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Apex Legends Tips and Tricks in 2023

Apex Legends has become an overnight hit giving the gaming community a well-polished, free-to-play Battle Royale game.

Twitch is now filled with streamers playing it and looks like it will give Fortnite a run for its money.

However, the gameplay is quite unique, and Apex Legends takes some time to master.

If you’ve ever played Fortnite or similar games, you know how annoying that initial learning curve can be.

Players that have been playing longer than you can quickly ruin that initial experience, and it’s no fun dying minutes into the match.

That’s where our Apex Legends tips and tricks can come in handy. We’re going to give you an insight into the game that we’ve learned after hours and hours of gameplay.

You’ll win more games, you’ll kill more enemies, and you’ll learn how to master Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Tips and Tricks: Mastering the Basics and Some Advanced Tips

Apex Legends Top Tips

Apex Legends Tips and Tricks

Put Your Gun Away to Gain Some Speed

The developers decided to make your character run faster when you have your weapon put away as would be the case in real life. But, when is this beneficial?

In a few instances:

  • Getting into the safe zone
  • Escaping sticky situations
  • Flanking enemies

So, when you’re just starting out and need to flee, put your gun away, and run.

Carlos Pineda, a designer for Apex Legends, has confirmed that ALL characters move at the same speed.

Animations may make it seem like one character is slower than another, but this is not the case at all.

Use Your Decoy When Deploying (Mirage)

When you enter the game, use your decoy when gliding down.

Using your decoy, only available for Mirage, allows you to confuse your enemies. You can control the decoy, sending him to another location.

It’s a great tactic to scramble enemy players who think you landed close by.

Definitely Make Use of Pings If You Don’t Use Voice Chat

Voice chat is superb, and while I am a big fan of it, I have met a lot of people that despise using it.

It might be that these people don’t like hearing their voice, or it could be that they have a lot of background noise that they’d rather not share.

In either case, there’s no reason to use voice chat if you don’t want to in Apex Legends.

The ping system works great, and you’ll be more than capable of alerting your teammates (there should be a squad of three players to start) entirely with pings. Now, if you don’t have a squad of three, you’re playing at a disadvantage.

It does take some time to get used to using the Ping system, but once you get the hang of it, it can be game changing.

Try Killing Squads Instead of Just People

You enter the match in a squad, but there are 20 squads in total. Yup, you’re up against 60 people, so the number on the HUD that you see is actually how many squads, not people, are left standing.

A lot of people get focused on killing individuals, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. If you see a person, take them out. But a better strategy is to take out an entire squad whenever possible.

When you take out a squad, you have a higher chance of surviving.

Learn to Use Your Frag Grenades

You need to really learn how to use all of the weapons at your disposal.

A lot of players will ignore their frag grenades – a terrible idea. Grenades will explode on a four second timer, so once you release it, you have four seconds before it kills someone.

Long range targets work best with the frag grenade because they won’t have time to react. You also risk blowing yourself up if you throw the grenade at someone that is too close to you.

What’s really nice is that when aiming the grenade, there’s a trajectory line that is 100% accurate. All you have to do is aim and time the grenade going off properly to kill your target.

I have been killed at long range by these grenades, and I never saw them coming.

High-Level Loot is Centered Around Three Main Areas

You’ll want to look towards a few main areas if you want to find high level loot:

  • Hot Zone
  • Supply Ship
  • Supply Drops

And since everything is spread out evenly, you do have a chance of getting good loot.

However, there will be a lot of competition at these locations. So, try your best to get in and out with as little disruption as possible.

Be Prepared to Run to the Next Safe Area

Safe areas are going to pop up in phases, and this will be indicated on your HUD towards the left side.

When playing, pay close attention to this area on your map, which has a faded white dot on your map and mini-map.

You’ll be forced to move to the next safe area based on the indicator, so make a run for it by putting your gun away and getting to safety.

Stick With Your Squad

You have a much better chance of survival if you stick with your squad.

A lot of people will drop from the ship and then leave formation. It’s perfectly fine to break formation, and maybe you want to do this when you get better at the game. But for people who are new to Apex Legends, it’s better to stay with your squad.

Otherwise, you’ll be on your own putting yourself and your squad at a disadvantage.

Feel free to ping the map and make suggestions on where to drop to encourage your squad to stay together.

Apex Legends is all about team work, and with a fast gameplay, it can be tempting to leave your squad.

But a squad of legends that compliment each other can be very difficult to defeat.

Melee Damage is Possible, But It’s Weak and Consistent

When you’re fighting, you do have the option of doing melee damage.

Punch your enemy or hit them with a kick but know that the damage will always be rather weak and always the same (30 damage). It doesn’t seem like a kick does more damage than a punch, and the angles that you hit the opponent from won’t matter either.

So, if you have any other weapon at your disposal, it may be worthwhile to use it versus the weak damage you’ll produce with melee damage.

Don’t Discard the Prowler Burst PDW

At first glance, you may want to discard the Prowler PDW. The gun doesn’t seem that special, and for a burst SMG, five total rounds is simply not enough power.

But when you attach the Selectfire Receiver, you’ll be able to upgrade your gun.

When you do this, you’ll be able to make the gun into an automatic for one of the best close-range weapons available.

I know a lot of people are against these close-range weapons, but it will do wonders for you when you’re up close.

Slide Around Often for Better Safety

It’s harder to hit a fast-moving target. You want to move as fast as possible, and one way to do this is to slide.

Whenever going downhill, make sure you slide to protect against being hit by an enemy player.

When you need to get somewhere fast, it’s faster to just slide down a hill. Since you can slide for a long time, this is a great way to catch up to an enemy or escape.

You Can Climb Walls Even If There is No Wall Running

There are a lot of games where you can triple-jump or even wall run.

But you won’t be able to do any of that with Apex Legends. What you may not know is that you can still scale walls that are 3 times your height.

What you want to do is:

  • Sprint at the wall
  • Hold the jump button
  • Look upwards

If you do this, you’ll often find that your character will be able to reach a ledge. It’s very important to master the art of jumping up walls because it can mean the difference between killing or being killed.

I recommend practicing this whenever you can so that you can understand your character’s limitations.

Doors make it even easier to climb higher.

What you’ll do is open the door, and then you’ll scale the door to get on top of it.

From here, you can then practice your wall climbing so that you can reach some locations that may have otherwise been inaccessible.

Climbing is a skill that you’ll want to master because it will allow you to surprise a lot of players.

If there’s one thing that I recommend you do, it’s experiment with how the character moves and what you’re really capable of doing.

Don’t Worry About Fall Damage Because It Doesn’t Exist

Fall damage is something I always cringe at in games, but it’s really not something to worry about in Apex Legends.

What a lot of new players don’t realize is that you can jump at height without dying.

Fly Around the Map Using Re-Deploy Pods

If you’ve noticed the big red balloons but haven’t investigated them just yet, it’s time to start.

These red balloons will be your saving grace in many instances, and when the balloon is bringing you up to the zipline, you can jump off and jetpack across the map.

Beginners may not appreciate this tip as much as others, but it’s a great way to get across the map quickly and reposition yourself.

Going Up Too High Makes You Out of Bounds

You can go out of bounds, and this is done by going up too high. No one can really get to you at these heights, and they offer no real advantage aside from being able to hide.

I have seen a lot of players that will go to high places to reposition, but the game is not meant for hiding in these high locations the entire time.

You’ll know when you’re up too high because a message will pop up on the screen stating “return to play area.”

A timer will start ticking down, and if you don’t descend, you’ll lose your stealthy advantage. One trick that a lot of players are leveraging is that they’ll go to the higher areas and then reposition when the message pops up.

Start the Game by Landing on the Supply Ships

Supply ships are on the map to start the game, and you can deploy and send your character to these ships from the start of the game.

If you want to start the game with powerful weapons, this is your best option.

But you need to be careful because supply ships are often overrun with other players.

Everyone is scrambling to get good weapons and start taking out other players, so new players may want to master some of the other tips first before landing on the supply ship from the start.

Otherwise, you’re likely to die fast, as all high-end players will be deploying to the supply ships.

Open the Map at the Start to Find the Hot Zones

Perhaps you don’t want to land on the supply ship.

Well, you do have another option: hot zones. There are hot zones available if you open up your map and view them at the start of the game.

You can then drop into these hot zones for some very valuable loot, but you still have to be careful because there will be a lot of players competing for loot in this area.

Once your map is open, you’ll want to look for the bluish circle, which indicates the hot zone’s area. It’s definitely worth going to these areas for powerful weapon. But, be prepared for a lot of competition.

Ping the Items You Really Want or Need in the Inventory

Really need an item that will upgrade your weapon or turn you into a one-man army?

Well, you have to find the item yourself. Or do you? If you go into your inventory, you can select the item and them ping it.

This will alert your squad that you need the weapon.

Just open your inventory, highlight the item and ping it.

Teammates will know that you need these items, and this will help you get the items you need faster if your squad is willing to give them up.

Know Your Colors – Really

When you’re targeted on an enemy player, you need to know what type of damage that you’ll be doing.

Apex Legends has a color-coded way of doing this, and it’s rather simple:

  • Gold head shot
  • Red – player has no shield
  • Other colors – based on the armor

You’ll hear a breaking sound when you have broken through the enemy shield, and this is the time you’ll want to really make a push at the player.

Pick Up Your Enemy Shields

You’ve broken through an enemy’s shield, and now you’ve killed them.

But what a lot of players overlook, and it makes sense, is that the shield is now available to you.

The good news is that all of the damage that you did to the shield is now gone.

You’ll be able to pick up a full shield, and it will be able to sustain a lot of damage if you wear it.

Ignore Downed Players

Downed players can be killed, but you want to leave these players on all fours.

If you kill them, you have no way of knowing when the entire squad is down. The idea is that when the member is still alive, he will die when his last squad member goes down.

When squads are completely wiped out, there will be a voice line telling you.

There are some instances where the player can essentially revive themselves with a rare item. This can really throw you off.

Loot Quicker by Ignoring Red Lines

Enemy players can carry a lot of weapons, and if an enemy is stalking you, they may take this time to do a head shot.

One thing that will make your looting faster is to ignore the items that have a red line going through them.

The reason to ignore these items is that:

  • You already have them, or
  • You don’t have a weapon that can use them

Don’t waste too much time looting, or you could be caught out.

Note: Attachments will automatically attach to your weapons. What does this mean? Let’s say an attachment doesn’t fit any weapons in your inventory, but you eventually do pick up a weapon that the attachment will fit, the attachment will automatically be applied. This leaves you with less time fiddling around with attachments and more time enjoying the game.

Rounding Up

Apex Legends offers a lot of benefits compared to games like Fortnite (personal opinion), and the team seems to have a good grasp of what the community is asking for in other games.

Ping systems are great, and you can ping items that are open, loot boxes or just locations where you want to go.

Pings can also be used to identify enemies.

You also have the option to bring teammates back to life, and this is done by picking up their chips and running to a respawn station to revive them. Overall, Apex Legends is a lot of fun and builds off of other battle royale games, making it a much better experience for many players.

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