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Shipping Worldwide - Case of CableKeeps

Here's half of our first retail production packed up and ready to go to Los Angeles.  Feels so good to have everything packaged, cased, and paletized.  Our heads are a swirl of ASN numbers, HTS codes, freight classing, part numbers, order sheets, tracking numbers, and production coordination details.  Special thanks to Reality Plastics (again) for supporting every detail and allowing us to poach units and packaging as needed to keep online sales and review samples going out the door.  Now we can sit back and watch sales take over, kinda.  Somebody beer me.   -Jim

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Production done!! Shipping Commenced

Our first orders have all shipped out and we're more than thrilled to be hearing such great praise like: "Brought Goldie with me on a trip from CT to DC. Traveled great, plug management is AWESOME. Thanks so much." - resonate "Received my Goldie and Nibbles today. They look and work great. Well worth the wait, thanks much!" - Paul Selby "Got my Keeps Today, love them, . . . " - Jean-Claude Landau "Mine arrived today in CA, got two Goldies and two Nibbles. Fit is great, both work great. Thanks Kickstarter and thanks Jim for hanging in there! " - Sami Laine We had so many boxes we had to pile them up in sacks to take to the...

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