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Best Small Hidden Cameras

In recent past years, the demand, need, and popularity of small hidden cameras have increased. Some experts believe that this will continue in the coming more years. With a vast range of different small hidden spy cameras in the market, you can either get confused choosing the best one or find it easier to find one that suits your safety and security needs.

By installing small hidden wireless cameras on your premises, it becomes easier for you to keep an eye to your loved ones, property, and other belongings without overstretching your pocket. You can find a bunch of high-performing small hidden cameras yet budget-friendly in the market. So, you can upgrade the security level in your property while sticking to your tight budget.

Furthermore, when you are far from home or need to travel, and no one will be left to take care of your family and belongings, installing small hidden cameras for home will provide you a high degree of peace of mind. You can also capture all the activities of your baby sitter with ease or stay updated on what your family members are doing.

If you are a business owner, you can install small hidden cameras with audio in your establishment for extra precautionary measures. In fact, there are already hidden cameras everywhere, including banks, convenience stores, airports, hotels, office buildings, casinos, train and metro stations, and more. Besides, these cameras can be installed also in schools, colleges, or nursing services for better service. 

Little do you know that these devices can boost the price of your property? Home, business, or even your vacation properties have high values in which a small hidden wireless camera is being installed. Not only that, there are some instances that homeowners or business owners install these cameras to get discounts on insurance plans.

As an business owner, you want to ensure that your employees are productive during working hours. Good thing, a small hidden camera wireless can help you track the activities of your employees and then, make the footage as a significant basis of their performance and work.

Overall, you may have a particular or a number of reasons why you want to install small hidden cameras. Regardless of why your reasons are, you need to find a camera that can meet your requirements.

Not a problem! In this review, you will learn the top 10 small hidden cameras available , and you might like to choose from them. Through this honest, unbiased review, you can get more familiar with each product while improving your buying decision. We hope that after reading our review, you have finally found the right small hidden camera for your needs.

So, let’s start!

Best Small Hidden Cameras: 30 Second Summary

  • Best Overall: In determining the best overall, best budget, and other top small hidden cameras for home or offices, we use our own set of criteria. Our main selection criteria include quality features, performance, reliability, ease of use, and value. After conducting our product tests, the LKcare Hidden Camera Pen became our best overall choice.

    The LKcare Hidden Camera Pen gives a straightforward yet elegant design while giving a more professional look. No one would think that it is actually a hidden camera. Apart from you can wear it easily, it is also easy to operate. All you need to do is to press its top button to start or even pause it.

    If you wish to transfer files, simply connect it to the computer using a supplied USB plug. It records very well, along with great images. Overall, this small hidden spy camera works effectively as a spy camera and as a pen.

  • Best Budget Friendly: If you are on a limited budget yet want to get a high-performing, robust hidden camera, the Supoggy Mini Hidden Spy Camera is the right one for you. This budget-friendly small hidden camera offers extra security without a giving your family members or guests a feeling of being watched.

    For longer recording, a 32GB SD card is recommended, but anything from 4GB up to 32GB will work well. You will also find the footage viewing very easy, and it also comes in good audio quality. Interestingly, the charger included is very to use and motion-activated, which means that the camera will start recording as soon as the charger senses any movements in front of it.

Reviews of the Top 10 Best Small Hidden Cameras

Do not stress yourself in trying to find the best small hidden camera that can improve both safety and security in your premises or suit your professional activities. We have figured out the top cameras for you, so you can save time and energy in reviewing a number of options.

With so many small hidden cameras to choose from, we give to the top ten choices that might qualify for your unique small spy camera specifications and budget requirements. Below is our unbiased and honest review of the best small hidden spy cameras in the market right now.

1. LKcare Hidden Camera Pen – Best Overall

At first, you may find the LKcare Hidden Camera Pen like an ordinary writing tool. However, inside this pen is a 1080P camera that is capable of recording videos with the help of 32GB SD card. Besides, it can also take clear, excellent images.

This hidden camera pen is a portable, lightweight, and easy to carry option. It writes smoothly and comes in 5 ink refills. With just a simple click at the top button, you can capture quality videos or take clear photographs.

You can use LKcare Hidden Camera Pen for up to 2.5 hours, thanks to its rechargeable battery. You can have plenty of time capturing important data you can use for later reference, recording meetings, and more. The only downside of this product is that it requires to be in a stationary position to make the videos stable and prevent shaky footage.

Key Features:

  • 5 hours of battery time
  • 1080p FHD video
  • User-friendly ergonomic design
  • Includes 5 ink refills
  • Loop file saving


  • Easy to carry and has an elegant shape
  • Easy to use and offers a more professional look to the users
  • Lightweight and hard to notice
  • Can be used anywhere


  • The position must be stationary to avoid shaky footage

2. Supoggy Mini Hidden Spy Camera – Best Budget-Friendly Small Hidden Camera

Despite having a small size, the Supoggy Mini Hidden Spy Camera is not limited to 75˚ field of view and features 1080p video recording. It comes in 6 IR LED lights that allowed us to record videos even in low-light conditions or at night.

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Once this small hidden wireless camera detected any motion, it begins to record a video. That way, it saves great battery life. You will find this mini hidden camera to be ultra-portable and can easily blend into any environment. Using a clip that is included, convert it into a body cam by attaching it to your clothing.

However, you may find some downsides when using Supoggy Mini Hidden Spy Camera. If you prefer the one that can be connected to WiFi, this one is not for you. You can only record videos with an internal SD card, but somehow up to 32GB. It also has a limited battery run-time. On the bright side, it is a high-performing hidden camera.

Key Features:

  • 1080p FHD video
  • Rear panel along with hidden memory card slot
  • No indicators or sounds
  • Monolithic housing
  • Built-in surge protection
  • Loop recording


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great motion detection
  • Easy to use
  • 75˚ field of view
  • Records video in low-light conditions or at night


  • Lacks in WiFi functionality
  • Limited battery run time and memory storage
  • Inability to access any footage remotely

3. YOSTN Wireless Hidden Spy Camera – Thumb Sized Hidden Camera

The YOSTN Wireless Hidden Spy Camera combines portability and quality 1080p resolution. With its 6 LED lights and 75˚ wide angle lens, you can capture better, larger visual range photos. This device can record videos and detect motions and be used at home, office, and car. You can also attach it to a drone or simply insert it in your pocket.

You can use this budget-friendly hidden camera with ease and no need for any special skills. Simply slot in the SD memory card, and you can start recording. While using this device, you may find it a little hot. But the manufacturer claims it being normal. Make sure that this small hidden camera is fully charged before using it, and you can charge it for about 3.5 hours.

We found some downsides on this small spy camera like the stand can be flimsy. There are also times that it might fall over.

Key Features:

  • 1080p FHD video
  • 6 IR LED lights for enhanced night vision
  • Import HD camera lens
  • Supports SD card from 4GB to 32GB
  • Great motion detection


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery
  • Records video in low-light conditions
  • Supports Windows 2000, 2003, and Vista, Linux, and macOS


  • The stand can be flimsy or might fall over

4. Maximus Smart Security Light – Outdoor Small Hidden Camera

The Maximus Smart Security Light is not only functional and stylish outdoor light, but also a robust outdoor surveillance outdoor. The camera is being disguised through its light design, so people will think it’s just part of your home decor.

This stylish hidden camera is compatible with the Alexa system, which will help you control your security lights using a voice command. It has a two-way intercom system that allows you to communicate with your visitors. No need for you to replace a memory or a battery because it uses a power supply that is energy-efficient.

On the other hand, this small hidden camera lacks in night vision. Its recording run time will only last for a few hours without the subscription upgrade.

Key Features:

  • Instant alerts to smart devices
  • 720p HD camera
  • 16 ft motion detection range
  • Custom light schedule and dusk-to-dawn preset
  • Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled


  • Compatible with Amazon’s Alexa
  • Stylish and functional
  • Live streaming functionality
  • Two-way intercom
  • Smart light and built-in alarm
  • Durable


  • Only a few hours of run time
  • No night vision

5. Titathink Wireless Mini Spy Hidden Camera – Professional Quality and DIY Design

What captured our attention about Titathink Wireless Mini Spy Hidden Camera is that it comes in the size of the tip of your finger. It has a unique design that makes it look like your WiFi router.

You can even place it on a bookshelf, thanks to its small and discreet design. Not only that, you can place it on a clock or in a small box. It is capable of recording 720 video quality at 30 frames/second. You are free to configure its sensitivities and mobile alerts according to your preferences.

Meanwhile, you can choose from SD card, NAS network devices, PC folder, or NVR security surveillance system to record video. It allows you to stream live from anywhere as long as you are using the accompanying app. However, you may find it a bit pricy, and the DIY design limits you to just plug and play.

Key Features:

  • Special design and DIY with a 20 ft black cable
  • Enhanced COMOS image sensor to produce 720p videos
  • Custom motion detection
  • Alerts on email or mobile device
  • Multiple storages
  • Audio and general I/O port o connect with external alarm devices
  • Very straightforward yet professional quality


  • HD streaming
  • Easy to use
  • Audio option
  • HD streaming via the app


  • A bit costly
  • DIY design limits to just plug and play

6. Antaivision Wireless Mini Spy Hidden Camera – Best Fisheye Small Hidden Camera

When we first saw Antaivision Wireless Mini Spy Hidden Camera, its attractive and sleek design made it special for us. We also find it easy to install since you can just screw it into the ceiling light.

The best thing about this small hidden camera is that it features a 360˚ filming angle. Then, the fisheye makes it possible for you to capture everything inside a room without worrying about blind spots. It comes with two-way audio connection, so you can communicate with your family members with ease.

The Antaivision Wireless Mini Spy Hidden Camera is designed and built to look like a light bulb. That way, it will be hard for other people to detect your hidden camera. Thus, the night vision works well, so you can have a peace of mind at any time of the day.

As for the downside, you need to connect this camera to their server, and you cannot use your own just to let the alert feature work via the SD micro card.

Key Features:

  • 360˚ panoramic view angle
  • 4 WiFi technology
  • Easy to adjust motion detection sensibility
  • Two-way communication
  • Night vision HD 960p video
  • Excellent image quality


  • Easy to install
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • No blind spots
  • Draws power from a light socket
  • Looks like a light bulb


  • Required to be connected to their server to make the alert feature work

7. Jayol Mini Spy Hidden Camera – Extra Layer of Protection

Even when you are away, you can still monitor your home along with your belongings using the Jayol Mini Spy Hidden Camera. You can place it anywhere you want, and at just about an inch high, you can get extra layer of protection.

This small hidden camera takes pride in its 1080p video resolution during the daytime, while 780p at night . it can record to an SD card for up to 64GB, and you can also access the footage via app for Android or iOS devices once you have connected it to WiFi. Although it comes in rechargeable battery, you can plug it into work all the time.

Thanks to its noiseless operation and small size, it makes it easier to conceal, and no one would think that it is actually a hidden camera. Another plus for this camera is it is designed with 140˚ wide-angle, which helps in capturing plenty of movement in a room. However, you may find the user’s guide to being hard to read.

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Key Features:

  • 140˚ wide-angle lens
  • 1080p video quality
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Enhanced motion detection notification
  • Upgraded 720p IR night vision
  • 24-hour loop recording


  • Easy to use
  • Records to an SD card up to 64GB
  • Noiseless operation
  • Easy to conceal


  • Hard to read user’s manual due to tiny font

8. Panoraxy Mini Hidden Spy Camera – More Discreet Design

Are you are looking for a more discreet small hidden camera, the Panoraxy Mini Hidden Spy Camera is a great option. Since it has a dark glass front, it can effectively record a video without being detected by anyone. In fact, even you take a closer to the clock and the lens, it remained to be entirely camouflaged.

You can set Panoraxy Mini Hidden Spy Camera to work with a WiFi connection for live streaming. If you wish to watch the video later, you can use it as a DVR for recording. For you to eliminate hours of useless footage, you can set it into motion detection mode. With its superior night vision feature, you can see up to 8 meters ahead in the dark.

On the other hand, the only downside that you might also encounter is that the small hidden camera has a limited storage. So, it is better for you to buy another SD card with a large capacity.

Key Features:

  • 100% invisible lens
  • 1-inch Cube Clock low-key design
  • Embedded with SD card slot
  • Fast WiFi setup
  • 8 meters enhanced night vision


  • Tinted glass front
  • Stylish and discreet clock
  • Full video and motion detection settings
  • Operates wirelessly


  • Limited memory storage from the SD card included in the package

9. AMCSXH Small Hidden Camera – Best with WiFi Connectivity

Keep track of time while adding an extra layer of security with AMCSXH Small Hidden Camera. You can hang this hidden camera wall clock to anywhere you want and take advantage of 1080p video surveillance.

At any time you want, you can take a look into video notifications with the help of the built-in WiFi. This small hidden camera also features motion detection where you can receive instant alerts through your smartphone. Its 90˚ field of view delivers great performance.

For a wireless power source, you can charge the battery of AMCSXH Small Hidden Camera. But, you will need a separate AA battery to make the clock itself work.

Key Features:

  • Built-in WiFi
  • Motion detection
  • Remote-real time video
  • Supports iOs and Android devices
  • 90˚ wide angle lens


  • Supports micro SD card for up to 32GB
  • Sends instant alerts to smartphone
  • Wireless power source
  • Supports computer OS like Windows and Mac OS X


  • Not too impressive design
  • Requires separate AA battery for the clock itself

10. Littleadd Hidden Spy Camera – Reliable Piece of Technology

The Littleadd Hidden Spy Camera has a straightforward design and is very easy to install. It comes in a smoke detector design, making it discreet as well as difficult to be recognized as a small hidden camera.

Good thing, you can mount it to the ceiling to get a wide-angle, clear footage of the room. With motion detection technology, you can only get footage when there is motion to prevent any useless footage or blank footage. It can record videos between 8 to 10 hours. But, it can last for a number of days or a week when you set up it to motion detection mode.

You can also use a remote control to turn on the Littleadd Hidden Spy Camera. But, it only comes in an 8GB SD card. So, you need to but another card that can hold up to 32GB.

Key Features:

  • High-resolution installation
  • High image quality
  • Motion detection
  • Remote operation


  • Easy mounting and setup
  • Affordable
  • Discreet design


  • No night vision
  • No live streaming
Best Small Hidden Cameras

Buying Guide for Best Small Hidden Cameras

No doubt, hidden cameras are one of the most widely used, trusted surveillance cameras at home and offices. Each camera has its own capability, quality features, price range, and more. So, you need to ensure that you know what you really are looking for. These cameras can view and then, record all actions running close. You may also like Best Smoke detector spy camera .

Some spy cameras are as small as the head of a pen or tip of your finger, while others were disguised as clock, picture frame, teddy bears, and more. If you wish to keep an eye on your servants or nanny, a small hidden wireless camera with discreet design is a great option. Then, if you are a business owner, you can go for a hidden camera pen.

To help you improve your buying decision, consider the following factors to consider before buying small hidden cameras.

  • Record Time

Take note that some small hidden spy cameras record continuously, while others only capture motion-activated footage. So, it is essential for you to look into which a particular method the camera uses, be it through WiFi connection or stored on a memory card. If it’s the latter, you need to check any footage regularly.

  • Video Quality

Let’s face it. A small hidden camera does not have a video quality as good as the standard camera due to its size. However, you can look for the one with at least 720p. That way, you can make out details in your footage.

  • Ease of Use

To help you save time and effort during the installation process, always look for a small hidden camera that is easy to install and use. That way, you will not need to acquire any electrical engineering skills just to get a hidden spy camera installed and working.

  • Memory Capacity

Whether you prefer a hidden camera that stores on an internal memory card or allows you to stream wirelessly, make sure that it comes in a sufficient memory storage. Avoid a small hidden camera that only holds a 24-hour or less footage. The best thing you can do is to look for a hidden camera with 32GB support.

  • Cost

For sure, you have your own budget requirement. If you are on a tight budget, you can find options that are both budget-friendly and high performing. Always for a hidden camera that is priced reasonably enough.

  • Reliability

If you want to set up a small hidden camera outside your premises, make sure that it is weatherproof and sturdy to last longer and can withstand any weather conditions. Then, if you will mount it inside, it is necessary for you to choose the one that offers silent operation and comes in a discreet design or difficult to be noticed that it is actually a spy camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

For you to pick the best small hidden camera, you need to choose the one based on your needs. But, before you choose one, consider these questions:

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Hidden spy cameras are too small, so anyone will find it hard to figure out what you have installed them. You can install them at home or in your business establishment with the intent of avoiding burglary, theft, or any crime.

After reading our review about the best small hidden cameras you can find in the market right now, we hope that you can then upgrade your security. Thus, you may find the right product from the above top ten options that can suit your unique requirements.

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