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Mindinsole Review

Learn more about insoles and what’s new for them here in our review of Mindinsole. We want to tell you all about these hot new inserts for your shoes.

BOTTOM LINE: Mindinsole is designed to treat your feet the same way that acupuncture does. Some people didn’t have the best results, but many did feel more energized and definitely experienced improved circulation in their feet as a result of using these insoles. Mindinsole insoles will help relieve muscle soreness and stress on your feet. Wear them during everyday activity in any shoe. The insoles are one size fits all and can be trimmed to fit any style of shoe.

Advantages– These insoles contain magnets that provide a soothing sensation to your feet. You’ll definitely feel better after using them, and by using a single pair in your shoes, you can feel greater energy and have a lot better circulation.

Disadvantages– You might not get used to the insoles right away. It could take time for them to feel like they belong in your shoes, and the ridges on top can be slightly uncomfortable. There are some Mindinsole reviews that stated that the customers had to cut their own insoles to make them fit the shoes.

Take Care of Your Feet with Mindinsole

Your feet get put through a lot of work and stress. That’s true whether you spend most of the day on your feet or you work out for hours at a time. Even people who are wearing high-quality shoes will often feel achiness in their feet and pain on the top or bottom of their feet after a long day or work or working out. You might suffer from bunions or various other foot issues, and these inserts from Mindinsole were designed to ease the pain that is often felt in the balls, arches, toes and other parts of the feet. The manufacturers devised inserts that go right under your feet smoothly and that serve a similar function to acupuncture. They are meant to benefit you with every step that you make, and if you want to know more about these insoles and if they will really work well for you and offer you any serious benefit, then you should read our Mindinsole review.

These insoles were named for the concept of mind in the soul, and they play with the notion that every part of your body is somehow connected. What this means in practical terms for the insoles is that they help your entire body since the pain from the head can impact your feet and the pain in your toes can have an effect on your shoulders, and so on. This notion is fairly common in traditional medicines around the world, and it is the idea of holistic medicine that is being put into practice with these insoles. You might not think that all of this is going on and might not even believe that what happens to your foot can impact the upper portion of your body, but you should be aware that the practice of holistic medicine is in play here, with these insoles. Simply put, holistic medicine considers the entire person- body, spirit, emotions, and mind.

You might have tried other kinds of inserts before and not experienced any sensation of relief. These are different, however. They are worth the investment because many people say that they got help with these inserts when others let them down. The magnets that they use can cool your feet, and their ridges and their bumps are specially designed to roll your soles when you are walking. After you have read this Mindinsole review, you will see why these are such popular insoles and why so many thousands of people use them to help their feet.

Here are some of the advantages of these insoles:

  • They benefit the health of your entire body
  • They can help you to feel more energetic throughout the day
  • They can decrease stress and reduce the strain on your feet
  • They are compatible with every kind of shoe and boot
  • If the size is wrong, you can easily cut the insoles to the desired size
  • You won’t sweat very much with these soles since they are designed to be breathable
  • They fit comfortably between shoes and socks
  • They don’t make your footwear feel heavy

Now, let’s look at some of the disadvantages:

  • If you cut the insoles, your warranty will be voided
  • They can be costly when compared to other insoles
  • They might not always be comfortable for everyone
  • You could have some trouble getting a refund for them
  • The inserts might not benefit your health, in some cases

Now, let’s look at some of the key features of these shoes and what they have to offer you:

  • Contains eight separate magnets that keep your feet cool
  • The massaging elements (of which there are 400) will soothe your feet
  • Contains eight large massaging parts
  • Each one has 120 medium massaging parts
  • Each insole has 270 tiny massaging parts
  • Your feet’s pressure points will be targeted especially by the magnets
  • Boosts overall airflow in the shoes
  • Only one size to pick from

Who Should Be Purchasing Mindinsole?

Are Mindinsoles right for you? Well, if you are the kind of person who spends a lot of time on their feet, like a teacher or athlete or police officer, then this is probably a great product for you. Security guards could really benefit from this too, as they are often on their feet at all hours of the day, and that kind of life can be hard on your feet, legs, back, and entire body. An effective insole can make quite a difference and help you to feel better. A pair of inserts that go inside your shoes like the Mindinsoles are a good option because they won’t take up a bunch of space or add to your overall footwear weight very much, but they can be extremely comfortable and very helpful in enabling you to feel less pain and achiness.

A lot of inserts will use gel to pad your feet and help them to not hurt as much. Mindinsole insoles are a different kind of insert. They use massage parts and bumps to create a cushioning, massaging effect. These will work in boots or shoes of practically any kind. You may even be able to wear them in your high heels if you want. The combination of massaging elements and magnets works together to create a great sensation that is very comfortable and soothing. It eases the stress away and reduces the overall strain on the feet, decreasing their workload and making them feel better.

The Mindinsoles insoles can be used for all sorts of jobs. Here are a few that they would be great for:

  • Security personnel
  • Cleaning crew
  • Floor managers
  • Cashiers
  • Salesclerks
  • Athletes
  • Trainers
  • Gym instructors
  • Coaches
  • Baristas
  • Bartenders
  • Nurses
  • Doctors

All of these people spend a lot of their time on their feet, and while it may not seem like you are being very active at some of these jobs, just being on your feet for a few hours a day can be tiring and can be hard on your feet. Why not use something in your shoe to help ease the stress that is placed on your feet and make life easier on yourself? Why not take Mind insoles and benefit your feet with improved circulation and comfort?

If you are the kind of person who likes to work out, then Mind insoles are a great option for you as well. People who run a few miles a day or who go to the gym to sweat off some pounds are going to want to use these inserts as a way to decrease the amount of stress that they put on their feet. They are great for preventing overheating and reducing foot sweating.

When Can You Wear Them?

You might be concerned about when the right time is to wear these insoles. You may wonder if you can take your Mindinsole inserts and wear them during your daily routine. The answer is an emphatic “yes”. Here are a few things you could be doing while wearing inserts and helping out your feet:

  • Work out at the gym
  • Go for a run
  • Shop for groceries
  • Play outside
  • Go to a museum or amusement park
  • Pack up your prescriptions
  • Shop at the mall
  • Go out with friends
  • Go to work

What’s the Secret of Mindinsole?

The way these insoles work is that they have some magnets inside that are designed to target acupuncture points. So, you get the same benefits as if you used acupuncture, but without any needles being poked into you. A lot of people stay away from acupuncture because they have a fear of needles. It’s not a bad fear to have, but it can keep you from enjoying the benefits of this proven, traditional therapy. However, you don’t have to bother with acupuncture if you use these insoles and enjoy the benefits that they have to offer.

There isn’t any need for you to go to an acupuncturist and get sterile needles poked into your feet when you use these Mindinsoles. You can get all the benefits of acupuncture-like stress relief and pain relief and feel healthier just by using these insoles. You can treat various medical conditions and have your pressure points targeted in the same way they would be with acupuncture. You will notice that you have less stress and that you feel better once you use Mindinsole on a regular basis. How soon will it help you to feel better, though? That depends on your health conditions and how often you use these insoles. Some people feel nothing after a few uses and others feel benefits right away. It all depends on what condition their health is in and how they utilize these insoles.

A lot of the other inserts that are on the market will use a single acupoint, applying pressure on one area. This has its benefits, but it is not nearly as helpful as if you were to target multiple acupoints at once. This is what these insoles do. They actually manage to target three separate acupoints, and that can be a big help in enabling you to feel much better. The micro and medium acupoints are there all across your body, as well as 12 major acupoints that can be targeted to improve your overall health and stress levels. The insoles come with eight cooling magnets too, and these can cut down on the heat that could build up on your feet or negatively affect you. These magnets help you to stay cool if you are out in the hot sun, for example, so they can make a big difference in how comfortable your feet feel. You won’t feel like you need to rest as much or take a break and cool off as often. That’s going to allow you to get more done and feel better all day long.

A lot of people with various health problems find they need to rest their feet every so often on hot days, more often than they would on colder days. That’s because of the way heat can make their feet swell and feel sweaty and uncomfortable. These cooling magnets in the Mindinsole inserts can have a positive effect and help to fight that problem. They can make you feel better and get you back on your feet faster.

Why You Should Be Using Mindinsole Inserts

You will definitely want to consider the advantages of using Mindinsole, and our Mindinsole review will cover what those are for you. We gathered a lot of information on these inserts and how they benefit people, and we have listed some of those benefits here for your information. We want you to be able to make the most informed decision possible.

They Decrease Pain- Who doesn’t want to feel less pain? With Mindinsole inserts, you can feel more at ease, as they will decrease sciatic nerve pain that can be extremely painful and can keep you feeling like you need to stay in bed. They can also decrease pain in the hips and butt. You should be using them for foot pain of any kind as well, and you may want to look at our Doc Socks review for more ways to help with foot pain. Your medical conditions may be making you feel miserable, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Makes It Easier to Endure- You can experience foot pain that comes on suddenly and unexpectedly, and that can last for many hours. Leg and foot pain can be tremendously debilitating, keeping you from doing what you would like to and making it hard to get through the day. Mindinsole can make the difference, giving you relief from that pain and helping you to endure throughout the day. You will feel less pain and more comfort as you wear them.

They Give You More Energy- You might not be feeling your best because of a virus or because you are not sleeping properly. That lack of energy may make it hard for you to get through your day and do what you would like to. These inserts can help you by giving you more energy and making you feel your best. There’s no need to drink down a cup of coffee for that energy boost thanks to the benefits that Mindinsole gives you. A lot of the Mindinsole insoles reviews will tell you that the people who have used them just feel way more energetic, and that’s a benefit that you might not expect from a simple shoe insole. You will be able to handle longer workouts and get more done because you feel more energized.

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How to Tell if You Are Affected by Sciatic Pain

When you overwork one of your muscles, you can feel what is known as sciatic pain. This is something that may not be easy to deal with at home, but many of the Mindinsole insoles reviews will tell you that these inserts can help to alleviate that pain. If you look at some of the symptoms, you may realize that you are suffering from this condition. Here are a few of the telltale signs that you can watch for:

  • A cramping Charlie horse that persists
  • Piercing, shooting pain that occurs in one or in two legs
  • Lower back muscle spasms
  • Leg pain or pain in the back that gets more severe by the end of the day
  • Pain in the back or legs that is more severe at night
  • Pain in the back or legs that will disappear and then come back regularly
  • Nerve pain that radiates and shoots through your body

Look for these indications that you are suffering from sciatic pain. You should talk to your doctor about it, and you can treat it to some degree with these insoles. You may not be able to cure it just by wearing these inserts in your shoes, but you can definitely feel less pain, and that’s what everyone wants.

Will Mindinsole Help You to Lose Weight?

We came across the question of weight loss when we were researching Mindinsole insoles reviews. Many people were wondering if they could use these insoles to help them shed some pounds. It may seem like an odd question, but then again, people are always on the lookout these days for easy and simple ways to lose some weight. The weight loss industry is massive, bringing in billions every year, so there are a lot of products out there that claim to be able to help with weight loss. How many of them actually work, though? That’s a question more people should be asking because there are scams galore with these so-called weight loss products that are sitting on store shelves.

Is there a Mindinsole scam that you need to be aware of?

You might not be thinking of how Mindinsole inserts can help you to lose weight, and it isn’t something that the manufacturer makes a huge deal about, but there are some Mind insole inserts reviews that state that this product helped them to take off a bit of weight. The reviews that covered weight loss said that they believed this occurred because of the connection that your mind and body share and that the effect the insoles have on the feet and the overall body can help with their mind feeling better they feel more at ease and comfortable and are less likely to feel stressed and then overeat as a result of that stress. Is that connection too farfetched to believe? We can’t be sure, but this is what some of the reviews have been saying, and we don’t want to dispute that without further evidence. You can take the information how you like, but we want you to be aware of it because we want you to have all the facts and we would like to present one of the most unbiased Mindinsole independent reviews.

Another reason why it might help with weight loss is that you would be able to work out for longer periods of time if you use these insoles. You will feel more comfortable, less sweaty in your feet and better overall, and that allows you to go for longer at the gym or on your run, so you will get more out of your workouts. That can result in great weight loss and a bigger push toward your fitness goals.

If you have tried to lose weight in the past but not had much success, then maybe you should try these insoles. We cannot guarantee that you will shed a bunch of pounds after slipping on the insoles, but we can say that they will help your feet to feel better and give you greater energy. Those are factors that can contribute to greater muscle gains and greater weight losses. These insoles can offer all sorts of benefits that you might not notice at first, and just the overall improved feeling that you get from them will help you to do more with your life and to feel better about everything. They affect the acupoints in your soles, for example, and that can have an impact on how you feel and how much you accomplish. Just getting your sense of wellbeing improved can have a huge impact on a lot of the different aspects of your health. You might not feel the need to overeat and have so many snacks, and you might feel like you could work out for a whole lot longer because of these insoles and how good they make you feel.

How Do You Know You Need to Lose Weight?

Let’s look at some indications that you can watch out for that will tell you if you need to shed some pounds:

  • Your BMI (Body Mass Index) is too high
  • You can’t enjoy some physical activities because of the strain they cause
  • You have to catch your breath after going up a flight of stairs
  • Your favorite clothes no longer fit you
  • You are uncomfortable when talking about your weight
  • You lack confidence because of your weight
  • Your doctor told you to start losing weight

You Can Cut the Insoles to Fit

Mindinsole comes in just one size, which is known as a one-size-fits-all product. This means you may have to customize the insoles to fit your shoes. It’s pretty easy to do if you have a pen, some craft paper and a pair of scissors. We have detailed steps for you below:

Take the paper and pen and trace out the size of the insert that you need. Just put the sheet of paper on a flat surface and then set the bottom of your shoe on top of that. Use the pen to trace around the edge of the shoe on the paper. This will give you an outline that will show you how much of the insert to keep.

The tracing can be used as an insert. It will need to be placed on top of the insert, and then you can cut out your proper insole size from there.

Use the scissors to carefully cut out the right insole size, after placing the paper over the insole. Just keep to your tracing and you should be fine. You will be cutting off parts of the insole that you do not need and that will not fit in your shoe.  This will make a perfectly fitted single that will slide right into your shoe without any difficulty. You can use the exact same steps to make an insole for the other shoe. Be sure to cut out a tracing for each shoe and do not just copy the same tracing twice, since the left and right shoes are slightly different. We strongly recommend you to choose best Doc Socks

Once your inserts are cut out, then you can place them directly into your shoes, pushing them snug against the soles for a good, comfortable fit.

Where to Buy Mindinsole?

If you are wondering where you can purchase a Mindinsole product, then we have you covered. Our guide to Mindinsole- where to buy- will help you find this product at a reasonable price and ensure that you get the real deal and not some Mindinsole scam, of which there are a few.

You can buy these right from the website, and most Mindinsoles reviews will recommend that you do that. The website makes it easy to purchase as many as you need, and we suggest you do use the official website to buy yours. The same manufacturer also sells some other products that could benefit you.

Here is a look at their product list:

Compression socks– These are good for anyone who spends a lot of their time walking around or on their feet. These compression socks will help to improve blood flow throughout the foot and reduce varicose vein risks and ulcers. They also decrease swelling and make your feet feel so much better.

Reflexology rings– These are part of a new wave health technique that you may want to try. You can use them at home, and the set of three rings can be used on any of your fingers. You can take them everywhere you go and practice your reflexology on the move.

Reflexology bracelets– This is a good choice for anyone who wants to experience reflexology benefits but does not want to use the rings. They serve as a good alternative to the rings and these bracelets are available through the Mindinsole website. You can use them on your hands no matter what size of hands you have, and they can apply pressure wherever you need it for maximum relief and comfort.

You can get Mindinsole Amazon purchases as well. It’s fine to buy your Mindinsole through there, as that is a trusted website that will do a good job of ensuring you get the authentic product and not some cheap knockoff that doesn’t work very well. We read some Mindinsole reviews from customers who bought theirs through Amazon and who were pretty happy. The only drawback with buying Mindinsole Amazon is that you may have to wait longer to get yours than buying through the official website, and you may have more trouble getting a refund, if you would like one.

Mindinsoles reviews showed that these products are best purchased through a trusted retailer. You could go with Amazon or the main manufacturer’s website, but be warned that some of the Mindinsole Amazon reviews stated that processing just took longer when bought through the Amazon website.

Why Reflexology Is Worth a Look

Here are a few key facts to know about the advantages of reflexology:

  • It improves blood circulation through the entire body
  • It helps with depression and other mental disorder symptoms
  • It can make it easier to relax
  • Helps with cramps, pains and various aches
  • Can help you to lose weight
  • Makes you happier and decreases moodiness

Should You Be Buying Mindinsole?

The best way to find out if Mindinsole inserts really work or not is to read some Mindinsole reviews. This will tell you firsthand what other people experienced and what kind of results they got from the shoes. It’s so much more informative than just reading advertising or marketing for the insoles. You can find out what other shoppers liked about the shoe inserts when you read the Mindinsoles reviews. We talked about some of the advantages to using Mindinsole for your own shoes, but we wanted to detail in this section some of the greater advantages in more expanded detail.

How These Work for Everybody

One of the greatest pros of this insert product is that it can work for any person, no matter their shoe size or need. Most competing products ask that you pick a shoe size for your insert, but you don’t have to worry about all that when you buy Mindinsole. You can just pick the one size and then cut it to fit your shoes. It’s pretty simple, and you can just follow the instructions we have detailed for you in this Mindinsole review.

These are versatile inserts because they work with all kinds of shoes. You can use them in running shoes, loafers, sandals, high heels, work boots and more. The manufacturers of Mindinsole say that the inserts will fit a man’s shoe of any size ranging from 7-12. For women’s shoes, the sizes between 6-12 are suitable for this insert.

Lots of Acupoints for You to Benefit from

Other shoe inserts do offer acupoint pressure, but none of them target multiple acupoints. Mindinsole offers something unique there, as many of the Mind insole inserts reviews point out. There are 270 small acupoints to target your feet and help them to feel better. They focus on your arches and on your heels to relieve pressure and get you feeling great quickly. They use 12 medium pressure points for fast relief and then 12 larger points that act as rollers on the bottom of your feet, giving you incredible comfort. You will feel so much better as you walk, experiencing less pain and discomfort. The acupoints all work in tandem to give you incredible sensations of relief, and you can still get a lot of that even when you cut down the inserts to fit your shoes.

Cooling Features

The acupoints offer relief for you, and at the same time, the cooling magnets are working to decrease heat on the insoles. A lot of Mindinsole reviews have mentioned this and how beneficial the magnets can be. A single magnet will rest near the center of your heel, and the others are cover different areas from the arch to the toes. This gives you incredible cooling power all the way across your foot. These magnets work a lot like acupuncture points and help to relieve stress and make your feet feel amazing. They reduce heat and cut down on sweating so that you can wear your shoes for longer and not feel as uncomfortable. You will be far less likely to have a feeling of overheating in your shoes when you wear these inserts.

Anyone Can Use Them

One reason why many people prefer Mindinsole is because they are so simple to use. They always fit into your shoes because you can easily adjust them for your size. They are very comfortable and they are easy to fit for your particular needs. These are insoles that work well for anyone, and you might need to do a little trimming to make them fit, but it’s not going to be a long or complicated process. Just follow the steps that we gave you earlier, and you can have insoles that fit your shoes and feet perfectly. Then, just slide them into your shoes and enjoy the comfort and pain relief that they offer you. Most people discover that after they used these for just a few days, they felt so much better, experiencing less pain and greater overall relief. Many even forgot the inserts were in their shoes at all because of how comfortable they were.

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What Happens When Your Feet Overheat

Overheating feet is no laughing matter. You want to take this problem seriously because it affects a lot of people every day. If your feet become too hot, then they can cause the skin on your feet to become very dry, cracked and uncomfortable. Overheating feet make your shoes wear out quicker as well and cause you to have to buy new shoes sooner. You will also put yourself at increased risk for athlete’s foot, if your feet are getting too hot. You will exacerbate or worsen skin conditions, and you will make your shoes and socks smell awful.

Some of the Additional Benefits of Mindinsole

We have read a number of Mindinsole reviews and found that many people were finding benefits that are not advertised or that are not widely known about. For instance, the insoles are easily washable. You can just take them out and stick them in the washing machine with your normal laundry. No special care instructions have to be followed.

They also come with a shaping guide to help you see how to trim them and to make them fit your insoles. You can check the official Mindinsole site for more information and to find some discounts on the insoles for people who are buying multiple pairs. The site also includes other products that you can buy from the manufacturer that benefit your health in different ways and that can help you with various foot problems.

The insoles come with a lifetime guarantee that you can benefit from. This covers any manufacturing defects that may occur, so you can rest easy knowing that they should last you for a very long time.

The insoles massage your feet as you walk or run, so you won’t have to be asking for foot rubs anymore. This effect feels wonderful and helps to relieve pain and make you feel awesome all the time.

Unlike other insoles, these don’t add to the weight of your feet, so it doesn’t feel like you are carrying around a lot of extra baggage that will make you drag.

You can pamper your feet and treat podiatric pain with these insoles. You don’t have to pay for expensive products or go to an acupuncturist. You don’t have to set up a foot bath or other time-intensive foot care routine. The insoles do all the healing and pain-relieving for you. It’s way more affordable to care for your feet with this product than with a lot of the competing products.

You can also use these inserts to treat the pain that is caused by numerous disorders and diseases. If it causes pain in your foot, you can probably treat the symptoms using these inserts from Mindinsole.

What to Watch for with Athlete’s Foot

Do you have athlete’s foot? Here are some symptoms that you should be looking for to tell if you are suffering from this condition and need to be treated:

  • Blistery bumps that are full of puss
  • Itchiness on one or two feet
  • Dry or cracked skin
  • Burning on the tops or soles of the feet
  • Toenails that are crumbling and thick (this tells you that you have a fungal infection)

Have You Considered the Disadvantages?

You have read all about the pros of this insert product, but what about the cons? It is a good idea to see both sides of the Mindinsole reviews and tell for yourself if it is a reputable and worthwhile product or not.

There are some issues with these inserts, and not everyone is going to be forthright about those negative points. Everything has its good and bad sides, though, so it is important that you know about that negative part before you make a purchasing decision. You could buy this product from Amazon or from the manufacturers, and you still get the same product with the same pros and cons.

The biggest problem that people face with this product is how difficult it can be to get your money back. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, then you should consider getting a refund of your money. The only way you are going to get a refund from the manufacturers is if the insoles are like new. If you cut them out to make them fit into your shoes, then you are going to be out of a refund.

There are some Mindinsole reviews that stated the inserts made their feet feel worse. These are in the minority, but they are worth talking about. People said that they had nerve damage or diabetes and were suffering from the inserts in. They can be unpleasant for people who don’t feel much sensation in their feet, and they can leave some sores and cause other health issues. If you are not sure if you should be wearing these insoles because of a medical condition, then you should be checking with your doctor first. That way, you can know if it is safe for you to try them out and not end up wasting your money on something that won’t work for you or that will make you feel miserable. Even wearing thick socks can still make these insoles uncomfortable for some people, so be warned and take precautions when buying these insoles, if you have any serious medical problems.

In 2005, the Mayo Clinic performed a study that examined patients with foot pain. These patients all wore magnetic insoles and experienced very little pain relief. The study called out the placebo effect that appeared to be happening. The patients were not actually feeling relief, it stated, but they only thought the product was working and were feeling mental benefits rather than physical ones. The insoles studied did not include Mindinsole, though, and these inserts use magnetic parts and acupuncture points for added benefit. They may be able to provide you with greater relief than competing products that only use magnetic parts or only use a single acupoint.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the disadvantage so these insoles:

  • The ads can be filled with hyperbole that isn’t backed up by evidence.
  • Other insoles with similar features can be less expensive.
  • The level of comfort may not be as great as you might hope for.

The Competition

When you read a few Mindinsole reviews, you might be tempted to look for some other products that offer similar benefits. There are some others out there, and we will talk about a few of them so you know what your options are like. You can do a search on Amazon or just look in your local Walmart as well and find some choices. A lot of the big box stores carry a number of podiatric products that could be of interest to you. Even if inserts are not really working for you, there could be some other option that you might be interested in. You can also compare prices to find the best deal on inserts and similar foot care products.

Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts are the best competing product to Mindinsole. They offer you similar support and come in a few different sizes. You can choose the size that best fits you, and they all have microfiber that helps your feet stay cool and that feels very soft.

Timberland makes a similar product as well, and these are called PRO Anti-Fatigue Insoles, and they can work as inserts in most shoes. These are meant to be a replacement for most kinds of insoles, and they come in a few different sizes. You are meant to choose the size that best correlates to your foot and shoe size. It’s a one-size-fits-all product like Mindinsole is. They help to reduce pressure and make your feet feel better over time, reducing fatigue and achiness. They are made from a soft, foam material that helps to minimize pressure and shocks when you walk.

Many insoles require that you pick one that is made for either men or women. Some products work for both sexes, however. Physic Gear Sport Orthotic is a good option for those who want a unisex solution. It is great for people who work out, and it is specifically designed for you as you exercise and go to the gym or engage in other physical activities. These insoles are made using EVA foam and PU material. These two are great at absorbing odors and keeping sweat away from your feet. They are made to be non-slip and ergonomic as well, so they are really comfortable to wear and should not move around inside your shoes.

Happy Step Shoe Insoles are another good choice. These come in a pair, and they are designed to fit into your left and right shoes. Most companies will give you just one insert, so this is a nice change from that not a very customer friendly approach. It is made from memory foam that bounces back to its original shape when you are not using it. The lightweight design is great for people who want support and comfort and don’t want to feel like they are dragging around a bunch of weight in their shoes. Just like the Mindinsole inserts, you can make these into the shape you want by cutting, since they only come in one size.

For perfect running shoe insoles, you should consider Wernies Running Shoes Inserts . These are made for running shoes in particular and they come in a few different colors. The inserts are designed with a thick sole and a thin toe layer for greater comfort and balance. The foam they use will mold onto your feet to prevent overheating, and you can take these inserts anywhere you like. They are great for people who just want to feel painless feet when they are working and on their feet all day, so you don’t have to feel like you need to be an athlete to take advantage of these great insoles.

Using Dr. Scholl’s Custom Inserts

You can get customized inserts made by Dr. Scholl’s machine if you wish. Just find a local store that has one of these machines, and you can use a web search to do that. Then just wait for the machine to become available and follow a few simple steps:

  1. Remove your shoes and keep them nearby
  2. Read the directions carefully so that you know what you are doing
  3. Startup the machine using the onscreen directions
  4. Put one of your feet on the pad and allow the machine to scan it
  5. Do all of these steps using the other foot


Let’s cover some of the frequently asked questions that we see about these shoe inserts that might not have been covered by other Mindinsoles reviews

Why are Mindinsole shoe inserts so expensive?

They cost more than many other kinds of inserts because they really work and they offer so many benefits. They also have more components than other inserts, containing hundreds of massaging parts and acupoint components.

Will Ideally feel better after using them?

This is the most common question we see, and the answer is that they won’t work the same for everyone. Some people see fast results and others take much longer. Some people see no benefit from using the inserts, while others lose weight, enjoy more energy and get a lot less foot pain. How effective they are for you depends on your health issues and a variety of other factors.

Will they fit my foot?

This product is designed to work for just about anybody, so if you have one of the average foot’s sizes, then it should be a good fit for you. It just may be necessary to cut the insert slightly to get it to fit pertly into your shoe.

Can I wear it with any shoes?

These inserts work with almost any kind of shoe. They can even work with sandals and high heels if that is what you want to wear.

Are there other places to buy it than just the manufacturer’s website?

Yes, you could buy them from Amazon, and that’s about it. Other retailers usually sell competing products or knockoffs, so be really careful about where you buy yours from.

Will the insole slip around inside my shoe?

If you cut the insole properly, it should be a tight fit and the pressure from your feet pressing down on the insole should keep it in place. Most people have no issue with the insole moving around inside of their shoes.

Can I wear these if I have very large or very small feet?

Unfortunately, there is no option for people with foot sizes outside of the average range that Mindinsole is made for. You can look at some of the competing options for a wider range of sizes, though.

Our Verdict

A lot of Mindinsole reviews question how effective these insoles are and whether the manufacturer claims really hold up. After you have read our review, we think you can tell whether they might be right for you. We hope you are more informed and will be able to make the right decision for yourself. We recommend that you do try these insoles because we believe they can help you with foot pain, achiness, and other health problems. They give you all sorts of benefits, like added energy and a weight loss boost. We have covered why they might be a good choice for you, as well as some of the disadvantages so these inserts. Many people realize that the good outweighs the bad, though.

There are plenty of health benefits to using the Mindinsole sinners. You can enjoy better circulation, less sweating and lots of energy. Our hope is that this review has helped you come to a decision and make the right choice for your foot health.

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