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Gobe Circular Polarizer Review

I currently own 6 different Gobe filters for both my primary camera and to use with an adapter on my smartphone for doing video. Therefore, I feel fairly qualified to speak about this brand and their products.

They are not the least expense nor are they the most expensive, but they do have an excellent price / performance ratio. Average street price is $79.00. This is my top pick for value in a circular polarizer. On to the details of this Gobe Circular Polarizer Review!

How I arrived at the rating: My Gobe filters always go along when I go out to shoot. I tend to shoot a lot of reflections, so having a high quality polarizer is a priority for me.

Reading reviews by other photographers, and studied the manufacturers specs. Additionally compared this to other filters I have owned and those in the marketplace. Read the detailed ratings below.

While using this product, I have found the filter to be very effective at reducing glare from reflective surfaces and also cuts down on haze too. While some cheaper filters have a weird green or blue cast to them, there is no noticeable color casting. Turning the filter to increase/decrease its glare & reflection effect is suitably smooth.

The filter boosts color saturation and vibrancy for more vivid images, and cuts out polarized/reflected light for more contrast and a more dramatic image.

Gobe Circular Polarizer Review

Very high quality construction and materials!

All Gobe filters are made from premium German B270 SCHOTT optical glass and are finished with industry-leading nano-coating technology. Gobe’s magnalium rims feature a slim profile to avoid vignetting.

They are engineered to ensure a smooth rotation and are made with an ergonomic grip and therefore provide for fast, accurate adjustments.

A plus is having the filter mounted on the front of you lens, offers some protection from dings and scratches, dust, dirt and moisture.

Sustainability? It’s a thing

Another thing that some people may see as a positive is the companies stance on sustainability. 

On their product brochures they make a statement on this related to the warranty: The best way to make a sustainable product is to make it last a lifetime or more. Our products are backed for a lifetime so you can trust our products and lower your environmental impact. 

They also put some profit back into the environment: buying a Gobe product funds local communities to plant 5 trees in areas affected by deforestation.

Does Gobe make good filters?

For the price, this Gobe filter is an awesome piece of camera gear.  If you take photos where reflected light can be problematic, or if simply want deeper richer photos with less haze in the distance, this is the filter for you.

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No Gobe Circular Polarizer Review would be complete without a list of Pros and Cons and a primary features rating.  So here goes:


  • Great value for the price.
  • Cuts out 99.9% of polarized light for better contrast and color balance.
  • Made with premium German SCHOTT B270 optical glass for supreme clarity.
  • 16 LAYER NANO COATING Provides neutral colour balance, reduces lens flare, removes ghosting.
  • magnalium rims are double-threaded for stacking and slim profile to avoid vignetting.


  • No real cons, but in reading reviews I will mention a couple of the more negative comments.
  • One person mentioned problems with the treads locking onto the lens and being hard to remove.
  • a single person thought the ring rotation was too tight.
  • I have not seen the two above issues but included them for completeness.



Explanation of ratings:

  • For a filter of this quality, the average price of $79.00 is almost like armed robbery.  Terrific price vs quality ratio.
  • The function of this filter is superb.  No color cast, very little exposure reduction.
  • Construction quality is very high and you can feel the quality when you hold it in your hand.


You will find this Gobe Circular Polarizer Review information useful and informative. This is a great filter! For the average street price it really is hard to beat. I’d buy this again and I highly recommend this for anyone looking to get a great piece of camera gear.

Simple Photo Tips is an affiliate of Amazon and earns a small commission for any products purchased through links on this page. I am however not compensated for this review by anyone.

The opinions expressed here are my own, based on personal experience, research and considering the opinions of others in the photography community.

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