your dog, and that is something that could be well worth the asking price of this device.

If you are tired of fighting with your dog, struggling whenever he comes near another dog, or shouting out your home at the dog to be quiet, then this is the device for you. It is designed to work at any time, in any environment. We’ll give you our assessment of how it is supposed to do that and if it really does work, but just reading the directions, you might think this BarxBuddy device is simply too good to be true and way too easy to use. That was our assessment as well, until we gave it a try for ourselves. We will tell you what our verdict was at the end of this review.

How Does the Barx Buddy Work?

Now, we want to tell you the way this device is meant to function. We told you already that it is completely humane, and we would like to explain how it is possible to make your dog stop barking no matter what without hurting him in some way.

BarxBuddy makes an extremely high frequency sound at 130dB. It emits this sound at a frequency that is inaudible to humans. The device also emits a flashing light, and this can help you get your dog’s attention as well. When you press the button on the device, the sound is sent out and the light blinks. Together, these help your dog understand where the sound is coming from, especially if you are standing in the dog’s line of sight. It is recommended that you do use the device where you dog can see it and you, at least during the initial training stage of use.

The sound may get your dog’s attention, but it is not harmful. It will not be so loud to the dog that it causes him any pain or suffering. It is simply a great way to control the dog’s focus and get him to stop what he is doing. You might think that it wouldn’t be possible to keep the dog’s attention for long with a device that simple emits a sound, but many Barxbuddy reviews reported that the dogs they used it on stopped barking for hours at a time after a single use of the BarxBuddy device.

What Makes the Barx Buddy Unique?

Are there other devices out there that simply do the same thing? There are some similar devices you can use to stop your dog from barking, but there is not anything quite like the Barx Buddy.

One of the stand-out things to know about this device is that it is completely non-violent. It cannot hurt your dog, even if you use it frequently. It has been tested over and over on a variety of dogs in a number of different situations, and it has been approved and recommended by industry veterans. The Barx Buddy has been shown to people who train dogs for living, and their assessment of it is that it is an especially useful tool for controlling an animal in a safe and humane way.

One aspect that many of the Barxbuddy reviews will point out is that this particular product works without the need for secondary apparatus. You do not have to set up a perimeter fence or install any signal posts or receiver for the device to function. You do not even have to place a collar on the dog for BarxBuddy to do its thing. It can work on more than just your dog. You can use it as you are walking down the street or in the dog park or anywhere you might encounter an unfamiliar, hostile, or excited dog. Barxbuddy will help you keep that dog under control, get its attention, and stop it from barking or attacking you, in many cases.

Barx Buddy is also amazingly effective as a training tool. Most Barx Buddy reviews will point out that it is able to be used as a behavioral modification device. That means you can use it with some basic training methods to get your dog to listen to you better, stop barking so much and behave the way you want him to. This is an amazing device, if it really does work the way it is advertised to by the manufacturer. We will tell you what our assessment is for this product as you read on. We want you to fully understand what kind of product you are getting and whether the many positive Barx Buddy reviews can be trusted.

Benefits of Barx Buddy

There are so many reasons someone would want to use this kind of device. The Barx Buddy device reviews will list some great positives, but we want to give you our own list from what we have personally learned about the Barx Buddy.

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We love how easy this device is to use. It is designed for anyone to help them control their dog, so you don’t have to read an instruction manual first or take your dog to a professional trainer to use this device. It works as soon as you turn it on, and it works on any dog in range.

Works Anywhere

That’s another cool benefits that this device can offer. It can be used on any dog at any time. You can definitely use the Barx Buddy on more than just your own pooch. Some people who don’t even own a dog will use this product and benefit from the control it gives them.

Low Cost

The BarxBuddy price is very affordable, coming in at a competitive $39. That is actually half the normal retail price and way less than what you would pay for competing but similar products. We cannot overstate how much value you will get from this product at that price point, so you definitely want to consider getting this product while it is so reasonably priced.


While other kinds of dog control devices will hurt your dog or make them feel unpleasant, this is simply a noisemaker, and best of all, you cannot hear the noise. It will only be audible to the dog, thanks to the great technology at work here. You will not be disturbed, but your dog will definitely be able to hear the 130dB sound that will stop him in his tracks and get him to pay attention to you. That’s a major benefit that you can get your dog under control without harming him in any way, and a lot of competing devices cannot boast anything like that.

Barx Buddy Pros & Cons

We want to give you a completely balanced and fair review on this product, so we will list the advantages and disadvantages of choosing Barx Buddy.


  • Low-cost device
  • Works quickly and effectively
  • No setup required
  • No other attachments or purchases required
  • Doesn’t require the use a collar
  • Does not hurt your dog or other dogs you use it on
  • Works every time


  • Can only be bought online
  • Supply online can run out quickly

Essential Features of Barx Buddy

Before you decide on a method to control your dog and stop the barking, you want to know what kind of features the device has. This can help you to make a more informed choice and help you to feel good about the method of barking cessation you are choosing. Let’s look at some of the features that many Barx Buddy reviews are talking about.

Works Indoors and Outdoors

Some kinds of dog control methods will only work specifically either inside or outside of a building. Thankfully, BarxBuddy works in both environments. You can use this anywhere, so it is super convenient and far more functional than much of the competition.

Very Safe

This product is designed to not hurt your dog or you. It uses a high frequency sound emission that only your dog and other dogs in the area can hear. It does not harm their ears or yours, so it is a super safe device that you can use over and over again as much as you need without fear that it will cause any harm or serious discomfort. It might not be the most pleasant thing for your dog to hear, and it will definitely get your dog’s attention, but it won’t actually damage your dog’s ears in any way. That level of safety is not something you would get from more intense dog control methods, such as those that deliver an electrical shock.

Affordably Priced

Another feature that stands out about this is the Barx Buddy cost. It’s less expensive than many competing products, and because it works so well, you are definitely getting your money’s worth. We feel safe in saying that this is an affordable solution. Compared to something like a shock collar or other control methods that can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, the BarxBuddy price is way lower and way more affordable

Compact Design

You can take BarxBuddy with you. This device is small enough to fit in your pocket, and that simply would not be possible with most kinds of barking cessation products. There isn’t any bulky apparatus to pick up and bring with you. The simple device fits into your handbag easily and can be conveniently carried to the dog park, on long walks, or wherever you go as a way to keep your dog under control or as a method to control other dogs that could be causing you trouble.

Works with Any Dog

One of the key features that we love about BarxBuddy is the way it can be used on any dog and not just your own. Maybe your dog is well behaved and is easy to control. Perhaps your dog listens well to you and obeys you when you tell him to stop barking. But what about other dogs? They might not be so well behaved, and if you run into a dog in the dog park or around your home, you can get them to stop barking and stop being aggressive toward you with the use of this Barx Buddy device.

Visual and Audio Signals

Unlike other kinds of methods to get your dog to stop barking, Barx Buddy uses two kinds of signals to get your dog’s attention- a visual and an audio one. The LED light is great at focusing your dog’s attention, and then the ultra-high frequency sound is good for stopping the barking for long periods of time. These two work together to get your dog to stop barking and under your control once more.

Can Barx Buddy Work on All Breeds?

One of the more common questions raised to Barx Buddy reviews is whether this device will work with all kinds of dogs. Some devices that are meant to stop dogs from barking will only work with small dogs or with large dogs based on how the device functions. Would BarxBuddy have the same limitations and restrictions?

According to studies conducted by researchers and by those who have tried the device for themselves, Barx Buddy will work on all kinds of dogs. Big ones, small ones and ones of every breed and type should be equally affected by the high-pitched sound the device makes.

You may find that some breeds are not as receptive to this device or that some of them don’t respond in the same way, and that can be partly due to training and how often they have been exposed to similar devices rather than just an attribute of their breed. A whole bunch of different dogs have been trained with this device, such as poodles, boxers, yorkies, pit bulls, dachshunds, huskies, beagles, Labradors and German shepherds, among others. It is likely that your dog and any other dogs that you encounter will be equally affected by BarxBuddy and will stop barking when you use it.

Ratings and Recommendations of Barx Buddy

What are the Barx Buddy reviews saying about this product? It is important that you get some outside assessments and find out what people have to say about this product before you buy. You want to be sure you are getting your money’s worth and are not being taken advantage of. Reading a BarxBuddy review or two before you purchase will help you feel better about your choice.

You can read BarxBuddy device reviews online from industry professionals or from those who have used it as customers. You’ll get some similar accounts of the product and how well it works. A lot of BarxBuddy device reviews will say how well the device works and how effective it is in most scenarios. They have mostly positive things to say about the device and how it is able to silence dogs of just about any breed in pretty much any environment.

Various Barx Buddy reviews give this product five out of five stars, or whatever the highest available rating is. Most of them have nothing negative at all to say about the product. If you are concerned about whether you are getting your money’s worth or if the device may have worked well for some but not for others, then we suggest reading some BarxBuddy reviews. You’ll get a fairer assessment this way and find out what the majority of people have to say about the device.

While it may not be much of an investment to buy this product, since it is sold at a very reasonable $39 right now, you still want to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth and are getting a product that will actually work. We know it can be annoying have to put up with incessant barking, and you may be worried about a Barx Buddy scam. You can take comfort knowing that you won’t be scammed, and the only Barx Buddy scam you need to be concerned about is when you buy from someone other than the official manufacturer. In that case, you could be taken advantage of and end up with a knockoff of the real deal. This product is selling out fast, as we mentioned earlier, so it is reasonable to assume that some third party manufacturers may be trying to sell their copycat products under the BarxBuddy name, and you have to watch out for that.

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Some of the Barx Buddy reviews may mention that a customer bought one of these items and thought they were getting the authentic Barx Buddy. Then, once they received the package and opened it up, they realize that the name “Barx Buddy” is nowhere to be found. They had been deceived and the product doesn’t work as advertised. This is the kind of Barx Buddy scam that you need to be watching out for. Make sure you only buy from the official website.

What Will You Pay for the BarxBuddy?

Now, we want to tell you a bit about the Barx Buddy cost. If you read just about any BarxBuddy review, you will see that the price is at $39 right now. That’s a great deal that you can take advantage of right now, and we should warn you that it might not last. With a product that is in as high demand as this one is, the price may go up in time, and it is hard to say how soon that is going to happen.

The normal retail price is twice the current listed price, so there is no telling when it will go back to that much higher price. Compare this product and its cost to that of competing products. Many of them cost hundreds of dollars and require a lot of work to set up. Some can even cost thousands of dollars, if you are going with an electric fence or something similar to help control your dog. You can get your dog under control for much less if you use this simple barking cessation device. It works instantly and costs very little, comparatively speaking.

If you buy this through a third-party website or seller, then you may be paying more. Those sellers have to make a profit somehow, and they will do that by charging more or by giving you an inferior product rather than the real deal. Any BarxBuddy reviews that mention inferior product design, shoddy workmanship, or a lower price than what we have listed here are likely talking about the knockoff products or similar products that are trying to ape what Barx Buddy does.

Final Verdict

Let’s give you some final thoughts on Barx Buddy and tell you our assessment to help you make your decision. We do suggest you try this product out for yourself We think you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is and how effectively it will work for you. Most people are simply amazed that Barx Buddy gets such a great response from their dog and from other dogs they encounter. They do not expect something so inexpensive to work so well, we think.

One thing we want to mention to you in regards to the price is that this device comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. That is unprecedented in this industry and for a device like this. We urge consumers to take advantage of this offer while it is still available. It is an industry-best guarantee that means you put yourself at zero risk when you try Barx Buddy for yourself. This may not be a detail you notice when you read some BarxBuddy reviews, but we definitely want to make sure you know about this incredible offer. If you do not like the product for any reason, you can send it back free of charge. You can get a full refund for any reason, and that is a deal you don’t want to miss.

BarxBuddy is selling quickly, and we can understand why. It is coming highly recommend by industry professionals in their Barx Buddy reviews. Experts are recommending it left and right for anyone who owns a dog or who encounters dogs in their daily walks or in their neighborhood. It is the perfect device for friends or families as a gift for any occasion. People love the protection this offers them and will want to carry Barx Buddy with them wherever they go.

That’s perfectly possible since this is a very compact device. Some of the Barx Buddy device reviews may have mentioned that this is a compact product that you can carry with you wherever you go. Do you think it would be so easy to carry around a bulky collar or other device that helps you control your dog? We don’t think so, which is why we recommend Barx Buddy over other options that are simply not very user friendly or as convenient to use. Barx Buddy is made for everyone and made to be so simple and convenient that you would not think of using anything else.

Our verdict is that you give this a try. What do you have to lose? You get a great product that has been proven to work, and you get it at a great price. You don’t have to worry about it not working with some dogs, and there isn’t a huge setup or installation process for you to deal with. This device could not be any simpler or easier to use.

What are you waiting for? If you are tired of hearing your dog bark all the time or you are afraid to walk in some areas near your home or in your town because of the aggressiveness of other dogs, then you should use the Barx Buddy. It will make a huge difference and make it so much easier for you to deal with barking dogs. You’ll get them to stop barking right away and be able to teach your dog how to better control his own barking so that you won’t even need to use Barx Buddy much after a while. Your dog will learn to stop barking quickly so that he doesn’t have to hear the annoying sound this device makes.

Try Barx Buddy today risk-free by taking advantage of the low price and the 30-day money-back guarantee.


Here are some frequently asked questions that we want to provide you with some answers for to help you make your purchasing decision easier.

How much will it cost me?

Barx Buddy usually costs about $80, but as many BarxBuddy reviews will tell you, the device is being sold for half that, at $39. On top of that great, low price, it also comes with an unprecedented 30-day money-back guarantee. You can take advantage of this incredible deal if you buy it right now. The low price might not last forever, and you get everything you need included for that price.

Can I buy Barx Buddy in stores?

No, this device is only sold online. You also need to be careful where you buy Barx Buddy from, as there are some cheap imitators out there that will disappoint you.

What are people saying about Barx Buddy?

If you read BarxBuddy reviews, you will see that the response toward this product is overwhelmingly positive. Professional reviewers and consumers alike are saying good things about Barx Buddy.

Can I use it on cats?

No, Barx Buddy has not been designed to work on cats, so don’t expect it to work on them.

What kind of return policy is there for this product?

According to BarxBuddy reviews, the current return policy is for 30 days, with a complete money-back refund policy.

Will this device help me to train my dog not to bark so much?

Many pet owners are using BarxBuddy to get their dogs under control and to get their dogs to respond to them better when they tell them to stop barking. If you use BarxBuddy properly, then you can improve your dog’s obedience and see better results and less barking from your dog.

Is there a free trial available?

As of this writing, there are no free trials being offered by the manufacturer. This may change in time, so check back in this space for any updates as they become available.

Are there any complaints about Barx Buddy?

We have looked at a number of BarxBuddy reviews, and the only complaints we can really find about this product have to do with the product selling out or only being sold online. Some people are frustrated that they cannot purchase it in more places, and we can understand their difficulty.

How quickly does Barx Buddy work?

If you are in range of your dog when you use the Barx Buddy, then you should get an instance response. Many of the BarxBuddy reviews talk about how well this device works from near or far and how quickly people’s dogs responded to the sound being emitted. If you want instant obedience and focus from your dog and you want the barking to stop right away, then Barx Buddy is definitely for you.

How does Barx Buddy work?

According to BarxBuddy reviews, this device will emit a high frequency sound at 130dB. This is so high that a dog can hear it, but you cannot. This will quickly get your dog’s attention without causing any harm, and it is the most effective way to stop barking without damaging your pet.

Are there side effects of any kind?

No, your dog should not experience any side effects and neither should you or anyone else in range of Barx Buddy. It is entirely and completely safe. You have nothing to worry about when you use this device, as it has been scientifically tested and proven to be harmless.

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