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Let Your Kids Teach Themselves with These 8 Educational Apps

The education industry has seen a massive transformation in the last decades. Today, learning, especially for kids has become more accessible, thanks to the development of educational apps.

This has made education more interesting for many students regardless of their ages. Educational apps have become today’s bridge, between the kids and the teachers, as well as the teachers and the parents.

It is important to understand that childhood age is very important when it comes to learning. And as we know, children tend to become smarter as they grow, and that’s why there has been a need to come up with different and advanced learning means and methods. In this post, we shall highlight some of the different educational apps that your kids can use to educate themselves.

Kids Teach Themselves with These 8 Educational Apps

How Have the Educational Apps Transformed the Education Sector?

Today, we have seen many students getting driven towards using a tablet or a smartphone for almost everything. These gadgets have brought the world to our fingertips and this has given the students an opportunity to access whichever information they want, from any location.

As a result, your kid doesn’t have to visit the library just to conduct some research. But, we have to ask ourselves one question, what makes this information to be readily available? The answer to this is educational apps. These apps have made it possible for your kids to educate themselves through a smartphone or a tablet.

As we all know, learning is a process that is always changing, and it is slowly shifting to eLearning. Because today’s smartphones and tablets come with different feature-oriented apps, your kids have the opportunity to educate themselves at their own pace and to take their time when understanding different things. This all happens with just one click.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Educational Apps?

Scholars are now developing new methods and techniques to divulge information and knowledge each day. Some of these methods include exposing kids to certain activities that engage them in the learning process through different innovative ways.

Most of the content found in textbooks is now found in apps. From mathematics formulas to physics languages and history related subjects, you can easily find a learning app for any subject online.

These educational apps are specifically designed for kids and they assist them to learn new information that they can easily understand. Most of these educational apps come with lovely graphics that are meant to attract the kids and keep them engaged. Furthermore, there are fun activities that are meant to attract the attention of even the youngest kids.

Here are few benefits of educational apps for kids:

Availability And Flexibility

When it comes to school learning, children usually follow a certain set timetable. However, educational apps come with unmatched flexibility and availability, which means your kid can access these apps whenever they want to, regardless of their location and the time of the day. When it comes to educational apps, your kid doesn’t have to follow a certain schedule since they can access the app any time of the day.

What your kid needs are a smartphone or tablet with some educational apps installed. Another interesting thing about these educational apps is that they come with parental control.

This minimizes the chances of monitoring your kids whenever they are using the app. In case your kids need an answer to any question, all they need to do is to log in to the specific educational app and then search for the answer.

someone is drawing with a drawing app with a tablet

They Improve Classroom Performance

Mobile educational apps can assist your kids to perform better in classroom. It has been revealed that kids who use educational apps have been able to develop skills that assist them to do school assignments better.

In the event your kids are struggling with any subject, they can just search for the answer on their smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, your kid can also go ahead to prepare for that particular subject in advance. This assists in boosting their confidence.

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Assists Them To Utilize Their Free Time Well

Many children have free time, which they mostly waste it while pursuing useless things. However, educational apps can assist your children to better utilize their free time as they learn new and productive things.

Many parents don’t want their kids to spend most of their time watching television and on social media platforms. However, educational apps are a better way for your kids to spend their free time on a tablet or a smartphone. Some of these apps even assist your kids to develop a sense of discipline.

Sharing Of Knowledge

Most of the educational apps are usually integrated with different networking platforms like Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook. This allows kids to create virtual study groups that allow them to share the information they have gathered.

These virtual groups also assist the kids to participate in online group discussions as well as video hangouts. As a result, the kids are able to share knowledge with others, and this this process that assists them to make new friends.

Educational Apps Are Interactive In Nature

Educational apps for kids come with different interactive and attractive activities, just to keep your kid engaged. Your kids can become engaged to different activities like spot the different, crossword puzzles, and word building among others.

If you notice that your kid has a creative mind, you can choose education apps with coloring origami and games. It is important to understand that educational apps are more effective than traditional textbook. They provide the best way to expand the learning and understanding capacity of your kids and you can use most of them on a payment plan as well as on wifi on your tablet.

Let’s look at the 8 educational apps that your kids can teach themselves with!

Best Educational Apps for Kids and Students

ClassDojo Educational Apps

1. ClassDojo

This learning app lies in the category of virtual classroom learning apps, and many kids usually find it very interesting. ClassDojo allows students, teachers and parents to interact together. For example, this app allows students to communicate with their tutors when it comes to classroom matters, and parents can monitor the progress of their kids using this app.

This allows kids to stay engaged since they can be receiving the attention they need for them to receive better education. ClassDojo does not replace the classroom experience, rather, it enriches it. In addition, this learning app offers positive communication and reinforcement among kids, parents, and teachers.


2. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the educational apps that will assist your kid to learn a foreign language. Therefore, if its your desire for your kids to learn a foreign language, then look no further, as this is one of the best options. This application provides learners with a number of foreign languages, including French, German, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Irish, Italian, and also English.

The app is absolutely free to use and even download. Another interesting thing about this application is that it does not have any concealed fees, and it comes with optional in-app purchases. In addition to that, Duolingo is incredibly fun and effective app to use.


3. DragonBox

DragonBox comes with lots of fun activities. This is educational app, which is a game that allows your kids to learn the basics of math, which makes learning more interesting and fun. It has five learning applications for teaching math, and this includes geometry
and algebra. Most people consider math to be a very technical subject.

However, it can be fun and simpler for kids, particularly if they are taught the subject when they are young. But, you must use the simple concepts for this to be possible. The limitation about this app is that all its 5 games require you to make upfront payments. However, they don’t have any in-app purchases costs.

YouTube Kids

4. YouTube Kids

This app is specifically curated and designed for kids. It provided entertainment content and educational videos that enhance and inspire the minds of young kids. This is one of the best educational apps for kids that you can ever find because it gives them a very easy method to watch their favorite videos and shows.

In addition, this application allows kids to explore things that seem interesting to their imaginations. The most interesting thing about the YouTube Kids app is that it is free to use, easy to handle, and provides family-friendly and kids-oriented videos.

The greatest limitation of this app is that it isn’t available in some areas. However, the normal YouTube application has the same kids content, its only that you’d have to search a bit harder if you want to find it. But, YouTube, generally is a great platform as it can give you anything that you need for your kids.

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Therefore, it can be a great idea to teach your kids how to use YouTube safely in their early ages. On the other hand, YouTube is striving to ensure that they have child friendly content. What you need to know is that it is one of the best and greatest learning apps for your kids.


5. Science360

Science360 is an educational app that was designed and created by the NSF (National Science Foundation). This educational app has been designed specifically for tablets to showcase videos, news about engineering, as well as advanced science for kids.

One notable thing about this application is that it offers authentic and high-quality content, which is updated on a weekly basis. In addition, this content is either produced by the National Science Foundation, or collected from different universities and scientists from different parts of the world. It has a cool 360 -degree view, which allows kids to explore various 3D images from different angles.

PBS Kids Video

6. PBS Kids Video

PBS is popularly known because of their kids educational content and that content is readily available on Android platform through the PBS Kids Video. Because all these videos are educational, you should not have an issue in letting your kids watch anything from PBS. In addition, most kids like watching videos from the app since these videos are fun and cartoon, something that many kids love.

Furthermore, this app comes with an educational goals tracker, which means kids and parents can monitor everything their kids are learning. This considered to be one of the under-the-radar kids learning apps. The application is absolutely free and it comes with options of buying extra shows for your kids, if you want to do so.

Handwriting without tears

7. Handwriting without tears

This is a wet-dry-try suite for numbers, capitals, and lowercase application, which is an application-based version of the famous, longstanding beginning-handwriting program that shares the same name. It has a three-step system that is used to trace lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers using a virtual chalkboard with a “dry” towel and “wet” sponge. Writing these letters with a chalk helps in keeping them consistent and easy.

The app has an audio coach who gives out instruction as step-by-step visual illustrations appear. When a kid finished a number or a letter three times, they are rewarded a colorful letter card, which is displayed on the screen. This educational app has a progress page that allows parents to see the progress of their kids. Parents are usually able to see the tasks their kids have completed successfully, as well as the errors that they make.

It’s a pretty heavy app so you might have to upgrade to a new kids’ tablet from your old one.

Monkey Word School Adventure

8. Monkey Word School Adventure

This is an early-reading application for pre-school kids as well as the kids in the young elementary schools. The app is the next step from the THUP’s, which focuses on sorting and colors. Monkey Word School Adventure is an application for kids who want to start recognizing words and letters. The app has been designed with kids in mind, and it challenges kids from the ages of 4 to 7, via a technology that adjusts words to the required level.

Monkey Word School Adventure app takes children through six word group and phonics activities, which assist kids to master their reading skills while they are young. Kids select or enter their names and then the application guides the kids through the set activities seamlessly.

The Kids then trace letters, search through a rhyming maze, sight words or find letters in flying object, find words using a word search, and spell letters (with or without hints). The kids then select an animal or a plant to add to their terrarium after each round. This app can support accounts for up to three kids.

Bottom Line

Even though many people claim that educational apps for kids have negative effects, that’s not true.

All the apps mentioned above and others can greatly assist your kids in terms of brain development and even class performance. Therefore, it is important to expose your kid to these educational apps as early as possible.

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