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Vizr Reviews

Bottom Line: VIZR is a precious device which can help you safe from road accident by eliminating distraction. This can be installed in your car in an instant and have access to your navigation and driving app. This improves your focus on driving, thus, getting rid of the risks of distracted driving.

Pros: VIZR comes with a universal design. Thus, it can be utilized in your car, regardless of the model and brand. It is also user-friendly and works with various kinds of phones, old or new.

Cons: The manufacturer provides 30 days money back warranty upon your purchase, which some customers find it short.

Vizr Heads Up display Overview

In just a matter of seconds, you can be involved in a road mishap without warning or notice. This accident will leave you and your passengers with serious injuries, or worse death, and seriously damage your car. Road accidents occurred due to many reasons, but the leading cause of this accident is distractions like a phone call that you try to answer, tuning the car radio station, a slightly turning your head for a second to see your phone who texted you. All these can result in an accident caused by distraction.

There are lots of people who prefer driving a car rather than simply walking. Some of us love driving because of the excitement it gave to us while we are on the road. Long drives are enjoyable when we are with our family, relatives, and special friends. If you are one of those people out there who are fond of driving, it is a great idea to prioritize your safety. If you are going to drive your car during early times to go to your destination might be a quite complicated task. We advise you to read about Best Spy Camera for Car

But, since we are now living in a technology-oriented era, there are lots of devices constructed to help us to have a safe driving. One of the main reasons why some of us have an unsafe ride is because of the lack of navigation. But, in these days, you can now have enough navigation systems to have an easier and simpler ride. All you need to do is to enter the location of your desired area and all the information in regards to the route you will take will be shown on the screen. There are also some disadvantages that you might encounter while using navigation maps.

For you to access the navigation map, you are in need to have a mobile phone, and we cannot deny the fact that mobile phones are some of the easy distractions for most of us. You can’t focus your attention on the road you are taking since your eyes are distracted by your phone. Some people usually prefer mounting their mobile phones on their dashboard, but still, it can make distractions as well. Thankfully, this VIZR is one of the latest car heads-up display that will give you a more fun and safer ride. There is nothing for you to worry about the possible distractions since this product is created not to distract the driver, but to help the driver to have a safer ride.

This is the trusted product by most of the drivers out there. VIZR is not only a gadget, but it can also be your companion while driving. This will enable you to have a safer navigation while all the while keeping your eyes and attention focused on the highway. You can use it instantly upon getting it out of its box. It is because it does not have any wires and installations required. All you need to do is to mount it on your dash, pick your desired navigation, and place your mobile phone on the said heads-up display.

Most of the drivers who do not have this kind of gadget usually experience car accidents. These accidents might get you, as well as your passengers, damaged.  With these cases, enough measures have to be considered to make sure there’s no distraction each time you are driving your car. VIZR is a critical technology available to keep you safe down the road. VIZR was launched recently to lessen road accidents by getting rid of distractions. It functions by making sure that you stay focused to reach your destination securely and safely.

VIZR is a HUD or heads-up display mounted on the dashboard of your car to reflect your phone’s screen on the clear and see-through display. It makes sure you don’t need to take off your eyes on the road as you want to check your phone. Reading VIZR reviews 2021 will help you get to know more about this product, including its features, the price, the pros, and cons, as well as the competitors available on the market. So, we suggest to keep on reading this article. Read more about Car Diagnostic Tool.

VIZR Heads Up display reviews

Being aware that a car accident could happen at any place and time leaves you, our passenger, and your car prone to injury. As you turn behind to say something or bow you head down to search for amazing songs in different radio stations, transferring or shifting your eyes from the highway is risky. VIZR can amend these situations. This is a state-of-the-art product to provide the needs of every driver. It offers help on mundane tasks that typically risk you in the process.

VIZR is a kind of heads-up display that enables you to see navigation courses and tracks without diverting your attention as you drive. This made and produced by FIXD, a popular company that manufacturers car-based navigation as well as diagnostic tools. The VIZR offers a remarkable solution for drivers who are utilizing phone navigation to reach their destination without needing to look over at their smartphone, whether mounted in a phone holder or laying on a seat, This device is easy to use, all you have to do is to put your smartphone on the VIZR and opens up a heads-up displays enabled navigation app.

What is more, this technology also leads you to your desired destination while keeping your focus and attention on the road. With VIZR, it changes your phone into a HUD device and provides you flawless and perfect convenience as you can access all the essential apps.

The application of this small device, while you are on the road, helps a lot in effortlessly accessing your significant mobile applications you usually access on your mobile devices by conveying them into a heads-up display. This can be attached easily above the steering where or your car dashboard in the middle as you drive. This will track or monitor with the navigation applications on your mobile phone quickly and without any distractions.

The best thing about this technology is that it can be utilized efficiently with all types of mobiles phone. It doesn’t matter if it powered by iOS, Android, Windows, etc. Worry no more if you have an old or outdated smartphone because this state-of-the-art device is made with a universal style, which makes sure it works with all models of phone.

What are the risks of distracted driving?

Distracted driving can lead to various consequences, including:

  • Death
  • Serious physical injuries
  • High fees and fines caused by violation
  • Possibility of jail time
  • Damage yours and other driver’s vehicle as well as your personal property
  • Amended insurance rates

Common Reasons for Distracted Driving

Car accidents usually happen if the driver does not have a clear driving vision. An accident can occur in just a blink of an eye. Since then, it will cause a moderate to serious damage to the driver as well as to its passengers. In this section, we are going to provide you with the common reasons for distracted driving. Read further below.

  • You are daydreaming while driving
  • You are driving with some of your pets inside your vehicle
  • The bright signs, as well as the loud noises outside, can catch your attention
  • You are focusing on the music you usually play and not on the road
  • Some of your passengers are too noisy who keep asking questions or talking with nonsense topics.

If you are one of the many people out there who are asking if this device is safe to use, then you are in the right place. While utilizing a heads-up display device can help you in keeping your focus on the road, that does not mean that this device is not an interruption.

At some time, you tend to look at the screen of your HUD long enough to be interrupted from what’s far ahead. This surely is not specific to the VIZR- it is a danger common amongst all heads-up display devices as well as electronics as a whole. National Highway Traffic Safety Association counts navigation systems as a driving interruption.

Also according to the organization, interrupted driving is an activity which distracts and redirects your attention from driving, which include texting or calling on your mobile device, drinking and eating, talking to your passengers, fiddling with the car stereo, navigation or entertainment system, anything which takes your focus and concentration away from your safe driving. Keep in mind that the heads-up display will not make you unbeatable- this device will simply lessen the interruption of the navigation system.

Rather than looking to the seat beside you or the dashboard on top of the center console, you are forestalling your attention for an instant to check your dash-mounted heads-up display monitor.

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Features of the VIZR 

When looking for a product, no matter what it is, it is vital to check the features. A feature-rich product assures you that it works effectively and reliably. Luckily, the state of the art VIZR is integrated with amazing features, and this is the main reason why it is trendy at this point amongst drivers.

  • Universal Structure 

Perhaps the most considerable and useful feature of this device is its flexibility as well as the capability to function along with all types and brands of cars. Whether it is a muscle car, a truck, an SUV, or hybrid which you are driving, you can easily incorporate this device. You can attach or set up this device on your dashboard with ease to use it efficiently. On the other hand, some newly developed cars come equipped with heads up display; however, VIZR is the best choice for you if your vehicle doesn’t come with a heads-up display.

The creator of this high-end gadget stated that it can be used with both small and large mobile phones. These mobile phones include those well-known brands, such as Apple and Samsung. This gadget tends to make a brilliant and bright display, which is attractive to the eye. It only means that you can see the light of this gadget even if you are inside or outside of your vehicle.

Its universal design will make sure that this gadget is compatible with any type of vehicle as well. You can also use it not just with your SUV or truck, but with a car or a van as well. This device will give you an easier navigation.

  • It is Designed to Follow the Laws

There are some states in a country that implement a law wherein the drivers of any type of car are restricted from using any electronic devices while manipulating a vehicle. However, there are also some states that restrict only those who are younger or teenager drivers from utilizing those kinds of devices while driving. While others not just only limit but stop the drivers from using it.

With the help of VIZR, you can still obey all the driving rules and regulations enforced in your state while getting your needed help. Since this device has a large-size display, it will provide you with the navigations as well as the directions that you need to follow. As a result, you can get to your preferred area without holding the said device with your one hand. It will enable you to be aware of all the driving details that you need without interfering with your focus on driving.

  • Durable Design

Those who already make use of a mobile phone in getting the directions previously are aware that any possible damage that might occur on the screen can get in their way. All of the hair residue of your pet that you have been ignored while you are browsing the web or playing online games can avoid you from getting the right information about the right direction to your destination. What’s worse is when your screen has some noticeable scratches. It is because these scratches or cracks will prevent you from knowing the information provided to you by your mobile phone. In these days, the VIZR device is the only tool that is damage resistant. It only means that you will not experience anything that will interfere you from knowing the right directions to get into your preferred destination. Please read more about Best GPS Tracker For Car

Since VIZR is a good device that has a durable design, you can ensure that it is free from smears, scratches, as well as to cracks. You can still see the information and the directions clearly without experiencing any issues even when your hands are dirty.

  • Works 24 Hours a Day and 7 Days a Week 

In case you are worried and troubled that the resolutions of your heads-up display are not sufficient, you don’t have to worry as this device works 24 hours a day and 7 a week.

  • Limited Distractions

We cannot deny the fact that it is hard for us to know or learn the main idea of a device without seeing it how it works on actual. Similar to this device, you will have a hard time understanding how it works when you will not see how it is being used visually. Upon mounting this device on your dash, which is above the steering wheel, you can ensure that the screen will be placed right in front of your sight. While you are getting the perfect and clearer view on the screen of this device, you can also see the road you are taking clearly.

Thus, accidents will be prevented while using this device. One of the advantages that you can get from this driving tool is that you will have a limited distraction. The navigations of VIZR will give you real-time information. If you are turning, the arrow that you see on the device’s screen will also turn as you do. This will ensure that you are driving the right path.

  • Slip Resistant

Most of the newly-invented mobile phones these days that are available on the market can be purchased with a price rate of 800 US Dollars to 1000 US Dollars or even more. Even if your phone is protected with a hard phone case, you can’t still ensure that it will be protected when you drop it on a hard surface. Since then, your phone will have undesirable damages. These damages might leave your phone scratched or cracked.

What’s worse is that your phone might stop working. When you are using the VIZR device, you can get it safely and go in any area that you want without worrying about the possible damages that might occur. It is because this device comes up with a slip-resistant feature.

We all know that when a device or an item has a slip-resistant feature, you can ensure that you will have a good grip on it when you are going to set it up or remove it. This feature will also prevent your device from slipping while using it in your vehicle.

  • Secure Mounting

Stability is one of the most common issues that most of the HUD devices’ users experience. If you are going to use some other device that is quite different from this VIZR tool, there is a high chance that your device will slip off while making a sharp turn. As a result, your used device will get dropped on your vehicle and might be damaged.

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Your device is also susceptible to losing its stability while mounting. Fortunately, this VIZR device comes up with a secure mounting feature. With this, you can ensure that you will keep your mobile phone mounted to the dash securely. Since it is about 6 inches long, it can accommodate the full weight of the biggest mobile phone that can be purchased on the market. Aside from that, you can also remove your mobile phone easily upon reaching your desired destination.

  • Multilayered Covering

The screen of this device is totally is safe and secured with the multilayered covering to avoid getting smeared or scratched. It can stay clear for a time when taken care of very carefully and maintained with the application of mild screen cleaning kits, which are non-abrasive to avoid unwanted marks.

  • Heads-Up Display App Compliance 

Even if it has been included with a free app, the VIZR efficiently functions with other apps. All you need to do is to make sure that it is configured to heads-up display mode for you to use your preferred app constantly.

  • Wireless Installation

Even if it looks extremely sleek and sophisticated, this heads-up display can be installed easily by anyone. All you must do is to follow the mounting principles and app installation once you get rid of it from the box, and you’re set to go. It has 3-easy steps that you should follow: unbox it, mount it, and use it. It doesn’t need any professional skills, as well as a complicated procedure. You also don’t need additional cables or wires.

  • Non-Slip Surface

VIZR is made with non-slip elements, which prevents it from sliding off while you are driving. It can be utilized in many ways. You can install it on top or directly set it up on your car’s dashboard. To look for the most appropriate angle for yourself, you can adjust the screen with ease. What is more, this heads-up display is exceptionally portable, easy to eliminate as well as stress-free to install in your car.

What to Do When VIZR Adhesive Wears Off?

Though you can’t prevent the VIZR adhesive from wearing off, there are some other ways that you can do if this situation happens;

  • Before reattaching the device on the dash of your vehicle, make sure that your dash is thoroughly cleaned.
  • The next thing that you can do is to drop a small amount of superglue in attaching the device.
  • Also, it is a good idea if you are going to use a Velcro strip that comes up with an adhesive to ensure that the VIZR device and the dash are securely glued.
  • If those things did not work, you might consider contacting its manufacturer for an exchange or even a refund.

VIZR Offers 

VIZR offers various kinds of packages for you to select from such as:

  • 1-VIZR package: When you choose this package, you will get one VIZR
  • 2- VIZR package: When you avail of this package, you will buy one unit at the given price and have the chance to buy another one with a 50 percent discount. This is ideal if you own two cars.
  • 3- VIZR: In this package, you will buy two VIZR and get one for free. This is one of the most sought-after packages for those who have three or more cars in the house. The price of the VIZR also differs with different packages.

How Much is VIZR? 

Aside from setting up a process, one of the biggest questions about this product is the price. Knowing how much VIZR is very important, most fundamentally, when you are considering making use of many devices in your cars. Even if many stores sell this product online, visiting the official website is the best thing you can do if you want to save a lot.

Another good reason why you must buy this device from the company’s website is the huge discount you can avail of. Getting one piece of VIZR will cost you USD39.00. When you purchase three units, you can save a lot. What is more, this official website provides a deal that sells one for a full value and buys one for half its price.

How to Install and Use the VIZR? 

VIZR is easy to set up. All you have to do is to follow these guides:

  • Remove from the packaging: The first step is to get rid of the packaging. You will see a small mounting tool that has a plastic screen that pops-up.
  • Clean the dashboard from grime and dirt: Prior to setting up this device, first, make sure that your dashboard is free from dirt and grime. Any grime stuck to the dashboard surface will keep this unit from attaching and adhering correctly.
  • Apply the VIZR: To install this device in your dashboard, ensure to put it on a flat surface with the glue side facing down. If you find the best place for it, get rid of the strip from the glue and press down to fasten that strip to the dashboard.
  • Pick Your App: This device functions with various kinds of navigation apps that include those you already have on your smartphone. You can pick the right app and let it load to utilize it with the VIZR.
  • Adjust the screen/display according to your preference: After installing this device on your dashboard, you can put in your device and then adjust the screen or the display. Then, you can move as well as adjust the display until you see evidently and plainly.

Apps Compatible with this Unit

Even if VIZR is a useful device, you may doubt what kinds of navigation apps you can utilize with it. It is good to know that devices can be used with any navigation apps like Google Maps as well as others that are already installed on a smartphone these days. Those navigation apps guide you with the best ways to reach your destinations. Also, you can view many routes between those points as well as the time needed to reach that place. Makers of VIZR suggest other navigation apps such as:

FIXD App: Made by a company that produces VIZR, no wonder this app works with VIZR. This app provides tracking and is able to monitor your car and allows you to know what you have to do. This app can also remind you of the maintenance your car needed.

HUDWAY Go: This is a very useful and handy navigation app that can assist you in getting your direction between two places. Hudway Go shows driver turn by turn tracks and routes, and it also comes equipped with voice navigation, which allows you to listen to the direction as somebody reads them to you. Also, it enables you to see many paths or directions between two locations to choose the one which you like to follow.

How Does This Device Work? 

This device can be mounted on your dashboard with ease. The corresponding display generates reflection, which comes from the screen of your smartphone. Reflection content is shown on a visible display, which frees you from the pressure and stress of looking down on your mobile device now and again.

The main reason why this product is made is to help you in making a precise turn by turn navigation without blocking your view. What is more, sticking your attention on the road equates to a lessened number of mishaps. Still, you are able to see notifications and see the newest messages on your phone. Checking your phone for some important texts or calls should not necessarily entail changing your eye from the road. It will pose a serious threat not only to your life but to your passengers, as well.

Even if in-car heads-up displays can be seen in various high-end cars like Mercedes Benz, a lot of HUD models are also on hand. These can set up easily, and it doesn’t matter if your car is a brand new or old model.

VIZR Pros 

VIZR offers many advantages to drivers. When you purchase this product, you are guaranteed of safe driving as it reduces distraction. Some of the perks you can get from buying this device take account of the following:


One significant benefit you can get from purchasing this product is its compatibility. VIZR works for any auto, regardless of models and brands. You can install it on your SUV, truck, crossover as well as a muscle car. You can easily attach it to your car’s dashboard and make a safe and stress-free journey with your family.

Perhaps you know that the newest models of the car come with HUD, but in case you have old cars and want to incorporate this device, you can do so by visiting the manufacturer’s website and place an order.

Durable and Tough 

VIZR is a sturdy and durable product. It comes with a screen that is secured by a multilayered coating, so it does not get marked or smudged. Even when you don’t take care of it regularly, still it will not affect the crystal-clear quality for a long period.

Functions all through the day

If you are troubled by the resolution may be affected by the time, well, you don’t have to worry as you can use it during daytime and nighttime, in spite of the visibility conditions.

Works along with HUD App Available 

VIZR comes equipped with its own app, with many features being included in order to meet your daily needs. On the other hand, if you decide to use other up, VIZR works with all kinds of navigation apps out there.

Non-Slip Surface

VIZR mobile holder is made of the non-slip component, so it does not slide off each time you drive. You can install this device in two ways: putting it on top or install it on your dashboard.

Adjusting the display allows you to look for the best angle, which works for you. Also, it is portable. Thus, you can easily detach this unit and utilize it in other cards.

Wireless installation

VIZR looks expensive, high-tech as well as complicated. However, what many people don’t know is that it can be set up easily. After taking out from the box, simply follow the guide, including the app setup, and you are ready to go. There is no need to use wires or following a complicated process. Setting up is a breeze; it will only take you a few seconds.


With the lots of HUD items that you can see on the market today, you might ask yourself why you should spend some of your savings buying this kind of device. The simple answer to that question is that VIZR device is the only item that has an adjustable design. If you already experienced using an old-fashioned mounting device in holding your mobile phone, you might notice that those kinds of products can only work in a single way or two. Aside from that, these products also limit your vision on the screen to clearly see the information provided to you by your phone.

Besides, any glare that comes from your car’s window can also cause some issues. Since this VIZR device has an adjustable design, you can ensure that you will have a clearer vision by moving it to your desired position.

One-Year Warranty

Even though some of the previous users of this VIZR device hate the guarantee provided by its manufacturer, they cannot deny the fact that its warranty is the best. The guarantee that you will receive can only be used within a month, and it will begin once the shipper established the delivery. On the other hand, the VIZR’s manufacturer will offer you a one-year warranty. Even though it is limited for some, it will enable you to have a refund or even exchange when your VIZR device starts to give you some issues for different reasons.

The one-year warranty of this device covers the possible errors made by the manufacturer that usually interfere with the use as well as the design of the said item. You can also ask for a refund or exchange when the device is not ideal with your phone or when you can’t fix it on your dash.

Perfect in All Weather and Climate Conditions

For those who have already used a HUD device previously, we are sure that you already experienced a not-so-clear view on the screen due to the changing condition of the weather outside. One of the good instances is when you are driving during the rainy season. When the rain starts to pour your vehicle, it tends to make some streaks and dark spots which will make it impossible for you to see the directions on the road. When you use a HUD that only works with the windshield, you will have difficulties in seeing the directions outside. Thankfully, this VIZR device is created. This device is one of the few equipment out there that can work in different weather conditions and climates. With the use of this VIZR device, you can ensure your safe drive wherever and whatever the climate and weather condition is.

Customer Service and Support

Those customers who usually use different online shops in purchasing their desired products always want to prevent scams and get fake products. The VIZR official website will provide you with different ways to keep in touch with its company. It only means that you can ensure that the product you will get is original. Upon opening its official site, there is a button that will appear on your screen, click it and it will show you the contact information. You can keep in touch with the company not only by phones but also through emails. Having a contact with the manufacturer is crucial, most notably if you are going to ask for an exchange or refund your VIZR device.


Even there are lots of good VIZR reviews out there from previous clients. There are also some flaws that come along with this product. One complaint is the warranty the manufacturer’s offer, which is only 30 days after purchasing the product compared to other manufacturers which offer the same items, provide a generous warranty. Thirty days may not be enough to fully try the efficiency of this product and how reliable it is.

Some users also have complaints about the apps which worked along with this device. They have discovered that it was not attuned with the navigation apps they have chosen and which the attuned apps had lots of glitches.

Some users face issues in attaching the device on their dashboards. However, the manufacturers remind you that you must ensure that the dashboard is clean and free from dirt. Adhesive will not stick properly to a dirty and grimy dashboard.

Another problem with using this device is that it will immobilize many features on your mobile device. They have discovered that this device blocked some incoming calls and also stopped them from seeing text messages. Other users also encountered issues in using their preferred apps and features afterward. However, provided that fact you restrict the permissions which provide and switch off the navigation apps, you should not have any problems accessing the elements of your mobile device.

Reasons to Utilize VIZR Device While Driving

  • VIZR is a device that will offer you with a very convenient access to the directions while driving
  • You can purchase or download different applications and try using it with the device if it will work.
  • This device will ensure your safety while driving
  • You can use the said device with FIXD diagnostic tool
  • This device is compatible with any type of car and can accommodate any weight of mobile phones
  • It is working with great navigation applications
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HUD Buying Guide 

At this point, there are two kinds of aftermarket HUDs: screens and projections. Ultimately, the heads-up display which uses their own display is superior. The display allows for easy and quickly repositions the device once the position doesn’t allow the most excellent presentation. What is more, heads-up display with the screen is far more likely to experience less from the dismayed double picture or image.

On the other hand, screen material will play a vital role in whether the effect happens. But there’s no standard material utilized for this device, although avoidance of plastics is advisable.

  • Issues and Solutions 

Projection heads-up displays have their own problems like the quality of the image. In perfect conditions, the quality of the vision will be okay. But usually ideal conditions are restricted to in the evening without many bright lights. In the daytime, most notably, when the sun is high, the image can be totally washed out.

  • Connectivity 

A lot of heads-up displays connect using a wire. This is relevant for the capability of the device to show the car’s performance. However, there are HUDs available that don’t require wires to setup. Some are powered by the twelve-volt car outlet that is situated on your dashboard.

On the other hand, once your heads-up display links to your mobile device, it may need another level of connectivity. If this is the case, the HUF might connect straight to the mobile device with a wire or allow connecting through Bluetooth.

It doesn’t matter if your heads-up displays connect to the mobile device will also affect the type and amount of information you can get, HUDs which don’t connect to a phone usually only get information from the car itself. Some of this information includes range per minute, speed, temperature, and many others. On the other hand, once the device connects to the mobile device, it will give directions while you are driving, and state of the art HUDs allow you to make use of the 3rd party applications.

  • Quality of the Display 

Display quality can be broken down into three features such as cohesion, resolution as well as brightness. Cohesion is whether or not the screen produces a double image. In general, it is the windshield polarization that causes the effect. The brightness has something to do with the kind of lighting.

On the other hand, the brightness also centers on whether or not the display is projected onto a screen or film installed on your car’s windshield. The same thoughts that affect the vividness of the screen will also affect the resolution as well as the cohesion with similar elements generating a worse or better quality.

  • Flexibility and Compatibility

Compatibility is narrow down into two sections: vehicle and mobile device. The most excellent heads-up display connects to the mobile device and even permits you to access other apps while working. On the other hand, even for the device which connects to your phone, some of them need the application of particular apps, and some stop functioning once you switch to a different app.

Another consideration with it comes to compatibility has something to do with your car. Different types of models of vehicles have various readout features that measure the performance of the auto. These readout technologies are JOBD for Japanese standards and EOBD, OBD II as well as OBD for European. Once the readouts of your car and HUD aren’t attuned, you can’t get or receive information regarding the performance of your vehicle on your heads-up display.


VIZR is one of the most popular HUD products today. However, there are types of HUDs on the market to choose from. Some of the best heads-up displays available on the market include:


YICORA 5.5 HUD is one of the best HUDs available. It comes with a 5.5 inches screen that offers a crisp, HD display, and shows 5 colors. Thus, you can easily read and catch messages. It also comes with nano-technology that gets rid of unnecessary reflections and makes display info sharper. You can enjoy your drive without the glare.

It has an abundant display such as speed engine, driving speed, battery voltage, fuel consumption, mileage measurement, fatigue driving reminding, and many others. It is also integrated with a multicolor design, which is refreshing, as having one dull color might make the details look dull. With this HUD, you can easily adjust the brightness.


  • Ease of use
  • Tough and superior product
  • State-of-the-art features


  • Costly

Hudly Wireless Head-Up Display

Another popular HUD is the Hudly Wireless is another HUD in the market ideal for all types of cars, for all types of operating system. Hudly is a renowned company and renowned due to its remarkable HUDs product. With Hudly Wireless HUDs allows you to see speed performance and RPMs without taking your focus on driving.

The sensor technology automatically adjusts. Thus, you get the best visibility regardless of the time of the day. The LED display has a special coating to get rid of too much reflection. Setting it up is very easy; all you have to do is to plug the device into your car’s OBD2 to power. Then, it will mechanically power on once you start your car. You can use it for many hours as the battery will not easily drain.


  • Fuel economy
  • Optimum visibility
  • Easy plug-and-play setup
  • Set speed limit warnings


  • The reflection is a challenge for drivers to see at daytime
  • Shuts off with no warning

LeaningTech P10 Car HUD Head Up Display

Another popular HUD available on the market today is the LeaningTech P10. is available on the market today. What makes this head-up display very popular amongst other products is that it connects the auto OBD II interface by OBD wire.

This also shows essential driving information such as car speed, water temperature, engine Range Per Minute, fuel consumption, and many others. This product can keep your eyes on the road always in order to stay away from dangerous nodding of your head to check the dashboard. Prior to using this product, make sure to check your car if it is OBD II certified through opening the engine hood of your car, and look for the sticker.

This HUD gets rid of the fault code. You can do it by first scanning the program, then hold the button for a few seconds to access the menu. Push right to switch to troubleshooting and short press in. Look for the fault code function and press it to finish.

This HUD has so many things to offer. It is eight-color displays that can be changed according to your choice. The eight-color displays give you more excitement while driving.

It is also integrated with seven UI displays, each one with a different function. This is perfect for diverse driving status or conditions. It has an anti-slip mat, so the unit held firmly and steadily. You can also remove and reuse it.


  • Color displays
  • UI display to select from
  • Anti-slip mat


Some find it hard to attach the product on the dashboard

Vufine Wearable Display

Vufine is a trendy device that is able to send a 720p image from HDMI enabled camera to the sunglasses. Included in the packages are a bracket, non-prescription eye gases, USB cables, and HDMI, as well as a guide.

This also included an internal battery that can power this device for 1 hour and a half. It has an L shaped design that houses the display. It provides 960 by 540 resolution, while the LCOS display is huge enough to give a remarkable user experience. This is portable and super lightweight. It just weighs 30 grams and is easy to use as well.


  • Handy and transportable
  • Functional


  • Pricey


VIZR is created by FIXD, who is one of the well-known producers of vehicle-based diagnostic and navigation tools. Thus, this VIZR heads-up display is indeed one of the most useful and state of the art products available for drivers. The number of accidents on the road is increasing daily. When you are on the road with your car, there’s no assurance that you will go back home safe as some drivers take for granted the significance of safe driving.

Distraction in driving is the main culprit of car accidents. Some drivers eat and use their smartphones while driving. This is bad. Accidents can be avoided by installing VIZR. It shows the whole thing on a clear screen. This is considered a convenient and safest option.

VIZR will offer a safer solution to those who usually use their mobile phones in navigating their desired destinations. By simply putting this item on your car’s dashboard, you can ensure that you, your passengers, as well as others will have a safer and more fun ride.

If you’re going to use this device, then you can focus more on your driving. There are many perks to using this product. With VIZR, you can check your speed, map, traffic as well as navigate your direction without distraction. This is a user-friendly and reliable product.

VIZR is surely a must-have product for every driver to assure your safety on the road. So, if you are one of those drivers who love to take a ride with your family members and friends, this VIZR is a must-have item. With the use of this item, you can make sure that you will have a full focus on the road. Aside from that, there are lots of benefits that you can get from this product. You can determine the map, speed, traffic, as well as to navigate without getting distracted. This is undeniably an easy to use and reliable product. Nervousness while driving will fade away as long as this product is mounted on your dash.

For those people who are new in driving, this is the most recommended product that you should use. If you want to have a safe ride, then purchase this VIZR heads-up navigation display. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase yours now!

Have a safe drive. Make a wise decision. Buy VIZR heads-up navigation display now!

Frequently Asked Questions

VIZR is currently deemed as one of the best HUDs or Heads Up Displays available on the market. It is very much popular among car drivers all over the world due to its amazing benefits. If you are in the market for VIZR but want some more information about this product, then this FAQ is for you.

Can I Use this along with Waze?

Today, Waze navigation works along with CarPlay. Waze for iOS finally functions with Apple CarPlay on iOS 12. The newest update to Waze allows you to utilize a smart navigation application in the integrated screen/ monitor in your auto with CarPlay support.

Is VIZR Expensive?

You can purchase this HUD product at stores online. As of now, you can buy VIZR for as low as $39.99. However, if you buy two units, you can have for just $59.99. The more purchase you did, the more savings you are able to get.

Is a HUD or head-up display good?

Yes. VIZR head-up display can be used without worry. It is totally safe. In fact, when you make use of it, your driving tends to be safer than before. Why did it happen? This is because this HUD enables you to keep a better eye on your speed and navigation instructions, without the need of looking far from the highway.

What Apps does VIZR Use?

There are lots of apps that work along with the VIZR. You can utilize Hudway Go for navigation or make use of the FIXD app. However, some users highly recommend the HUDWAY Go. Some other apps which you can use include HUD Widgets, Navmii, Speedometer, Sygic, and many others. Users of this HUD can unlock features in the FIXD app like the live car.

Does this HUD work with the FIXD sensor?

Once you have a FIXD sensor, you can see the live data and show it on VIZR. You don’t need to own or purchase a FIXD sensor to have VIZR be attuned for you.

Is this portable so I can transfer it to my other car?

Yes. VIZR is extremely portable; you can take it anywhere you want to go. After moving this device many times, the glue will lose its efficiency, so it is highly recommended to keep your VIZR in one place.

How important is a VIZR?

This is very important. It enables you to acquire directions and other essential information without losing your focus on driving and your eyes off the road. It is integrated with grip technology; this allows you to acquire information from your smartphone without compromising your safety. This state-of-the-art technology orients with your car and provides you a clear picture. You can use it all the time, whether day or not, and most of all, it doesn’t need charging.

Will it fit any size of the smartphone? And what is the size of VIZR?

This technology works on all types of smartphones, whether small or big. The base has a length of 6 3/8 inches and glass, which reflects the smartphone measures 2 5/8 x 5 5/16. There are mobile phones that might stick out some; on the other hand, the screen will still comprehensively reflect off of the glass. VIZR is unsuitable for tablet phones or tablets.

What are some VIZR troubleshooting tips available?

If you are having a problem seeing your mobile screen on your VIZR, ensure you adjust the brightness of your phone all the way up. You might have to switch off auto-brightness. What is more, ensure the screen is tilted as well as at the optimal angle.

In case the VIZE isn’t sticking to the dashboard. First, you need to ensure that the dashboard is clean and then also make sure it is dry. Choose a flat spot on the dashboard and securely press down the VIZR, ensuring the glue is flush. Hold for a couple of seconds, and that’s it.

Does it VIZR when driving?

Once you make use of VIZR app or any app with that setting, it must be in the right orientation.

Is VIZR compatible with all types of the vehicle?

Yes. This technology is made keeping in mind the flexibility. So, it works with all types of cars. VIZR works on sedans, SUVs, smart cars, convertible as well as a motor home.

How to fix VIZR? 

The fact that each of these heads-up displays goes together with a general stand, which connects with any dashboard, it assures you can obtain a perfect view of a screen for your driving and highway before you. All you have to do is to attach it easily to the dashboard, place the phone down on it and that’s it, you’re ready to go.

How the screen of VIZR works? 

The state-of-the-artVIZR technology functions unbelievably all through the day with its exceptional treated glass. This assures a dependable reflective standard of view during the sunny day without blocking or affecting your view. Also, it works well in the evening once compared to another implicit bright LED, which causes you to move your eye a little bit from blinding dim road light. Not like VIZR, which makes your navigation stress free as well as clear without harming your eyes?

Is there any assurance that it will work in my vehicle?

VIZR is intended to be suitable for all models and brands of cars. It is assured to work with your vehicle in spite of the make, model year as well as the shape of the dashboard. VIZR, without a doubt, is a universal product.

Is the maker offers Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes. You can have this product with 30 days or one-month money-back warranty. If you are not pleased or satisfied with the result, you can ask for a refund without questions asked.

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