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Best DDR4 RAM for Gaming in 2023

In this guide we have put together a list of the best DDR4 RAM for gaming, including specs and what we like and dislike about each model.

Considering how many brands have several different models of DDR4 RAM this took us a while to narrow down our list to the final 10.

Hopefully this should be of use to anyone who is looking for RAM and doesn’t know where to start.

Quick Recommendations:

Gamers need plenty of RAM to handle the games intensive memory demands. Most modern games require at least 8GB of RAM, with 16GB being the preferable option.

If you are unsure of what to look for when buying RAM then see our guide on how to choose RAM.

Note: RAM is different to VRAM which you will find built into a graphics card.

Which DDR4 Ram is the Best for Gaming?

Which DDR4 Ram is the Best for Gaming

1. CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO


The Vengeance RBG is the latest RAM offering from Corsair, leaders in the manufacture of quality computing components.

Vengeance RGB features patent-pending technology on its outstanding lighting effects. This includes wireless technology for clean and straightforward installation into your new gaming rig.

Each RAM module features a customized PCB for enhanced signaling performance, as well as closely screened IC’s.

As a result, there is improved reliability and outstanding overclocking capability on DDR4 and AMD motherboards with preconfigured XMP 2.0 profiles that allow for automatic overclocking.

Match the other lighting components in your PC with the Vengeance RGB to match your design components.

In addition, link the Vengeance RGB Pro up to your iCUE and manage its performance directly from your desktop.

Furthermore, the 16GB RAM module offers memory speeds of up to 3,000MHz. This will be more than enough to handle even the most challenging of tasks.

2. Kingston HyperX FURY


The Kingston Hyper-X Fury RAM modules operate at the highest frequencies in the industry. Overclocked they can reach speeds of between 2,400 to 3,466MHz.

This RAM gets the job done for serious gamers and video editors that demand more overclocking capability from their gaming rig or PC.

The single module capacities for this RAM are between 4GB to 16GB. While the kit capacities range from 16GB to 64GB.

Hyper X Fury is compatible with all Intel and AMD CPU’s, and its low-profile heat spreader ensures that your RAM stays cool, even in the most demanding sessions.

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Kingston is well-known for manufacturing quality, affordable PC components. And their Hyper X Fury RAM has an excellent price point for such a functional product.

This RAM comes XMP-ready, allowing you to select a profile for overclocking, rather than relying on manual timing adjustments in the BIOS.

3. Corsair Vengeance LPX


For those gamers looking for the best performance, we recommend you take a look at the Vengeance LPX from Corsair.

These RAM modules feature an aluminum heat spreading case that efficiently wicks away the heat. This gives you with more headroom for overclocking due to the eight-layer PCB.

Optimized for use with the latest Intel 100 series motherboards, the Vengeance LPX offers frequencies of up to 3,200MHz.

In addition, all Vengeance LPX RAM modules come ready for XMP-2.0 support for hassle-free overclocking.

Furthermore, the RAM comes in a variety of different colors to suit the style of your gaming rig.

This 16GB module contains two 8GB modules linked with highly-screened IC’s that allow for the fastest frequencies and lowest latency possible.

4. HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB


Hyper X come to the party with their latest RGB RAM offering.

The Hyper X is a dual 8GB module offering a total of 16GB of RAM that’s suitable for the most advanced gaming rigs.

Build with an aluminum heat spreader heat is diverted away from the motherboard and your RAM modules.

In addition, the RGB wireless lighting allows the user to set up their preferred pattern effects in seconds.

The XMP-ready modules meet all requirements for Intel and AMD motherboards, and you can expect superior operating frequencies of up to 3,200HHz.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Predator Hyper X RAM offers peak performance and peace of mind to any gamer.

Furthermore, the RAM features automatic profiles for easy overclocking. The Predator Hyper X RAM modules are clean, attractive, and highly functional.

5. Ballistix Sport LT


Gamers and serious PC heads will all know the Ballistix brand.

This company has an excellent reputation for producing affordable PC components that meet the technical specs of products from leading companies.

Ballistix Sport LT RAM offers an unbuffered 8GB module, with kits extending up to 64GB.

The aluminum heat spreader does a great job of keeping the highly-screened IC’s and motherboard cool during overclocking.

Also, the advanced technology in these kits allows for frequencies of up to 3,200MHz.

The Ballistix Sport LT comes with XMP-2.0 profiles for user-friendly configuration on your desktop, and no need to manually adjust the BIOS.

6. Patriot Viper Gaming RGB Series


Patriot is another leading PC component brand that offers relatively well-priced products.

Take their new RGB RAM offering, its attractive and incredibly powerful, offering low latencies and operating frequencies of up to 3,200MHz.

The XMP-2.0 compatible profiles provide automatic configuration for high overclocking speeds, and their modules are compatible with most Intel and AMD motherboards.

In addition, the wireless lighting system offers a range of customizable colors that bring life to your next gaming rig.

The Patriot Viper RGB series is specifically designed with the gamer in mind, offering extreme heat spreading design. This helps protects your highly-screened IC’s from excessive heat production during the most intense overclocking sessions.

The RBG sync applications available for allows you to download the software necessary for controlling the color scheme in your RAM modules.

However, the voltage is a little higher in this model compared to others in this review, with 1.35-volts.

7. G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series


It seems that every company wants to release an RGB RAM module nowadays.

The slimline design of this module looks fantastic, and the lighting effects from the wireless RBG are mesmerizing.

This 16GB module comes with a custom 10-layer PCB, as well as a full-length light-bar and highly-screened IC’s. This allows for uncompromised overclocking performance in the most demanding applications.

Compatible with AMD and Intel motherboards, the G Skill Trident RGB series is excellent value for money and runs at frequencies up to 3,000MHz. Which is slightly less than the 3,200MHz offered by other products in this review.

The aggressive fin design on the slimline casing spreads the heat throughout your computer casing to keep your system cool.

8. Corsair Dominator Platinum


Designed for top-quality Intel 100 series builds, the Corsair Dominator Platinum lives up to its title.

This 16GB RAM module comes with kits extending capacity up to 64GB. In addition, it features hand-built IC’s and patented DHX cooling that provides efficient and reliable cooling in the most demanding overclocking situation.

The built-in XMP-2.0 support offers automatic configuration for seamless, trouble-free overclocking.

Featuring a subtle white LED light bar which is upgradable to other more advanced lighting systems.

Furthermore, the Corsair Dominator Platinum passes tests across multiple Intel 100 series motherboards for speedy performance and reliability that you won’t find in many other products in this review.

This Corsair Link allows you to control the airflow with this RAM module, keeping things cool while allowing for maximum overclocking headroom.

With Corsair link you can control fan speed through your desktop, and use any of the 16.8-million colors to show you when things are heating up in your rig.

Also, the Corsair Dominator Platinum features operating frequencies of up to 3,200MHz.

However, this premium RAM product comes with a premium price tag to boot.

9. XPG Spectrix D80 Liquid-Cooled RGB


If you have an unlimited budget, and you’re looking for the best RAM on the market, then check out the XPG Spectrix liquid-cooled RBG.

This module is the first-ever liquid-cooled RBG, making it a sought-after item, and very few retailers have this model in stock.

If you find it available, it’s best that you jump all over the offer before someone else beats you to it.

The slimline casing includes multiple LEDs offering a range of colors to let you know the operating status of your module.

In addition, the XPG app allows you to control the color scheme and XMP-2.0 setup right from your desktop.

Featuring aluminum heat spreaders and a liquid-cooled casing ensures your IC’s and motherboard remain cool as a cucumber during the most intensive gaming sessions.

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The 10-layer PCB provides excellent stability and signaling quality, with operating frequencies of up to 3,200MHz.

This RAM may be a little pricey, but when you see it light up inside your rig, you’ll know where the extra money went.

10. G.Skill Ripjaws V Series


If you’re looking for RAM on a tight budget, the G Skill Ripjaws V Series is an excellent choice.

We like the attractive casing for this model, with the red cover and interesting heat spreader design.

The RAM itself features operating frequencies of up to 2,400-MHz, which is significantly slower than other options in this review.

However, if you’re not an intensive gamer, then this RAM will provide excellent memory capabilities for anyone who’s doing editing work on their YouTube videos.

The G Skill Ripjaws V Series is priced to go, and we think it’s a decent way to spend your money if you can’t afford to go for a Corsair or Kingston product.

Furthermore, it features XMP-2.0 support for easy configuration from your desktop.

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