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When is The Best Time to Buy Computer Parts

There’s a right and a wrong time to buy everything.

People know that if they buy their holiday items out of season, they will get them at a great price.

But this idea doesn’t just apply to things you’d buy around the holidays. It can also be used to apply to things like computer parts.

Even when it comes to computer parts there’s a right time and a wrong time to buy. No matter whether you’re looking at buying a motherboard, graphics card, RAM or a processor you can save yourself some money.

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But even the people who work in IT aren’t always sure when the ideal time to buy is. If you aren’t keeping an eye on the best sales, you’re probably losing out or paying more than you should for the parts.

So, when really is the best time to buy computer parts?

Well, there are a few factors that will determine the best time to buy.

This depends on what component you are looking for and whether you’re buying it on sale. Often times such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, deals and coupons become available making the parts cheaper to buy.

So, to make things easy for you, we’ll tell you just what sales you should be checking out. This will help you save a significant amount of money if you time it right.

When is The Best Time to Buy Computer Parts

What Are You Getting?

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re already sure what you’d like to buy (or what you really need to buy because of an emergency).

Just in case you aren’t sure what computer parts you’re in need of. Take a look at what you have right now – and assess your needs based on what could use an upgrade to the next level.

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  • Solid State Hard Drive
  • HDD Drive
  • USB Storage Devices
  • Motherboards
  • Keyboards
  • Routers
  • RAM
  • Processors
  • PC Towers
  • Mice
  • External HDD

When to Buy


In general, some of the best possible times for you to buy computer parts during the year are…

  1. Somewhere after the release date of something new. This is usually when the majority of the initial hype about the product has died down, but when the product still turns out to be relevant and a good choice to buy.
  2. Specific holiday sales, such as Black Friday, Easter or Christmas. Usually the prices are slashed by a huge percentage for these different sales, and you can get a much bigger discount on computer parts.
  3. When a general sale comes along. Usually, there’s no way to see these coming – and supply-and-demand of the product has a lot to do with when these sales go up. Sometimes, these come with coupons, and other times you’ll see them advertised on your chosen retailer’s website instead.
  4. Brand or retailer-specific sales. These sales can turn out to be some of the best sales where you can possibly buy computer parts. These specific sales are ones like the Amazon sale, which allows you to get much bigger and better discounts than most other sales would offer you.

Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the biggest buying holidays of the year, and it happens the first Friday after Thanksgiving.

It’s one of the only holidays on this list that’s purely a retailer’s holiday – and doesn’t have any special cultural or religious meaning attached to it.

Sales can as much as double on Black Friday.

What makes Black Friday specials great is the fact that they are usually what stores and retailers use to “cycle through” their stock. Out with the old, and in with the new.

However, “old” doesn’t mean old technology in this case, just older stock, retailers are contractually bound to off-load before the new stock for the year arrives.

For them, this means shiny new stock on their shelves – and for you, this means getting your tech a whole lot cheaper than everyone else.

Should you wait for the Black Friday sale to buy your computer parts?

It would depend on what parts you’re looking for, and when you’re going to need them. It’s great for buying parts ahead, but not great for when you have an emergency and need your parts in a hurry.

Cyber Monday Sales

Black Friday isn’t the only week-day of the year where you can get access to some great discounts and cheaper computer parts.

Whether you’re looking for a hybrid hard drive or a mechanical keyboard, Cyber Monday makes for another great day to buy if you’re chasing those cheap parts.

Usually, Cyber Monday is right after Black Friday – and ideally, you should be keeping an eye on both sales for the best possible deals.

Small Business Saturday

In addition to Cyber Monday and Black Friday you get Small Business Saturday, right between the two. It is worth keeping an eye on all 3 of these sales in order to snag the best possible deals on technology.

Christmas Sales

Christmas is always a huge time for sales. Keep an eye on retailers on Christmas Day, but also for the period before and after the holiday to see what sales they have going on.

These sales tend to be across the board for several retailers just due to the fact that Christmas is an international holiday celebrated by millions of people at once.

Many of these people are buying tech, either for themselves or for someone else and retailers want to capitalise on this time.

Easter Sales

Easter makes for one of the most popular holidays of the year, and even if you aren’t caught up in all the hype that comes associated with the season. You could greatly benefit from buying your computer parts during this time.

Like Christmas, Easter is the time where many retailers cycle through their stock and offer up a great deal of it at huge discounts.

Amazon Prime Day Sale

Amazon Prime Day is another great day – usually scheduled ahead of time by Amazon – for snagging certain types of computer sales.

This year it is scheduled for the 16th – 17th of July but you will need to be an Amazon Prime member.

For Prime Day, it’s recommended that you take a slow and careful look through all of the deals to make sure that you’re able to get the best ones.

Amazon Prime Day contains a lot of great deals inbetween, but don’t assume that everything you see at a discount works out to a deal before you’ve checked the price somewhere else.

New Releases

New releases of computer parts will always influence the price. Knowing which desired parts are released to the market when can be a big help.

Usually, there’s a lot of hype when a product first comes out. As a result, retailers can usually charge a higher price for something aroudn The Big Date.

Usually, the price will stay high for as long as the hype lasts – usually a few weeks to a few months.

Just one month after a new release can have a major impact on how much you’ll pay for the product.

Also, a new release will tend to push the price of the old tech down.

For instance, when the new GeForce RTX 2080 Ti came out the price of the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti dropped significantly.

Therefore, if you aren’t concerned about having the latest component but just want a good upgrade.

Waiting for the new release and buying the model below can save you a lot of money while still getting a great component.

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